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08-13-2009, 09:26 AM
Thinking about running a game, but I need some input from potential players.

Where? NightCity, LA MetroPlex, Crystal Palace?

The when I have down. yall got plenty of time to kill before shit starts nhitting fans.

and Players? I'm looking for between 4-8 players. Hoping for mostly solos, and hopefully no netrunners. I haven't had much experience running the virtual side, but if someone wants to try and is willing to work with me, then so be it.

anyways, PM me, or alternately my email addresses are:

feel free to contact me for more info.
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Some details:

character Build pts for abilities: 75

for skills: 40+1d10+ref+int

Starting eurobucks? based off you special ability score. (ie combat sense, authority, etc)

Inquisitor Tremayne
08-14-2009, 08:53 AM
Don't forget to also post this in the Campaign Invitations forum.

08-28-2009, 09:47 AM
Handle: Kylar Blint
Age 20
Role: Nomad (Scout)
Ip: +2 (first aid)
Humanity: 98

Int: 8
Ref: 10
Tech: 4
Cool: 8
Attr: 8
Luck: 6
MA: 10
Body: 9
Emp: 10

BTM: -3

Awareness/notice: +5
Endurance: +5
Melee: +3
Rifle: +9
Basic Tech: +6
Wilderness Survival: +5
Brawling: +7
Athletics: +8
Family: +8
Human Perception: +3
Intimidate: +3
Resist Torture: +2
Dodge: +3
Handgun: +4
Motorcycle: +4
First Aid: +5
Stealth :+1
Weaponsmith: +2

Nanosurgeons (2 humanity)

Kylar was born in a small town out in the middle of nowhere. His family traveled a lot, and were protective almost to the point of being a gang. His family originates from native american tribes who intigrated into regualr society late on, after having the reservations bought off by corperations.

Bought off isn't exactly the best way to put it. Kylars parents were killed in the 'negotiation for prices' and he grew up with extended family. The whole tribe wandered from that point on, sometimes joining other groups, sometimes fighting, doing odd jobs here and there.

Kylar is a strong young man. He grew up in a good family environment ( or as well as can be expected during these dark times.) He was welled loved and cared for, but even he had to learn to survive, just like everyone else. He is now a strong, able bodied young man. Very handsome, with shaggy brown black hair that is tinged with red. He usually wears what everyone in the group wears, a mismatch of simple, effective clothing that is so far out of the style that they are imediatly tagged as outsiders. Kylar usually wears earthen toned t-shirts, jeans, and his father's old jacket. IT is dakr brown, almost black, and well worn. Still, it's his 'lucky' jacket.

Kylar is a strong willed young man, though he is very often quiet, prefering to speak only when it will outwit or acomplish something. Listening is usually better anyway. Allows for more time to react. Most seem his as cold, or aloof, but he is actually very nice to those who he knows well, and likes. He is very loyal, but is also very proud, and doesn't take insults lightly. He values friendship and love above everything, even though he knows it just gets in the way most of the time. Kylar is usually found carrying his pistol in a holster on his leg, and his father's shotgun on a sling around his back. The shotgun was sawn off a long time ago, and has seen more action than anyone cares to admit. It has the word 'Retribution' carved into the barrel, and the words 'Vengence' and 'mercy' along either side of the grip. Kylar treasures this gun above everything else in the world, and always has it with him. Ammo is usually carried in bandaliers or belts around his waist and chest.

Love is a bind. Kylar found that out young. Love in this dark time is bound to get someone hurt. Kylar's love was a young girl named Elene. Kylar, then 19, was on a job with his family. The people he was working against took found out about Elene, and took her to ransom with. It got ugly. Elene was hurt, her face cut from her left cheek to just beside her lip. Thank goodness Kylar and his group did randsom her away, but there was hell to pay with their employer, and a lot of his friends died. Love is a tie. Kylar, doing what he could only think was right, left Elene. She wasn't stupid though. She knew why, and she still loves him, as he loves her.


