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09-06-2009, 03:14 AM
Welcome to the campaign, folks. Couple of things to get us started so that we're all on the same page.

A quick example of how to make a post look.

This is what my character is doing, "And then this what he (or she) says."

Here's an OOC statement that I want the gamemaster to see. I created this statement with the [ quote=ooc ] tags (without spaces).

Any time you want a private correspondence with me, obviously a PM is the way to go. I would also appreciate that any IC interactions that you want to pass between each others via PM, you attach me as a BCC. Also, obviously keep me informed of any OOC interactions between you and other players that might effect party dynamics and/or relationships.

I will post on Sundays and Thursdays according to what you guys have put up. If for whatever reason you cannot get a full post up or not sure what you are going to do, please try to contact me with what you are thinking are what you would like to do even if you cannot get it into a post.

My first and foremost concern is making sure that the players (that's you!) are having fun. However, in the few PbP that I've participated in, the speed and pacing and consistency (and sometimes, lack thereof) are what make or break it. With this in mind, if I haven't seen a post from you in between Sunday and Thursday or Thursday and Sunday, I will take temporary GM control of your character to keep the game going.

So let's get the posting started and see what horrificly awesome trouble you can start up, shall we?