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08-26-2009, 01:15 PM
You approach the nearby chambers that you know to be used by the Duergar Thane. Though they have dwelt within the stead for generations, many still avoided them and a certain amount of segregation was always present. Some distrusted them and whispered dark rumors of worshiping the lost brother, though you had never heard of any being found. Many spoke of their enslavement in the bowels of the world and what changes it wrought in them. Whatever had befallen them must have been monumental for upon their return they appeared different and could not pass amongst their kin as opne of them. You had gathered that the Adbarans thought it odd that they lived amongst the Uerythtarans as they had never reconciled with them and it appeared that this stead was unique in that regard.

The room you sought loomed before you, a stout oaken door barring entry. None stood outside and it appeared often unused. Few sought out the Duergar thane and he had little alliance amongst the other thanes for the others feared being too closely allied for fear of placing their own clans in jeopardy becuase of a percieved alliance.

You reach out and knock upon the door, the sound reverberating within the cold stone hallway. It is unanswered and after some time you conclude that no one is inside.

You are aware that Osk Verbain was also the High Old One of Dumathoin and perhaps in his temple might be the one you seek. It was located just outside of the duergar clans hold and was infrequently visited as they also served as the undertakers amongst the stead. You had only been a few times, but knew its location.

08-28-2009, 11:44 AM
Ertryd makes her way out of the duergar clan hold to the temple. She feels slightly silly for not having thought about where Osk may be at this time of day.

As she walks, she thinks about what she will say. Ertryd feels confidant that she will have no problems with Osk as the king said that he was in favor of trading. Her spirits are lifted, though with an edge of nervousness, as she realizes that her mission is ever-nearing. She just as quickly subdues the nervousness as she feels that one undertaking a mission for the greater good should display courage and resolve.

She relaxes a little, but does not lose her seriousness as she comes to the temple.

08-28-2009, 12:48 PM
You traverse through the poverty and filth that mark the Duergar clanholds attracting many eyes and curious whispers. It would appear that your noble countenance has certainly not gone unnoticed. No one speaks to you directly, but their stares convey many things.

The temple of Dumathoin lay just beyond their clanhold and the temple stands open with no doors barring entry. It is said that it was held even during the Derro encursions by his devotees and that none of the tombs fell either. The temple differs heavily from some others you have visited. Its walls are uncut and rough and the large stone alter and benches all appear to be polished by the worshipers alone.

A few duergar glance up as you enter, their dark and gaunt appearance startling you. They wear simple mining leathers and are covered in dust and rack from a long days toil in the mines.

One dwarf in a simple gray cloak immediately approaches you and you are surprised to see that it is a sheild dwarf and not one of the myriad of duergar that inundate this place. He nods in respect and whispers quietly, "Might I assist you my lady?"

08-31-2009, 11:52 AM
As Ertryd traverses the duegar settlement, she feels a confused sense of pity and something bordering on disgust. The total lack of dignity in the living conditions of the duegar is a tragedy in her mind.

Ertryd finds the settlement and the temple unsettling in the low light. She gathers her thoughts, however, realizing that this is an important visit that she must carry through.

On the approach and query of the shield dwarf, she says in an even voice, "I have important business to discuss with Thane Osk. Might you be able to tell me where I can find him?"

08-31-2009, 10:06 PM
He nods, "Yes of course, I shall tell him that you are here." He immediately starts toward the rear of the cavern and its small caverns that branch deeper. A few of the other monastic looking Duergar look at you with some curiosity, but say nothing aloud.

While you are waiting you see a small handful of parishioners walk up to a small box that lies near the large stone alter. They all word prayers and deposit something within its opening, though you can never see exactly what it is. The priests themselves seem to speak with a few, though their conversations seem to focus entirely upon identifying minerals and rocks, giving advice on vein reading, and a few hushed topics that are nearly impossible to overhear.

The shield dwarf you had spoken with emerges from a darkened tunnel and motions you to come forward. As you approach he whispers, "He shall see you at once and if I may add, your presence here is a breath of fresh air. I have heard of the blood that runs in your veins. I look forward to hearing you some day," as he turns quickly to lead her toward the dark and forbidding tunnel.

The tunnel is small, much smaller then anything you imagine Balabault would stay in. Dumathoin was the patron of your race, but discounting miners and a few muttered prayers rarely ever came into most dwarven minds.

09-01-2009, 07:52 PM
She smiles and thanks him as he shows her down the cavern.

As she watches the parishioners depositing things in the box, Ertryd is curious. She tries to see better what is happening, but the ways of the clergy of Dumathoin are mysterious to her.

Ertryd feels more comfortable, as well as feeling a hint of pride, at the words of the other dwarf. She once again feels reassured and confident in her mission.

As she stops in the small tunnel, she is composed and ready to speak freely with the Thane. She waits patiently for his arrival.

