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08-21-2009, 07:17 AM
Check out the Chaos 6010 A.D. website and join up to play the Pray for Dawn module. A sci-fi/ post apocalyptic/ horror adventure intended for mature gamers. We have been using text based chat thus far, with usually 50% roleplaying and 50% combat. Harsh language, drug use, explicit violence, all the good stuff!

You can make a character through this link. Make it from scratch with some free chapters from the rulebook. As well, you can choose a premade http://chaos6010.com/download.htm There are currently 3 players for the Saturday night campaign that starts at 10PM U.S. EST. Beginners and low level are welcome. Go to the forum area and locate the Chaos 6010 A.D. Online forum.

11-05-2009, 06:44 AM
Coming soon in PDF format. The Pray for Dawn module takes place on Earth, 6010 A.D. You are forced to survive through a nightmare of horrors that do not end until they find you and feast upon your soul. For mature players only.

This module is unique and takes place in a dark future setting where there are no set paths. Every decision could be your last, every street tells a different tale, and every house is filled with a new wretched insanity.

A new character creator program is now available to help you make your character. In the downloads area of the site. http://chaos6010.com/download.htm (http://chaos6010.com/download.htm) Join the VTT competitions to win a Chaos 6010 A.D. rulebook.

Thanks, Rogue
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