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08-20-2009, 09:34 AM
The candle's story as relayed by Gringa Thistlehair, the devout voice of Yondalla:

One day one of the Avowed brought an ancient barely legible manuscript to the First Reader. The manuscript was in such poor shape that it was taken deep within the catacombs of the library, where it could be alchemically treated to repair what damage time and moisture had caused. However, time turned out not so easily undone. Large portions of the manuscript disintegrated. The Keeper of the Tomes himself decided to scribe what was left of the text using the softest light I could muster as his only source of light.
It wasn’t long before the ancient script seemed familiar to me. Why it seemed familiar I could not readily recall. For a long while the familiarity haunted me. It wasn’t until much later when a patron used me whilst researching the history of a race called the “Yuan-ti” and the fall of one their first southern empires – Serpentes, that I remembered where I had seen the script before. The script was in a group of scrolls that had been quilled by a scribe of some long since dead empire of yuan-ti. An empire it seems that at the time of the scrolls creation had recently broken the shackles of their creator; a creator that the yuan-ti worshipped as a God. This script it seems was not the written tongue of the yuan-ti but it was in-fact the language of their ancient god. And when the yaun-ti broke from their creator, they also broke from its ways. This language was set aside and never used after a period.
Using the group of scrolls as a guide and bit of the arts, The First Reader and I began to decipher the meaning of the ancient manuscript. It was a long and tedious process but none-the-less it was a labor of love. Think of it, we were reading a manuscript written well before the time of man and possibly even elfkind. Written in a tongue that has not been read or spoken since the days that a god walked Toril; a god possibly native to Toril—maybe even the first god. Our excitement was eventually replaced with foreboding for the manuscript was written in the verse of a foretelling by an oracle. A foretelling that indicated this ancient god was all together malicious and evil. It wrote of a time when the empires were fractured and lost. A time when a great albino from a broken house, a house that brought its enemies from another realm, would trap a god in an eternal slumber and trick all of it’s followers down the path of treachery. It also wrote of a childlike race soon to be born that would provide the necessary characteristics to complete that which was given free will and created best of all. It continued to say that the way to the key race would lie through the belly of the world serpent. The manuscript then went into great prose on the enslavement of the key race and the eventual whole sale slaughter of the race through a death tailored to it’s kind.
Very ominous indeed, but it seemed out of context with the present. The prophecy was just the last echo of a time that should remain forgotten. Well you have to be careful with those things that lie in obscurity; it has a tendency of striking your backside from the shadows when least expected. It was learned from a traveling merchant from whom provisions are purchased regularly, that we should not expect to be getting anymore apples or hard cider from Lurien. The western approaches to the region have been closed due to the loss of entire Hin patrols and any Hin caravan. What ever happened to the patrols and the caravans nothing was left behind but memories of the fallen. It was then that a thought came to me. If a death were to be tailored for a specific race then experiments would have to be conducted on a large number of the victim race. I knew at once that what I had read was coming to pass just as the ancient oracle had foretold.

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