09-01-2009, 08:22 PM
He leads you into a small room that is nothing like what you would expect a High Old One to work out of. Osk Verbain stands in the rear speaking with a shield dwarf. The dwarf wears a suit of scale mail that is entirely composed of beaten gold coins and he wears a sword upon his hip. They both glance up when you enter, walking forward to greet you as the one whom showed you in departs.

"Greetings, I am Orin Garrick, The Merchant of the Gods, Forged in Vergadain's Gold, Member of the Clan Golden Beard, savior of Verdamier, and the Coin of Uerythtar. I have not had the pleasure of your name," as he extends a hand charmingly.

Osk simply looks on with a slight grin, wondering what your reaction just might be.

09-03-2009, 08:59 PM
A startled look flashes across Ertryd’s face. She is momentarily left speechless by the presence of the High Priest of Vergadain. Then she remembers that he has asked her name and she comes to her senses. Taking a moment to regain her composure, she replies, “I am Ertryd Uerthshield, Grandaul of Thralsia, Blood of Kanik.” She takes his hand and grips it firmly as she speaks.

She considers the meaning of Garrick’s presence, and decides to forge boldly ahead. “Thane Osk, I have business with you involving trade with the humans and elves of the area. I was told to seek you out for assistance. With respect, I believe this is a matter that would interest the High Priest Garrick as well. What is your say in the matter?”

She bows once to each dwarf, and then waits to hear their thoughts.

09-04-2009, 08:19 AM
He slyly looks at Osk with a mischievous grin on his face, "I wondered about the odd request for a visit. I honestly think you keep secrets just for your own amusement," in a jovial tone.

"Well," he begins as he meticulously brushes his finely cropped beard, "I of course support trade. I did get word that Beldas encountered a bit of a snag at court this evening. I'll assume you both were there, so I assume I am also the only one here that does not know all the dirty details. From the clandestine manner of this meeting I'm guessing that this is against the council, so I can not openly support anyone that might seek to take it upon themselves to forge ahead. I can say that I have a young priest in my temple that yearns to see the world and would look upon a simple outing as a challenge indeed. Barur Erizak, brother of Yurdin would be an asset indeed and he also has some knowledge should you happen across a market somewhere."

Osk Verbain betrays no emotion whatsoever, his face a blank state. "How were I to know that a chanter might visit the temple of Dumathoin to seek wisdom in the mysteries of our kind? I only invited you over for a simple meeting, it does seem fortuitous though..." as he looks you over with an inquisitive eye.

09-08-2009, 09:36 AM
Ertryd explained the circumstances to the Priest of Vergadain, “Yes, I was at court, but it wasn’t until after that I made clear my intentions. I did make it clear during the council that I supported trade, but I hold very little sway, and the court ruled against trade.” She sighed at the reminder of the frustrating events.

“I would gratefully accept your offer of a travelling companion, as King Beldas has told me that I should travel with company because the way may be dangerous. Whatever help you may give me is much appreciated.” She bows to each priest.

09-16-2009, 07:59 PM
A noise alerts you to another whom has entered the chamber, a cloaked duergar female whom you have never seen. She appears startled by your presence as well as the respected priest of Vergadain. She starts back out as if in apology for the interruption when Osk speaks, "Dolastyr, come in," motioning her back in.

"I have been awaiting you," he says as she nods humbly to the collected group of nobles. "Now where is this dwarf?" as he glances behind her. "He will need to be here as well," as she immediately turns back toward the tunnel.

"I shall fetch him swiftly Old One," as she disappears into the tunnel.

Orin simply shakes his head and mutters something under his beard about "too many secrets.." though most is muffled well.
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She comes back after some short time, during which Orin gives Osk some speculative looks.

At her entry she is followed by a male dwarf, but his appearance is hindered by her shadow and the dimly lit chamber. She clears her throat, "I am Dolastr Vyrn Garnet keeper of the shield and it is my honor to introduce Ferrous Goldvein, Son of Sactum and the blood of Sact as you have requested Beljuril," as she stands aside for the dwarf to enter....

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09-16-2009, 10:00 PM
Ferous approaches the chamber following Dolastyr. His armor is uncomfortable and his shield is heavy suddenly.

He follows her lead as they aproach the three individuals in the room, and he quickly looks at each of them before settling his gaze on the Thane.

He hears her talking, but just the melodies come through, he begins to look about the room. The room is much less ornate than he would have imagined. The sheer age of this place gives an air that he has yet to experience, only the gate has given him a feeling as close.

Her words end and there is silence.....

Ferous bows steps forward and bows again and feels as though he is all alone on an island, and must yell to get his words out loud enough for those in this room to hear him.

Clearing his throat.."Ahem, my lord, thank you for seeing me. My name is Ferous....Dolastyr is responsible for saving....um..." The words he had practiced were not coming out, they stayed in his throat, as if they werent his. He was outside himself now, completely frustrated.

Ferous stands, looking at the room, and then back at the Thane in front of him..."Me lord, I have come here to help, I have come to split skulls for you...if you will have me."

