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06-20-2009, 05:59 AM
Much of the following was written by Baron Samedi but it has been edited and certain changes have been made.

This is the finalized rules-set for the Dead of the Night PBP. The game will be played using the Dungeons and Dragons d20 rules set and the Pathfinder rules. The only rules books recommended are the Players Handbook 3.5 and the Pathfinder rules book, plus any of the 3.5 Complete books and Player's Handbook II where needed. I would prefer you didn't have any of the Ravenloft books as they may contain spoiler material. Any players who happen to have these please do not reveal any information from them that your characters would not have and do not use this information to your benefit.

I. Those interested in participation need to contact Arkhemedes by PM and submit a character concept including background, stats, and other personal ideas...I will then notify the interested parties of how and when the player will be able to enter the game. NOTE: I may not have an opening for you immediately, but I will try to include you in any way possible as soon as possible...if there isn't an immediate opening for your character you will be put on a waiting list.

II. Players are responsible for their own PC's and need to check their status in the PBP at the times indicated...If there is a problem or you need more time before posting...no problem! Just let me know you need more time, or if you are going to be unable to post for an extended time let me know if you wish for me to act in your PC's stead...or if you wish to bow out completely...doing so will NOT exclude you from future participation...

III. All rules are subject to change should there be a need to do so. But I will make sure players are aware and will post the changes in the rules thread.

IV. All persons who wish to enter the game should not discuss or reveal any of the specifics of their character in this forum other than their race and whether or not they could be considered a Warrior, Divine Spellcaster, Arcane Spellcaster or Rogue. Any other info should be reveal to the other players only through role playing. The player must however, send a copy of the character with all details to me via e-mail.

V. Players are required to post at least every three days within the game...in character, of course...this doesn't mean to post random static in-thread (see the rules thread for more on this)...if there is no opportunity to post appropriately...be sure to send a PM to me and let me know that you checked in. Players who cannot post and do not give notice will be reminded to do so...if this becomes a habit, the DM will ask the player to step down until they can meet the criteria of the PBP.

VI. Dice rolls will be done with the online roll generator. If you do not know how this works just let me know and I will explain it to you. Note that in all cases, when a die roll is made, only the first die roll will be accepted (except in character creation) regardless of whether or not any modifiers were not added to the die roll. Any modifiers that should have been added to the die will be added on after the roll.

VII. Characters are encouraged to have discussions amongst themselves and play their characters as best as possible...Ravenloft isn't a setting based on combat...its about 75% roleplaying, 25% combat...character counts for more than fighting ability.

VIII. Experience is rewarded for remaining in character, combat and skills success and even in-character conversation. Characters will be awarded XP during session intermissions. Players can update and improve the stats of their character during intermissions, but players must email the new and improved character sheets to the DM before play resumes. Intermissions will be posted by the DM and will be effective immediately until the DM states the intermission ends...usually one week or more...this is to ensure that no player burns out, and allows for new players to come in, or current players to bow out...

IX. Remember all participants are asked to maintain civility both in and out of the game...things happen, don't take it personally; after all, its just a game.

X. This is a first time event for most if not all participants...please take discrepancies and foul-ups in stride...this is all a work in progress...all recommendations are welcome in the Comments and Questions thread.

Any questions, contact Arkhemedes