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Hello all, I'm putting this out here seeing if I have any interest in a 4.0 D&D Forgotten Realms Campaign. When I first read about what Wizards was doing with Forgotten Realms and the Points of Light I was very interested, but after reading the new Forgotten Realms books for 4.0 I was a little disappointed. I was hoping they would take it a bit farther then they did. So, I decided to create my own Points of Light style campaign in the Forgotten Realms. This isn't your mommies Forgotten Realms, this is a darker, seedy and more desperate Forgotten Realms. Below you can read some of the introduction I have for this campaign.

In a nutshell this campaign will be tough. I'm going to start the players out at level 3 this world is going to be pretty rough. The players will have their backs to the wall as the changes in the Realms have created great havoc through out the lands. Will you help to reconnect the outlying hubs of civilization, will you use you abilities to protect the people that count on you or will you use your abilities to rid the world of the creatures that have taken over the once glorious cities of Faerun?

I'm looking for 5-6 very team oriented players that really know how to play as a team and work to accomplish goals. Your group will rely heavily on each other as the world around you has become a much less friendly and hostile place to live. I'm also looking for players that will focus on the game and that like to put into the game as much as they get out of it. This campaign will be driven by the party and won't be a linear story; the world is open for the party and anything they wish to accomplish. Attendance will also be a pretty important part of the game, attending the games will be important as the campaign will be run at a tougher level then normal. Your party members are counting on you to survive; you don’t want to let them down.

Please take the time to read the intro to the campaign and let me know if you have any questions. I will wait and gather a great group of players before we set a play time in stone. Right now I’d say that time will more then likely fall between Friday evening and Sunday afternoon, either weekly or Bi-weekly. This will all be up to the players; I want to make sure the schedule is good for all players.

Thanks for reading!
JCosby (DM)

The Forgotten Realms

(Points of Light Campaign)

The Forgotten Realms
DR 1450 (PA50)
Almost 50 years ago fire rained from the sky and the earth was torn asunder. Many prophets and philosophers have argued the exact reason for the apocalypse; but no one man knows for sure exactly what happened that night. What people do know is that catastrophic storms raged across Toril and remade what we know of the Forgotten Realms. For 20 days and nights storms of water, earth, fire and magic raged across Toril destroying everything in their path.

During those 20 days many strange, fantastic and horrifying events happened across the Forgotten Realms. Priests and Mages alike lost control of their ability to harness and control magic. Priests were unable to speak or commune in any way with their deity’s. Mages had it much worse; many if not all of the most powerful mages in all of Faerun died a horrible death that first night as apparently the weave was torn asunder and imploded; any creature that had a connection to the weave was affected. After that earth shattering explosion magic ceased to function has it had for 1000’s of years. Many mages that didn’t die went insane causing even more chaos and terror. Spells that had been weaved just for the purpose of protection and or prevention of death failed as the weave failed. Mages known as the “weavescarred” wander the lands mindlessly looking for their lost magic; even though they have had the ability to control magic burned out of them.

After those terrible 20 days the storms of earth, fire and magic seemed to die almost as suddenly as they started. Slowly Priests were able to reconnected with their deities; those that were lucky enough to not lose their deity all together. Many religions across the lands are reporting that they can no longer sense the presence of their deity even with the most powerful of priests. Even during the storms powerful priests were able to sense their deities even if they were unable to commune with them or receive spells. After the storms stopped the unfortunate priests lost all sense of their deities. For the mages slowly but surely with great care they were able to reconnect with the weave; but the weave had changed. No longer were mages able to memorize spells and harness the magic’s within. Mages in this new Forgotten Realms are more like the sorcerers of old. They have to attempt to directly tap into the weave every time they cast a spell; mages have changed the way they cast spells. Some spells are simple and the mage can tap into the weave over and over many more times then they were able to before. Other spells that are much more complex take even more time to cast then they once did. Some of the most powerful magic’s were completely lost to Faerun as many of the arch-wizards died and were unable to protect themselves even in death.

