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those of you that enjoy the story and regular readers be sure to catch our latest exploits documented by the players themselves at our new location.

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This new format may help visualize things.

Jon, level 1 (3)
Eladrin (Players' Handbook),
Swordmage (Forgotten Realms Players Hand Book)
Affinity: Lightning
Experience Total: 2346
Next Level 3521/3750
Action Points: 2 Total

Class Features:
Swordmage Aegis: Aegis of Assault (Forgotten Realms Players Hand Book)
Swordmage warding: +1 AC with blade, +3 AC if off-hand is free; if unconscious, warding ends, restore with rest.
Swordbond: Bond with one blade (1 hr.); standard action to call to hand (10 squares); fix it from any part of it within 1 hr.

Str 12,
Con 13
Dex 13 (11+2 Racial),
Int 16 (14+2 Racial), current: 18 (+2 from award cerimony)
Wis 11
Cha 10

AC: 18 (21) - 10 + 2 armor + 4 Int mod + 3 Swordmage Warding +1 from 1/2 lvl +1 from enchanted armor
Fort: 11 (12) Reflex: 13 (15) Will: 13 (14)
HP: 28 (40) Surges: 9 Surge Value: 7 (10)
Initiative: +1 (+2)
Eaten Red Eye from the Dragonborn (Session 9)

Diplomacy +5 (+8),
Arcana +10 (+12),
Insight +5 (+6),
Athletics +6 (+7),
Endurance +6 (+7)
Animal Handling (Cha based) +7 (Learned during 5th session)
Woodcrafting +8
Metalworking +8
Artificier +8
Leadership +7

Acrobatics +1 (+2),
Bluff 0 (+3),
Dungeoneering 0 (+1),
Heal 0 (+1),
History +5 (+7),
Intimidate 0 (+1),
Nature 0 (+1),
Perception 0 (+1),
Religion +3 (+5),
Stealth +1 (+2),
Streetwise 0 (+1),
Thievery +1 (+2)

Level 1: Eladrin Soldier - Proficiency with all spears and a +2 feat bonus to damage rolls with a longsword and all spears (Player's Handbook)
Level 2: Student of Swordmagic - Gain +1 daily swordmage spell every time character gets a daily spell (can not get 2 of the same daily, however)

Swordmage at-will 1: Booming Blade (Forgotten Realms Players Hand Book)
Swordmage at-will 1: Lightning Lure (Forgotten Realms Players Hand Book) - Retrained into Sword Burst.
Swordmage encounter 1: Foesnare (Forgotten Realms Players Hand Book)
Swordmage daily 1: Dimensional Thunder (Dragon Magazine 367 see attached doc)
Swordmage Daily 1: Frost Backlash (Forgotten Realms Players Hand Book) (This was the original daily 1)
Swordmage Utility lvl 2: Host of Shields (daily)
Swordmage encounter 3: Dimensional Vortex (Arcane Power)


Eifer - Longsword with swordmage bond with lightning enchantment (+2 damage from blacksmith, bonus obtained during session 3; lightining weapon +1 obtained during 7th session through enchant magic item ritual),
Skald Armor (Leather Armor, +1 to AC enchantment obtained during 7th session through enchant magic item ritual),
Adventurer's Kit (composed of a backpack, a bedroll, flint and steel, a belt pouch, two (one currently) sunrods, ten days' worth of trail rations, 50 feet of hempen rope, and a waterskin),
Holy Symbol (The symbol is in the shape of a horse head).
3 alchemist fires (in backpack, bought during 3 session);
9 healing potions (5 potions in belt, 4 in backpack bought only after session 3);
Climbing gear (+4 to climbing bough during session 4)
1 and 1/4 Liter of flying ore in waterskin and healing potion bottle
Weighted belt to stay on ground
Cloth with strange symbol. Obtained from Dragonborn scouts.
Gimmick remains (Golden tongue and other pieces of the creature)
Remain of the acidic insect.

Gold: 35 GP (current: 106 GP and 1 SP);

Creatures and Mounts:

Riding Horse (currently at the Capital) - Basic stats from Monster Manual 1 page 159. - Obtain during session 5.