Sternmeyer type 35 P 0WA J C 3D6 8shots 2ROF VR 50Ft 500$
Monoknife +1WA 2D6 200$
'Retribution' sawed off shotgun -2 wa. 4d6 close, 3d6 med, 2d6 long; 2 round cap, ROF 2, 40M, VR 150$
Father's Light armor jacket 14 Armor 150$
Motorcycle 1500$
Pants 3
Shirts 3
Techtool kit 100$
Rope 30ft 60$
Minicell 800$
Spray skin 50$
Medkit 50$
Pistol Holster 30$
Lightly armored jeans 14sp 100$
Pistol Ammo 50
Shotgun Ammo 80
Shoulder bag

Nanosurgeons 6000$

Life events:
Love interest. Ended. Still in love, both sides alive
Best friend killed by corp that killed his family.
Found a combat teacher
Hit it big (1000$) high paying job

08-29-2009, 09:56 PM
Handle Bug
Age 30
Role Techie

Int 10
Ref 10
Tech 10
cool 5
Attr 5
Luck 7
MA 8
Body 5
EMP 1 (Start 10/ HUm 100-86=14)
Run 24
Leap 6
Lift 200Kg
Carry 50Kg
BTM -2

Hit Locations SP
Torso 22
Right Arm 18
Left Arm 18
Right Leg 16
Left Leg 16


Jury Rig 10
Combat Sense 2

Awareness/Notice 2
Chemestry 3(Chip)
Hide/Evade 7
Shadow/Track 3(Chip)

Brawling 1
Hand Gun 6
Heavey Weapon 1
Martial Art(GunFu) 8
Motercycle 3(Chip)
Pilot (Vert Thrust) 1
Rifle 2

Aero Tech 2(Chip)
Basic Tech 5
Cyber Tech 3(chip)
Demolitions 4
Electronics 5
Electronic Sec 10
First Aid 1
Pick Lock 3
Weapon smith 5

Cyber ware

Neural Bridge
Vehicle link
Smartgun link
Machine link
Chipware sockets
Live wires

Cyber audio
Radio link
phone slice
bug detector
enhanced hearing range
Homing Tracer
Wide band Radio

Cyber arm right
Hydrolic Rams
Pembroke Tech Scanner
Micro Waldos
Tool hand R

Cyber arm Left
Hydrolic Rams
Micro Waldos
Tool hand L

Bug eye Right
1 Times Square Plus
2 --------------------
3 --------------------
4 Target scope
5 Anti Dazzel
6 Thermo graphic

Bug eye Left
1 Micro optics
2 Tele-optics
3 Anti Dazzel
4 Image Enhancment
5 UV
6 Infrared


VR Techie Chi +3 300
Navigation 250
Shape recognition (Weapons) 500
Tehcie AR +2 300
Military AR +2 300
Chemistry +3 450
Shadow/Tack +3 600
Cyber tech +3 900
Aero tech +2 500
drive motercycle +3 450


Smart chipped Mustang Arms 'Mark II' 850 +1 3d6
Smart chipped Mustang Arms 'Mark II' 850 +1 3d6
Smart chipped Militech Mk IV assault weapon 1600 +1 6d6-1

Hand gun ammo 50 rounds 18
API hand gun 50 rounds 72
DP hand gun 100 rounds 144
Rifle Ammo 100 rounds 40
DP Rifle 100 rounds 160
2 kg of C6 Plastic Explosives 200 eb 8d10 per Kg
4 FEN Dz 25 'Det Cards' 480 eb 1d10 dmg .25 m blast radius

Tool Kit by Buchsterhude (+1 repair) 1000 Eb
Surveillance Kit (Chrome 3 p18) 3500 Eb
Advanced alarm removal kit (+1 vs sec) 290 Eb
Card lock high level 400

Gibson Battle gear
Armored Acid Wash jeans (sP 16) 30 Eb
Shirt (Sp 1o) 10 Eb
Uniware Armored Trench coat (SP 18) 300 Eb
Metal Gear (sp 25) 600 Eb
Pistol Holsters (2) 40 Eb

1 room condo 2 months payed 400ed

Left over Money 126Eb

Charles Benjamin was born and raised int he combat zone. He was the second child of a single mother, and the only member of his family still alive. At the age of 17 he had a whirl wind love affair that ended when his lover was cut down in a fire fight between a pair of gangs. In his grief Charles joined the army. Charles spent the next ten years seeing the world, and helping to blow up small parts of it. He quickly rose to become a noncom, but never wanted more rank than that, and eventually found himself with the special forces using his specialties in Electronic security for the good of the country. In the military he made an enemy of a superior officer, not superior just higher ranking if you ask Bug, and friends with a black marketeer that had more than a little pull with the brass. After finally ending up forced out, Honorable discharge despite his enemy's work, he made friends with a high ranking member of the police force and has recently started looking for work again in Night City.

