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08-22-2009, 12:56 AM
Okay all, this is a new random stranger posting about his game. I am looking for people who can cart themselves to Cumberland to play D&D with a few friends and get along. I have proven to players before I don't take crap, and bad decisions may even have consequences on other as well as ones self.

Beyond this I am looking to do my job as the DM and make the game fun for as many players as I can, you cant please everyone, but you can sure as hell try. Now we try to provide food for everyone involved and hope to get as many long term players as we can. Right now the group is Me (DM), My Wife (Elf Archer style Fighter), My best friend (Elf Psion/Warlock/Time Mage), My Blind Friend (Gnome Spellthief, yes he is blind IRL), and another friend (Dwarf Fighter Tank). We are playing a character/player run game, which means I make the events but you make them happen. If you sit on your ass and twittle your thumbs, yay you are a right good twit (AKA Twittler), but if you try and do something then thats what you do.

My players are still getting use to the pace of the game, and Im still getting use to DMing a successful game, but we are going pretty well. If anyone is interested please PLEASE pm me, or stop by the adress listed as the game site.

Oh and that leads to one more point, the adress listed is not the actual play adress, but it is my adress. So if you stop by early on Saturday I should be there if not ask them to call "Dave" they will know who, and let them know you need to talk to me.

Important side note they will know who Emoria is if you just use that name