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07-28-2009, 12:48 PM
The following was posted by our DM on RVA RPG Meetup.com (http://www.meetup.com/Richmond-RPG/messages/boards/thread/7348702) (link to direct post)...

I am seeking 1 more dedicated player to fill our ever elusive 5th player spot at the table. We game every week, usually during the weeknight from 6:30-10:30p and have recently tried to add in a once a month longer session on the weekend with pizza, and the works.

The group just recently hit 4th level, and due to the storyline, there was some shifting of roles, and the addition of another character works out great.

What to know: every player at the table started fresh to 4E with this campaign and there is still a small learning curve, and we would welcome another interested person new to the edition provided that the rules could be picked up early, or even understood for the most part before the first session. Chances are if you are completely green, your character would start out at level 1 and be a few levels behind the rest of the group for awhile.

If you are proficient with 4E, I'd gladly start you at a level closer to that of the group.

What I expect as DM: Show up every week, we change the night of the game weekly to try and meet everyone's schedules. Be nice, everyone that sits around the table is here to have fun and if you plan to have fun by bringing down others, acting immature, or just being plain rude... I can guarantee a swift bolt of lightning from the heavens and bye-bye character. I want you to play a character that you can get behind and enjoy playing and roleplaying.

What I don't expect: You to know everything or you to own everything, between everyone at the table, every rulebook is owned, or can be made available to you (sounds ominous right?).

Few things to know about the game: The characters are lost on an island with no clue wtf is going on. I don't do experience, I set certain milestones that I want the characters to achieve and if they do, boom level. Some levels come fast and others may seem slow, but if you like to count encounters... not going to help here. Oh and if you ask, you probably will not receive, if you are patient; things will fall into place, and usually your inventory.

Still interested? Let me know, we are playing Wednesday night of this week, so sorry for the short notice, but lets call it the first test of determination.

09-01-2009, 06:12 AM
I would like to join a campaign in the forgotten realms. I would like to start a fresh lvl. 1 character.My idea for my pc is a half Drow half orc female.The result of union between orc and drow during the war between Obould and mithril hall war.Shunned by both her races and left for dead she was discoverd by a mountain hermit who begins to teach her the way of the monk.Possibly a follower of the god Lathander or Selune.
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I am very interested in joining your campaign.

01-03-2011, 11:03 AM
I know I'm pretty late to the game here but is this campaign still going on or do you plan on trying to start a new one? (I'm willing to DM.)