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09-06-2009, 03:50 AM
You are travelling from the village of Fellig through the Widower's Wood towards Corvis. The journey takes more than two weeks, and passes through rocky mountain passes, dense forest, and swampy lowlands. You are not familiar with the surrounding area, but you do know that the locals of Fellig were very wary of the Widower's Wood and many legends surround it that involve caravans much like the one you are traveling in disappearing.

After chasing the rising sun for many days, the ordeal is near an end -- Corvis is only half a day's ride away through Widower's Wood. The trip has been without incident so far.

"Easy traveling, eh?" shouts Gunner Wadock, the caravan's leader, from his position on the front wagon. "If only all my trips 'twixt Fellig and Corvis were so painless."

The caravan consists of five wagons, with four pack horses bringing up the rear. Gunner sits atop the lead wagon with his driver, a sour, quiet human called Viggo. The other four wagons each have one driver. The pack horses are tied to the last wagon.

This is the point where we do introductions and establish how everyone's traveling within the caravan. Are you riding on one of the wagons and which one? Are you walking alongside while watching the dense fog in the forest? Also, take this moment to introduce your character and what they look like, etc.

This may come as kind of a shock for you, but despite Gunner's optimism, it's not going to be a complete cakewalk all the way to Corvis. This is your chance to establish your character for the rest of the party before we go into how our first combat is going to run.

09-07-2009, 07:14 AM
Dez rode in the rear of the last caravan, his long goblin ear twitched every time the wagon bounced over a pot hole. What first began as a simple game, counting the trees, had now become a meditation beyond the level of any monk. Dez was bored. Most of the trip was spent throwing pebbles at the back of Viggos' head, who looked like, to Dez, a rodent. He didnt assume he was a rodent, that would be rude. He mearly thought a giant rat snorted and he popped out.
While the goblin gazed wearily out into the passing forrest, he subconsciously traced his fingers along every curve of his little stone Dhunia figure.
"mother watch over me...*sigh*...and over you know who" he whispered.
Wrapped in a dark blanket, Dez sat motionless, silent and unseen amoungst the items being carried.
3024 trees. 3025 trees. 3026 trees....

09-07-2009, 08:01 PM
One of the hired guards stands out a bit from the rest, a broad shouldered human of average height with close shaved black hair contrasting his crystal blue eyes. He wears a somewhat mottled, padded coat and garb of gray and beige marked with hinged protective steel plates, spotted with short spikes and hooks, all reaching down just over his heavy black boots or sturdy plated gloves. Across his back he wears a thick curved blade with a smooth, broad hilt sheathed and strapped in black with silver buckles as he walks alongside the right of the caravan.

He's quiet, but the stern, determined glare of a soldier that he gives off into the fog is starkly offset by the kind expressioned, half-smiling nod he'll likely give if you watch him long enough. Despite the quiet pace the trip has taken he remains focused and alert while other guards wane in their duties. As he changes positions or reports to Gunner, you're able to catch his name a number of times: "Kirill" [kihREEL].

09-08-2009, 11:25 AM
An unusual Elf sulks on the wooden bench of one of the last wagons in the caravan. His head is hung low and all that is visible is his spiky brown hair. His head lolls to one side then the other as the wagon shifts beneath him. He looks up every now and again and checks on the large mass being pulled by the wagon. This is the only time his face is visible. He is young, very young, and like most elves, attractive. Despite this, he doesn’t exactly seem like the type of person you would want to befriend. Like all Elves he has a sadness about him, but his is almost tangible, as if it might cling to anyone around him.

His eyes are shockingly green and alert, though he gazes at everyone as if he doesn’t care. He wears fine Elven travelling clothing, and a long blue cloak that pools around his body. A backpack is sitting beside him, and against that leans a large weapon. It has a smooth black shaft, about 3ft long, made of black wood and inlayed with golden swirls. The blade is nearly the same length, and glitters in the low light. Patterns carved into the blade sparkle. The weapon seems to mock the Elf, reminding him of everything that he is not.

Behind him the wagon is open. A large lump lays concealed under a tarp. It doesn’t move, but every few moments the Elf glances back at it, checking on it, before lowering his head once again with a sigh.

09-08-2009, 02:50 PM
Emrys is in one of the last wagons of the caravan headed into Corvis... the wagon is progressing slowly, but surely down tree-lined and rocky paths... she didn't even seem to take much notice of the occasional pot-holes and bumps that happened on the route.

Her silvery grey eyes danced about at the landscapes, thrilled to be off and adventuring to a bigger city. More people makes for a greater challenge... and I love challenges, she thought to herself.

The soft breeze through her long black hair was all the more exhilerating. Finally, her eyes fell upon a spiky haired fellow... "No... it can't be..." she whispered, then her voice grew a little louder as she lightly tapped the shoulder of the man before her. "Have we... met..?"

09-08-2009, 09:17 PM
The wind howled through the trees on either side, making everything sound alive and terrifying. The young Elf ignored it though. If things were going to happen, it was best to let the bones fall as they may. He had ceased hearing the howling long ago anyway, too absorbed in his own thoughts. A voice rose over the din, a familiar sound, and his ears perked up. There was a brush against his shoulder, and Kayle turned his head to the side.

His eyes met equally shocking grey ones, and recognition flew across his features. Elves lived for a long time, but they rarely forgot. He was staring at the one person he had ever felt who understood him, a friend he had thought he had lost years ago. He had met her as a young thief, when she had tried to filch something from under his nose. Kayle guessed she had never robbed an Elf before, let alone seen one. He had caught her, but instead of turning her in, turned her loose. Curiosity peaked, she had stayed with him until they had reached the city, and had become very close, until fate had separated them.

A smile lit the Elf’s face for the first time the whole ride. “Well I’ll be damned. Emry? It’s been…years? Woow…you haven’t aged a day!” It wasn’t true, but she had grown up. She was an adult now, and looked every bit more capable . If she was still thieving….Kayle didn’t want to think about the tricks she had learned. She had been good then. “How’ve you been? Still a lowly brigand? “ He asked, joking as they used to.

09-09-2009, 02:39 AM
Emrys's eyes had met with Kayle's admirably astonishing green eyes... he smiled wide, as did she... in an instantaneous sensation of glee, she reached out to hug him close before it could register that he'd been talking.

Upon releasing the hug, she thought back on his questions and comments to make her replies.

"Yes... years... it was a beautiful, moonlit night hundreds of eves ago that fate brought us together and a dreary winter's night that fate tore us apart... but alas, Fate has been kind once more, it seems." She smiled a genuine smile and sat down just beside him.

"Ha... but you know good and well that I've aged since we last were in arm's reach. As for my current occupation, I'll have you know that I've grown into bigger, better things... now more lowly theiving for me. And once I get ito the big city... everything is going to be just that much sweeter. Perhaps we can stay together... you know, us against the world like the good old days, huh? I think it'd be a sensation."

09-10-2009, 04:17 AM
The black, twisted trees join overhead, blotting out the sun. In the darkness, the only sounds are the rattles of the wagons and the buzzing of insects. The horses are straining to pull the wagons through the muck, which is over a foot deep in spots. The thin mist that always permeates this swampy forest is thickening to a dense fog with every step. After a minute you can barely make out the other wagons and horses. Only a few more hours of this and you'll arrive at Corvis

Suddenly the lead horse screams in anguish and the caravan comes to a stop. You can hear Gunner and the other men cursing, and projectiles whistle past you. Thick fog swirls about, concealing your attackers.

Small, darting shapes come at you through the fog. Between the canopy and the fog, you have trouble tracking the shapes until they are right on top of you. They are quick and reckless in their movements and now you're starting to buy the stories you heard before heading out about the swamp gobbers that like to ambush caravans.

A trio of the pint-sized menaces come after Kirill. He moves quickly, even when taken by surprise and manages to turn one of the blades aside. Another blade is turned aside by his armor. The last puts a small cut into his leg that seems to do little more than anger him.

Two more drop out of the trees next to Dez and attack. Even though Dez is caught by surprise, his armor keeps him safe from the worst of the attack.

Two hop up on the wagon with the human and the elf and the gobbers seem to take a natural disliking towards the elf. The gobbers' daggers flash dully in the dim light but they manage to draw blood from the elf.

You can hear noises further up that sound like there are more swamp gobbers fighting farther up on the caravan, but the fog prevents you from making out what is going on

Kirill takes 1 vitality and 1 subdual damage
Dez takes 1 subdual
Kayle takes 3 vitality damage

If everyone could make some initiative rolls, you can start having some retaliation against the gobbers. I'll be keeping combat mostly abstract for right now as I haven't found a program that I like well enough to set up a combat grid.

So for now, Kayle and Emrys can attack gobbers 1 and 2 without having to move. Dez can attack gobbers 3 and 4 without moving, and Kirill can go after gobbers 5, 6, and 7 without moving.

Anyone who wants to move to get to someone else's gobbers will have to take 2 Standard Move actions to get through the mud and fog to assist someone else.

I haven't quite figured out exactly how to make this work yet, so for now you can either use your favorite online roller, your own dice on the honor system, or the forum roller if you're just plain smarter than me. Once I get it figured out, I'll put up some instructions for those who might not know.

09-10-2009, 06:34 AM
"That would be nice. Just like the old days. Oh that reminds me! Remember-" Kayle was cut off by the flitter of movement and the screams of a horse in the lead. Suddenly two shapes were on him and Emrys, small daggers flashing. Instincts kicked in, and Kayle managed to lean back just far enough that the daggers only drew a thin line of blood.

Cursing the woods under his breath, the young Elf jumped up, his cloak fluttering. If it hadn't been for all of this damned noise and wind and fog, he'd have seen them coming a mile away. Damn him and being preoccupied with a woman!

Initiative: Result of the throw of dice "1d20 +4" :

16 + 4 = 20 from hamete virtual dice server.

OOC: Two things. One, to use the dice roller go to advanced options and click the red dice at the top. Type in everything, die type, then space, then plus or minus, space, then modifier(s) like so. 1D20 + 4
EDIT: I take it back, there seems to be a problem. I just rolled a zero on a D20? So I take it back...I am stupid too. You can take the zero since I technically rolled tha first, or I used an online roller and got a 20 modified.

Two. I take it the natural conditions and crappy weather and being distracted made it so the Elfy hearing and everything didn't work? It makes sense, i'm just making sure my elf isn't deaf ;)

09-10-2009, 07:46 AM
Emrys was hovering over the long-lost friend, listening intently to his response and pondering the question he was about to ask... "Remember--" was the last word that his lips had parted to speak. She hadn't had much time to wonder though, what it may have been that she should remember, though she was certain she'd remember almost everything about their times together... before the caravan... and before fate had ripped them apart.

For once during this whole venture, Emrys had paid attention to something other than the sounds of twigs cracking beneath the wheels of the caravan, the scent produced by masses of of damp trees and grass or muck and grime... something other than the scenery around her... and for once in her life... She was the one caught off guard.

