View Full Version : WitchCraft in SE Wisconsin

09-11-2009, 12:38 AM
I run a monthly WitchCraft game in the Grafton, West Bend area. I have seven players, but due to scheduling, the best I usually get together is three. We're all guys in our 30's. I'm 36. I've been running games for over 20 years, and WitchCraft for over two years. My Witchcraft games tend to be plot heavy with convoluted story lines, gory frantic combat, and a smattering of adult subject matter. My games can be very dark and strange. You have been warned.

We use the WitchCraft (Eden Studios) main rule book which is available for FREE from drive thrurpg. (Its a good place to start if you don't know about the feel of the game) We also use all of the source books. I also allow Inheritirs and Nephelim from Armageddon

The plot of the game is way to complex to sum up, the main location is Las Vegas Nevada - Sin City . If you're interested in playing I can send you the episode notes from the first two years of play. Its about 70 pages. I still owe my player the stuff for this year.

We are playing this Saturday September 12th from 2:00 pm till probably 12:00 am. I'll be available around 11:00 am for new players. I've got one guy coming at 11:00, one comming between 2:00 and 3:00 and another possibly coming then if work doesnt force him to work over time. I've got one guy on a short leash who never knows if he can come, one who's busy and one who I don't know If he's playing till he shows up. My seventh player is currently serving in Iraq.

So I need more people to add into the mix. They must have a sense of humor, must not mind ocassional side tracks from the game, must be OK with gore filled descriptions, foul language, beer drinking. Must be willing to do ocasional mental gymnastics, and keep track of amunition.

Those who fear tetanus and power gamers need not apply.