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09-08-2009, 09:38 AM
We have a long established Monday night game that runs from 7-11 PM in either Highland Park or East Dallas depending on our schedules. We play 4.0 Forgotten Realms and we will shortly have an opening in our game. We have 5 players (4 PCs and a DM) and welcome new players. We will be starting a new campaign in late October/early November, but you are welcome to sit in with us as we wrap up the current campaign and decide if you want to join our group.

We are all adults, ages from 24-38 years old and most are married with children.

We enjoy playing a game with a balance of roleplaying, combat, adventure, and exploration. Our campaigns last between 50-100 sessions.

We are looking for a person(s) that is interested in a long term oriented game, has a life that is compatible with regular gaming sessions, is easy going, and at least 21.

We are friends first and gamers second. We, at times, have social outings that involve family, friends, significant others, etc. If you may be interested contact me at tx7_iron@yahoo.com and I will provide more info. An in-person interview with the current members of the group will be required before an official invitation is offered, for both your benefit and ours.

joe greco
07-16-2010, 02:45 PM
Myself and friend are experienced players lfg. Our group just finished. we are in plano and dont mind driving. looking to start immediately. We are both easy to get along with and dont tell others how to play. we are mid 30's in age. call 469-441-6139 or email joe@greco.net