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09-10-2009, 09:48 PM
This is where we can come to just talk about the game and such, since it is a new game for pretty much everybody.

For the Capaign I was thinking of running it kinda like Halo, where you are all Marines in the Corps, fighting for humanity and against it. Start it off before the Covenent then throw them in later, or we can play a more generic 3:16 game and you are fighting tons of alien races. It is really up to you guys. I can plan it either way :)

As for rules....all you really have to do is roll equal or under your stat to do an action.

Combat works like this.

Roll for dominance. Everyone makes an NFA tests.
If all PC's pass and Aliens fail, PC's ambush and Aliens lose a token.
If PC gets the highest roll and passes, they set range (IE Close, Near, Far)
If PC passes but Aliens roll the highest, they set range
If PCs fail, and Aliens pass, PC's are ambushed, and all take one wound.

After range is set, do your action. Attack, move, change weapons, etc. If it does damage, it is rolled with FA, if not, NFA. Simple. After you hit, you roll to see how many aliens you KILL. So check your range, and roll that number.

If you rolled to hit, and succeeded before the aliens, you may change range for free. (Close to near, near to far, far to near, etc) Any other time you must make a successful NFA.

Aliens are represented as a number of tokens. Every time you hit and roll kills, you remove one token. Once they are all gone, all the aliens are dead.

Your armor can absorb one hit for you, PER PLANET. You heal one damage in between each encounter.

Grenades can hurt your friends! If you drop a grenade, everyone in that range (either close or near) who fails a roll (including you failing your FA roll) takes a wound!
For example: Kaye is in close combat with 5 tokens worth of aliens. Rem is desperatly fighting beside her, but everything looks pretty bad. Kaye pulls out her grenades and rolls her FA, gettinga 2 (hers is a 4) so she succeeds and gets to roll 1D10 kills and remove a token. Then Rem rolls to attack the little monsters with the butt of his weapon. He rolls an 8 (above his FA) and fails. Not only does he not hit the aliens, but the grenade Kaye used goes off, blasting at him and wounding him.

Flashbacks can be used as such at ANY time. They rewrite the story. What will happen is you say you want to use a strength or weakness. Your character has a flashback in which you describe something happening, either a strength showing through or a weakness, then you write it down in the slot ( Or I will later) and flash back to the present. Tell us how that strength/weakness comes into play here.

Strengths automatically end combat. You roll for your kills at your guns best range, and remove ALL alien tokens. Combat ends. You get all the glory, and are up for a promotion.

Weaknesses end combat for you only. You describe the flashback and weakness, then describe you losing...on your own terms. You don't die, just get out of combat ( be it cowardly, or being letf, falling in a hole, etc)
Remove 1 alien token and youself from combat. The rest continue. You fail, you are up for a demotion.

So those are the basic rules, and pretty much everything you need to know.