Once Ferous finishes, there is silence...only the squeaking of his leather armor is audible as he shifts his weight.

Has he made a terrible error?

09-17-2009, 07:49 PM
Osk Verbain watches your stance and demeanor closely, his face a blank slate. He simply looks to Dolastyr and you notice a slight nod from her before he walks forward.

"I believe you are quite something more then a simple butcher, Son of Sactum. Your family is held in high regard amongst those of my own blood and I have summoned you for a favor. I have spoken with your great thane and he has given his blessing in fulfilling the role that our secret lord has bestowed upon you. You are certainly free to accept or agree, but rememeber never injure your pride by substituting your axe for a smith's hammer. You have been chosen for far more then the steel you carry," as he strokes his beard before you.

It seems the Old One of Dumathoin's words have a profound impact upon the preist of Vergadain as well. Appraising you with a keen eye, he glances a look at Ertryd, "I must say that this innocent meeting gets more intrigueing, would'nt you say my dear? It seems you've attracted the eye of the gods."

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09-17-2009, 10:30 PM
Ferous listens closely to Osk. As the Thane finishes, he pauses and takes a breath. The feelings of frustration have faded and he once again feels himself.

“My Lord, in the tunnels I walked for days, for many without food or water. I walked aimlessly, happy to be in a place as ancient as it was. Even as I was nearing the desperate depths of hunger and thirst, my spirits were up. When I did meet Dolastyr Vyrn Garnet, she made me believe from the beginning that I was meant to be in those tunnels and that I was here for more than the coincidental cave in of an old tunnel.”

From that point she reflected so highly upon you my lord, that I could not wait to meet you, or find out why I was here. I told myself that I would pay you back for saving me, volunteering to take a position in your guard. All along, I denied myself the truth that she spoke to me, and the honor that she showed me.

So Great Thane, I have arrived agreeing to your favor without knowing it, assuming its weight without knowing its nature, and awaiting its trials without caring how difficult they might seem. I volunteer my axe, my hammer, and my pick, as all of these make up who I am, and where I come from. You speak of my father, his father, and the blood that flows through my veins, and while you don’t know me personally, I feel you know more about me than I do. Perhaps some day, I will know my history, as it has been with held from me to this point.

Ferous pauses, takes a breath, and looks about him, this time with clear eyes.

“I would consider it an honor to help you in any way that my axe, my hammer, or my pick can.”

Ferous looks to Dolastyr and smiles, then slowly bows his head facing the Thane.

09-18-2009, 08:14 AM
Ertryd looks on the newcomers thoughtfully, but remains quiet. She is glad at the thought of having them as travelling companions, as they look competent and polite.

She smiles michievously back at Thane Osk as he makes the observation about the meeting, then waits for the appropriate moment to speak to Ferous and Dolastyr.

09-18-2009, 11:38 AM
Osk appears quite impressed by Ferrous' reply. He had wanted to meet him as soon as he had been found, but his many burdens had made it quite difficult. Balancing his priesthood and his thaneship had weighed down the usually spry duergar though he knew it would benefit his people to take on that mantle. Life was full of difficult choices and he had known them well before he accepted, such is the cost of success.

He turns back to the group at large and ushered the two forward to take part, "We were just discussing some delicate situations. I believe Ertryd Uerthshield, Grandaul of Thralsia, Blood of Kanik would be much better at explaining what is happening as I have little gift for the oratoracal skills," as he smiles warmly to her.

Dolastyr approaches, but keeps her head low. She had never seen such a beautiful dwarven maiden in the halls and truth be told was a bit intimidated by her.

Orin Garrick laughs a bit as he looks around for somewhere to sit, but finds none. "You are aware that chairs were invented Osk? Dugmaren does have his gains," in a chiding manner to the high priest of Dumathoin. "Yes, Yes, let us hear what you propose my dear. My ears to thirst to hear that honeyed voice again."

09-18-2009, 04:22 PM
Ertryd takes the compliment with a small smile as she straightens, then faces the two newcomers to tell of the events of the day.

"You may be aware that our people have been looking into a trading agreement with the humans and elves near the stead. This was brought to the coucil of Thanes today, where the majority voted to forego trade with the others. I believe that it would be disastrous to our people not to trade, as we have, of late, had shortages of food and other supplies." She pauses a moment to consider her words.

"I am not used to disobeying the Thanes, but after the council, I spoke with King Beldas. He was also in favor of trade, but could not directly go against the council. Thus, I volunteered to go initiate trade myself. He may not be tied directly to the mission, but our King wishes for it's success. He directed me to speak with Thane Osk, and the High Priest Orin Garrick was here when I arrived. The High Priest has offered to send a young priest with me. I suppose you would be that priest," she says, speaking to Dolastyr.

Turning to Ferous, she says "I certainly wouldn't turn down the offer of another travelling companion should the fates see you to join the trade mission as well. Quite honestly, if either of you has seen the outside world, I would be in your debt should you join me. I fear I have seen no more than the insides of tunnels and council chambers in my lifetime here in the stead." She gives an uncharacteristic display of wryness in the smile that follows.