The caravan haulted with the sound of the horror-stricken cries of horses up in front and two fiendish creatures of the wood leapt out from the fog that masked the area around them.

Caught off guard?! Me? And by a guy of all things! Despite these automatic thoughts and how upset she was that she could let herself get caught up in someone and to not have the upper hand in combat... something else woke more of a rage within her... Kayle's blood, drawn from the pests that sprung up and into the wagon.

They've chosen the wrong night... the wrong caravan, and certainly the wrong wagon... because this time... I'M on here.

Initiative: [1D20+4] Going on an astounding 11 [what a killer =P]

09-10-2009, 09:15 AM
Dez felt his face stretch into an obsene grin, he was void of any hubris arrogance and held no dellusions of heroism. Humans never understood. In the animal kingdom showing your teeth is a basic sign of a predator.
The blanket fell from his shoulders as he stood to face his test, garbed in a heavy high collared jacket, his two flintlock pistols holstered across each other behind an adorned buckle and his steady gaze level with the front of a decripet black tricorne hat.
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[roll d20+4] Init = 20

09-10-2009, 10:00 AM
The eerie calm is shattered by the horse's squeal and only just as the coming adrenaline has managed the first drop of sweat, Kirill hears the diving whoosh of an unseen attacker barely in time to palm away the blade and, the moment it passes, a pair more blades strike out from the fog, both landing against his armor with a quick sting. That look of focus washes across his face again and all but gone is the cheerfully smiling man. He wasn't watching, he was waiting and this, this is what he was waiting for.

Initiative = 1d20+4 (2+4=6)

Well that's enough struggling with the die roller for one day. (Note: The 2 above is not the same 2 in the die history)

09-10-2009, 11:05 AM
Lightning quick, Kayle was ready, seeming to make up for his lapse in concentration just a moment before. His weapon glinted not a foot away from him, but after years of fighting, the young Elf knew better than to grab for it. He would make an easy target for the little robber.

Fog swirled around Kayle, and he rose and kicked in one graceful movement. His cloak flew wide as he brought his hand around, reaching for his weapon. It all happened so fast, yet he as conciously aware of Emrys moving to fight as well. At least she wasn't hurt, it didn't look like it.

But she could have been.

Anger flashed through Kayle so fast it was amazing. He felt his foot connect with the goblin's chest, and heard it gasp as something snapped. Amazingly the thing stayed on its feet, but the Elf didn't even see. All he saw was a target, someone who could have hurt Emrys, and all he felt was the cool wood of the hilt of his blade, and the rage and desire to use it.

09-10-2009, 11:26 AM
He won't be standing much longer... Emrys thought to herself as she witnessed the harsh blow that Kayle bestowed upon the pesky little creature. Not after this...

She had already rose and decided to deliver another blow, before drawing her Scholar's Sword.

"Umph" she spun and kicked the already weakened little twerp, in hopes he'd finally fall. [4pts of dmg]

Just after her kick, she slid her hand onto the hilt of her Scholar's sword and drew it out, although defensively, for there was still one unharmed devil out of this duo.

She smirked a little. "Let us have the last laugh in this encounter, eh Kayle?"

09-13-2009, 02:30 PM
Dez & Kayle = 20
Emrys = 11
Gobbers = 7
Kirill = 6

Half Action: Standard move & Handle Item (Equip pistol)
Half Action: Standard attack - Pistol: 1d20+3 → [17,3]=(20); Damage: 3d4 → [3,2,1]=(6)

Half Action: Standard attack - Unarmed: Resolved in chat
Half Action: Handle Item (Equip polesword)

Half Action: Standard attack - Unarmed: Resolved in chat
Half Action: Handle Item (Equip sword)

2 out of 3 hit Kirill for 2 subdual damage (1 each)
1 out of 1 hit Dez for 1 subdual damage
1 out of 2 hit Kayle for 3 lethal damage

Half Action: Standard attack - Falchion: 1d20+4 → [18,4]=(22); Damage 1d12+4 → [12,4]=(16)
Half Action: Standard attack - Falchion: 1d20+4 → [10,4]=(14); Damage 1d12+4 → [12,4]=(16)

The fog, which seems to be growing even thicker, swirls around the caravan as it explodes into a chaos of movement. Dez, lept away from his attackers, clearing one of the pistols from his belt as he did so. The firearm spewed smoke and the crack of the shot rang through the mist. One of the ambushers caught the shot square in the chest and disappeared over the side of the wagon. The remaining gobber manages to throw a dart at Dez as he leaps away, but his armor keeps the projectile from doing any serious harm.

Despite getting thoroughly smacked around by Kayle and Emrys, the swamp gobber remained on his feet. Especially pissed off at the two, he throws his dagger aside and bites down on Kayle's arm, his teeth breaking skin and causing blood to flow down the elf's arm.

The trio of attackers swarming Kirill continue to batter at him, but the caravan guard continues to turn the blades aside and use his armor to absorb the gobbers' daggers. The small assailants pause for a moment to assess the situation and how to attack the burly caravan guard. That moment is all Kirill needs. In a blur of movement, his sword is in his hand and sweeping through his attackers. Out of the trio, 2 of them have fallen into the mud with fatal cuts across their chests.

While the fog breaks your view from the rest of the caravan, you can hear more fighting further ahead. Gunner seems to be yelling something about the horses, but you cannot make out exactly what it is over the noise of the fight around you.

09-13-2009, 06:14 PM
A scream tore from Kayle's throat. No, not a scream, a yell. Anger, pain, outrage, all mixed up into one. The little monster's jaws were wrapped around the young elf's arm, and blood was flowing freely. Needles of pain shot up his arm, and his fingers began tingling almost immediately.

A stream of curses flew from his lips as he pulled his arm back, ignoring the pain. Not again. His foot slid forward, calculated, smooth. His hands slipped just far enough apart, the blade perfectly weighed in between his hands. Familiar, smooth.

He swung high, across, careful to keep the blade away from Emrys. His arm throbbed as it extended, and his blade cut the air just above the goblin. Kayle’s mouth set, his eyes going cold and sharp. All the wars he had been in came flooding back, all of the experience. The goblin dodged and overstepped, not expecting to be thrown off. There.

Kayle’s blade dropped with cruel efficiency. The blade arching its way down, flashing in the dim light. No way it was going to dodge this one.

Gunner's voice floated over the din of battle, coming in clearly to Kayle.
The cargo? After this, I think we all need to have a talk Kayle thought.

Half-action- standard attack. 1D20+1=11+1= 12

Half-Action- Standard Attack. 1D20+1=19+1=20
Damage= 1D10+3=7+3=10

09-15-2009, 07:24 AM
Emrys's blade felt good in her hands... she felt... powerful. She swung, not once, but twice with fury at the fiend standing before her. They had angered her... one: for catching her off guard and two: for attacking the only person she cared for other than herself, Kayle.



--- Gamemaster Edit ---
Cleaned up some of the extra attacks and the confirmation roll since it doesn't work that way in FC. Also, spending an action die to confirm the critical.

09-17-2009, 11:48 AM
Kirill draws back a bit from the two felled gobbers, quickly surveying the battle, puling back in and driving toward his remaining foe, it seems something perhaps catches his eye as his target weaves nimbly away from his weighty blade, and Kirill realizes too late
The guard gives the wagon the same look he'd been casting at the gobbers, his blade buried deep in its side, refusing to budge. In a moment his battle focus washes back over him, and with a ducking turn draws a long, thin blade from his boot, raising his other arm in defense and steps back into combat with the gobber, unfazed.

Half Action: Attack 1d20+4 = [7] 11 *Miss*
Half Action: Attack 1d20+4 = [1] 5 *Error* *Critical Miss*[2 Action Dice]
Free Action: Handle Item: Draw Stiletto

09-19-2009, 01:18 AM
Dez darted quickly away from the abrupt attack, he looked down and found his hand already grasping for his pistol as he leaped from the stationed wagon. His arm shot out as he turned to face his attackers and in midair, the flintlock exploded, at the pull of his finger tips.
The goblin grinned devilishly as he disappeared off the wagon, his last sight catching the full glory of his bullet finding a new home in the chest of a rank amateur.

The smile disappeared as well, he snarled as he found a dart protruding into the shoulder of his jacket. “…a freakn new jacket” the goblin lied.
Dez could see the others fighting with such heroic bravado and he suddenly thought “If one of these toe rags yells out something like “Your Fired!” followed quickly by an execution, I will help these whelps kill this person” The thought lacked any evil intent and even genuinely felt he would be justly rewarded for purifying a racial bloodline of a retardation.

Dez bounded into action, stepping carefully and hopefully unnoticed underneath the wagon towards a gobber putting his sling into motion. His hand now wielding another pistol was silent as a dead kitten but Dez knew how to make it sing. The rogue kept his gaze on the back of the gobber’s head, nothing else existed, the behind of this cranium was the centre of his universe. And Dez pulled the trigger to blow it all away.
--- Merged from Double Post ---

(OOC) Since this is a full action shot, can I aim or get an aim bonus?
And do I get flank? And who is this gobber aiming at.

09-19-2009, 02:35 AM
Free Action: Handle Item (equip 2nd pistol)
Half action: Aim (Swamp Gobber)
Half Action: Standard Attack (pistol) - Damage: 3d4 → [4,1,1] = (6)

Half action: Standard Attack (Polesword) - Miss
Half action: Standard Attack (Polesword) - Damage: 1d10+3 → [7,3] = (10)

Half action: Standard Attack (Scholar's Sword) - Miss
Half action: Standard Attack (Scholar's Sword) - Critical hit (1 action die)

Swamp Gobbers
1 out of 1 hit Kirill for 1 subdual damage

Standard Attack (Falchion) - Miss
Standard Attack (Falchion) - Critical Miss (2 action die) - Athletics check (DC 15, half action) required to equip weapon

It appears as though the swamp gobbers have chosen the wrong caravan to ambush. With an explosion of action and fierce retaliation, multiple assailants have fallen into the mud of the Widower's Wood. Dez's other pistol screams into the dense fog and claims a life to match that of its twin. Kayle and Emrys dispatch the gobbers that had attacked them with an almost eerie ease.

Kirill brought his blade around to dispatch the last of the annoying goblins but his adversary managed to get his blade inside Kirill's guard. Even though Kirill's armor managed to keep the blade from doing any lasting damage, the attack caused him to overextend himself and he lodges the blade into the side of a wagon instead of the goblin.

The fog is so dense now that you can practically feel it pressing down on you. From further up the caravan, you can hear yelling and more gobber voices. From your wagon, the fog keeps anything farther up from your wagon from being anything more than mysterious shapes, but those shapes are definitely moving and you know that the gobbers did not only ambush your wagon.

Everyone but Kirill has dispatched their respective enemies. Anyone can spend 1 move action to get within melee range of Kirill and his bad guy. In order to get close enough to the rest of the caravan to see what's going on, you need to spend 2 move actions to get to the next wagon or take a Run action to get a little further along to get a clearer picture of what's going on with the whole caravan. Normally, you'd all be much more mobile, but the mud from the swamp is seriously hampering everyone's movement.

