View Full Version : 4e D&D Eberron LFP

08-12-2009, 11:49 AM
I am currently DMing a 4e Eberron Campaign, but I can't seem to find players who stick around. The group we had started with 6 then dropped to 3 because the people couldn't make it consistently. I'm looking for anyone who can make it continually to game night and be a somewhat focused player. Custom elements are allowed as long as I look them over before hand.

We normally meet on Wednesday afternoons at least once a month, but we are willing to work with peoples changing schedules. We are all human with lives outside of the game.

The characters we have are as follows

- Human Samurai lvl 3 (custom class)

- Dragonborn Paladin lvl 3

- Human Cleric lvl 3

- Eladrin Ranger lvl 3 (barely shows)

- Shadar Kai Monk lvl 3 (quit)

If interested please email me or PM me on here.