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07-29-2009, 01:15 PM
Looking for a few players for a new campaign in Central NJ. This will be starting on the 2nd Friday in September and meeting once a month on the second Friday of the month, 7pm-midnight.** It is at the Role-Playing Society of Monmouth County. This will be a Scales of War Adventure Path campaign, all players starting from first level. All races and classes on the Character Builder are permitted. I anticipate making this a balanced Skill Challenge/Battle Encounter adventure, skewed somewhat toward battle over role-playing and skill challenges.

As far as the backstory goes:

"The party members find themselves in the bustling town of Brindol--
Brindol sits on the banks of the Elsir River, on the North side of the Elsir
Vale. Brindol's population is mostly humans, half-elves and dwarves, and there
are also halflings in the area, most of whom live outside of Brindol proper,
in clans along the river. Several thousand people live in the area, and there are many inns, taverns and businesses,
both savory and unsavory.

The Giant's Shield mountains lie to the north, and the Wyvernwatch Mountains to
the south. About a decade ago, Brindol was one of the cities attacked by the
Red Hand of Doom, a goblin army. After many heroic encounters, the goblin horde
was defeated, and Brindol has had a decade of relative peace.

Recently, however, bandits have been marauding in the area. There is talk that
the council is considering hiring outsiders to help with the rising violent
crime problem. It is also rumored that some of the treasure stolen by the Red
Hand of Doom in the war was never recovered and may still be in the area. Your
character finds him or herself at the Antler & Thistle tavern, watching some
locals playing dice and looking for some information...."

So far I have a Striker and a Defender and would like to have a balanced party
set before the kick-off date. Contact me if interested.

**If you are interested in playing in other games, the RPS of MC meets every Friday
at 7 PM at this address and has games in addition to D&D.


08-26-2009, 02:57 PM
I spoke to someone in the RPS of Monmouth at sometime earlier this year via P&PG or Yahoo Groups or something, but it was for a weekly game. Traveling that distance every single week would be a bit much for me, but I'd be willing to travel once a month.

I used to play D&D expertly 20 years ago. I've only played a couple sessions of 4e, and that was almost a year ago, but I do have the books & I do know the basics. If you don't mind my slight lack of experience in modern D&D, I'd be happy to whip up a Leader in the form of a Devoted Cleric, maybe a kindly middle-aged Dwarf. I played an unaligned Halfling Rogue last year, but since you already have a Striker and would prefer a balanced party, I'd like to be the Cleric.

Let me know if you're interested.

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I decided to go ahead & create the Dwarven Cleric (got a little bored today) & I've come up with a much different (and much more detailed) character...

He's a middle-aged dwarf but looks much older due to worry & stress. As his appearance aged him prematurely, his fellow dwarves gave him the nickname "Granite" because of the gray streaks that grew into his beard.

He was "born under a bad sign" & has feared all his life for what gruesome fate is coming for him. After years of paranoia (don't ask him how old he is..."Around 100 probably, I stopped paying attention to my birthday decades ago...got bigger things to worry about than my age"), he's finally taken up a form of self-defense by becoming a Devoted Cleric to the Raven Queen, the goddess of death (of all deities). He does believe her credo that "death is the natural end of life", but he'd much prefer putting off his own death by sending others to her...but only the bad ones. He wouldn't want to actually kill someone just to kill them, they'd have to be really bad first (or at least mildly irritating).

He's not an evil fellow, but not really a good one either. His (perceived) situation has forced him to be Unaligned, putting himself first & ignoring the bigger picture that nearly everyone else sees. "What's that? A nasty troll has kidnapped a child? Gather together everyone, we're gonna go show him what for!" All the while, he's actually thinking "That troll is probably the one fate has sent to kill me...I better rally together as many troops as I can to keep me alive!!"

I think he'd be a blast to play.

08-27-2009, 06:51 AM
Sounds like a very interesting character...I would be happy to have you join us. Since my original post (a month ago), The party looks like it will be a Revenant (human) fighter, a half-elf sorcerer, and a couple of other players have indicated interest in Bard and Cleric--but I don't think the guy who said cleric actually cares about playing a cleric, he just wanted a cleric in the party. I will see him tomorrow, and I think he might play a controller, or we could just run with 2 clerics.

I am anticipating 5-6 PCs (I know you stated you prefer 4, but we have a pretty big group and generally wind up with as many PCs at each table as the DM is willing to handle), so if we wind up with 2 leaders that's not a problem--actually, I just want people to play characters they can have fun with, and I think a balanced or at least semi-balanced party promotes that...but if I wound up with 6 paladins I would just roll with it.

I'll just mention again that we play 7pm to midnight, as your profile indicates that might be a problem for you. We meet at Old First United Methodist Church, located on 207 Locust Ave in West Long Branch every Friday, but this game will be on the 2nd Friday of the month starting on the 11th of September.


08-27-2009, 11:10 AM
Well, if there are going to be that many PC's, maybe I'll bring back my original 4e character, the Halfling Rogue I mentioned...mainly because I already know the 4e Rogue & haven't gotten much of a grip on spellcasting & its "component requirements" yet. I'll read up more on spellcasting & make a decision from there. Thanks for your flexible outlook on the party...alot of DM's are pretty insistant on the basic party structure & don't like customizing the official adventures to compensate.

I need to update my "availability" schedule on here actually, its good that you mentioned it. I was recently "separated from my employer." So if I know ahead of time that I'll be playing a monthly game, I can go in to job interviews & when they ask "what days would you like off?" I can immediately say "the 2nd Tuesday of every month." :biggrin:

EDIT: Tuesday? Where did I get Tuesday?? I know its Friday!!! :lol:

08-27-2009, 12:27 PM
Very good, I will look to see you there!