Bug, the street name does not often prepare people for the man if they have not been shown a picture. Bug like bulging cyber eyes, small chrome antennae, and obvious metal arms show that the man is not above self improvement through surgery. He wears a old well used fedora, high fashion white cotton shirts, acid washed blue jeans, and a a very well made trench coat.

17 Tragic love affair, killed in a fire fight.
18 Joined Army. found a teacher! +2 hide/evade
19 Big Problems, Big wins, Cyber winfall, 800 eb in Cybernetics
20 Made a friend, reconnected with childhood friend, Tested for rank. Made Non-com.
21 Made a Sensei, +1 Gunfu. Test Special forces, failed.
22 Made enemy, officer not my commander.
23 Injured lost 4 months of memory.
24 Betrayed by a close friend.
25 Found Combat teacher. +1 Gunsmith +1 (weapon) Tested for Special Forces, made it in.
26 Made a powerful connection, blackmarketeer/fixer!
27 Make It Big, +4oo eb, Tested for officer, failed.
28 Honerable discahrge
29 Friend on the police force.
30 Big Score on a job +1000Eb

08-29-2009, 10:24 PM
Real Name: Thomas Triton

Handle: Zinc

Role: Cop (CSWAT)

Sex: Male

Age: 23

Description: Thomas Stands at 6'8 Feet Tall, with Steel Grey hair and eyes, and a Face that would almost look happy, if not for the years of hard battle and sights that no man should see etched into his face, and instead just looks like a person too old to be 23, with an outlook on life that could be described as Pessimistic, if you wanted to severely underestimate. A cop who "Changes with the Times", 'Zinc' is jokingly referred to as being built 'Like a Carrot', with extremely broad shoulders and thick arms, in fact, one is half an inch thicker then the other, because it wasn't built to him. His Handle comes from his Hair, colored Silver from the day he was born, and the Silver Cybereyes he has. Thomas is a new breed of cop, ones who, in-order to mix it up with the best of the worst Solos and 'Borgs, max out their bodies with almost as much cyberware as them. These guys, the C-SWAT, are usually sent out in teams of 6-10, and deal with the 'Borgs and anything else that the regular forces can't handle. The job is dangerous, but the pay is good, however, when these cops end up with almost as much 'Ware as the average Solo, the extra money to keep it up has to come from somewhere, so they usually take to doing jobs. The Higher-Ups usually ignore it, a policy of "Don't tell us, and don't get arrested, and we don't know anything." keeps anyone from wondering too much about these guys. Their Weapons, despite the fact they look nothing like Standard issue, are most assuredly standard issue, as any Higher-Up and C-SWAT will tell you, and exactly the same as the ones any normal cop carries. Anyone who keeps asking usually has an unfortunate accident, a horrible mugging, or a "Rockerboy's Riot" ending up with what used to be their body a bloody pulp. Unlike most of his Buddies- not that there are actual buddies in the C-SWAT squads, just Future Targets-, Travis is more Human then Machine, mostly having only Eye and Ear Upgrades- though his Right Arm is a Cyberarm, a replacement for when he crossed blades with a Whacked-out 'Borg and came out the loser, and took the arm from the dead 'Borgs corpse for his own use, covering it in RealSkinn and trying his best to forget that the arm isn't real, though its hard to when he can lift several hundred pounds without effort- and has had to train extensively in-order to keep up with the others. For such a reason, He has trained almost constantly, and became not only one of the World's best Fencers, but also one of the World's Premier Marksmen.

