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07-28-2009, 06:52 PM
I'm working on a homebrew world and this idea has been one I've always wanted to implement. Sorry if the wording is at all hasty, trying to get this posted before I close up shop. It's a bit long but comments are appreciated.

Minotaurs once swept across creation in a brutal wave determined to make the world their kingdom. A plague swept suddenly through their numbers at the height of their decadence. Some say it was punishment sent by the gods, and none of their females survived. From that point on the race's days were numbered. Although they were capable of living for millenia, there would never be another new generation.

A Monestary Within The Great Maze
In a self-imposed exile they imprisoned themselves within a massive underground maze of their own design. Early on their territorial bestial nature led them in constant conflict over territories within the labyrinth. Again their numbers thinned.

Eventually an elder named Temua managed to force a truce, leading the survivors deeper within the maze. There they formed a monestary, and the elder taught them to gain control of the beast within. Through a heavily disciplined lifestyle they found a semblance of peace. Through a careful application of their aggressive natures they were able to live in harmony.

Some of their kind were unable to dominate the beast. They lurk within the maze to this day stalking and slaughtering any living creature which crosses their path. The Lost are forever buried in madness.

The Minotaurs trained to harness and control their destructive natures through hard work, artistic expression and unarmed martial training. Their fighting style focuses on using their natural tools, utilizing their horns to strike, trip, and impale; their strength to grapple; and their hooves to stomp fallen opponents.

The Legacy Passes To An Unlikely Son
Centuries ago an unassuming farmer had a dream and departed the next morning for the maze, determined to find the mysterious light within it's dark heart. Along the way he gathered followers to join him in his pilgrimage. What trip's harsh conditions didn't claim, the maze did. One by one his followers succumbed to deadly traps and hungry beasts, many with shaggy fur and the head of a bull.

He was the last to reach the center of the maze and the Taur monestary. Marvelling at the man's determination they allowed him to join the the temple. What better way to pass on their legacy, when they lacked any other means? He surprised them even further when, despite lacking their strength, he developed ways to use their might against them standing toe to toe with some of their greatest warriors.

Decades later he emerged from the maze, returned to the lands of his people, and formed his own monestary of warrior monks.

The Taur Monks
These men frequently tattoo their heads mirroring somewhat the styles the Taur would paint or even lightly carve into their horns. They live a particularly tough life focused on heavy manual labor (stonework as well as farming) and regular physical combat. Their fighting style focuses on staying close by striking with elbows, knees and dizzying headbutts. Once within reach they use to keep their enemy off balance, followed by bone-crushing stomps to keep their opponent from getting up.

War On The Horizon
Creation is nearing an age of brutal conflict with dark forces. The last of the gray furred Minotaurs will return from the maze (as NPCs) to advise their pupils on how best to hopefully help prevent the coming destruction.

During their travels out of the maze they noticed no sign of the crazed Lost, a disappearance that does not bode well. Their bloodthirsty brethren have taken up arms in the service of the armies that prepare to sweep across the world.

07-29-2009, 09:40 AM
Wow, haste makes for bad grammar and word choices.

Anyway, they say build your world around one city. I'm starting it around one order of monks. Since I'm planning on using Pathfinder I'll be spending time now figuring out how other races fit in with what I'm doing.

Some other thoughts I've had:

* Kobolds (minus the evil streak) replace halflings.

* Elves inhabit worlds made of dreams. Remove the hippy/nature focus and add more mystery and magic.

* Half-elves are relatively unchanged. The nature of their elven half is a bit different.

* Dwarves are called Earthborn and hold a great reverence for the strength and power of the natural world (including the forests.) They are constantly at odds with Gnomes who choose to ignore the planet's natural strength and power in favor of intricate devices which mimic such traits.

* Gnomes devour the worlds resources to craft incredible machines. They are constantly at odds with the Dwarves who blame them for pollution and refuse to accept their brand of progress.

* Half-Orcs - I'm not sure what to do with them quite yet.

08-02-2009, 11:02 AM
I don't know about the rest but I like the Minotaur monks.

08-02-2009, 11:13 AM
I don't know about the rest but I like the Minotaur monks.

The rest I still have to put some thought into. Dwarves I know will still feel like typical dwarves they just revere strength and age in all natural things, not just stone and metal. Gnomes on the other hand create alloys and are always looking to improve the natural world through their inventions which inevitably pollute and dry up the planet's resources. This difference in focus puts the two races at odds. Dwarves always revere their ancestors and have a strong focus on history, particularly grudges, racial animosity. They often seem to prefer tradition, it's not to hard to picture a version of Dwarves that revere the power of a mighty river, and the strength of an ancient tree. They still craft but unlike the gnomes their crafts rely on utilizing the natural strength in all things.

Elves already have sleep based racial abilities so it seems pretty easy to make them less about the natural world and more in tune with the plane of dreams. As a different version of the cliche Elven exodus, they withdrew from the material plane and became dreamlike creatures rather than mysterious fey gone to live somewhere else.

As for the kobolds, I've always like them and thought they'd make a fun race. It wouldn't be too hard to give them a halfling type mentality albeith with less cooking and more of the roguish nature.

08-02-2009, 11:15 AM
As for the kobolds, I've always like them and thought they'd make a fun race. It wouldn't be too hard to give them a halfling type mentality albeith with less cooking and more of the roguish nature.

Depends on what (and who) they are cooking.