09-19-2009, 04:16 PM
The blade separated bone and skin and muscle with ease. There was barely a rebound as it entered the goblin in front of Kayle. It didn’t even have time to scream as its lungs filed with blood and it shuttered to a halt. Something stirred in Kayle’s chest, a feeling he hadn’t felt since he left the military. It had been years since he fought, but everything came back with unnatural ease. He felt the bloodlust rising and fought against it. A second goblin fell right beside him, and Kayle look at Emrys, her blade covered in blood. A smile crossed his lips, and he pulled his blade free from the dead goblin.

At least she was unharmed. He opened his mouth to speak, but the words died in his throat. The sounds of more Goblins assaulted his ears, and he could see movement from farther up the wagon. He turned quickly to the young woman beside him. “There are more up ahead. We’ve got to help them!” Sounds of battle raged around them, but seemed to be slowing. There was even the sharp report of gun fire. Kayle cast one more look at Emrys, determination in his eyes, and leapt from the wagon. His feet hit the mud with a slurp, but he ignored it. Something was going on up ahead.

OOC: Two move actions to get into range to see what is going on.

09-20-2009, 05:10 AM
Dez trudged along the trail into the heart of the fog, carefully holding a small horn filled with gunpowder to refill his pistols. The sounds echoing ahead would catch only the goblins gaze, his minds eye watched dilgently over the ritual known as a reload. Dez didnt understand at all how the mechanics of his weapon worked but he very well understood the outcome of anything standing infront of its barrel.
Dez trudged along.
--- Merged from Double Post ---
My Quick draw and Full action will be used reloading.

09-20-2009, 08:54 AM
Glancing back across the battle, Kirill gives a grin of recognition to the other capable fighters
"I've got this one. If you've got the heart for it, move up! None of us will do well with a caravan dead in the mud!"
Kirill turns back with a determined pull:
Athletics [1d20+6]
--- Merged from Double Post ---
And with a spin and splinter his sword is free and his dagger sheathed, as his right hand comes to join his left gripping the broad, shining blade, he brings it down to bear on the gobber before him

09-20-2009, 12:11 PM
Emrys's blade slashed through the goblin's skin, muscle and bone with one quick, mighty thrust. She stared on as it fell bloodied and heavy onto the floor of the caravan wagon beside Kayle's lifeless assaulter. Life drained from the two in the form of a near-black pool beneath Kayle and Emrys's soles.

She stood over the fiends, observing her and her companion's work of violent art. Beautiful... simply beautiful...

Emrys gave a peircing gaze into Kayle's resounding green eyes and flashed a grin... at which time, Kayle's lips parted as if heart-felt words were going to make an intimate presence into the stillness of the air around them... but instead, he turned and motioned toward the wagon in front of them and called to her...

"There are more up ahead. We’ve got to help them!" Kayle Exclaimed.

Emrys smiled to herself. "Good to see some adventure... this is my moment to show him what my life's work is all about..." and with that thought, she ran quickly after Kayle.

Taking two move actions a well. Following after Kayle.

09-20-2009, 11:53 PM
2 Free actions + 2 Half actions: Handle Item (reload pistol)

2 Half actions: Standard Move (reposition at next wagon)

2 Half actions: Standard Move (reposition at next wagon)

Swamp Gobber
Full action: Pummel - Miss

Half action: Athletics check (equip weapon)
Half action: Standard attack (Falchion)

In a moment of partial desperation and partial panic, the last standing gobber throws itself at Kirill in a vain attempt to beat him back. The mud causes the attack to be clumsy and Kirill easily sidesteps it. He is able to bring his blade back around and down at the gobber, but the between wrenching it free from the wagon and the gobber's frantic attack, the attack barely catches his enemy's shoulder and the gobber does not fall.

Kayle and Emrys trudge through the swamp's muck to try to assess the situation happening further up the caravan. They see the other gobber that was traveling along with the caravan loading a rock into a sling and pointing a little ahead.

Red faced with anger or frustration (possibly a little of both), the gobber yells to you as you apporach, "The damned swamp buggers are after the packhorses! I can't seem to hit a damned thing in this fog, and I'd sure like some help in making sure they don't make off with my stuff."

As the pair push their way through the mud past the sling-wielding caravaner, they see three more gobbers. One of them appears to be leading one of the packhorses into the swamp while another two are on either side of a chest they seem to have liberated from a wagon and are also heading deeper into the Widower's Wood.

Emrys and Kayle can close to melee range with 1 move action of the 3 gobbers stealing stuff. Dez has a line of sight on Kirill's gobber, but not the ones up ahead. Kirill is in melee combat with the last gobber from the ambush. The sling-wielding gobber is not an enemy.

09-21-2009, 08:26 AM
Dez walked casually in the fog like a sunday stroll on a warm sunny day, proudly holstering a loaded gun and sighing as he took out its brother in crime that required his attention.
In the midst of the fog, the gun tottering goblin suddenly came across a gobber that dez recognised from the caravan.
"...G'day...*cough*... excuse me one moment.." dez mumbled in Molgur-Ur apologetically.
And continued along the road loading the other gun.

09-23-2009, 05:29 AM
The mud sucked at Kayle’s feet, trying to drag him down. It seemed as if the very swamp were trying to trap the caravan, to help in the theft and murder. Soft sloshing and breathing told Kayle that Emrys was right beside him. So it was true. The duo wouldn’t be split up again. Ahead another wagon loomed. Two of the little monsters were dragging away a chest of some sort, while a third was leading away the horse that pulled the wagon.

No one else seemed to be around. Whether the driver had fled or was dead, Kayle didn’t know. He pushed forward as best he could, closing on the goblin pulling the horse. His hands slid across the grip on his blade as it descended, the air parting over the glistening metal. The weapon hardly shuttered as it hit the goblin, slipping through thin cloth and skin. True to his elven nature, his foot found purchase in the slippery ground, and he pivoted, moving around the goblin and casting a look at Emrys to make sure she was ok.

Roles: Rolling 1d20 + 1 ( 15 ) + 1 = 16
Rolling 1d10 + 1 ( 5 ) + 3 = 8 Damage

09-23-2009, 12:39 PM
Emrys had been trudging through the muck for a while, the stickiness of the filth impeding her movement significantly and all the while hoping that there was still action to be taken by the time she was able to arrive at the origin of the commotion in which Kayle and herself were trying so desperately to reach...
Finally, she was there... close enough to strike. She was ready. She had sword in hand, feeding off of her blade's thirst for more blood and her own desires of the power that victory made her feel. Crimson spilling onto her blade was a thrill, and she intended there to be bloodshed...


Fly by Knight
09-23-2009, 03:37 PM
The foggy cool night felt good on Ljusna's beard and face. The elusive white whipper, a bird with a beautiful tail feather was perched for the night and he was closing in. Just then a loud noise shook the treas, and the beautiful pray flew in an explosion of dew and noise.

Ljusna spun to meet the noise, as his victim came running up, he didnt notice him till it was too late. Ljusna attacked the Gobber full on, lightning playing about his arms, his strike makes an electric crak as the gobber leaves his feet, falling lifelessly to the ground.

Further noise rocks the forest as he hears the same screams, and now the sound of metal against metal. These little pests had cost him his week long search, and now they were accosting someone.

Stepping from the tree line, Ljusna can see the foray below and picks out an unlucky soul.

Spell Casting Roll - 1d20+8 = 14+8=22 success
Spell "Polar Ray" - damage = 1d6 = 6
Those standing about see the night light up with a cold blue beam that streaks across from an opening in the tree line.

The Gobber that is struck immediately chokes its war cry, as the air leaves its lungs, never to return.

09-24-2009, 02:01 PM
The gobber fighting with Kirill decides that the human is not going to go down easily and the fight is not tipped enough in his favor to continue. He holds two fingers up forming a "V" while giving him a dirty look and turning to disappear into the fog.

In a flurry of action, the three gobbers that were making off with the caravan goods drop from steel and spell. Emrys and Kayle both manage to dispatch their targets with ease and the wild-haired dwarf managed to take one down with his magic.

Almost immediately, the fog starts to dissipate and you can start to make out the rest of the caravan. Dark shapes are disappearing into the fog as the remaining gobbers that were attacking further up the caravan retreat into the forest. All in all, the caravan looks mostly intact other than the lead horse. It's kicking and whining is ended when Gunner's man, Viggo, uses his sword to end the animal's suffering.

Gunner seems to be making his way down the line assessing the damage done to the caravan and his goods, "Thank you for keeping the end of the line here together like you did. The little bastards managed to make off with two of my crates, but I'd rather accept the losses and finish our trip to Corvis quickly at this point. I hate to do it, but you'd have to be mad to chase them into their own swamp. I'll be happy to compensate each of you for your help once we make it to the city."

You can chase the gobbers down if you feel so inclined, or you can finish the journey to Corvis. Feel free to RP out the end of the scene if everyone's ready to head back and I'll start us up with whichever way you guys decide in my next post.

Gobber loot:
20 silver pieces (for each player)
3 candles (to distribute amongst whoever might want them)

09-24-2009, 03:06 PM
Not quite content to let his one remaining opponent join in the attack, yet flee safe an unharmed, Kirill, starting his hurried step toward securing the caravan, bends quickly, grabbing the dagger from the body of a fallen foe and with the flick of a wrist sends his message hurdling off toward the gobber
--- Merged from Double Post ---
The small blade whistles through the air- stopping dead with the wet sound of a blade buried in the gobber's back as it stops stiff with a squeaking cry, falling face down in the mud, quiet and still.

Kirill barely takes notice as he picks up step, trudging through the muddy terrain, keeping his eyes peeled...

As everything calms and quiets, he slows and gives a nod to Gunner, relaying that everything seems secure on his end, glances off into the fog, and pans his view back across all of the other surprise combatants who entered the fight alongside him.

09-24-2009, 04:39 PM
Emrys, holding back her urge to finish her job by chasing after the damned little fiends, sheathed her sword and gave out a sigh.

"Had it not have been for the fog and the muck, they'd have never gotten away with anything... not even their lives." She stated, shaking her head in disappointment.

She was ready to go into the big city and despite her rages, was smart enough not to follow goblins into the woods, where they were sure to make way to their camps. It's one thing to be a few men outnumbered in a combat, but ambushes were never a fun thing.

"Pesky devils..." She muttered under her breath as she arranged some of the shuffled cargo. She then took a seat, kicking up and crossing her legs onto a crate just before her feet and stared off into the distance in front of her without anything more than soft breaths for the next few minutes.

Fly by Knight
09-25-2009, 07:30 AM
Quickly looking about for signs of more of the enemy, Ljusna Ode moves into the clearing.

Perception Roll
Fly by Knight rolls some dice

09-26-2009, 12:06 PM

After the chaos of battle everything was oddly quiet. Emrys' comment broke the silence with such abruptness that it caused Kayle to laugh out loud. So entranced with the metaphores and odd simbolic thoughts of fighting, the sound of her voice just caught him completely by surprise. There was one difference between humans and elves right there. Longevity of life tended to make one think about things more.