Euro Dollars: 60

Weapons: IMI "Chainknife" [2d6+1, +20 to hit], Kendachi Mono-Two (Blue) [2d6 for Smaller Blade, 4d6 for larger Sword, +20 to Hit], Fabrica de Armes M-2012 (NATO Shot, Smartchiped) [6d6+2, +24 to Hit]

Body Armor: MetalGear (Pure Black, CSWAT Logo on the front and Back) [SP 25, Ref-2]

ETC. 500 Rounds of Dual Purpose Assault Rifile Ammo, 3 Room House in the Moderate Zone + Utilities, Small Subcompact (Cop Bonus)

Cyberware: NEURALWARE (PLG, WLNK), CYBEREYE (TS,IE,MV), CYBEREYE (TE, IR, TH, DC), CYBEREAR (AH, EH, VSA), CYBERARM(Left, MML, HRAM, REAL) Muscle and Bone Lace, Sandevistan Speedware, Biotechnica Reflex Booster, Dornier-Bauer Biotechnische Neural Bridge

INT: 8

REF: 10 (8)




LUCK: 10

MA: 7

RUN: 63 Feet in one Turn

Leap: 15.75 Feet

BODY: 10 (12)

Save Number: 10

BTM: -5

EMP: 7 (2)

Humanity: 14/70


Authority: 10

Awareness/Notice: 10

Interrogation: 9 (+2)

Streetwise: 5

Human Perception: 4 (+2)

Education: 2

Handgun: 0

Athletics: 0

Brawling: 0

Melee: 0


Fencing: 10

Rifle: 9

Driving: 8

Dress and Personal Style: Blue Jeans, Long and Straight, Earrings.

Ethnic Origins: European

Native Language: Swedish

Family: Born to a Combat Zone, he had to fight by the skin of his teeth to get anything. His Parents were dead not long after he could walk, and he spent his Childhood on the Streets, with no Adult Supervision. An Only Child, he developed a Shy Personality, valuing himself and Love more then anything else. He doesn't depend on anyone and finds them untrustworthy, but his most valued possession is a photo of his family. To get out of the streets, he enrolled in the Cops, and brings in the people he used to spend time with.

16: Caught a New Virus from an infected man he was bringing in. Medication had complications and caused him minor Nerve damage, slowing him down.

17: Got a Big break and took an easy job escorting a kid for a few weeks. Turns out her dad was a Corp Monkey, and he paid Travis a full 1,000 ED for protecting her.

18: Got close to a similarly aged officer in the force. The two ended up accidentally going on the same job together, and decided that, to protect each other's secret, they would call on the other for help when they needed it

19: Accused a Female Employee of being a Coward when she ran from her partner, letting him die. She hates him, but he doesn't hate her. She quit, and he would probably ignore her if he saw her, as she only has herself and a few friends to back up her Revenge

20: Accused of being a coward when he left a gun fight and let a Cyber'd up Psycho continue his killing spree. He cleared his name when it was revealed he had been KO'd after a Rocket blast

21: Got back stabbed by his Police Friend when they ended up on opposing jobs. He ratted Zinc out to the Station after failing to stop him and failing his job. Zinc is going to hunt him down and Make him pay

22: Made an Enemy of his Cousin, turned down his job offer for assassinating the rest of his family. Zinc hates his Cousin, but would rather avoid the scum then deal with him, unfortunately, his Cousin is the Co-Leader of a Gang, and can throw the forces at him.

23: Reconciled with his Cousin after a heartfelt talk. The two made up their differences, and he promised to try and keep his Cousin out of trouble if they would cut back on attacks a little. They agreed, and they now exist in a pseudo-symbiotic relationship.

08-30-2009, 07:28 PM
Handle: Emsynth [Syn] Blaze
Age: 21
Role: Solo
Style/ looks: Black biker leathers, wild red hair, fingerless black leather gloves, 5'8, eyes change colors dramatically
Personality: Stable and Serious
Person of Value: Self [then lover]
Value Most: Power
Valued Possession: Weapon
Thoughts on people: Obstacles to destroy if they cross me.

Life Paths:
I was imprisoned for 2 years at a young age... then, made a friend on the police force and later had a love affair that actually worked out, in fact-- we're still together and it is the cop I befriended while I was imprisoned. Due to the love affair, my ex-lover and I became enemies-- we both hate each other... I hate him for his selfish ways and he hates me for ending our relationship and for being with a cop. Do I want to kill him? Nah.... but everytime we meet, I let him know how I feel with my cutting words... he's all alone, no friends or corporation to back him up-- so what's he gonna' do, huh? Sometime after all this drama, I hit it big with a corporate executive... yeah, he will be doing me a favor later...
Int: 8
Ref: 9
Tech: 7
Cool: 10
Attr: 10
Luck: 10
MA: 8
Body: 8
Emp: 5

