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08-20-2009, 08:38 AM
The Designated Location, Night City's newest locale for potential punks looking to make a name for themselves. Contracts are lined up through the bartender, Twidget, and partners can be arranged, or found on the spot. Check the Bulletin Board for current contacts for said jobs, or just sit down, have a drink, and boast about how hardcore you are, chombatta. somebody's gotta buy it sometime.

Tired of livin in a coffin, eatin kibble, scroungin ammo?
Ready to get your name out there, be one of the stars of the trade?
Got a trauma team account?
then The Designated Location is definitely the place for you.


Mechanics/crunch info:

Looking for between 4-8 players to go ahead with this, already got 1.

Chatter will be used for the actual missions, while PbP is where your character interactions durring your downtime are handled.

anyways, PM me, or alternately my email addresses are:
Marshamsane@hotmail.com (Marshamsane@hotmail.com)
adam.groff@cvn74.navy.mil (adam.groff@cvn74.navy.mil)
feel free to contact me for more info.

Some character building details:

character Build pts for abilities: 70

for skills: 40Career +1d10+ref+int for pickup skills

Personal Fluff changes:
I like to change the south american conflicts with middle eastern ones, same generic events unfold, nukings, quagmire wars, rocks fall, etc.

other than that there a few minor ones, but I just wanted to throw that out there.

08-27-2009, 08:54 PM
I am in =] I'll get a concept together asap

08-29-2009, 09:10 PM
Im in too!

08-29-2009, 09:40 PM
I'm in,

09-13-2009, 06:26 PM
Name: Dane "swig" Clearwater

Age: 41


gray/white hair

total full-body sp:31 (in assault)
sp: 23 (in fighting clothing)
Head: 36 (in assault)
head: 29 (in all else, w/out helmet)

Special +2(+8)
Handgun +5 (+2) (+4)
brawling +1
First aid +1
Swiming +3
Basic tech +1
Watercraft +2

AIT skills:
Teacher +5
Leadership +5(+1)(+2)(+2)
Weapon smith +5
Motorcycle +5

Pickup skills: 20+7-4=23

awareness/notice 8+teacher=10
Martial arts:gun fu (2 sensei)+8=10
fencing 5
Rifle 7

Int 10
Reflex 15
Body 12
cool 10(8)
Emp 10
Attr 10
Tech 10
MA 25
Luck 10

Year 2- non-com
Year 4(SF)- passed
Year 6- Officer 1
year 8
year 10- Oficer 2
year 12
year 14- Officer 3
year 16
year 18- officer 4
year 20
year 22- officer 5
year 24
year 25- left military

total earned durring career:
2 years-250/month (6000)
4years-400/month (19200)
4 years-1500/month (72000)
4years-2000/month (96000)
4years-4000/month (192000)
4years-5000/month (240000)
3years-7500/month (270000)
total: 895200eb (keep 8%= 71616)+75000
(total monies available: 146616eb)

Lifepath rolls, need 25 of them

1- big wins:Find sensei
2- happy love affair
3- childhood enemy-turned him down for joining squad
I hate them. murderous rampage if I see him, he could throw a corp against me
6- Big wins: Heroism, pass rank test automaticall and +800eb
8- Disaster: Lover killed
10- Big win: find teacher (int skill)
11- Big win: Heroism +400eb
12- enemy: squad sgt, caused me to loose face, I hate him, avoid him, can only throw self at me
13- Friend, met through common interest
15- friend, old lover
16- Disaster: mental problems, -1 cool
17- romance
18- Enemy: CO, deserted or betrayed, I hate them, murderous rage, can only muster self.
19- Disaster: former CO, discharged, killed brother
20- Disaster: false accusations, black marketeering
22- financial loss, 200eb
23- friend, met through common interest
24- Big win: Royal heart flush! +1000eb
25- Enemy, old friend from sgt days, didn't like eachother, they hate me, murderous rage, can throw small gang/squad at me

Genimi mk VII borg body.

Total cost: 87500


tanaka exec gear: 3650eb (SP 16)
Shirt: 200
vest: 500
Tie: 100
cologne: 150
armored top coat: 2000
Pants: 700
Total: 3650

Custom Bermuda: 3200eb

Assault armor sp28 =3000 (w/ radio, gasmask, low-light, anti-dazzle, thermograph, target scope)
+2 EV

Custom Nomad .44: 975 {compensator, ET, SL, stock,
custom grip}

Custom Nomad .44: 975 {compensator, ET, SL, stock,
custom grip}

1200 rounds of DP ammo.= 1006eb

moderate zone house: 300/month
Untilties: 100/month
generic prepak: 150/week, 8 weeks.=1200

Pulse Rifle: 3500eb

Cost of gear: 13906 eb.
Remaining cash: 40000

09-24-2009, 01:15 PM
Id love to join.

09-25-2009, 01:02 PM
Join either, joing both. we're cool with it all, just pop up a char and post it here. I'm Refereeing next on tuesday, at 9pm PST