Geography of Toril
(Major Changes to Toril, but not all)

Seas of Faerun
The Sea’s of Faerun are almost impassible; violent storms still wrack all of the sea’s of Toril making anything but close shore sailing far to dangerous. Without trustworthy magical aid making trips to the Moonshae isles would be next to impossible.

Ruins of Waterdeep
The of the great cites have been removed from the face of Toril. Waterdeep lies in smoking ruins with most of its great buildings toppled from the storms and fierce earthquakes. During the earthquakes Undermountain was torn open and many of the fantastic creatures have escaped or moved into the ruins that now make up Waterdeep the city of splendors. The mountain sides flanking the harbor both came crashing down into the sea permanently blocking the harbor entrance making sea travel in and out of the harbor all but impossible. The community of Skullport does not exist anymore; the caverns beneath the harbor completely collapsed and are now gone forever. Most of the exposed portions of Undermountain are vast dead magic zones. Many of the denizens of Undermountain have taken up home in the different quarters of Waterdeep. The most dangerous part of Waterdeep is now the graveyard quarter. Before the apocalypse the graveyard quarter was a dangerous part of town at night as much restless spirits wandered there. But now after the horrific storms causes thousands of people to die violent deaths the Graveyard quarter is one if not the most dangerous parts of the Ruins of Waterdeep.

MoonshaeIslands (Complete Dead Magic Zone)
Inhabitants of the islands that did survive were brutally attacked by hordes of Sahuagin, Naga and other water creature’s only hours after the storms died down. Only a small outpost on the island houses what is left of the civilization, the rest of the island is very dangerous to travel day or night.

Evermeet has disappeared from the face of Faerun. No one not even elder elves living on the main land of Toril have any idea where Evermeet has gone. Some suggest that with their last magic’s dying and failing around them the elves and their gods were able to shield Evermeet from disaster.

Cormyr lost most of its main cities but because of its more caste system many of the outlying areas were spared the initial ravages of the apocalypse. Unfortunately those citizens where completely unprotected from the hordes of orcs and other giant-kind that surged down from the north and destroyed everything in their path. Small clusters of King’s Guard and city militia have taken up refuge in some of the larger castles; taking in survivors as when they can. These outposts are almost always under threat of attack day and night. Sightings of Orcs, Giants and other monsters walking through the streets of the once proud cities of Cormyr are an almost common occurrence. Most of Cormyr has been spared the affects of wild or dead magic the majority of Cormyr is safe to wield magic.

SwordCoast (North of the Ruins of Waterdeep)
Most towns along the Sword Coast were completely destroyed by huge tidal waves, some reaching 100 feet or more. The tidal surges that followed swept most of the towns and cites along the coast back into the sea. The ports of Luskan, Neverwinter and Mirabar no longer exist. Anything with in 10-15 miles of the coast line north of Waterdeep is now swampland. The Mere of Dead Men extends north from the existing Mere all the way to the south of Ice flow. The High-Road is completely impassible from just south of Daggerford all the way north to Luskan.

Silverymoon (and HighForest)
Silverymoon and most of the High Forest is now just a giant crater. Nothing could have survived great explosions emanating from the centers of Silverymoon and the High Forest. It has been reported that these areas are strong wild magic areas.

The GreatDesert of Anauroch
Anauroch is now a great sea of glass. The sand its self was super heated by an enormous force from underneath and turned the sand to liquid glass. Over the years the glass has hardened and turned into a great sea of glass. Wild magic storms have been reported across the sea, always moving and changing directions. Nomads from the Anauroch desert have been said to have harness the power of the storms to power large “ships” that allow them to travel the great sea of glass.

Baldur’s Gate / Candle Keep
Baldur’s Gate and Candle Keep seem to have been the source of wild magic fires that swept through the forest and plains destroying everything in their path. Amn was destroyed in those gigantic wild fires all the way south to Tethyr and east to the Orsraun Mountains. All of the plains and forests east of the Turmish and Golden Roads have been destroyed. Remnants’ of the wild magic still reside all over the desolate plains.