The smile fades, as she returns to her usually serious demeanor, "There is one last thing, though it is something that you may have determined for yourselves. We must use discretion in our attempts to start trade, because we cannot allow our efforts to be wasted. I believe that I can trust the two of you, as the High Priest would want to send capable people for such a delicate trade operation." Ertryd looks at the two of them with quiet hope, as she listens to their reply.

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09-18-2009, 08:10 PM
Ferous listens to Osk and then looks to the fair noble woman.

As she begins to speak, Ferous feels himself smile. To Ferous, hearing her speak is like hearing a fine musical instrument. As Ferous finds himself exposed to those who are learned, he finds that their speech is very fine to listen to. Just as Dolastyr speaks in melodies, so does this noble woman. While in the tunnels and on the march, the language is technically the same, but it is short, gruff, and loud; not to mention full of the crude adjectives that only a soldier can so artfully put together in one sentence. He is coming to the realization that he must do his best to learn to speak as they do, or his help in this mission will be quite limited.

He thinks to himself that Ertyd Uerthshield, Grandaul of Thralsia, Blood of Kanik is quite a fancy name, she must be of high noble blood. He will have to think twice before he speaks to her.

She finishes her speech, and he continues to smile. She looks at him and then Dolastyr, then they both look at him. He then looks to Osk and then to Orinn Garrick, and they too are looking to him. He takes that as his queue, and takes a breath.

“My lady Ertyd Uerthshield, Grandaul of Thralsia, Blood of Kanik, as me’ lord has stated, both my Thane, Sven Shield Star The Robust, and himself are in favor of this mission and the politics it produces, and has asked me assist you. While I understand that the council of Thanes voted against such actions, it truly isn’t they that I serve, so my opinion and duties are crystal clear. I have been delivered here to help you by Clangeddin Silverbeard and the other Gods of the deep earth. I proudly take your mission and will give all that I can to make it a success.”
Ferous reaches in, grabs just the head of his axe and loudly thumps the inside of his shield three times, then bows to her ladyship.

As he bows, the thoughts are already entering his head. They are asking “what do you know of trade, and what do you know of politics?”
Ferous does his best to ignore them, hoping some one will speak soon.

09-18-2009, 09:00 PM
Dolastyr looks up with a slight smile, "I do indeed wish to accompany you on such an undertaking, but I fear that I am needed here. It would be an honor to assist you though." Her face displays the frustration of not experiencing such an undertaking. "I am needed within the mines, as well as my other duties. I serve my Clan and as such it would please me, I fear my duties are long and need attending," as her shoulders slump slightly at giving her the truth.

Osk interrupts her immediately, "You'll be going if your Thane commands it!"

At this her eyes light up and a wide grin crosses her face, "I won't let you down Beljuril. I will do whatever is needed and shall go forth in our lord's glory," as she looks to Ferrous and Ertryd. "That is if you will have me?"

Orin can feel the sense of purpose within the group, He had known Osk from a very early age when they themselves had some outlandish tales of their own. Osk himself senses the same in the group and he would never have denied even one of his most devout acolytes an opportunity to travel and grow. He can only begin to wonder if she is ready to face the cold world that awaits her on the surface. Here she is accepted, but there she will be reviled and spit upon. He can only hope it is her destiny and she will percervere.

Orin whispers slightly to his fellow High Priest, "If you would have but told me I would have brought my man as well," in a chiding manner. "What makes you think I had not thought of that already dear Brother? He should be along shortly. Now if you'd not chosen your temple to lie out in Illethkeep then he'd be here already," Osk sharply retorts.

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09-18-2009, 10:11 PM
Ferous looks at the two women, and formulates his next words.

"Me'lady, mum, I have never set foot outside the Stead, I look forward to this mission and to help you both serve your masters with the utmost honor and success. While I have no knowledge of the other races, or of commerce per say, I will study your technique, and learn to be of whatever service I can be."

"Today is a good day, a very good day."

09-18-2009, 11:07 PM
Ertryd looks Ferous in the eye as he addresses her. She sees an earnesty in him that makes her smile. The ceremonial show at the end of his speech makes her blush.

When Dolastyr speaks, Ertryd turns to her. She has a fallen look of acceptance on her face as Dolastyr says she is unable to go. Ertryd feels slightly deflated until Osk's outburst. She can barely contain laughter at the Thane's lighthearted admonishment.

At Ferous's latter address, Ertryd feels her resolve growing and her spirits soaring. Things are falling into place, and she will soon be on a grand quest. "Ferous Goldvein, you are a noble dwarf if ever I saw one. Our quest is bettered for your place in it. Dolastyr Vyrn Garnet, I am wholeheartedly glad that you may accompany us. A woman of faith, such as yourself, can help cement the success of the quest."