Fenris (Iron Defender - Made of Steel) - Acquired during 5 session (stats increased after session 7)

AC: 18 (19)
Fort: 16 (17) Reflex: 15 (16) Will: 13 (14)
HP: 54 Surges: n/a Surge Value: n/a
Initiative: +5 (+6)
Senses: Perception +6 (+7), darkvision
Bite Attack: +9 vs AC; 1d8+4
Guard Attack: Immediate reaction if master or other creature appointed by master is attacked - Normal Bite Attack against the attacker.
Purse and Attack: When the Iron Defender makes an opportunity attack it can shift 1 square before or after the attack.

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Lerek Ryllaern, level 1
Elf, Ranger (Player's Handbook 1)
Fighting Style: Archer Fighting Style

Str 14, Con 11, Dex 18, Int 11, Wis 17, Cha 9.

Str 14, Con 11, Dex 16, Int 11, Wis 15, Cha 9.

AC: 16 = 10 (Base) + 4 (DEX) + 2 (Armor)
Fort: 13 Reflex: 15 Will: 13
HP: 23 Surges: 6 Surge Value: 5

Nature +10, Stealth +9, Perception +10, Acrobatics +9, Athletics +7

Arcana, Bluff -1, Diplomacy -1, Dungeoneering +3, Endurance, Heal +3, History, Insight +3, Intimidate -1, Religion, Streetwise -1, Thievery +4

Level 1: Weapon Expertise (Bow)

Ranger at-will 1: Nimble Strike
Ranger at-will 1: Careful Attack
Ranger encounter 1: Evasive Strike
Ranger daily 1: Split the Tree

Adventurer's Kit, Leather Armor (+2 AC), Longbow (1d10), Climber's Kit, Rations, Trail, Sunrods (6), Dagger (6)

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Ryndal - Male Dwarf Shaman (Players Handbook 2)

Str 7, Con 15, Dex 12, Int 13, Wis 18, Cha 7.

Str 7, Con 13, Dex 12, Int 13, Wis 16, Cha 7.

AC: 13 = 10 (Base) + 2 (Armor) + 1 (dex)
Fort: 13 Reflex: 11 Will: 15
HP: 27 Surges: 9 Surge Value: 6

Heal + 9, Insight + 9, Nature +9, Perception +9

Acrobatics +1, Arcana + 1, Athletics - 2, Bluff -2, Diplomacy -2, Dungeoneering +6, Endurance + 4, History + 1, Intimidate -2, Religion + 1, Stealth + 1, Streetwise -2, Thievery +1

Level 1: Shared Healing Spirit


At Will

Spirits Shield
Protecting Strike
Wrath of Winter


Healing Spirit
Call of the Ancestral Warrior


Wrath of the Spirit World


Adventurer's pack - Leather Armor - Totem (the horn from a Boar that my best friend as a youth killed - shortly before he was slain by the boar's mate)

Background to follow in a PM

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Attatched PDF.

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Find MapTools at www.rptools.net

also several other goodies there


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Roxxas, level 3
Human *players handbook
Fighter *players handbook

starting ability scores

Str 18, Con 15, Dex 14, Int 11, Wis 12, Cha 11.

Final Ability scores

Str 21 (18+2(human choice)(+1award)), Con 15, Dex 14, Int 11, Wis 12, Cha 11.

AC: 18 = 10 (Base) + 7 (Armor) + 1 (level)
Fort: 19 Reflex: 14 Will: 13
HP: 42 Surges: 11 Surge Value: 10

Athletics + 11, Endurance + 8, Heal + 7, Intimidate + 5,

Untrained Skills
Acrobatics + 3, Arcana + 1, Bluff + 1, Diplomacy + 1, Dungeoneering + 2, History + 1, Insight + 2, Nature + 2, Perception + 2, Religion + 1, Stealth + 3, streetwise + 1, Thievery +3

Armor Proficiency (plate)
Weapon Proficiency (Bastard Sword)
Battle-Scarred Veteran

Fighter At will - Crushing Surge
Fighter At will - Cleave
Fighter At will - Footwork Lure
Fighter Encounter - Spinning Sweep
Fighter Encounter - Dance Of Steel
Fighter Daily - Brute Strike
Fighter Daily - Boundless Endurance

Adventures Kit, Backpack, Scale Armor (+7ac), Frost Bastard Sword (1d10)

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Excellent - looks like we have at least 4 PCs - and a well rounded group at that


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Agreed, it looks like we are well rounded. I wouldn't mind adding a 5th PC, but it looks like we have a party that will cover all the bases. I'm looking forward to Friday.