"It's true. We'd have heard and seen them from far away. At least we only lost one today." He said, nodding towards the horse before following his companion back to their caravan, nodding at the larger man with a sword. He had felled three of the pesky things...all without breaking a sweat. Ambushed by three, and dispatched them that quickly. Man must have been a helluva fighter.

Kayle took his seat beside Emrys and waited for the caravan to resume.
"Now that that's over...where were we?" He asks, his elven demeanor completely at odds with the gore and carnage around them.

09-26-2009, 05:58 PM
The only thing that got Emrys's mind off of her self-disappointment was Kayle sitting beside her.

"...Where were we?" He asked. Emrys grinned and perked up a bit as Kayle spoke... her eyes gleaming subtly with joy.

"Let's see... you were asking if I... remebered... something?" Emrys half-questioned with her eyes now gazing into Kayle's.

09-28-2009, 12:57 AM
Gunner finishes checking the rest of the caravan and gets it moving through the swamp's muck once again. The swamp remains quiet as you push forward toward the city of Corvis. It seems to take forever, but at last you are free of the swampy morass of Widower's Wood. The black, twisted trees part, and the ever-present mist finally thins and clears. Ahead of you is Corvis, City of Ghosts. A stout wall surrounds an impossibly dense mass of stone structures. Granite and marble spires, some topped with gold embellishments, burst through the fog and smoke at street level and reach for the heavens. A tangle of bridges and arches ensnares everything in a stony grasp. After so long in the woods, it is an impressive sight. Closer in and once past the initial grandeur, the stains and cracks can be seen. With buildings askew with corners sinking into unstable foundations, the old city struggles to maintain a bright facade against the relentless erosion of the rivers and time.

Gunner Wadock raises his voice to be heard over the creaking wagons. "We'll be first off to see Father Dumas at the Cathedral of Morrow. He can tend our wounds, and we have a crate or two for him as well. We'll part ways there, and you'll get yer pay. 'Twas a pleasure riding with you."


Larger, more detailed version of map (http://full-metal-fantasycraft.googlegroups.com/web/Corvis%20Map.jpg?gsc=tatmKwsAAACVG1c9zpuOI5sJkTf6v 617)
Map Key
1. Industrial 'bourg
2. Northern graveyard
3. Church of Morrow
4. Waterfront
5. City Hall
6. Park
7. Courthouse & jail
8. Armorer's 'bourg
9. Arena
10. Merchant's 'bourg

Fly by Knight
09-28-2009, 07:50 AM
OOC: This is occuring prior to moving on as an intro to my char.

Ljusna aproaches the seen of the fight and kicks the Gobber on the ground, looking at the effects of his work. The fog that had been drifting in the air during the fight had settled and frozen the little beasts eyeballs and saliva. As Ljusna kicks it, it makes a crack noise as the ice that has frozen the body to the wet mud is broken.

"Whoo, thats gonna leave a mark."

Those in the party look to see a Dwarf among them. He has long red hair, with white lines through both his his hair and beard. He carres no weapons save his dagger and his robes are meager and black. His eyes are a very light blue and seem luninescent momentarily then return to a bluish hugh. As the dwarf relaxes, ensuring his kill is truly dead, you notice that the hairs on your arm and neck were standing up, and you smell the faint smell of ozone.

The Dwarf looks among you and says "Well met, I'm Ljusna Ode."

09-28-2009, 08:57 AM
“That’s right!” He exclaims, snapping his fingers and grinning. “ I finally finished him. Do you remember that pipe dream I had, the whole reason I was out travelling all the time, gathering supplies and money? Well it is finally finished…partially. I still need to set up shop somewhere, but at least….well it’s finished. I fixed him Emrys. “

Kayle’s eyes danced in the meager light, his expression light. Talking about Feir always made him happier. The mighty Jack had saved his life, and, as odd as it seemed, had become a friend to him in the past months since he had been repaired. Kayle ran his hand through his hair, not noticing the mud and grim on his hands. “He isn’t exactly the prettiest, not like he was, but he is moving. I am still working on him and he is completely moving! Works like a champ!” Kayle says, beaming as he looks at the large lump under the tarp. The huge mound shifts slightly, as if something under it moved, and Kayle’s smile just got even wider.

It faded a moment later though as a Dwarf stepped out of the gloom. The air lit up with magic, making the elf’s very skin crawl. Never could stand magic Kayle thought bitterly, rubbing his arms as he leaned back, trying to return to his neutral glum state. He found it was easier to be ignored that way, if he didn’t walk around with an over glorified pride like many of his kin. Kayle leaned closer to Emrys so it would be easier to talk. Least that is what he told himself. “I’ll show you when we reach the city.” He says as the caravans start to move again.

Time passes oh too quickly with Emrys, flowing as the two talk and catch up. Soon the city looms over them, tall, dark, and grim to Kayle’s eyes. His keen senses see right through the false façade of stature and demeanor to the crumbling truth. “Here we are…”

OOC This takes place during the travels and such.

09-28-2009, 10:15 PM
OOC-- As you can tell, most of this takes place prior to arrival at Corvis.

Emrys listened intently as Kayle exclaimed with glee that he'd fixed the project he had been working on when they first met long ago.
She smiled full-heartedly with her lips and eyes, "That is great! I can't wait to see him."

Suddenly, she saw a dwarf appear before her and introduce himself. She glanced up a moment and nodded and gave her greetings.
"Hello..." she said with little emotion.

The caravan haulted and the person at the front of the caravan had cried out that they'd arrived, it had been nice having them, etc... and Emrys sprung from her seat.

"Alas" she thought. Time for adventures to begin!

Fly by Knight
09-29-2009, 08:27 AM
Ljusna looks about the group, and while it is true he did deliver a chilly death to the Gobber, he certainly didnt expect such a chilly reception from those whom he just helped.

He looks to the elf who looks back then the female responds with a "hello" at least.

Ljusna takes a breath and belts out:

"What manner of caravan is this? Apperantly you are going to Corvis, and you are very road weery, for what other reason can you give for such bad manners?"

The dwarf's eyes flicker with luminosity as he looks about at the party.

09-29-2009, 08:40 PM
Emrys glanced at Kayle and then again at the dwarf.

"Sorry, I was caught off guard..." she said apologetically as she stepped off of the wagon and to the side. "How many of those pests did you exterminate, eh?" Emrys asked the dwarf to lighten up the tone she had before.

Apparently reuniting with Kayle and knowing his dislike for magic had swayed her from her usual behavior... swayed her from one of the key concepts to her original goal. Interaction... closeness... helps her to get what she wants out of people.

She was turned from Kayle for a fleeting moment... long enough to link her eyes with the dwarf's and smile faintly in his direction to show she hadn't meant to come off as rude. She certainly didn't want that...

09-29-2009, 09:49 PM
The Dwarf’s gruff voice calls out to the pair, and Kayle looks down at the hairy, wild looking man. Odd. The Dwarf had actually taken time to talk to him without insults or intimidation. Surprise nibbles at Kayle as he takes a moment to look over their new companion. As he is thinking Emrys climbs down beside him and walks back up. Momentary jealousness and protective urges flash white hot through Kayle, followed by more surprise.

What was that all about?

Emrys’ eyes dart up and meet Kayle’s who looks back with an embarrassed look on his face. After a moment he climbs down to stand close to the young woman, before offering the Dwarf a small bow.

“My apologies master Dwarf. I meant no offense. I am just not used to your kind…..actually speaking with me. “ A small smile tugs at the corner of his mouth as if he had just told some sort of joke. “I am Kayle, and this lovely lady is Emrys. So…what brings you to Corvis?” He asks, obviously struggling with making small talk.

Fly by Knight
09-29-2009, 10:00 PM
"Well met lady Emrys and Kayle, as I have previously said, I'm Ljusna Ode"

Ljusna is a bit taken aback, why wouldnt I speak with him?

"I come from dem mountains, from an order that protects travelers and guides them."

"I have recently left da order on personal walkabut and was trackin a bird for me quill collection. Deez gobbers scared it away, and there were more in da woods. I killed one dere and dis one here Emrys"

"I was going to Corvis to see other artists work on quills, and look fer da adventure"

"Glad to be of help"

"Why do you go to Corvis?"

09-29-2009, 10:16 PM
"The small town life is not for me..." Emrys responded with a smile. "The big city is like a new adventure, and it is one I intend to embark on now... won't you join us, Mr. Ode?"
Emrys turned toward Kayle and grinned, with a spark in her grey eyes-- then turned to face the dwarf again and await his reply.

Fly by Knight
09-30-2009, 12:12 AM
"Aye, I think I will. Ya seem like decent enough folk"

Ljusna looks about at the rest of the caravan and back at the couple standing before him.

He watches the exchange of glances shared between them, there is obviously a chemistry shared.

Ljusna smiles to them and then looks about to see what will be the next move.

09-30-2009, 09:26 AM
"Nothin' like a good fight to make friends out of a bunch a' strangers" Kirill thinks to himself, his mind focusing back a bit on the sudden burst of friendly conversation springing up behind, eying just slightly, but listening- not that he's forgotten payment, the city looming in the distance (impressive though it was) and the ever approaching Cathedral, coin's why he came, not that he intends to keep it for long.

He glances once more around the caravan, ready to relax, drink, have fun, and a wash of doubt flows over him, he's suddenly reminded of something distant, he turns his gaze just briefly toward the sky, squinting, "Where are you going now?"

But the moment passes and his head turns back toward the group chattering away behind him, and a chuckle almost rises from his throat- right, two weeks pay, we'll see what happens then, maybe that pretty little green eyed human girl knows a good bar in this place...

10-02-2009, 01:57 AM
Gunner hands his man Viggo a couple of purses and Viggo walks up to each of you and hands you one of the purses. Gunner then starts barking orders to his men to unload a couple of crates once the caravan reaches the cathedral. The building itself is large and the architecture is ornate and complex compared to some of the other buildings around it. The caravaners remove a couple of the crates and bring them to the steps of the cathedral. Gunner calls out, "Prelate Dumas! We got a little waylaid, but we made it!"

An older, balding man with a cane comes out and smiles down the steps at Gunner. "Gunner, I've told you before that it's just Father Dumas. I feel no need to bring title into our dealings. I hope that whatever delayed you wasn't too bad."

Gunner turns and spits on the ground, "Swamp gobbers in the Widower's Wood tried to nab my goods, would've done a damn fine job of it too if it wasn't for my guards and a couple of quick blades that traveled with me. That's why I made you my first stop, Father. Figured if Morrow wanted to send me some extra help, least I could do was drop off your shipment first."

As a pair of acolytes come out of the cathedral to start lugging the crates into the cathedral Father Dumas and Gunner take a few steps away and speak to each other. You see Gunner look over his shoulder during the conversation and point out each of you to the priest. Father Dumas shakes Gunner's hand and walks over towards your makeshift party.