Ertryd is feeling more joy than she can remember since the day her grandmother began training her to sing.Tears of joy come to her eyes, though she swiftly blinks them away and hopes that no one noticed her uncharacteristically strong display of emotion.

09-19-2009, 06:10 PM
Dolastyr smiles at the dwarven noble as she speaks, as she begins to feel a bit more at ease. "It will certainly be an honor to accompany you both, I appreciate your confidence and I will not let either of you down."

A loud cry and muttered curse from the tunnel behind you all immediately grabs everyone's attention. Shortly after a very frantic young dwarf comes racing in with sweat dripping from his brow. He wears an embroidered tabard with white ermine trim and has a shortly cropped beard and mustache that appear meticulously manicured. A large golden coin dangles precariously from his neck and appears quite out of place. Almost immediately upon entry he realizes his company and bows, though when he does so he stays there for a second before placing his hands on his knees and breathing heavily.

"Glad you made it young Erizak, I was beginning to think you might have become lost," states his high priest in a mischievous grin.

"Made it... got the maps... requested... need to sit down....," coming out in wheezes.

"Of course Barur, please sit. We have something of a proposition for you after you have managed to find your breath," states Osk in a fatherly tone. He had certainly stated it was an urgent matter, but had not assumed he would nearly kill himself in getting here.

Dolastyr smiles at the younger dwarf, "Barur its been some years, but I remember you from our previous dealings. How finds your family these days? If my memory serves it was quite generous even then. Has Berronar seen fit to gift your mother with any more children?" in a friendly tone that suggests they were well enough acquainted.

He finally rises and although a bit red in the face, he smiles broadly "We are up to eight now. So two more since last we spoke, I wonder if my mother should lead the local clergy," with a jovial smile. He immediately realizes he wishes not to be considered rude and comes forward to the group. "Forgive my entrance, I am Barur Erizak Gilded Merchant and Alloyn of Vergadain and it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance," with a slight bow.

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09-20-2009, 11:19 AM
Ferous turns and smiles at Dolastyr, and then quickly turns toward the disturbance.

Bowing his head toward the chambers new comer, he looks about,then towards Ertryd, giving her defference to speak first.

09-20-2009, 11:22 AM
Coming from her previous state of joy, which made her somewhat oblivious to the events around her, the loud clatter in the hall nearly makes Ertryd jump.

After the initial shock, Ertryd is amused by the young priest's behavior. He is not what she would have expected, but she feels a hint of endearment growing. She wonders at how different her thoughts and behavior have been, just in this past day. She has always behaved very seriously, but she has found herself bordering on laughter or merriment several times in the past hour or so. Her smile is renewed again when the young priest speaks almost irreverently about his growing family.

She politely introduces herself to Barur, "I am Ertryd Uerthshield, Grandaul of Thralsia, Blood of Kanik. The pleasure of aquaintence is mine." She bows her head slightly.

Something subconscious suddenly catches her attention and Ertryd nearly jumps toward Barur. She takes a moment to regain composure, so she doesn't make a fool of herself. "Did you say you have maps?" she questions the young priest with an edge of excitement in her voice.

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09-20-2009, 12:16 PM
Ferous, hears Etryd's introduction, and subsequent question and pauses momentarily.

He thinks "Should I interupt her question?"

He decides it is not his place to interupt the noble woman and the priest..raises his head from the bow, and listens to their conversation, while further looking about the room and it's inhabitants.

09-20-2009, 01:33 PM
He smiles at her with a questioning look that suggests he doesn't fully understand their necessity, "Oh yes, just as the Old One of Dumathoin had requested. I gathered what I could from the different Adbarrans that had come here originally, they didn't really have any reason to keep them so they gave me them for nothing. I felt a bit bad, so I gave them some gold all the same," as he drew forth a collection of yellowed maps from his pack.

He then realized he had not spoken the ranking clergy and immediately nodded reverently to both Osk and Orin. "You said something of a proposition Revered one?"

Osk nodded and held his hands to his chin in calculation, "It appears there is need of someone well versed in trade and the languages of the realms. Your high priest has spoken of you quite highly. Do you believe you are up to the task? It shall be quite a journey and if there be any doubt I shall be forced to find another that might be better suited...." as if he were still unsure about his choice.

Barur stands proudly, "I shall not let you down great one, I have studied my entire life for the opportunity to go out into the world and use Vergadain's teachings. I know three tongues and can write them all, though I must confess that my elven is a bit shaky," with a slight laugh. "Now if I could find just one then I'm certain it would be mastered in a matter of days," with an air of confidence.

"Perhaps," replies Osk as though still contemplating. "What say you, Orik? Should we rely just on young Erizak here?"

Orin Garrick seems to join the charade and look upon his younger priest as if he were a horse buyer. "He is young and quite sure of himself, though this calls for a master trader with a shrewd mind and quick wits. Perhaps I should call upon my uncle, ha is a bit older..."

"I can, I promise. I won't let you down, I'll be the hardest bargainer you've ever seen," in a very animated tone.