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Is the tentative plan to use MapTools then?

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Sounds like a plan

even square maps w black walls will work wonders

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So, 10pm EST tomorrow?

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Sorry folks - was just unable to stay awake

Will try it again next Friday

Was quite well run imo

Hope I did not miss too much



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A few points were brought up at the end of the session that I would like to address.

Experience and leveling. I again, in an effort to maintain story over mechanics, will be handling leveling and experience differently than usual. You will accumulate experience normally after each encounter however; levels will only be gained after your character has sought out someone of the same class and has been “trained” in the new skills and powers. (This makes worlds more sense to me as your character must gain practice with what they already knew. A familiarity with the powers they possess before they can return to their ‘master’ and become exposed to a variety of new abilities) We will roleplay this out to suit our needs. It also gives the characters a good reason to return to the major cities in between adventures. I will allow the accumulation of exp into the next levels so when you go to the ‘master’ you can level more than once if you have enough exp. I like this idea better than spontaneous powers erupting from your character with no explanation of how they learned them.

Awarding experience. I will award experience based on several different things. As I already stated above you will gain exp normally from encounters however; I find the book to be rather restrictive on how it awards exp compared to many other games I have run it is pretty obvious by now I enjoy making the game unique and to that extent I will ‘award’ exp on several different factors. (you are probably asking yourself why did he put quotes around the word ‘award’) well to answer that fantastic question! We will hold on the forums the Exp Emmys.
You each will nominate ANOTHER PLAYER and give a short (one sentence) explanation on why you believe they should receive the award. You can nominate them for more than one award (DO NOT NOMINATE YOURSELF) After all this isn’t begging for exp, it’s an awards ceremony. The categories are in two groups: Individual awards, (your nomination of other players) and Group awards (I do this for everyone you do not nominate for these). ONLY one player will typically receive the award, but players may receive multiple awards. These I call personal awards. There are also group awards where everyone splits the award equally. I choose group awards myself.

Areas where I award ONE character exp as a prize: (or personal awards)

Roleplaying, should be pretty obvious

Humor, again pretty obvious

Heroism, did this character do something that is heroic even for that character.

Honesty, I make mistakes. Sometimes in your favor, sometimes against, if I make a mistake in your favor and that player speaks up and correct a mistake that would have benefited them, they may qualify for this award

Motivation, This player/character helped to drive the storyline and keep us on track, or maybe even driven us on a different, but good, story based on that characters background

Dialogue, not just idle chat but meaningful story that helps define that character (yes this is kind of tied into the roleplaying award)

Leadership, fairly obvious but was he/she a good leader? (and just having the skill does not count)

Best rolls, well they get this for dumb luck, did they have the crucial lucky roll that helped the whole team? Or one incredible roll that just made everyone take notice?

Consistency, is that character the same figure that his background describes? (and yes as the game goes on I will accept growth and change of character. But is it consistent with the story and events he has gone through) I am looking to avoid having a character that is described as lawful good but always attacks first and steals.

Most deserved of a point, this award goes to a character that might have done something that does not fall into another category but still deserves exp for it.

Strategy, if they come up with a really good strategy that turns out to be effective (or really should have worked if it weren’t for that pesky GM)

Smarts, if there is a puzzle, or problem, or trap, that needs to be solved and they come up with the solution, they qualify

Skills, did this character have the best skill set for the job and really use them when it was critical? They should get this award

Areas where I award MORE than one character: (or group awards)

Survival, if you live to the awards ceremony you usually qualify

Objectives, usually a GM secret

Threat, the more nastiness that you face the bigger award this can be, if instead you chose to run and hide, well… no soup for you!

Teamwork, if you’re not too busy burying your knifes into each other’s backs you can get this pretty easily. With really good teamwork you might even score a double award on this one.

So this seems like a good time to start an award ceremony! And the nominees are:

(insert your post here)
--- Merged from Double Post ---
On a totally different note, how would you rate my game? Any suggestions for making things more fun? Anything you would change if you were running the show? If you have any constructive criticism I would gladly hear it.

08-01-2009, 05:28 PM
This is award cerimony is really interesting, and just reminded me of some of the good moments during our session.

