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09-10-2009, 03:10 AM
Still trolling for Alternity fans. Possible campaigns include

Mutant Rising (PL 5): In the near future the divisions between rich and poor are stark and unbending. Mutants have begun to appear in the slums. Feared and despised, they are forced to hide their abilities and band together for protection. A very dark X-Men campaign.
Cop Drama (PL 4): It's 1975 in San Francisco. You have a badge and a BFG. Nuff said.
Novus Terra (PL 6): Sol is dying and will take Earth with it. Humanity must escape to the stars.
Those Left Behind (PL 6 ish): Left for dead by those fleeing into the heavans, those left behind go through their lives in a world stripped of resources and doomed to be consumed by the sun.
Wierd War (PL 4): It's 1945 and Hitler's mutant armies have taken their first steps onto American soil.
Star*Drive (PL 7): Space Opera
Dark Matter (PL 5): X-Files-ish
The Realy Wild West (PL 4): Wild west setting, but anachronisms are the rule of the day. Want a 70s style pimp gunslinger? Draw sucka! A shotgun wielding Zulu warrior? Oongawa *****es! Ace Ventura in chaps, uh ok.
Something else?
Alternate Earth Mech Wars (PL7): Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia both managed to survive. Democracy, Fascism, and Communism still vie for supremecy in the future.
From the Ashes (PL 5): In the near future plagues and disasters wipe civilization from the face of the Earth. A hundred years from now man starts to build anew as City-States vie for control.