Awareness/ Notice 5 [+1]
Handgun 5
Martial Arts [capoeria] 6
Melee 3
Weapon Tech
Rifle 5
Athletics 3
Submachine gun 5
Stealth 8
combat sense 8
Endurance 5
Interrogation 5
Intimidate 5
Seduction 4

[I]14,000 [starting money]
Synth Skin-- 400$
Shift Tacts-- 20$
Finger Flesh mount-- 100$
Taser Grip-- 180$
Ultraviolet-- 200$
Sound Editing-- 150$
Spyke Body cover [chest-- +10sp/1D3+2]-- 500$
Spyke Body Cover [Legs-- +10sp/1D6+1]-- 600$
Scratchers [implant]-- 100$
Optisheilds w/ infrared-- 250$
[H] Autopistol-- Sternmeyer 35 [3D6- 11mm]-- 400$
[M] Submachine Gun-- Arsaka Minami 10 [2d6+3- 10mm]-- 500$
Rifle-- Militech Ronin Light Assault +1acc. [5D6]-- 450$
Sword-- 50$
Box of 50 Heavy pistol ammunition [10] --180$
Box of 100 Assault rifle ammunition [3] --120$
Box of Medium SMG ammunition [10] --150$
Heavy Leather [+4sp] --50$
Flash Paint-- 10$
Flash tape [4 ft]-- 40$
Rope [35 ft]-- 70$
Breathing mask-- 30$
pocket computer-- 100$
cellular phone-- 400$
service-- 100$/ month
First aid kit-- 10$
inflatable bed-- 25$
one room house [in moderate zone]-- 300$/mo
utilities-- 100$/mo
city car-- 2,000$
Remaining Funds: 6,815$
monthly costs:500$ [rent, utilities, cell service]

09-03-2009, 06:50 PM
I'm going to take my first chance DMing on a game, and as Marsh wants this to be a large group of players playing different characters and interacting with different people, He figured, this was a good place to put it.

Its a simple job, befitting a novice GM, with, hopefully, a 50/50 Combat/RP Mix. It shouldn't be too long, just enough for me to learn a little more about the ropes, maybe avoid strangling everyone with them.

Same rules apply for this as with Marsh's, and No Netrunners, please, they won't be necessary for the mission, and I'm not much about Cyberspace (Don't torture the Ref).

If you have a character In Marsh's, your free to join this with a new one, its a separate job going on at a similar time..

I'm planning on the game being on Saturday, but the time is open for just about any time, depending on the player's schedules. It will be in the Chatroom.

09-04-2009, 06:35 AM
Overused-- I luff ya' dearly, but Saturdays are when I run my live DND campaigns now =/

09-04-2009, 07:50 AM
Is it possible for us to just transfer our same character? So like...different job...same city? That would be kinda cool.

09-04-2009, 11:06 PM
Yes, Sunday is fine.

I was hoping for new people, that's why I said new characters, but sense no one took the bait (Probably my fault), you can just use your same characters.

Is 5 Central good for everyone, or is there a better time for everyone?

09-05-2009, 01:46 AM
Aww man, and I was kinda hoping for saturday cause I do my live game on sundays.

09-05-2009, 10:18 AM
Yes, Sunday is fine.

I was hoping for new people, that's why I said new characters, but sense no one took the bait (Probably my fault), you can just use your same characters.

Is 5 Central good for everyone, or is there a better time for everyone?

Oi, I made a new character. I made silvermane diffrent from swig, right down to backgrounds, speaking of which I should probably give the stuff for him, that or: just give him your own spin. he's helpful, but likes to keep most of the info to himself, unless pressed.

09-05-2009, 10:24 AM
Hmmm sunday. That may be a stretch for me. I don't know if i'll be able to make this one, sorry.

09-08-2009, 10:18 PM
Are we playing tonight? Or is it on hold or something?

10-30-2009, 09:57 PM
Is this still going on? If so I was wondering if you guys needed a reporter type?

10-31-2009, 08:46 AM
it's on haiatus for now, I'm about to go underway for two months and will loose access to P&PG.

11-01-2009, 08:20 AM
Let us know when you get back. I wanna get back into it.