Here goes my nominees.

Roleplaying: Ryndal and his constant quest for Ale!

Humor: Ryndal, who didn't laugh at the dwarf's implacable thirst?

Heroism: though he wasn't with us Roxxas (UndeadJack) at the time, his character certainly deserves it for facing 4 goblins at a time.

Honesty, I make mistakes: I don't recall any situation where you made mistakes in our favor or anything, we usually tried to clarify things before they even arouse so I would have to nominate everyone for helping find the rules. If I had to vote for someone specific, then Ryndal as he seemed to have the most knowledge of the game.

Motivation: Again, only have a little background info for this award as we only had 1 session, but I would have to go with Ryndal for this one, he certainly helped us with the idea to talk with the first guard (even if it was just for the ale).

Dialogue: Ryndal again, his dialogues were smart and certainly helped

Leadership: Hard time deciding between Ryndal and Lerek, but I will vote for Lerek because of how he was able to take the reigns on the Goblins attack near the end of the session.

Best rolls: Can we vote based on the "funniest roll"? If so, my vote goes to Lerek and his excellent natural 1 perception check when scouting the barn and discovering that "Everything is fine! That flying thing is certainly not a Dragon, just a funny looking cloud.".

Consistency: To vote on this one I would need to know everyone's background a little better. Everyone played their roles nicely I think, that is, from the start to finish, no one did anything inconsistent with their starting attitude. A.k.a, can't decide.

Most deserved of a point: Roxxas (UndeadJack), he arrived late (totaly understandable by the way, so don't take this as a critic), but managed to get a quick grip of the situation.

Strategy: Ryndal, he deserves for the good use of his healing powers during the arena fight.

Smarts: Lerek, starting the goblin march day with a few gold coins was very good.

Skills: Lerek, nice perception checks, even with a penalty did a nice intimidate on our guide which allowed us to find out about the small object of power that seems to be the source of the troubles in the region.

Finally, as for criticism, I can't think of anything right now. The game was well handled. Personally I had fun, you played the NPCs nicely and they all certainly had something to say even with the most strange questions (was fun being able to play my character personal quest to find anything about The Red Knight).

If I think of anything, I'll certainly post it.

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Act I Summary:

Our brave adventurers made their way into the heart of an enormous kingdom and struggled to find a way to meet with the king. They discovered an arena in the middle of the city where they spent some time gaining renown and coinage by besting a band of goblins. After that victory, the arena master offered them a job, stating that he would pay for any young monsters that he might be able to train to fight. As the party headed out into the city, a man from a country village requested the party's aid in defeating a group of goblins that were plaguing their town. The party took on the challenge and made way to the small farming community.

After arriving at the town, the party realized they were deceived. The town's children were behaving like wild animals, the crops were booming, and it was clear that the Goblin's were not attacking, but instead searching the town for something. The mayor promised a Royal Marquis, a ticket to see the king, as a reward to ridding the town of the problem. He held back information, but was finally forced to reveal that some of the children in the town found a magic item and brought it back to the town just before the changes. Anyone near the object became covetous of it so they buried it. Soon their crops began to grow at triple their normal rate, however all of their children turned feral. The mayor was convinced to show the adventurers the location of the object, and even approaching it they were able to feel its pull and the intensity of its magical power. That evening a gaggle of goblins struck another home. The dwarven shaman slept on, dreaming of ale and bearded dwarven women, while the others went to investigate.

A large house on the outskirts of the town was being searched by the goblins. For some reason they had ushered the inhabitants out and were not interested in attacking the heroes, whom they clearly outnumbered. The group managed to communicate with a very large goblin and convinced them, with the aid of a couple of gold coins, to follow the party to the unusual object. The party of a human, a high elf, a wild elf, and 10 goblins made their way where the object was buried. The goblins quickly recovered it and ran off north into the hills. The adventurers followed until they made their way into a mysterious cave. Despite the compulsion to follow the mysterious object, the group held back in time to watch a spirit materialize and slay each and every goblin prior to taking the item into the vault and sealing up the enormous stone door behind it.

Stay tuned for Act II.

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would i be able to miss out on this award nomination..seeing as i was pretty late getting into it ?

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I will be on the Vent server Thursday from about 7-10pm, I would like to get some pre-game stuff sorted so we can start with the story right away on Friday. If you have the time pop on vent.

