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09-09-2009, 12:45 AM
Please put your current character sheets here.

09-09-2009, 08:41 AM
Name: Sir Edmond de Alberico
Human, Male
Height:5'6 Weight: 120 lb
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green Complexion: Pale
Build: slim

Fighter 3

Str: 13 +1 HP:23 Mass: 4
Con: 9 -1 AC:18
Dex: 12 +1
Int: 14 +2 BAB: 3
Wis: 14 +2 Fort: +2 3 -1
Cha: 8 -1 Reflex: +2 0 +1
Will: +5 1 +4
Mounted Combat
Skill Focus (Sense Motive)
Skill Focus (Profession Tax Collector)
Wpn Focus (Mace) +5 hit
Iron Will

Skills: 30
Profession: Tax Collector 2+2+3
Ride: 4
Literacy: 1+2
Math: 1+2
Knowledge (nobility and royalty) 1+2
Knowledge (local) 2+2
Language: French, English, Latin
Handle Animal:3-1
Sense Motive 3+5
Knowlege (Nature) 1+2
Knowledge (Relgion) 1+2

Weapons & Items:
Long Sword
Chainmail +5 AC
Mace heavy
Heavy Wooden Shield +2 AC
War Horse

(Need some idea on total equip costs and starting money)

Comments: Edmond de Alberico, twin brother of John de de Alberico of Sir John de de Alberico, who's family has served in one way or another in capacity of tax collection for the County .

Edmond of course was not the favorite of the twins; born on the same day as the Moon was in the house of Gemini; a clear sign of trouble to come. The two were similar in appearance but different in manner. John's brief fill of life was full of interest in athletics and adventure while Edmond was more withdrawn and looked to his books and the church for guidance.

After his death (age 9), Edward's was thrust into the role his brother would have played and was sent away to page and squire under Sir Roger Hayles, the coroner of Norfolk, a title that held a different meaning in the 14th century than it does today; his post demanded that he collect and protect revenues for the king. While in the circles of very powerful person in relations, Edmond is a ghostly shadow to the his brother.

Upon his knighthood he returned into service of the Earl of Stropshire continuing his families work protecting the revenues of the county.

09-09-2009, 11:33 PM
Name; Sir Colwyn
Human, Male
Height:5'6 Weight: 170 lb
Hair: Black
Eyes: Hazel Complexion: Pale
Build: Average

Fighter 3

Str: 15 +2 HP:31 Mass:18
Con: 14 +2 AC:16
Dex: 10 +0
Int: 16 +3 BAB: 5
Wis: 10 +0 Fort: +5 3 +2
Cha: 9 -1 Reflex: +1 1 +0
Will: +1 1 +0

Mounted Combat
Weapon Focus (long sword)
Ride-By Attack
Combat Expertise
Skill Focus (Appraise)

Skills: 24
Profession: Merchant 2
Ride: 6
Literacy: 3
Math: 3
Language: Welsh, English, Latin
Handle Animal:6