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08-10-2009, 10:41 PM
We're looking for a few more players to start up a 4e game. We're going to run the War of the Burning Sky adventure path produced by ENWorld.

About the GM

I've been playing D&D for over 30 years, most of that running games. I'm pretty organized in my approach and I am always very prepared for each session. Hand outs and battle maps are regular occurrences during my sessions.

I tend to let the prepared material describe potential paths the heroes may take, but ultimately let the heroes decide their own fates. I'm the type of GM who doesn't let the rules get in the way of good story and RP. I have no problem fudging die rolls when it makes sense to do so. I might also tell you that even though that roll you just made might make you think your character did something, it still didn't. I don't do that frequently; just when it really matters to the story.

I'm also the type of GM who tends to reward creativity in all its forms much more than strict adherence to the rules. It's all about the story!

About the Players

The players committed so far are in their mid 30's to early 40's. They've all been playing for years. For this campaign, We're looking for players with the following qualities:

Mature, organized, prepared
Interested in story and role play at least as much as dungeon delves
Experience playing 4e or even D&D is not required. The rules are simple enough to learn and we have experienced players to help new players.

About the Game

As I mentioned earlier, the adventure path will be War of the Burning Skies by ENWorld. The intent is to run the whole thing - level 1 through 30 - over the course of about a year.

Games will run every other week on Friday evenings or Sunday afternoons for 4-6 hours per session. Location will usually be my house, which is in northeast Macomb County. We hope to start in early September but if we get enough players quickly we could start earlier.


We like to have fun with our gaming, but we like to treat it as serious fun. To that end, we'd like to lay out the following guidelines for our players:

This will be primarily a story and role play driven campaign. Keen interest in the story will be required for you to enjoy the game fully. Rules lawyers will find this game excruciatingly painful.
Communication is important not just to convey information but also to build a good team dynamic. There will be a web forum for the group in which participation will greatly enhance your experience with the campaign. We'll also encourage players to share their contact info with each other.
Players should be able to manage their own character sheets, advancement, and so forth. Character info will be due to the GM a few days before each session.
Next Steps

If you think you'd be interested in playing with us, I recommend you read the War of the Burning Sky Player's Guide (http://http://paizo.com/store/byCompany/e/enPublishing/4thEdition/v5748btpy883b). It's a free download PDF with about 16 pages of content describing the game setting and setting specific rules.

If you find yourself driven by the Player's Guide to create a character concept for the campaign, please put those thoughts together and then contact me via reply here (which I read occasionally) or via email (which I read frequently) at tim(at)thc1967(dot)com.

I hope to talk with each potential player before we start. I'll answer any questions I can and I'll be interested to hear your gaming experience, why you'd like to join us, and very importantly your character concept(s) and why your character is in Gate Pass on the fateful New Year's Eve that launches this grand adventure!

Hope to game with you soon!


09-23-2009, 09:24 AM
Hey there,

I received notification awhile back regarding this campaign but, at that time, had no recourse but to ignore it. Things have changed and I have myself and 2 other players that are interested in joining your campaign. The details about the day of the week you are going to run this and our availability remain an issue but I'm hopeful we can work something out. We are 3 very experienced players, 2 of which are decent role-players. We each have been playing this game since 1st edition and have over 60 yrs experience between the 3 of us. I've run about 1/2 of the campaigns we've played, with the remaining 1/2 being run by one of the other players in this group of 3 with a few of our other friends running things from time to time.

We have a bi-weekly group that plays on Saturday evenings and has been going on since last July, our 1st foray into 4e as it were, but we love the new system and it has sped up our gaming greatly. Lately, however, some of us have wanted a more "structured" game, I guess you could say, and would like to branch out and find some fresh players for a new experience and would also like to try out some new classes with the new system and it's new books.

Let me know where you're at with your campaign and it's schedule, if you would please, as we are very interested. Thanks for your time and consideration.

09-24-2009, 07:50 AM
Hi! Thanks for your interest.

The group currently has 5 players. We could handle a 6th, but probably not a 7th and 8th. I don't think I could handle that as DM anyway.

We've been meeting about every other week. Our third session will be this Friday, September 25. The characters just hit 2nd level. It seems to be going pretty well.

I've been contemplating starting a second group through this adventure path. It's very well written and has an interesting story. Though to be completely honest I'd much rather play in a second group than DM it.