08-07-2009, 06:02 PM
Hey everyone, just posting a small bullet point summary of the talk we (me, theonebigone and UndeadJack/Roxxas) had yesterday about game mechanics.

In order to make the game more interesting, we talked about some ideas Theonebigone had for our campaign, which are:

- Backgrounds: Considering that everyone took their time to make interesting backgrounds, and that we don't know each others background or even how the group met. He talked about the possibility of having a "flashback" to the initial days of the group to see when they met each other and how we came together. The 3 of us agreed that this could possibly be done after we finish our current quest, perhaps going to a tavern and talking about the old days or something like that.

It is up to the everyone to agree if we will have this flashback and when, though bear in mind that to make some sense, we would have such adventure at lvl 1.

- Magic: Two things came up about magic: (i) name items and new magic items; and (ii) how magic appears in the world.

In regard to the first topic, theonebigone had the very interesting idea of, first, use the magic items listed in the book more to have a basis for the magic items than to follow it by heart. That is, we may find the listed magical items, but it is very likely that we will find new and unique items with different powers and abilities. We all agreed that this is very good as all magic items seem a little bland.

The second idea regarding the topic was "name items", this idea is based on a game system created by the same people that made shadowrun (but it is in the same world but before the age of shadowrun) [forgot what it was called]. Basicaly, this game system worked with a renown system, for instance, you didn't gain experience, but the more renown your character had, the stronger he became; same thing worked for items, if you had this sword, such as the Sting from Bilbo/Frodo, the more you used the sword, the stronger your bond with it and the more that your enemies feared it, the stronger it got. In this way, simple objects that though do not have any particular powers at the moment, may acquire magical properties, or even get stronger magical properties.

We also thought this was an interesting concept, but again, everything is up to the unanimous consent.

Regarding magic in general, we talked about the idea that magic would not be restricted to the ones listed, and would sometimes have greater and more powerful or unusual capabilities; the idea is to make the magic in the world something mysterious and unique. (We had a small sample of this in the Arena, where the arrows could not cross the edge of the arena pit, for instance).

- World in general: Another discussion was about the world in general, to try and sum it up, we would try not to limit the world to just Dungeons and Dragons (literally), but try and improve every kingdom, every region with unique settings that would all blend together, for instance, we could travel to a world somewhat similar to Iron Kingdoms, with steam powered machines; or reach other worlds similar to Eberron and so on. It would be the actual game settings, but the worlds would have their unique characteristics through the mix of a lot of different ideas.

Again, this could certainly prove interesting to give the game a lot of more flavor, instead of us simply going from village with goblin problem, to village with bugbear problem, to village with ogre problem, and so on. It is interesting and the three of us don't have any problems with mixing a lot of things in our D&D game.

- Level up and teaching: As we talked before in the very end of our last session, leveling up shouldn't consist of simply "After killing all those goblins I suddenly feel more powerful!"; but with trying to find masters/stronger individuals in or arts (or other arts if we want to multiclass) and learning from them.

This would work both ways, in that we can either be a student or a teacher. We would be able to try and seek students who wish to be taught by us and take them in our journeys trying to teach them how to fight, our skills and so on. They would work somewhat as companions, not hirelings, as such, we would need to teach them well and not backstab or use them as sacrificial pawns.

Jointly with this idea, theonebigone talked about maybe adding an additional skill "learning/teaching", which would aid us in being taught and teaching/finding better students.

Interesting idea in my personal opinion.

These are the points that I remember, if Roxxas or theonebigone would like to add something else, please feel free. Also, if anyone else would like to add an additional suggestion, feel free to do so.

Lastly, this summary of yesterday is simply to speed things up, as I believe everyone would like to get into the game quickly today. So read up, see what you think and if in doubt we can always simply give it a try. As our GM stressed many times, we can always adapt and gear the game towards something else if we don't like or find something uninteresting.

08-07-2009, 07:36 PM
Great summation V. I don’t have much to add to that except the name of the game that was the past for Shadowrun was Earthdawn. I do really want to incorporate the naming experience of that gem of a game. The concept that the more widely known your items of power are known, and the more of a name they make for themselves, the more power and greater “experience” the items gain was always a very exciting concept to me. Having enemies run when they hear the name of your bow or hammer or even better, when they recognize it by the way it looks or shines (or when its powerful enough: the way it emits a glow) has always held a certain draw for me. I think it can add a very interesting element to the game.

