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08-31-2009, 03:04 PM
Novice DM looking for a good grp of local players who will be willing to help design their play experience so we can all have fun. I am interested in playing D&D 4th edition, and maintaining a good flow of gameplay. Ideally I would like to meet on Sunday mornings and game until the afternoon or later depending on how the group feels. After everyone meets in a public place a few times we can move the game to my backyard where their is plenty of room to set up and make noise.. ( I just have to make sure we eliminate all axe murderers from the group first). I can pick players up if they live nearby but that would all have to be arranged after we meet.
I would like to come up with a game with players that enjoy some hack and slash, roleplay, and puzzles and would like to stay away from arguers, troublemakers, and people who generally enjoy to interrupt the flow of game for nonsense.
I would also like to incorporate the player bakgrounds into the game when possible...so world ideas, and cultures are welcome. Overall else I want players who genuinely want to play the game to have fun. If this sounds like somthing you would be interested in please send me a message at dominiclapaz@yahoo.com and hopefully we can start gaming soon.

12-15-2010, 12:51 PM

I saw you are planning to run a game near me and might be interested, yet i have a few questions?

Are your planning on gaming every sunday, once or twice a month? how early sunday morning, 9ish? How big of a group are you planning to have, and of what age groups?

I've been playing DnD for many years, have knowledge on all the current and past rules sets and I'm willing to play any role needed to keep a balanced party. I'm 32, living in Fleetwood.

Please let me know if have or know of an opening. Thanks