"You had better, I would not expect any less! You will be accompanying this fine group here," as Orin indicates the three. "You will be representing Vergadain, the stead and your clan so I only am expecting your utmost best," in a hard strict manner.

Barur smiles proudly for his bargaining, "Thank you, you'll not be sorry," as he realizes he has yet to be introduced to the third companion. He extends his arm to the fellow, "I am Barur Erizak Gilded Merchant and Alloyn of Vergadai, that's some Axe, I bet you kill a giant with that," in a naive and wondrous tone to Ferrous.

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09-20-2009, 03:04 PM
Ferous steps forward, extending his forearm, and gripping the fellow's forearm in same, looking him in they eyes. Ferous is quite familiar with this form of greeting, and relaxes immediately with Barur.

"Well met Barur Erizak Gilded Merchant and Alloyn of Verdegai, I am Ferous Goldvein, Son of Sact, Blood of Sactum." It felt good to Ferous to use his "new" name. He felt proud to say it, and it showed through.

Ferous glances at his axe and back to Barur.

"I can only hope that it serves us well and it strikes true".

"It will serve us well to have an experienced merchant with us, your presence will be greatly appreciated."

09-20-2009, 04:56 PM
"I bet," as he speaks of his axe. It always seemed that even dwarves without axes had a certain fondness toward them. "Well, I wouldn't say experienced exactly," as he had never even left the stead itself," but I'll read enough to know what I'm doing," he finishes with a boyish grin. He was certainly the youngest in the group and his naivete seemed to be the most apparent. It would only be the test of the road and his mettle that would forge him into something greater and he knew it as well.

"Well it seems everyone has finally met," states Orin with a quick glance toward Osk. Somehow he doubted that just four young dwarves were all that would be sent through the Greypeaks. They were dangerous in the summer and outright insane to travel in winter.

The soft sounds of the acolyte coming from the tunnel alerted everyone to his presence far before he finally came into the chamber. He nodded apologetically as he moved forward and whispered into Osk's ear quietly.

"Yes, Yes, show them in please," as the young dwarf scurried from the chamber. He looked at everyone in explanation, "I have requested some mules to ease the trip and it appears Olorn has sent some men with a reply. I'll assume no one is opposed to mules?" with an inquisitive eye over the group for any dissenters.

"I don't mind at all, its about all we really get to do out in Illeth," says Barur with a gleam in his eye.

09-20-2009, 05:53 PM
Thoriken readily waves Asbjørn over when the acolyte reappears. They him follow down through the winding tunnels feeling more secure within them as time goes on.

As they enter the chamber Thoriken once again takes the lead in intro's. Thoriken bows respectfully to the Thane first, the higher ranking clergy and finally to the chantress, Asbjørn following suit. As he regains his feet "Wel met M'Lords, M'Lady, I am Thoriken Atticahammer, 'Avenger of Moradin', and this is Asbjørn Oathbreaker, muleskinner of the hold and me shieldmate. We were asked by the C'mander of the keep to pass ye this message" Thoriken moves forward to hand the message to the Thane, he then resumes his place beside Asbjørn.

09-21-2009, 11:55 AM
Osk seems to smile at your introductions, while Orin seems quite surprised when Avenger of Moradin is mentioned in your name. He does recover quickly, and all bow their heads to you in acknowledgment.

Osk looks over the note you had given him and smiles, "Well, it certainly appears that Olorn has not lost his sense of delegating duties," with slight amusement. "Neither of you seem to belong to the army, if my suspicions are correct. I know of the Ghosts in the halls, though only in passing. Might I be so brazen to ask what you think concerning your high priest Balabault and his reverent duties in preserving our traditions?" in a reletive manner that did not imply any ulterior motives. He had some suspicions about their order, but he wanted some confirmation before he continued.

Asbjørn simply awaited his freind behind him, not wanting to offend any of these nobles. He looked a bit suspicious of the gray dwarves in their midst, he had little dealings with them and had heard a few very scandalous rumors. He doubted they were true, but he had often found that watching silently told him much about their character.

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09-21-2009, 12:24 PM
Watching the others enter this antichamber, Ferous thinks of the long days that will follow. Outwardly, he has a slight smile on his face, but he has drifted to his inner mind, thinking of the trials to come and those who would survive such an ordeal.

While he is not a very educated dwarf, he does know that travel outside of the Stead is very dangerous, and has heard stories of the brutality of the other races. He looks to the beautiful ladies who he will accompany and the priest, and feelings of doubt begin to rush over him. He has a strong feeling that Dolastyr can protect her self, but he knows nothing of the other two.

Perhaps more fighters will be recruited, it would be best.

Ferous begins to think of home, it would be good to see the family before setting out on such a journey. It has been 3 years...

It would be good.