The Sea of Fallen Stars
The Sea of Fallen Stars has risen over 20 feet completely covering the Pirate and Whamite Isles with water. All of the cities and towns with in five miles of the Fallen Sea are completely flooded and destroyed. The Peninsula of Aglarond doesn’t exist anymore as it’s completely submerged. The Sea of Fallen Stars now laps up against the plateau’s surrounding Thay. The sudden surge of water can be attributed to the rapid melting of the Great Glacier Paluvria. The southern edges of the Great Glacier have already retreated north over 10 miles in the last 50 years.

The great red mages of Thay weren’t powerful enough to survive through the apocalypse that claimed the lives of so many other great spell casters through out Toril. Many magic fires still burn out of control through out the great houses of Thay. Not much has been heard out of Thay in many years due to the great flood and the lack of magical communications. Anything heard out of Thay is usually quickly regarded as rumor at best.

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Effects of the Great Apocalypse:

Wild Magic: (Zones)
Wild magic zones are places where residue from the magical storms remains very strong. These areas usually are around locations of great magic before the apocalypse. Other times it might be the location of where a great mage or mages died during the storms. There have been rumors that some of the greatest items may have survived or that wild magic may have altered existing items or creatures into something new and never seen before.

Dead Magic: (Zones)
Dead magic zones are areas where the weave does not exist. It’s more then just an area where magic won’t function. Like wild magic zones mages and other arcane spell casters can sense them. But unlike wild magic zones that draw spell casters to them dead magic zones repel arcane spell casters. Arcane casters have a since of dread and foreboding before entering a dead magic zone. All magic of any kind will not function with in a dead magic zone. Magical creatures will not enter a dead magic zone; any magically summoned creature entering a dead magic zone will immediately be dismissed. Creatures from other planes will not knowingly enter a dead zone either; extraplannar creature's that die in a dead magic zone is dead forever and will not be sent back to her native plane.

Low Magic: (Setting)
Since the weave was destroyed and remade lots of permanent magic failed during the apocalypse. Also, a lot of the destructive power of the apocalypse was generated by the uncontroled release of magic; it is rumored that even the gods were not immune to this effect. Most of the powerful magical items, wards, mythals and even spell casters were destroyed or burnt out during the 20 days of the apocalypse. Many of the most powerful spell casters were not killed but left “weavescarred”. These mages still have lots of magical power but wander the world in an almost trance like state. Many people have tried to help rescue these mages to find out that sometimes things are better off left alone.

Currency: (Setting)
Since governments as they existed before the apocalypse don’t exist anymore, each hub of civilization has had to adapt when it comes to forms of currency; most transactions are done with gold, silver or copper dust and merchants will have a scale and do all weighing during the transaction. In many places items of importance out weight the value of precious metals. Traders (PCs or NPCs that actually make treks between the points of light) are very well regarded in the new world. Many of these traders are the only word people hear of the outside world also they help spread around items, materials and other necessities between different hubs of civilization. Knowing what hubs need what and what others have can be very valuable for Traders, also accurate maps of the surrounding areas are often worth more then the trader’s weight in gold.

Governments: (Wild West)
Justice, Laws and other social aspects of life have changed greatly depending on where you live. Most small hubs of civilization have adopted a “Sheriff” or “Mayor” that over sees justice in their area. If there is more then one hub close together many times they will band together for strength; in these cases there will normally be an overseer that deals with all final arbitrations’.

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Hello Everyone, I just wanted to say thanks for all the replies and responses. We have six players currently lined up for the game. But if you are interested in playing please don't hesitate to send me a PM or reply here. We are always looking for more great players.ThanksJC

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your campaign setting sounds great and I'd love to get involved with your story. I'm 29 and played 2edition for 10 years, new to 3.5 but willing to learn more... I thoroughly enjoy an intricate story and good role-playing... you can get back to me at reedcc@live.com... I'm available fridays after 5:30 and all day saturday