"Gunner speaks very highly of each of you and the aid you gave him when his caravan was ambushed. I have a matter here in town that I would greatly appreciate if you would investigate for me and I am, unfortunately, understaffed already and have no extra hands to spare on this matter. I also will be unable to pay you, but you are more than welcome to room and board here in the cathedral if you help me.

"There have been a number of grave robberies here in and around Corvis. I have no idea why anyone would even conceive of such an idea, but I can doubt that there is any good intention behind it. I would be greatly appreciative if you could look into who is behind these terrible acts and put an end to it."

Fly by Knight
10-02-2009, 07:30 AM
The sruffy Dwarf raises his finger and his bushy eyebrows.

"Aye, I'll be a helpin ya"

10-02-2009, 07:51 AM
Emrys was conversing back and forth with her companion Kayle and newly acquired ally of sorts, when an elderly man comes forth toward the party.
"Gunner speaks very highly of each of you and the aid you gave him when his caravan was ambushed. I have a matter here in town that I would greatly appreciate if you would investigate for me and I am, unfortunately, understaffed already and have no extra hands to spare on this matter. I also will be unable to pay you, but you are more than welcome to room and board here in the cathedral if you help me.

"There have been a number of grave robberies here in and around Corvis. I have no idea why anyone would even conceive of such an idea, but I can doubt that there is any good intention behind it. I would be greatly appreciative if you could look into who is behind these terrible acts and put an end to it." He says.
Emrys smiled at the man as the dwarf spoke his offer to help. Emrys took Kayle by the arm and took a step forth toward the man.
"I'm sure we could be of assistance..." She turns to Kayle "Don't you think so, Kayle?"
The whole time, Emrys couldn't help but think what a fantastic place to stay. Staying in a cathedral provided quite the opportunity if they did ever get in trouble... which Emrys didn't intend to do because she didn't intend to get caught but still... it was nice.
"Grave robbing... I certainly hope we're not dealing with necromancy or necrophilia..." Emrys shivered slightly upon saying it. "I'm a firm believer that once someone is passed on, so they should stay... and the other... let's not even think about that."

Emrys pondered what it would be like if her victims came back... if the lives she has claimed in the past were brought back.... suddenly, she grew a little nervous. They wouldn't be able to expose me though, right...? No, of course not... they'd hardly be intelligent at all if they came back... she loosened back up a bit and glanced up into Kayle's eyes, then at the priest once more.

10-02-2009, 08:55 AM
Kirill stands a bit out of place as he listens to the old priest, his mind still half on his pay...

Kirill turns back to the others, all travelers, singled out from the caravan. Everyone who fought off the gobbers, must be expecting something more than a manhunt, sounds pretty good.

"Ahm... I uh, I spose I can help you out, sir, if you need it"

After all, Corvis should be... I mean they'd never come to Corvis, I've certainly never been here.

He nods and watches the priest for a moment, before glancing back to the rest, with again, a surprisingly friendly, good-hearted smile...

"Seems you all're more acquainted, m'name's Kirill. Pretty good fight you all showed back there, even if it was pretty short, sounds like we might have a chance to do it again"

10-02-2009, 11:56 AM
Kayle listened to the chatter mostly, imputing when he had something to say. Mostly he just liked listing to Emrys. The Dwarf’s voice provided a startling contrast in conversation, but the time passed lively. Gunner’s man walks over and Kayle follows him, the sound of coin jingling in the purse making his purpose obvious. He takes the small bag with a smile and a word of thanks, and watches as the cargo is unloaded at the Cathedral.

The building is large and ornate, beautiful compared to the rest of the buildings that it shadowed. The beauty was not lost on the elf, but his contempt showed through slightly. It was still nothing compared to Elvish architecture. A pang of homesickness washed through him, but was quelled as an older gentleman of the church walked over and greeted them.

Kayle listened to his proposition with growing disgust. Life was even more sacred to him, given that he had so much longer to enjoy it. To desecrate the dead in such a way was unheard of. Hard times or not, this was unacceptable. The Dwarf jumps in first, and Emrys is second, taking Kayle’s arm in hers. Her touch washes away his anger, and a smile spreads as he looks down at her. The young Elf nods to her.

“I do think we should help. The desecration of a tomb, of a resting place, is unheard of with my people. “ His eyes flicker to the Dwarf.

Don’t Dwarves hold their elders in even higher regards? This would be the utmost blasphemy.

“Plus, staying in a Cathedral would be nice. Give us a chance to settle down.” He says looking back to Emrys. “I mean…you know…settle in.” A small flush crosses his face before he is able to turn away. Thankfully another voice pipes in. Kayle looks back and sees the large warrior who had taken on three of the little beasts at once striding over to offer his assistance as well. The man introduces himself as Kirill. Nothing like a battle to bring a group together. Kayle nods a welcome.

“Well met Kirill. My name is Kayle, this is Emrys and…Ljusna.” He says, introducing each in turn, struggling a bit with the Dwarvish name. “It does appear we will have a chance to do a bit more good. “

Fly by Knight
10-03-2009, 08:51 AM
"Aye, well met Kirill, name is Ljusna, and while ye may not've needed me help, twas a plasure ta give it."

OOC: the name is pronounced Lyoosna

Ljusna looks quickly at the elf as he felt his gaze. He must feel the same as me. Grave robbers are some of the worst criminals, and it would be a pleasure to bring these people to heel. No matter the race, the dead must be left alone. Thats why we have guards at our tombs and buriel places. Perhaps this will help these people learn a lesson and start to watch over their loved ones.

The thought of robbers in his family's buriel grounds begins to raise Ljusna's ire.

As it does, the static electricity surrounding him picks up, slightly standing the hair on his and those around him arms and neck.

"No need for pay, I would do this for free." As his eyes glow a slight light blue.

Fly by Knight
11-01-2009, 08:03 PM
Ljusna looks up at the heavens, looks at his fellow adventurers, then back at the sky.....

He screams into the air "WHERE IS FOGHORN???!!!!!"

Too bad, it was a good game....

11-03-2009, 12:49 AM
My apologies for the absence. However, I'm not gone and hopefully the game hasn't died. Long story short, let me see if I can't get it back up and running

11-03-2009, 01:24 PM
OOC: I'm here. Totally up for it

11-23-2009, 10:51 PM
Father Dumas's eyes suddenly snap back into focus.

"My apologies. I have a rather nasty habit of losing myself in my thoughts for short period of times. I am glad to hear that you are all willing to help me out with this rather unsettling investigation. I regret that I have so little to offer, but the cathedral is already short-handed and I simply cannot stretch ourselves any thinner.

"I'd be more than happy to show you to your rooms and answer any questions you might have regarding the grave robberies," he starts to walk down a hallway and calls up to a young woman looking down on you. "Alexia, please ask Arden if there's anything left from the midday meal to feed our new detectives with."

Father Dumas smiles at you as you continue down the corridors of the cathedral, "The rooms will be modest, but comfortable. If you have any questions regarding the grave robberies, I'd be glad to answer them."

Fly by Knight
11-24-2009, 10:07 AM
Ljusna scratches his wild beard and then holds up his finger, "I have some questions".

Ljusna asks the following questions of Father Dumas.

1. Who attended to the buriel sites. Is there security and or grounds keepers?
2. What exactly was stolen?
3. Who locally would be interested? cults, religious ideals or holidays, undead?
4. Where are the graves at specifically and on what nights were each ones robbed?
5. Who is the law here in Corvis?
6. Who were the people who were robbed, were they specific families that were targeted. What were the names?
7. What was used to dig them up? Magic?
8. When was the first robbery and when was the last?
9. How long did they have to perform the robberies, and at what time did they take place?
10. What evidence was left behind, perhaps a footprint or tools?
11. How did they open the caskets or urns?
12. How many were robbed in one night?
13. Is there any patterns that you noticed in either the method they used to dig or time frame of the robberies?
14. What local shops would buy wares that could have been picked up along the road, or graves as it were?
15. Are there local guilds that dig graves? Or someone who is paid to dig graves?
16. Who keeps the records of who is buried where?

Thats all I can think of for now sir."

11-24-2009, 11:05 AM
Kayle follows behind, using his large weapon as a walking stick of sorts. He looks at the building with an almost bored look as he compairs it to elven architecture, but never makes any comment. He is more just anxious to move on already. Plus the list of questions the Dwarf praddles off pretty much covers every known angle, and more to boot.

(OOC: I don't know where Kaye is. I can't get in touch with her. She deleted her Facebook and I haven't seen her on." )

11-30-2009, 12:48 PM
1. Who attended to the buriel sites. Is there security and or grounds keepers?
"I'm not sure of the man's name, but there is a caretaker in the Northern Graveyard that might be able to answer some questions about the bodies taken from there. Other than that, you'll have to ask the families about the other robberies since they happened on their family's land. I'm afraid that you're a little on your own for the bodies taken from the Eastern Boneyard"

2. What exactly was stolen?
7. What was used to dig them up? Magic?
"Each of the reports states that the grave had been dug up with the casket laying open and the body was gone. No magic that I know of was used, but I suppose it's not impossible."

3. Who locally would be interested? cults, religious ideals or holidays, undead?
"I cannot think of anyone locally who would behind such gruesome acts. I know that the Cult of Cyriss has started to show up around town, but I don't believe them to be interested in anything that would involve stealing the dead. As far as necromancy goes, that simply isn't practiced outside of the island of Cryx, and we are a good distance from there."

4. Where are the graves at specifically and on what nights were each ones robbed?
6. Who were the people who were robbed, were they specific families that were targeted. What were the names?
8. When was the first robbery and when was the last?
"I have to apologize that I don't have better information for you as to which nights each of these got robbed, but the list of graves that were robbed are here. I know the first was brought to my attention about a month ago, and the most recent was just three days ago." Father Dumas hands you a piece of paper with the following list:

Sylva Family & Monsonata Family. City of Corvis Northern Graveyard
Gadock Family. Gadock family farm outside of eastern city gate
Sunbright family. Sunbright estate, southern Corvis
Hopless family & Burrett family. Eastern boneyard, just outside of city gate
Fullet family. Fullet family farm, north of the city

5. Who is the law here in Corvis?
"Corvis has a city watch that enforces the law as sort forth by the twelve magistrates of the city council. Justice here can be swift and tough at times, but the courts do what they can to be fair to those brought before them."

9. How long did they have to perform the robberies, and at what time did they take place?
10. What evidence was left behind, perhaps a footprint or tools?
11. How did they open the caskets or urns?
12. How many were robbed in one night?
13. Is there any patterns that you noticed in either the method they used to dig or time frame of the robberies?
"I'm sorry, but this matter was brought to me from other people and I simply don't know the specifics behind what happened. You'll have to ask the different families about those kinds of details."

14. What local shops would buy wares that could have been picked up along the road, or graves as it were?
"I hate to admit it, but there are too many merchants here in Corvis that would buy merchandise from someone without asking too many questions as to how and where they got it."