09-21-2009, 01:48 PM
"Aye Sire ye may ask," Thoriken pauses for a minute keeping eye contact with the Revered One, "but I can not answer for that order, as I have been called to the Order of Moradins Avengers. As for our traditions, my high Priest Torel Deldar last o Da Clan Swifthammer trains us to protect and avenge the fallen of Hold Uerythtar within the Underdark." Thoriken then smiles ruefully, "If it had not been for me misfortune of finding one of the giant kind sufferin in a chasm I would still be in the lower outer reaches of the Hold huntin fer drow raiders."

09-21-2009, 03:44 PM
Osk nods at the response, hoping for something a bit more substantial. He had precious few dealings with Torel Deldar and knew even less. The fact that they were dissociative implied a possible distinction, but could simply be another ruse by the aged Balabault. He would certainly like to have a member of Moradin's faithful accompanying this party to diffuse any retalliation from the xenophobic Balabault, but he dared not give him warning.

"So you know of the upper realms? We were just discussing a dangerous trek through the peaks and could certainly use someone knowledgable of the area. It is very important to the stead at large," skating the line of truth carefully. "This group will face many challenges that will test their mettle and their skills. Would either of you be up to such a task?" trying to draw upon their natural instinct of a challenge.

"Perhaps he is simply more suited to dealing with threats from below," adds Orin. "I can see the fire in his eyes even though I myself have never heard of your order," as he had never truly known another order that served the all father even existed within the stead. Occasionally Osk could be quite secretive with what information he had access to and it was always something he secretly envied.

Asbjørn, whom had been quiet intil, loomed forward. "I could be leadin 'em to wherever it is they needed goin," in a rough voice. "I ain't got nuthin I ain't earn'd wit blud, sweat an tears. Me name ain't fer naught and ya won't be makin no mates wit me in most quarters, but if ya be needin me I'll go," in a steadfast voice filled with determination. "Yer choice is yer own me shieldmate, but I cin hear da voice's callin me 'ere and I bin drownin em fer far too long," to Thoriken in explanation.

09-21-2009, 04:15 PM
"Nay Sire, the only time I been to the upper realms was the last couple of days. Moradin sent me to ya for a reason so I am willin ta help as I can, I hava few scoutin skeels. Is they any drow there, I eve kilt a few of dose." Turning to Orin, "Me order is a small one, only those chosen by Mighty Moradin are allowed, but ye may hav herd o da 'Ghost Warriors' we aar one and the same. Yea, we are trained to battle in the underdark, but I kin handle the world above and seein as me shieldmate is willin, I am willin."

09-21-2009, 04:22 PM
At the mention of Moradin's name, Ertryd feels some nervousness. She momentarily wonders if Balabault has caught on to the plan. He is not a stupid dwarf, and she made her opinion on trade very clear. She also didn't hide her meeting with Beldas after the council all that well. The gruff, confrontational air about the newcomer does nothing to ease her fears.

She puts on a carefully practiced, calm facade to avoid alerting Thoriken to her feelings of anxiety. She does begin to wonder if Balabault actually has anything to do with him, though, as he explains that he is part of a small order. It may be that he simply ended up here by a turn of fate. She decides to simply let the Thanes keep talking to him until it is necessary for her to speak.

09-21-2009, 05:17 PM
"You are humble and an honor to the All-Father, Thoriken. After your success your name will echo through the halls of your deeds. You are all stepping into legend," as he takes in the entire group. "You are forging a new chapter in Uerythtar and for our home. I shall let you speak amongst yourselves as I confer with my revered brother of Vergadain," as he moves nearer to Orin.

"I'm not certain of any Drow on the surface, but I have heard many other tales good Thoriken. I'm almost certain you'll find something worthy of your skills," as Orin too walks to Osk. Almost as if remembering something he turns, "There's always giants and trolls," with a wink and grin.

Asbjørn seems to look about uncomfortably at his fellows and just keep quiet lest he seem a fool and anyone ask of his namesake.

Dolastyr smiles to Ferrous and Ertryd, before nodding to the two newer members of their band. "I am Dolastyr Vyrn Garnet, Keeper of the shield and it will be a pleasure to have you as companions," trying to avoid anything that might offend these two before she actually knows them.

"Aye, ya knows me name but yer welcome ta calls me Bjorn. It ain't real proper an' all, but heh," as Asbjørn lightens up at her freindliness.

"Yeah, I'm Barur Erizak Gilded Merchant and Alloyn of Vergadain. Wow I can't wait to get going, can you imagine it all, Wow," in a youthful tone filled with awe. In the span of a few minutes his entire life has finally started rolling and he can not wait for where it will take him. "I can't wait to see the look on Yurdin's face," as he imagines his brother's reaction.

09-21-2009, 09:49 PM
I am Ertryd Uerthshield, Grandaul of Thralsia, Blood of Kanik." She relaxes by inches as her brain starts to kick in and realize that Thoriken likely has nothing to do with Balabault. He seems the honest type, and he has been straightforward to this point.

