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08-03-2009, 12:01 AM
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It?s a Monkeywrench for Shadowrun Missions SRM3-04! (http://www.shadowrun4.com/wordpress/2009/08/its-a-monkeywrench-for-shadowrun-missions-srm3-04/)

A little milk run like this should be no problem. Though, it sounds like you donít get much time. Non-lethal rounds and no legal complications makes these “security consultant” gigs the best in the Big Apple.

Mr. Johnson wants someone to test his security systems. Everything should be perfectly routine and above board. After all, things never go horribly wrong during a shadowrun, right? No reason to have any back-up plans ready for this. Itís all just wonderfully straightforward. Whatíre you giving me that look for? This 25-page scenario includes a complete adventure, player handouts, and record handling sheets for participating in the Shadowrun Missions (SRM) campaign.

Shadowrun Missions is an international shared campaign. The goal is to have characters and adventures that all share the same universe, and of course have fun while doing it. Missions are played at local game stores, conventions, game days, and as home games. Players who participate in these scenarios will have a real opportunity to influence the Shadowrun game world, and play their characters in events worldwide.

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