15. Are there local guilds that dig graves? Or someone who is paid to dig graves?
16. Who keeps the records of who is buried where?
"The Northern Graveyard is maintained by a groundskeeper who oversees the cemetery, but he's probably too old to be digging them at this point. The Eastern Boneyard has no organization that watches or maintains it, we try to do what we can but are already understaffed."

Fly by Knight
12-01-2009, 07:58 AM
“Ah, well thank ya for da information”
Ljusna turns to Kayle.
“Lets strategize. I think that da Northern Graveyard would be da best place ta start. The old man der could have some insight. Maybe he knows da Sylva and Monsonata families and can point us in der direction. We kin see what kind of information we kin git from him.
From der we can go to da local magistrate and maybe dey kin give us some information about da east and south bone yards, and anything about da families der.
Ha ha, Kayle, dese people is gonna love our pretty mugs asking questions about der families”
Ljusna puts his hands up like a monster and opens his eyes wide
“Hello Missa Sylva, were here about your turned up missin deed”
Ljusna slaps his knee in laughter

12-02-2009, 09:58 AM
Kayle looks blandly at his dwarven companion, before turning back to Father Dumas. "Well thank you for the information. We will try and resolve this matter quickly, and be on our way." With the formalities out of the way, Kayle turns and looks about the city.

"We should start with the Northern Grave. He said the groundskeeper was too old to dig the graves now, which means someone is doing it." Kayle thinks for a moment, mulling over a thought.
"Alright, lets see him, and find out who is actually digging all of these graves. "

He stops abruptly, and turns towards the cart. Kayle stops beside the tarp he was riding with and whispers something. Suddenly the tarp rises and falls, revealing a large Steamjack. Though it appears to be a mismatch bunch of parts and pieces, it is obviously intelligent and slides off of the cart before moving up beside Kayle. "Alright, lets go now." He says, hefting his blade.

Fly by Knight
12-02-2009, 01:32 PM
Ljusna looks up at Kayle's blank stare.

"Hmm, no sense a humor der, huh?"

He walks a bit and stops when Kayle stops.

As the Steamjack raises from the cart, Ljusna looks at it with astonishment.

He looks back at Kayle and scowls.

"I dont like em, he makes me look short."

With that Ljusna makes sure to be on the other side of Kayle as they walk through the town.

12-03-2009, 03:09 AM
The people of Corvis seem to be more surprised by the steamjack's companions than the actual 'jack itself. Thankfully due to the size and noise, you find it easy to find your way through the streets and head your way north, following Father Dumas's directions. They are relatively easy to follow as the graveyard lies just north of the massive cathedral itself.

Once you get there, you find an impressively vast expanse of headstones, crypts, and tombs crisscrossed by narrow winding paths and dotted with scrawny bushes and trees. In the center of the graveyard is the tiny stone building that Father Dumas told you the caretaker lives in.

As you approach it, an old, hunched over man comes out of it to greet you, "Oi! 'Alo there and glad to see ya. What can I be doing for you?"

Fly by Knight
12-03-2009, 08:23 AM
Ljusna looks to the care taker then back to Kayle.

He then turns to the man and says:

"Oy good man! Tis a plasure a be meetin ya. Me name is Ljusna Ode, and dis here is me parner Kayle, and uh, dats his pet der."

Ljusna smiles slightly and continues.

"We've been asked ta look inta da grave robberies dat have been goins on by da Father Dumas. Do ya mind iffin we ask ya some questions? You seem ta be da most knowledgeable man about dis town havin ta do wit da graves."

Ljusna looks into his pouch.

"I got some good tea iffin ya want ta sit and talk a while."

12-03-2009, 12:40 PM
As they move through the city, Kayle avoids eye contact as best as he can. The sheer size of the graveyard though is odd. Elves have very different customs than humans, and the thought of so many dead just feet below him makes Kayle a bit jumpy. He tries to push the thought aside though as he moves up beside Ljusna.

"Good day." He says in simple greeting, cutting off the formalities. "Do you dig the graves here?"

12-03-2009, 08:55 PM
He breaks into a large grin that showcases the few teeth he has left, "Nice to see the manners of elves aren't exaggerated, right?" He breaks into a fit of laughter and claps Ljusna on the shoulder, "I'll put some water on and you make the tea, I've got meself a little flavoring that'll make it all the much sweeter. And yes, ya pointy-eared wet sponge, I dig the graves here. And I'm proud to say that I haven't had a single client complain about the grave that I put them in." He laughs a little harder at this joke and it eventually turns into a strange wheezing than a laugh. He then motions for you to follow him as he turns and heads back into house. "Eh, just a little graveyard humor. You'll have to leave the 'jack outside, there's no room for him in my house."

The inside is cluttered and there's a strange smell coming from somewhere (and given the location of his home, you try not to dwell on what exactly that smell is), but the house has a comfortable feel to it. He clears a spot off of some of the furniture and motions for you to sit as he grabs a pouch of tobacco of the mantle of his fireplace. He gives his fire a quick turn and cuts Kayle off when he sees the elf's impatient look, "It's one cup of tea and will only take a few minutes. Don't worry, my clients are all very patient people." As he laughs at his latest joke, he packs himself a pipe and hands the pouch to Ljusna and motions to Kayle as well while sitting down.

"The name's Gum Brocker and I can't be thinkin' you came here to compliment the work I do. What're here for?"

Fly by Knight
12-04-2009, 08:11 AM
Ljusna laughs right along with Gum.

"Finally someone wit a sense a humor round here".

Ljusna looks about the house and at Kayle before setting his pack down and pulling out his tea. He puts the loose leaf tea into each cup and when the water is ready he takes it upon himself to poor each cup.

"Give dat tea a minute to open an sink. Got it from up in da mountains where im from. Legend has it dat monkeys picked dat tea, monkeys dat was trained by da monks in a monestary near my order."

He looks at the two again. "Don't worry, dey washed der hands". Ljusna laughs again almost spilling the hot water. "Sorry, another joke fer ya".

Ljusna sits and blows on his hot water then looks up at Gum again. This time his face has a grave look to it. "Mr Gum, now I'm a good hearted Dwarf, an I kin joke with the next guy, but what were here for aint no jokin matter, I hope you dunnot mind me takin a more serious tone. My culture takes whats you do fer a livin very seriously. In my culture you are a very very important man, one of the most important in our society. We take the sanctity of death and the protection of our dead as a religious thing ya know. So first of all, your havin me utmost respect, an dose body thieves are havin me utmost hate."

Ljusna looks at both Kayle and Gum, obviously keeping his anger in check barely. His eyes light slightly as he takes a deep breath and continues.

"Der are some questions dat we be needin to ask of ya iffin ya dont mind about dese grave robbins. We know dat dey took place in several locations including dis here one. But any help dat you kin give is very much appreciated.

(OOC: I’m going to just list my questions as I did with Dumas. Marley please feel free to add to them, and Foggy the way you answered last time was perfect.)

1. What is your responsibility here exactly?
2. How long have you been working here?
3. Is this a family owned or performed job, in other words did your father do this?
4. How often do you patrol these grounds?
5. Is there anyone here that helps you patrol, dig graves, or tend to the grounds?
6. Do you have responsibilities in other Bone Yards?
7. What are the differences between each of the bone yards?
8. If you only tend to this one, why don’t the others have attendants?
9. Do you have hours of operation, and do you seal up the bone yard at night?
10. Who else would have access to the burial sights here besides you?
11. Who has overall responsibility of the books of the dead and where they are buried?
12. Who else would have access to knowledge of who is buried where?
13. When did the robberies happen?
14. What time at night exactly did they happen?
15. What was the weather like on those nights?
16. Was there any trace left like footsteps, tools, blood, anything?
17. Have you ever seen robberies occur before, when, who?
18. How many people would you gage did the digging and breaking of the caskets, and what gives you the idea on the number of people?
19. Who do you think would do this sort of thing?
20. Do you know who did this?
21. What sort of investigation has been done already? And by who?
22. Is there any reason why you can think of these particular bodies being stolen?
23. Can you show us the grave sites once we finish our tea?
24. Do you know the families involved?
25. Who would you contact to find out more information about the robberies, and where are they?

12-07-2009, 12:43 PM
The old man sits down after pouring something from a flask into his tea and then passes the flask to Ljusna. You're not sure what exactly in the flask, but the smell is potent and acrid. You figure it's probably one of the human's attempts at making liquor, but doubt that anything Gum has will be anywhere close to refined or properly made.

1. What is your responsibility here exactly?
2. How long have you been working here?
3. Is this a family owned or performed job, in other words did your father do this?
"My father was a shoemaker, but I didn't much care for the work so I set out to find my own path. So, after a bit of searching I found myself here. I dig and maintain the graves here in the largest and nicest of Corvis's graveyard and have been doing so for the last 50 years."

4. How often do you patrol these grounds?
"I like to stretch my legs and check the grounds a few times a day, then maybe two or three more times after the sun goes down."

5. Is there anyone here that helps you patrol, dig graves, or tend to the grounds?
"The church'll usually send someone down to help with the gravediggin' if they've got the hands to spare, but that happens less and less these days."

6. Do you have responsibilities in other Bone Yards?
7. What are the differences between each of the bone yards?
8. If you only tend to this one, why don’t the others have attendants?
"The eastern boneyard is the only other one Corvis has, and I (or anyone else, really) maintain that boneyard. The church tries to send people out to clean it up when they can, but like I said, that's been happenin' less and less these days.

"This boneyard is where people that don't have the money for a family plot, but want to give their loved ones something bury them. The eastern boneyard is for the people that can't afford either of those options."

9. Do you have hours of operation, and do you seal up the bone yard at night?
10. Who else would have access to the burial sights here besides you?
"I've never locked the gates up before because I think people should be able to visit their loved ones whenever they feel. 'Sides, we've never had a problem like this 'fore and never given me a reason to think I need to lock up."

11. Who has overall responsibility of the books of the dead and where they are buried?
12. Who else would have access to knowledge of who is buried where?
"There's no written record of the layout of the graveyard itself, and the church only takes names if the family requests a service of them."

13. When did the robberies happen?
14. What time at night exactly did they happen?
"Both robberies happened exactly 2 weeks ago. And it musta happened some time after midnight, because I always make my last rounds just before then and there wasn't anyone missing then."

15. What was the weather like on those nights?
16. Was there any trace left like footsteps, tools, blood, anything?
"The night was clear and nothing got left behind. I didn't notice anything that got left behind, either."

17. Have you ever seen robberies occur before, when, who?
18. How many people would you gage did the digging and breaking of the caskets, and what gives you the idea on the number of people?
19. Who do you think would do this sort of thing?
"Corvis may be rough around the edges, but there's no reasoning behind anyone wanting to do this in my head. I have no idea how many there woulda been, but even one makes me sick to my stomach to think what those bodies are being used for."