"I would be glad to have you as travelling companions. We could use strong warriors like you, as the road will likely be dangerous." She breaks a smile at Thoriken and Asbjørn.

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09-22-2009, 01:03 AM
Ferous is visibly relieved upon their agreement.

He steps forward clasping the new companions by the forearm, pausing at each to look them in the eyes.

"Well met, I am Ferous Goldvein, Son of Sact, Blood of Sactum, I am happy to be your shield mate."

He steps back, looking to each then to his other new companions, happily taking in the crew that he will be spending much time with.

09-22-2009, 04:57 AM
Thoriken looks around at room, sizing up the others, he had heard of the Lady Chantress, of course most of the hold had heard of her. The other, no clue tho he clasped arms with him.

"Aye tis good to meet ye's," grining mischeivesouly "thar be any tankards round dat need mpt'd? Me and me sheildmate hav got a thirst bilt up, eh, Asbjørn? I didin know skinnin mules was so much work meself, nasty tempr'd beasts"

09-22-2009, 02:27 PM
Asbjørn nods to Thoriken at the mention of something to quench his thirst. If he was going to be headed anywhere shortly it would soon be in short supply. "Aye, mite be me last bit fer a good while. I'll be assumin we's headed out somtime shortly den?" as if he assumed the rest knew.

"When are we going?" asks Barur looking back to Orin. They had finished with whatever business they had and were awaiting the finish of introductions before continuing.

"I think that as shortly as possible, perhaps tomorrow. We would not do well to wait any further. Winter comes quickly to the peaks and travel may only be attempted in summer. The season is right, but be certain not to dawdle too long, lest you find the route impassable," says Orin in warning.

"Yes, I agree with Orin. I know it is somewhat short notice, but go home this evening and say your good byes to your loved ones. I will leave it to your discretion about what you say concerning your destination. Gather what you will need and meet me in our stead in the morning, I shall do what I can to equip you as well," states Osk. "I hope to avoid any problems by leaving, but there is no alternative to Illethkeep. We must pray that you are unnoticed..." in a grave tone.

Asbjørn looks a bit sheepish with his face downturned, "I knows a few ways, but they's real secrit. I could get us outta here and no'oned know differn't. I'd be blijed ta blindfold ya, us skinner's ain't got much and we's sore 'bout givin em up."

Osk looks at him with eyes that seem ready to burst, he had never even considered that they rarely left out of Illethkeep. So many in the stead just assumed them idiots and simpletons that no one had ever considered they could have kept such knowledge. "That shall be perfect then and do not worry yourself, none here will divulge your guild's lore lest they face my wrath," as he glanced about the party with a stern look. He knew what risk he had faced by even reveiling such a thing and was touched that he would offer it. He had known what had befell him so long ago and his appearance here had been quite a shock, perhaps he was ready to face his past and what skeletons lay there.

09-22-2009, 06:50 PM
At Osk's words, Ertryd begins to think of home and how much she missed even her absence from it of the afternoon.

As she hears Asbjørn offer a discreet route out of the stead, she perks up. She was beginning to wonder if the large group of travellers would be able to leave the stead without drawing attention.

The end of the meeting seemed to be drawing near. Tomorrow I will leave the stead that I have never once set foot out of. The thought is heavy in her mind. So is the feeling that she will miss her home once she is on the road. Adventure calls to her at the same time, however, and she is jittery with anticipation for the adventure to come.

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09-22-2009, 07:45 PM
Ferous listens to the Thane and looks about. As the meeting winds to a close, and they are dismissed, Ferous gives a final bow to Osk, then his companions.

"Till the morrow my friends".

"Thank you me'lord, I look forward to seeing you real soon"

Ferous gives a final bow, and heads straight for his home.

09-23-2009, 02:16 PM
'Thinking that there is something amiss in the air, I need to think this thru there is something going on that I can't put my finger on' "Asbjørn, mate I need ta do sum thinkin, go on an have couple tankards, I'll meet ye in da mornin at stables to help with da stinkin mules"
"Aye Thoriken, I kin do dat, everting a'right?" Asbjørn replies.
"Nothin I can kin figger wrong, I am going to go down in da lower tunnels and jest find a place ta think is all, ye enjoy and sneak a tankard for me as well"
Thoriken moves out the door after Asbjørn, gliding almost slightly on the cobble stoned thruway. After about an hour he finds a quiet hidden alcove and takes a seat. He ponders the events past, present and future for several hours, coming to the conclusion that he is doing the will of Moradin, he makes the return trip following the ringing of a hammer to the stables. Soon as he arrives and sets up a little pile straw he lays down to await Asbjørns arrival.

09-24-2009, 06:22 PM
His companion arrives after what seems a bit, appearing somewhat shaken. He slumps down upon the straw and says little, but you do not detect the smell of spirits on him. His face is one of determination, it would appear that something had changed his demeanor since his departure and whatever it was certainly had an effect.

He lays down on the straw as he himself thinks over the events that were unfolding and how a clanless dwarf had secured a role in them.