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08-19-2009, 05:41 AM
Who we are: we are a group (of currently fluctuating size) looking to re-establish a core group of role-players who meet weekly (barring unforeseen circumstances) on Saturdays from noon to whenever-the-heck-we-want to play.

What we play: We're starting a Pathfinder campaign

Who we hope you are: Someone who can commit to a weekly game and at least communicate with us when you can't make it. Our games are a mix of hack-n-slash and role playing, and we may veer off topic a little at times, but our ultimate goal is to have fun while taking part in an unfolding story. If you are new to the game, don't worry. We have no problem teaching.

About Me
I have been DM'ing since the D&D basic set, and have played and run all versions since. I have also run Hackmaster (4e and basic), Warhammer Fantasy, Castles & Crusades and play Warhammer Fantasy and 40K along with a long list of other games

Please email me at czahnzinger@comcast.net (czahnzinger@comcast.net) if you have any interest and wish to learn more.



08-26-2009, 03:00 PM
Still looking for players? If so I'd love to play.


08-27-2009, 09:30 AM
Still looking for players? If so I'd love to play.


Hi Mike,
Thanks for the interest! I think we can squeeze in one more player, but we seem to have a few interested parties. So the spot is yours as long as you can answer the following questions for me.
1. Are you allergic to cats?
2. Are you able to commit to a weekly game played Saturdays at noon (usually for at least 8 hours, sometimes more?) – There are times when we don’t play (when other commitments come up – and sometimes during King Richard’s Faire season; and we understand others’ obligations – we just would like as much notice as possible and, as long as you’re having fun, making the game the thing you’d like to do on Saturdays.
Please let me know as soon as you can!
(I emailed you as well)