20. Do you know who did this?
[i]His eyes seem a bit dull from his "spiced" tea, but this question makes him visibly nervous. He drops his voice and looks around his tiny house as if there could be someone hiding there, "There was a girl in the graveyard that night, just a little after sundown. I couldn't get close enough to see her face and she ran when I called out to her. Somethin' about her just..."

21. What sort of investigation has been done already? And by who?
"Sadly, you lot are the first ones to come asking after the missing bodies."

22. Is there any reason why you can think of these particular bodies being stolen?
"The plots aren't anything extravagant and neither were the two resting there."

23. Can you show us the grave sites once we finish our tea?
"I can, but there's not much to see at this point. I can't leave giant holes in the graveyard for weeks on end, you understand."

24. Do you know the families involved?
"Not personally, no. I think I may have heard something about them leaving Corvis after burying their dead. Can't remember for sure, it was about 10 years ago when it happened, but I've never seen them receiving visitors."

25. Who would you contact to find out more information about the robberies, and where are they?
"I've no idea who to ask about the robberies. I've heard rumors the others happened off of family plots, so you could always ask the family the plot belongs to."

12-08-2009, 09:35 AM
Kayle listens without comment, ignoring the offerings of the old man not out of any meanness but simple fear. The smells from the place were making the young elf queasy anyway.

"Sir, can you describe the young lady at all?" He asks, leaning forward and propping his elbows on his knees.

12-10-2009, 10:56 PM
Gum takes a long drink from his tea and winces as it burns it's way down his throat, "Don't matter what she looked like even if I could 'member. Some random girl gettin' spooked by bein' inna graveyard donna mean anythin'. I answered your questions and'll tell ya where the graves're at. Other than that, I think I've shared about as much 'ospitality as I can."

The old man gives you some quick muttered directions to where the graves are at and tells you that you can let yourselves out before leaving the room and closing the door behind him.

12-12-2009, 07:29 PM
"I..." Kayle's hand is up from the conversation and it slowly falls to his side. He looks over at his Dwarven companion and frowns. "I think I may have offended him. " He says, digging into his purse and setting a few coins on the table for the tea and information. "Thank you!" He calls loudly, before moving toward the door.

"To the graves?" The groaning of the Jack is heard outside as it shifts.

12-14-2009, 03:19 AM
Carlotta had been in Corvis since the day before and had heard of the grave robberies that had occurred. Questioning the people about what was being done revealed that nobody seemed to know what was being done, other than the watch asking questions. She resolved to ask the next morning about who she'd talk to about investigating the robberies.

After a few inquiries, she'd heard that Father Dumas had hired some caravan guards to check on the matter. Further questioning gave directions to the cathedral.

Carlotta walked into the solemn and somewhat intimidating edifice and asked to see Father Dumas about helping with the investigation. She soon found herself in his office and sat when offered, "Father, I've heard that you've hired some individuals to investigate the grave robberies and I'd like to offer my assistance."

(OOC: Carlotta is about 6'2" with light blue skin and reddish-brown head spikes and hazel eyes. She's currently wearing patched and worn long coat over leather armor. Going across her chest from left shoulder to right hip is a bandoleer with a pistol thrust between it and her armor. Around her waist is a belt with a simple buckle and a loop for a hatchet.)

Fly by Knight
12-14-2009, 04:11 PM
"Ya did nuttin ta be sorry for. He obviously has an issue wit da girl."

Ljusna looks back at the door and shakes his head. Then he looks at Kayle.

"Aye to da graves den".

12-18-2009, 02:13 AM
Back at the cathedral, Father Dumas thanks you for your assistance in the matter and fills you in with what he's already told Kayle and Ljusna, and describes the elf and dwarf to you so you can know who to look for. He hands you the same badge he gave them and directs you to the graveyard.

The odd duo are not hard to spot, especially with the 'jack lumbering along behind them. Some quick introductions are made by Ljusna and he suggests that everyone walk and talk as they head to investigate the graves that were robbed.

The two graves are placed next to each other and the gravestones read Moira Monsonata and Kell Sylva. The earth was obviously turned recently, but the graves were filled and everything was put back together by Gum. Any clues the grave robbers may have left is no longer here.

Fly by Knight
12-18-2009, 08:10 AM
Ljusna looks at his new companions a minute and them back at the graves. That is when he notices something, perhaps nothing of great importance, but something none the same.

"Aye, look at dat. Da two people who used to be buried here died within a week of each other almost 10 years ago. Well, it aint much, but its worth checking at da other sights"

Ljusna looks at commits to memory the dates that they died and the names of the deceased.

12-18-2009, 12:11 PM
"Hmm, did either of you ask how the women died? Given the close dates they might have been very sick or something." Carlotta led the way back to the gravekeeper's shack and knocked firmly on the door, hoping he knew the answer to her question.

12-18-2009, 01:51 PM
Kayle keeps his mouth shut, brooding over the loss of older companions and gaining new ones so fast. As he sulks to himself, he looks up and sees a man in well made armor looking at them very intently. More importantly Kayle sees his hand on the hilt of his overly large sword. His eyes narrow in anger and distrust of the man, his knuckles turning white as he grips his large polesword.

"Dwarf. Thing. Look." He nods to the man, unaware that his proclamations could have been offensive.

Fly by Knight
12-18-2009, 09:42 PM
Ljusna looks at Kayle and smiles, he smacks him lightly on the back, sending a small electrical surge through the elf, "Good lookin out...elf"

Ljusna looks at the man in armor and waves, smiles a slightly mad looking smile, and begins to aproach him, ensuring his badge is prominently displayed.

As he steps toward the man, Kayle and Carlotta feel the hair on their necks and arms stand up from static electricity as Ljusna begins to smile.

12-18-2009, 10:06 PM
Carlotta watched the dwarf walk over to the armored man and then looked at the elf with a raised eyebrow, "Is the electricity in the air a good thing or a bad thing?"

12-19-2009, 11:17 AM
The young elf rubs his back, glaring at the retreating figure. "Honestly....I don't know. IS electricity ever a good thing?"

12-19-2009, 01:22 PM
"Lightning can cause forest fires, which clears out dead trees and overgrown areas. Some trees only spread their seeds during fires. The open areas give new trees room to grow and the ashes provide nutrients." The trollkin looked at Kayle, "So, yes, electricity can be a good thing." Carlotta walked over to where Ljusna was talking to the man in armor.

(how tall is Kayle?)

12-22-2009, 12:03 PM
(Tall for an elf, but not really tall tall. Probably around 6ft. )

Kayle glowers at the Trollkin, his eyes sparkling, before casting his gaze to the Jack standing just behind him. Though the giant is supposed to be inanimate, he almost seems somewhat intelligent, in an odd sort of way. His head moves ever so slightly to look at Kayle, and a deep groaning sound is heard within his chest. Kayle shrugs, and grips his polesword even tighter, his mouth set. He follows after the Trollkin, after his Dwarven companion, to the man who was staring at them.

12-25-2009, 06:41 PM
The man in the armor turns towards Ljusna, sweeping his cloak behind him as he stands, "What is it that you want, dwarf?" While he is brief and terse, his tone is not rude or unfriendly.

His eyes move quickly from Ljusna over the rest of the party. He only takes a moment on each of you, sizing you up before moving on to the next. His gaze seems to linger the least on the 'jack. After his eyes come back to rest on Ljusna, while you do not see his stance change at all, you feel as though his hand is resting on the hilt of his sword just as a natural place to rest his hand rather than waiting to draw the sword from the scabbard.


12-25-2009, 07:11 PM
Despite the watch captain addressing the dwarf, Carlotta answered him, "We were hired by Father Dumas to investigate the grave robberies. Which actually raises some questions I had about the graves robbed, sir. Do you know why they died? Or somebody who might know?"

Fly by Knight
12-28-2009, 09:20 AM
Ljusna still smiling.

"Well sir, me name is Ljusna Ode, deez are me partners Kayle and Carlotta and, ya be lookin like some person of importance around deez parts. As my partner here said, we be on official business. Can we ask ya some questions? It will only take a minute of yer time hopefully."

01-04-2010, 03:33 PM
"I'm Watch Captain Julian Helstrom. I'll answer any questions that I can for you," he looks over Ljusna's shoulder up to Carlotta. "I can't answer your questions off the top of my head. If you give me the names and dates you're interested in, I'll look through the records later tonight and see if anything comes up."

01-04-2010, 04:35 PM
"Their names were Moira Monsonata and Kell Sylva, and they died about a week apart almost 10 years ago." the trollkin replied, "We were just about to check the other graves if you'd like to accompany us and get the names and dates, captain."

01-04-2010, 10:16 PM
Anyone paying any attention at all to the elf will hear grumbling as he crosses his arms, something to the sound of "great more of em." or "right now him: or something. He doesn't voice it out loud however, simply broods to himself. The Jack, ever expressive of his emotions, groans deep within its chest and seems to sway a moment.

Fly by Knight
01-05-2010, 10:07 AM
Ljusna looks at the Elf with a glance and then back to Helstrom.

"Me partner has a fine idea der Watch Cap'n Julian Helstrom. Maybe you'd like to visit the different sights wid us?"

01-05-2010, 10:12 AM
"I have my own duties to attend to. If the Watch had spare men to look into missing corpses, I assure you we would be. I'll look up the names and let you know if I find anything interesting. Good luck." A man of few words, the Watch Captain gives each of you a quick nod before turning around and walking away. He pauses for a moment and rests his hand on top of a gravestone that reads, "Marta Helstrom" before he starts to leave the graveyard.

01-05-2010, 10:51 AM
A look something akin to compassion crosses Kayle's face as he reads the headstone. A sigh escapes his lips, and he frowns. "Poor man. " He bows his head silently, offering a small prayer to the Gods for all of them. Abruptly he shifts back into his usual self.
"What are we to do now? Go check the other grave site?"

01-05-2010, 11:31 AM
Carlotta nods "Aye." She then walks on to the east boneyard, pausing at the entrance of the north graveyard for her companions.

01-08-2010, 09:02 PM
The eastern graveyard is a much less impressive sight from the northern one. After everyone has hiked about a mile from the eastern exit, you find a mucky, dreary sight. Headstones are in no particular order and fragments of bone crunch under your feet as you search through the boneyard for the two names.

After an hour of searching through broken and illegible headstones, you find two that read "Ham Hopless" and Senn Beckett". While no ones has fixed the empty graves, most of the dirt has fallen back in leaving them half-filled.

Cooperative Search check is needed for looking for clues at the sites. Cooperative check is made by choosing a leader and up to 5 helpers. Each helper that succeeds on a Search DC 15 check adds 1 to the result of the leader. Ljusna has the highest bonus on this skill, so he's the best choice for the leader position.

01-09-2010, 12:02 AM
Kayle looks at the mud and bone with some contempt, then turns to Ljusna. "We are really going to have to look through all of that...aren't we?"

Fly by Knight
01-10-2010, 08:31 PM
"Aye me tall partner, I'll be needin some help getting through this mess."

With that, Ljusna begins searching.

