View Full Version : New 3rd or 4th ed Sunday Group - Lancaster, CA

09-10-2009, 09:33 AM
Good day!

I've been gaming now for about 15 years now and I have a collection of never-opened gaming material that I NEED to get through. This is a NEW group, and I won't begin running any games till mid-late October (Why? Because it takes time to find gamers here in the AV!) I'm looking for a new group of gamers who won't mind the following:

#1 - Playing 3 out of 4 Sundays (Maybe 2 Sundays when the holidays roll around, you know how family stuff goes.)

#2 - Won't mind running through an adventure in the Forgotten Realms for a few sessions and once complete, run material from Ravenloft for a few weeks after, etc.

#3 - Won't mind contributing original material to the campaign: Do you have an adventure you'd like to run for the group??? Lets see those creative writing skills!

#4 - You must be willing to take some time out from your character and DM for us :). With DM rotation, it allows all players to enjoy all aspects of these role-playing games!

#5 - Be willing to have fun!!! Enjoy life and yourself!


If you are interested, I'd prefer a direct email to robh.2010@yahoo.com, or you can reply to this message (Less-Preferred). Leave some contact info, a bit about your gaming experience, any preferences or quarks you might have, and I'll get in touch with you after that!

Thank you all!