Makro (Bill)

08-27-2009, 03:16 PM
Just some quick questions for my own preparation...

1> What method should I use to create my character?
2> Which books are considered "Legal" for creating my character?
3> Are all characters expected to be made before the first night, so we can jump right into playing?
4> Should I bring miniatures (or at the very least, a marker of some sort until I get a miniature)?
5> I don't have the physical books, I have the PDF's (before WOTC pulled them). Do I need the physical books?
6> Would you suggest I come to some meetings beforehand to get a better view on how 4e is played, just through observation?

Anything else you think I should know, just shoot. :)

08-28-2009, 07:06 AM

1) We are using the 22-point buy system for character creation;

2) Anything legal on the Character Builder is legal, except no "characters" from the MM or the MM2;

3) I would like to have the characters ready-to-go the first night, but if any tweaks or changes need to be made we're not going not be in a huge rush--we'll take however long it takes to get everybody ready;

4) If you have minis, feel free to bring them...if not I will have some to lend...I buy mine off eBay for a buck apiece;

5) If you print your character off the CB, you probably don't need a book except very occasionally, and you can borrow one--everything you need (with some minor exceptions) is printed on the Character Sheet.

6) You could drop by tonight or next Friday and probably get a chance to sit in--I usually bring an extra character or two made up for drop-ins...tonight is a 4th level game, and I think next week's is too...it probably would be a good idea if it's convenient, but it's not necessary...I played 4E the first night I came back and it was like old times, and I hadn't played since 1981. (I did read the PHB and "4E for Dummies" before I played--yes, I'm not ashamed, I read 4E for "Dummies").

I can't think of anything else off-hand--I will have a little "Here's how I run a game" speech before we start on the 11th, but no point giving that to you now...lol.

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By the way, it looks like the party is set with a Fighter, Sorcerer, Bard, Cleric, Rogue and Druid.


08-28-2009, 08:16 AM
Thanks for all the answers, much appreciated. I was looking over my Rogue from last year & I realized...I really enjoy Martial characters in 4e. But seeing as you already have a Rogue, I may go with a Warlord instead. Not sure yet, so I'm glad I have a couple weeks to prepare & decide.

What are the races that match up to the classes in our party, so far? I'd strongly suggest we make use of Obsidian Portal to track our characters & our adventure, if you haven't already started it on there. That way I can stop pestering you about the party & just look at it for myself. ;)

I'd like to come tonight, but I'm going to the Route 70 Flea Market early tomorrow morning to set up a table & get rid of some stuff...wife & I are expecting triplets around X-mas & I've gotta get rid of some clutter. But a week from tonight should be fine.

08-28-2009, 08:45 AM
Hey, you ARE the rogue...I put you in as rogue after your e-mail post yesterday...lol...if you decide to go with something else that's fine too, but if you want the rogue it is reserved for you, OK?

I'm trying to get a site started on the new D&D Insider upgraded site...I'll send you the url and you can take a look...once I get it up and running we'll keep all campaign info on there and a running synopsis of the adventure.


08-28-2009, 09:30 AM
(chuckle) Well in that case, yes, I am Das Rogue! He's an amusing little bugger, more the Kender-style Halfling than the old-school Hobbit-style Halfling. Here he is from last year's initial creation (I'm probably gonna tweak him a little before starting over)...


Something weird is happening to me on the Wizards website. It lets me sign-in & do everything to customize my account (theme, privacy settings, pic) EXCEPT creating my profile. I make the changes & then it asks me to enter my username & password to verify it, and it saves all the changes EXCEPT the actual "Create Your Profile" part...which is weird because I'm already signed in, so its not like it doesn't know who am I. Could just be this particular computer, I'll try it on one of my others.

08-28-2009, 11:10 AM
I had some trouble with it too, I think they are just swamped, as the improvements just went up yesterday...I had to do it three times to get it to work.

05-01-2010, 07:03 PM
Hey everyone,

My names Ed, 15 years old from Highlands. I used to play DND 3.5 up at the CVS plaza by us at Games and Toys. However the owner closed the shop, moved to Maine, and thats that. But anyway I've been searching about a year now, and after several failed attempts with my friends in my basement I'd like to find somewhere with a better reputation. From what I'm reading this campaign seems pretty established. So here's the bio...

"A pale faced man with long black hair sits at the back of the bar, seemingly content with the drowsy and laid-back atmosphere. The man's age is not obvious, but an assumption of "young" can be made, although the texture of his skin indicates experience. His red glowing eyes indicate some sort of hidden anger that rests inside of him, hidden for now but easily accessible. As many of his friends would say, "If no one bothers him, I can assure you that he will not bother you." He removes his blade from his bag, polishing it, only attempting to keep it in pristine condition, as he does with all of his belongings. As the dim candlelight reflects off of the blade, a scar is noticed, trailing from the top of his right eye down to his chin. The irregularity of the cut indicates he was attacked by some sort of creature, not a humanoid.

A drunken man approaches his table, mumbling words to himself and nearly falling over as he steps off of his wooden stool. The warlock notices the man, and as he puts down his blade, the red in his eyes become more noticeable. His hands begin to glow with a kind of thermal energy as he smirks and dusts off his blood red robe.

The anger has been agitated. "

08-15-2010, 11:47 AM
Just to update, we're looking for a 6th player for this 4E game. We're all at 4th Level, and we have 1 striker, 1 defender, 2 leaders, and 1 controller who's not too controller-ish. So anything but a leader would really be welcome.

We play the 2nd Friday of every month in West Long Branch if anyone is interested. 1st session is free as a try-out, $3 towards building rental each session thereafter.