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08-18-2009, 09:44 AM
Grunère is as far as the road and river can take you as you make your way into the mountains towards La Maisontaal. The river is not navigable above Grunère as it narrows considerably, and becomes a rushing mountain torrent.

The path is a rough track out of Grunère, and per the locals, it will take you about twelve hours on horseback or twenty hours on foot to make the 40 miles to La Maisontaal. The locals also inform you that there is a small shrine to Taal about halfway to La Maisontaal where about a dozen travellers could take shelter.

You pause to take in the companions you've acquired, mostly since Parravon, all responding to the call for surveyors from Jean-Louis Dintrans at the Monastery of La Maisontaal.