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08-17-2009, 01:39 PM
Tired of constant hack and slash with no plot? Tried 4th edition DND and quickly realized the game gets old after 2 games playing a character? Looking for adventures that you remember while sitting at work the next day staring at a computer screen? Then maybe this is the right place to look.

Our group has tried DND 4th and although the system is okay we just weren't happy with the focus on combat and 0 roleplay. We then tried World of Darkness and loved it but still wanted to play fantasy but could only find a few user resources on changes to make it fantasy.

Then we read up on Warhammer Fantasy...and were shocked. What we thought was just a combat game was a world filled with intrigue, politics, adventure and great threats. Players are able to customize their characters in multiple ways to become either a master in what they do or a jack of many trades (yet still useful!).

We are currently seeking 1-2 players who either have exposure to the system or can actually roleplay (I'm not talking about filling out a history and just saying "yea I'm from there and did this"...someone who can actually talk through a scene even if it's detrimental to the character and not just ignore it). Don't worry this is not going to be a drama like in high school were all you do is yak yak yak...it'll have combat but we would like even the combat to be roleplay (aka interesting no just "I rolled a 9 so the monster takes 12 dmg").

We will mostly be running the game through PDF (very little expense on your end) since 3rd edition Warhammer Fantasy will be out this fall. This will give us the time to know each other and have some fun then start a solid campaign upon the new release.

If this sounds appealing please post or reply and I'll get in touch promptly.

08-18-2009, 03:10 PM
Howdy. I'm interested in this campaign. It's been a few years since my last Warhammer FRP game, but that one was very much fun. :) I still have some old books and have always thought the game to be well-written, with an intriguing and exiting atmosphere, mood, and tone. And I like more roleplay than combat, but every now and then, I do find myself wanting to kill something (or run away from something unkillable). :)

I live in Dallas, right off 635 and Skillman/Audelia, quite close to southwestern Garland. I figure I'm about 12 miles from your play location. You play on every other Friday, right? I'm checking to make sure I am good for those Friday evenings. What do you think?

08-25-2009, 04:17 PM
Hi ... anyone out there? :)