View Full Version : Shadowdale, Scouring of the land module

08-16-2009, 11:17 AM
Campaign Physical location: Monroeville
Special Location: Boyce campus
Campaign Name: (If applicable) Shadowdale the scouring of the land premade
Currently seeking Players: Yes
How many players are you seeking right now?: 4
How many players are you seeking in the near future (like say 1 month?): 4
Are you seeking standby / Alternate players? Possibly
Do you wish to meet with players first? Or should they just show up? Meetup first
If so, where? Boyce
Is this a long-running campaign, mini-campaign or one shot?: progresses from lvl 8 to 13
Pre Generated PCs available? No
Rules as Written, Homebrewed rules / Variants, or Fast & loose: As written for the most part
What Levels of characters, or character skills (Veteran, rookie, etc) intermediate to veteran
What Experience level of the players are you seeking: I've only DM'd a couple games and its been a while at that so I'd prefer people that I didnt have to explain everytihng to, at least until I'm a proficient DM
Way to Contact the DM: rock_steady1111@hotmail.com
If Online, What type of gaming medium: N/A
Do you have a place to run it as DM? I def have a location
How often you can post (if PbP): Weekly
Times/Days available to run the campaign: Tenative but for right now, any day but Monday
Type of campaign it is: Its the FR "Shadowdale, the scouring of the land" premade campaign
If D&D, High or low magic: moderate
If D&D, High or low treasure: moderate to high
Additional Campaign Info that DM deems important: I'd prefer players who havent already played through this campaign but are familiar with the FR setting.
Types of characters you'd like to have: Anything from the PHB plus limited templates/prestige classes
PVP allowed?: No
Info about you: I'm really looking for intermediate players who already know to play but can still have fun with a less experienced DM running the campaign. I have a good amount of experience but chose to run a premade to get back into the swing of things. I have hopes if the group goes well that we can continue the campaign after the main story is finished. Shoot me an email and let me know about yourself, i.e. experience, availability, playstyle, and most importantly personality.

I'd like to have our first meeting within 1-2 weeks to iron out characters, backstory, etc. and start a week after that.

Look forward to hearing from everyone!