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08-13-2009, 01:15 PM
"Nebrexus stepped into the throne room, without a single person noticing. He strode up to the king unopposed. Nebrexus pulled out his dagger, and stabbed him in the heart. Even as the king toppled to the ground, Nebrexus was gone, unseen, unheard, unknown."
Knights of Kalria takes place in my world of Dalcross. It is an ever expanding realm that has been added to by myself, players in my campaigns at home, and many other places. Events and adventures in this realm are as unlimited as those on Terry Pratchett's Discworld.

Knights of Kalria has practically no set rules. It doesn't use a game system, no dice, no pencils or paper. The player is you and the GM is your imagination. The game is entirely role-playing. Find the most creative ways of killing the troll blocking the bridge, say the most clever thing you can think of to stump the guard while you sneak into the castle.

Post here if you want to join. Describe your character, then we can get straight into the game!

Nebrexus stands 5'11". His hair is brown, but so dark it is nearly black. There is a streak of white hair down the left side. The right of his face bears a scar spanning from his jowl to his brow. Nebrexus's eyes are a dark violet shade, suggesting a magical nature. His black robes and are tattered and worn. A careful hand has sewn together arrow holes and sword cuts on his cloak. A dagger's hilt protrudes from his boot. Stuck haphazardly in his belt is a simple wand. Or simple at first sight. The runes incscribed all across its surface dance under the eye of the beholder, as if unwilling to be read. And finally, around the hooded figure's neck, is a necklace with a small demonic skull hanging on it.
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