View Full Version : PDX 4th ed DnD group looking for 1-2 new players

08-25-2009, 11:50 AM
Greetings All,

Our group is currently looking to add one or two new players for our 4th ed game.

Basic Info:

Where: We meet in an office space meeting room only about a mile or two from Guardian Games just off of MLK. Centrally located in PDX.
When: from 10am-3pm every other Sunday, but occasionally, when that lands on a holiday or several people are out of town we might double up. Basically we get together twice a month.

About the groupís game style: weíre all 20s-30s, non-smokers, easy going, respectful and friendly. Weíve all only been playing 4th ed for about 6 months, so, from time to time thereís still a little bit of learning curve involved. Weíre not power gamers merely focused on acquiring copious amounts of loot, XP and leveling ever higher and higher. So, if thatís your style this game wouldnít be a good fit. Roughly weíre about 40% combat to 60% role. If our game were a smoothie it would be a good, even balance of the following ingredients: plot and storyline development, puzzles/mysteries to be solved, skill challenges and a campaign/adventure where we all play a part in shaping its direction and outcome. But we still love a good bit of fierce and gritty combat. Add all those things, hit blend, serve, and thatís the flavor of our game.

The party is currently third level, set in a slightly flexible Forgotten Realms setting. The adventure we just started last week is set more specifically in Evereska, under the ever encroaching and ambitious shadow of the Netheril Empire. It would be ideal if the new player or players would dig playing a defender, as the party is currently without one but this isnít a requirement. Itís also not required that you be the least bit familiar with Forgotten Realms and itís fine if youíre new to 4ed, since weíve all been new to the system at some point, right? Since DnD and RPGs are a social events, however, itís more important that we all get along and generally dig spending time with each other, after all, we are giving up a nifty little chunk of our weekend to do something we love, right? The game is all about maximizing our fun and enjoyment. Weíre a diverse group, male and female players, and welcoming. So, if after reading this youíre
interested, drop me a line and tell me about yourself. Feel free to ask questions.

michaelcgrahamorama (at) gmail.com