[ooc: you guys go ahead and roll then I will]

01-10-2010, 08:58 PM
With a scowl Kayle kneels and looks over the mud, dirt, and bones, then uses the tip of his sword to sift about.


01-10-2010, 10:07 PM
Carlotta poked through the dirt and bones surrounding the graves.


Fly by Knight
01-11-2010, 09:34 AM
[ooc: I know I have an investigate of 4 and an int of 14. What is my int bonus?]

Rolling search

Fly by Knight rolls some dice
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That didnt work, lets try it again.

]Fly by Knight rolls some dice

01-11-2010, 10:08 PM
Ljusna takes a look down into the hole, "So, which one of us is jumpin' down into the hole, here?"

Kayle motions to Feyr, and the steamjack kneels down and scoops massive handfuls of the dirt and drops them at the dwarf's feet. Too much time has passed and the rain has ruined any chance of telling how the graves were dug up, but Carlotta digs something out of the debris as Feyr brings two huge fistfuls of dirt from the other grave as well.

"What do you make of this? Wood from the casket maybe, but it looks shattered."

"Aye, that it does," Ljusna takes a closer looks at it. "Frozen first to make the breakin' easier. I'd say it was a good chance that it was frozen with magic."

"Yep. I'd agree with that, I would."

All three companions jump as the turn to the man that had been looking at the piece of wood with them. His clothes are in complete disrepair and you could count his teeth on one hand. He tries to push his wispy hair out of his eyes, but it only keeps them clear for a second before it falls back in.

"Sorry, I forget my place sometime," the man looks over Kayle's shoulder at nothing in particular and wanders off.

Fly by Knight
01-12-2010, 08:06 AM
Ljusna smiles as he sees possibly another lead of information.

"Oye, good man, thank ye for da input. You are not out of place wid us. Can we talk with you at bit?"

(If he stops and allows us to talk with him then:)

"Me name is Ljusna Ode, and dese are my partners Kayle and Carlotta. We have been commissioned by Father Dumas for an investigation. Can we ask you some questions? It wont take long."

01-12-2010, 10:06 AM
(OOC: Do the grave markers have a date on them?)

01-12-2010, 10:57 AM
"Eggers cannot talk to you. There's no time. Eggers has important jobs, important things to get done. No time for distractions."

The man continues to wander it what seems to be a random direction, but he's not wandering in any sort of hurry.

01-12-2010, 11:16 AM
Carlotta watches the man leave, "What a strange little man." She then shakes her head and turns back to her companions, "Despite the lack of dates on the markers, I think its reasonable to assume these two died around the same time as the ones in the northern boneyard. The question of how and why they died can best be answered by the Watch Captain. Do you think we should go find him?"

01-12-2010, 12:28 PM
Kayle watches the man totter a bit, thinking. Feyr rubs his hands together with the sound of metal grinding against metal, and dirt cascades around the group. "Yea..."He says, but the elf doesn't seem to be listening to a word anyone is saying.

"I think one of us should go and talk to the crazy human. Or...at least follow him. Seems to me a man like himself would know a thing or two. Why don't you two go talk to the captain, and Feyr and I'll go talk to smelly. Meet at the church in a couple of hours?"

01-12-2010, 01:01 PM
Carlotta nods distractedly as she strokes her chin, "Or should we go investigate the other graves that were robbed?"

01-12-2010, 02:33 PM
Kayle, his head turned so that the other two can't see, rolls his eyes in boredom. "Yes I supposed that dirt needs to be sifted through as well. I can just follow the crazy man next time. " He turns back, and his face looks glum. "Do you understand how boring this is? Looking at dirt and dead people all day? You are either forced to find humor, or drink yourself into a stupor!" He complains to noone in particular, looking positively animated in his frustration.

"Lets just get it done."

01-12-2010, 02:46 PM
Carlotta crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow at the petulant elf, "Do you have any other suggestions on finding out who the grave robber is?"

01-12-2010, 02:49 PM
He shrugs and looks to the side, his face indignant.

"Could just start asking people. Hey you rob the graves? Did you? How about you?" He says, pointing in random directions. "Cus that's about all we're getting here. For the record, these bones haven't told me anything. Neither have the earth worms, or the crazy guy. But at least he spoke!"

01-12-2010, 02:57 PM
"Aye, he spoke, but I think you missed the part about him being a wee bit on the crazy side. If you want to talk to him and try to sort through any of his crazy talk, go ahead. I'm going to check out the other graves and try to talk to the people that live there." Carlotta strode towards the other graves robbed closest to the eastern boneyard.

Fly by Knight
01-13-2010, 08:19 AM
Ljusna slaps his hands together to allow the dust to clear off of them, then rubs them together.

"Heh, heh, Oye pretty boy, gettin dirty ta get the job done aint boring, its necessary. Now no matter how crazy some one may look, iffin they saw something, we wouldnt know unless we asked. Right?

It would be best if we focused our selves and not run off in different directions. I will finish sifting through this dirt and site, Kayle, why dont you talk to da man over there and Carlotta dont be so much of a hurry ta be runnin off. Look at da other sites but I dunna recommend talkin to family members till we get more information from da pretty boy with all of that armor we saw earlier.

Dese two caskets were actually smashed open after magic froze them to a brittle state." Ljusna looks to see the two's expressions. "Dat means we are dealing with a spell caster, maybe a Channeller. How many of dem are here in town or close by? eh? Also we had a young girl who was lurking in da other bone yard on da night of graves being robbed. Lastly we got the proximity of time when those two died in dat bone yard.

My opinion here is not to wander around but follow da clues my tall friends. We go see Mister Fancy Pants and ask em about da proximity of death of dese two people, and dose other people in this bone yard. Also we ask him about da spell caster, because da spell caster is our only sure evidence...right?"

Ljusna looks at the two warriors for a moment and begins puting dirt and headstones back together. The sheer disrespect for the dead that is shown here in this town makes him ill, it is all he can do to not start yelling at his partners. Who he knows did not grow up in the same culture as him, and does not expect them to understand.

01-13-2010, 11:16 AM
With a look of utter boredom, Kayle begins setting the grave sites right beside his shorter companion. It is not hard to tell the mask of boredom is actually just that, a mask put up to hide deeper feelings and thoughts. Though the concept of burying bodies and revering them seems foriegn to him, the art of venerating those that had passed was not, and so Kayle quietly went about helping Ljusna before standing and looking around for the older man.

01-13-2010, 09:58 PM
Carlotta sighs and gazes out over the depressing landscape, "Something else about this boneyard seems odd. Aside from the frost-shattered coffin." She picks up a piece of bone, "The average grave is buried at six feet, and even the poorest person gets a body in a burlap sack. Which begs the question, why are all these bones scattered on the ground?"

Fly by Knight
01-14-2010, 08:07 AM
Ljusna stops and stands up smiling broadly at Carlotta.

He points at her with his short thick finger.

"Now that, my beautiful detective, is a wonderful question! Store that so we can ask Fancy Pants."

He then looks about at the general disrepair of the this grave yard. Under his breath he breathes "No respect, its sad."

01-15-2010, 02:27 AM
Ljusna and Carlotta go to fixing the gravesites while Kayle maneuvers his way through the boneyard to talk to Eggers. Since the man doesn't seem to have any sort of destination in mind, it doesn't take long to catch up to him.

"Ah yes, they always want to talk to Eggers, don't they? Too bad he's too busy for you, isn't it? Surely it is, then. Oi! That's too bad for you now, yes?"

He gives you a large grin that with most people would also be a toothy grin.

01-15-2010, 08:32 AM
"That is too bad, being as busy as you are. Too busy to take a few moments with me and have a drink, just relax. But alas, your busy schedule keeps you from even the most basic of relaxing moments, wouldn't you say? Sad too, for Iwas going to pay for everything. Drink, meal. "

01-15-2010, 01:23 PM
Carlotta nods at Ljusna's comment, "Aye, 'tis sad, but this is the poorer of the two boneyards. And the poor folk rarely get as much respect, especially the dead." She watches Kayle talk to Egger for a moment, "Don't the rhulfolk have poor people?"

Fly by Knight
01-15-2010, 02:06 PM
Ljusna stops, and looks up at her. Till she stops and looks at him.

"Carlotta my deary, coin be not the reason fer mistreatment. It is da culture. Dis is the reflection of how much importance dey put upon ancestry and what ancestry means to the people" Ljusna leans forward and touches Carlotta on the chest, then on his own. "Here in da heart."

"Poor people are everywhere, it takes a change in culture and attitude not purse to revere your family's family. Many people revere da memory of someone, but go to da trouble of burying the dead, den never give respects after. Dose people are only fooling demselves. Dey revere what dey want to remember but not da memorial of da fallen."

"Enough, I'm no preacher. It just means a lot ta me. Lets finish an be on our way."

01-22-2010, 12:05 AM
The crazy man's eyes light up and his grin grows, "Eggers is never too busy for his friends, though. Come on, I know just the place to be for the finest food in all of Cygnar."

For all of his hunched walk and ragged clothing, he does seem rather spry now that the topic of food has been brought up. You hike back towards town and stop in at the first inn inside the gate. Feyr takes a peek in through the doorway but the innkeeper gives Kayle a very emphatic "no way" look. Eggers orders himself, "the biggest bowl of your finest stew!" and claps excitedly when it arrives.

He hurriedly starts talking while shoving the stew into his mouth, "Eggers saw the graves you was lookin' at. You're not the first to be peeking around there, no you're not. She didn't know I was there, but I was. Dress was white as snow, hair as dark as the night. Eggers swears he saw her that night those peoples went missing. Wasn't no one else in the boneyard that time of night. Never is, that's why it's so quiet and Eggers can sort out his thoughts."

01-22-2010, 11:44 PM
Kayle watches him with mild disgust, trying not to give him too much attention. When he started talking though, the Elf's ears perked up and he leaned forward, listening intently. "Have you seen her before? Is she from around here? Which way did she go?" He fired off quickly, his foot tapping his impatience.

01-29-2010, 01:29 AM
Eggers continues to tear off pieces of the crusty bread and munch on it while he talks to you, not all of it staying in his mouth, "She's not one of Eggers friends if that's what you mean. Never seen her before, ain't seen her since. She left the boneyard headin' west, so I figure she was heading back to town."

Fly by Knight
02-04-2010, 08:27 AM
"Well with him talking to da old man, les go see Mr. Fancypants. Maybe he can give some answers."

(OOC: Trying to resurrect this thread again, Dar and I have agreed to do this OOC)

02-04-2010, 09:48 AM
Carlotta nodded, "I vote we get food first and then go see him."

Fly by Knight
02-04-2010, 01:21 PM
"Aye good idea"

02-14-2010, 04:57 PM
Kayle rolls his eyes at the information. This wasn't going anywhere. A girl with black hair and a white dress. "Well, you enjoy that." The elf says, rising. "I am going back to my companions. Have a good night." He moves to leave the tavern and inform the other two what he had learned, or what he hadn't.

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