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09-09-2009, 10:53 PM
Darth Krayt has left for Korriban to meditate and search for a way to heal his dying body, meanwhile on Corusant while Krayt is away Darth Talon has begun to delve into the mysteries of the Sith Holocron she discovered on the jungle moon of Dxun 2 years ago. Inside she discovers the hologram of a ancient sith lord Darth Traya, who imparts on her the ability to bring force spirits back from the force, to a vessel of her choosing

The jedi council lies in ruins, the hidden temple has not nearly enough to try to strike at the sith, and bastion is all but hopeless, the emperor trapped for fear of his life, and that of his family

little do they know at the time, but the men and woman aboard the private charter Dirty Hand heading for Corusant ,will shape and change the galaxy, hopefully before Darth Talon si able to use her new found force secret to bring untold horrors back into the galaxy

looking for players for a new campaign or 1-2 players to join an exsisting campaign(we are level 10 and under half way through it) players should be nice, (newbie players always welcome), and reliable enough to make a sessiona week for 2 hours minimum a session

we play over yahoo IM conference with a viewing dale dice roller
available mon-thursday we play mainly as a pick up ( when we can but at least once a week

09-19-2009, 12:53 AM
we now use gametable to play (similar to openrpg, without all the wierd downloads, actually theres nothing to DL)

still want 1-2 more for exsisting campaign