In other news discussed last night: the vent server is just that, a server. It’s always on so feel free to meet up with each other in-between games for any discussions you may need. All I ask is that you are respectful to the wishes of the owners. (flyck and justin mainly.)
Tonight is a go for launch! I am logged onto vent and the Maptools will be started around 8:30-9:00. 

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i can fill him in my friend just has to get his character sheet up and what not

08-13-2009, 10:08 PM

08-14-2009, 12:36 AM
Roleplaying, Jon he did a good job at asking questions and playing his character

Humor, not too sure about this one

Heroism, Jon with fighting the jellies and the arena

Honesty, n/a

Motivation, Jon with talking to the king and the village leader convincing them to leave their town

Dialogue, Jon with always keeping the chat going between the group

Leadership, Jon helped lead the group with strong speaking and also taking a step up with decisions of stuff to do etc

Best rolls, Jon with his high damage dailies

Consistency, is that character the same figure that his background describes? not too sure on this one

Most deserved of a point, n/a

Strategy, not really sure on this one ether

Smarts, lerek with the goblins and thinking of giving them a gold

Skills, not sure
--- Merged from Double Post ---
yea he decided to pick out a dwarf paladin the stats will be posted early morning not the best of healers but can do
--- Merged from Double Post ---
well sad to say my friend cannot join in tonight he may be able to at a later date but he said when he went into work they asked him to come back tonight

08-14-2009, 09:31 PM
I need to drop the game as well guys. I was originally looking for a Sunday session and I have to work too many Saturday mornings to play so late on a Friday night. I wish you all the best of luck.


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08-21-2009, 06:42 PM
Hey guys,
Here's my characters starting stats and everything

Reks, level 1
Human, Rogue
Build: Trickster Rogue
Rogue Tactics: Artful Dodger

Str 15, Con 6, Dex 17, Int 14, Wis 14, Cha 15.

Str 15, Con 4, Dex 17, Int 14, Wis 14, Cha 15.

AC: 15 Fort: 13 Reflex: 16 Will: 13
HP: 23 Surges: 4 Surge Value: 5

Insight +7, Stealth +8, Thievery +8, Perception +7, Bluff +7, Athletics +7, Acrobatics +8

Arcana +2, Diplomacy +2, Dungeoneering +2, Endurance -2, Heal +2, History +2, Intimidate +2, Nature +2, Religion +2, Streetwise +2

Human: Toughness
Level 1: Backstabber

Rogue at-will 1: Deft Strike
Rogue at-will 1: Sly Flourish
Human: Riposte Strike
Rogue encounter 1: Positioning Strike
Rogue daily 1: Trick Strike

Dagger, Short sword, Hand Crossbow, Climber's Kit, Grappling Hook, Thieves' Tools, Adventurer's Kit, Leather Armor
--- Merged from Double Post ---
just so you know

PMed my character background to you thebigone

08-21-2009, 10:08 PM
I leveled up Rann, added Familiar Arcana feat and created a familiar (Puff). Still working on Puff but he will be in the shape of a Fairy Dragon. Per the rewards discussion, I took 75 of my XP and converted it to +1 to Int.

Attached: PDF of char sheet, history, MapTool of Rann and Puff, and power cards.

Rann Xerox, level 2
Elf, Wizard
Arcane Implement Mastery: Orb of Imposition

Str 16, Con 15, Dex 18, Int 18, Wis 18, Cha 11.

AC: 15 Fort: 14 Reflex: 15 Will: 17
HP: 29 Surges: 8 Surge Value: 7

Arcana +10, Perception +12, Insight +10, History +10, Nature +12

Acrobatics +5, Bluff +1, Diplomacy +1, Dungeoneering +5, Endurance +3, Heal +5, Intimidate +1, Religion +5, Stealth +5, Streetwise +1, Thievery +5, Athletics +4

Wizard: Alchemist
Level 1: Initiate of the Old Faith
Level 2: Arcane Familiar

Wizard at-will 1: Thunderwave
Wizard at-will 1: Cloud of Daggers
Initiate of the Old Faith: Grasping Claws
Wizard encounter 1: Icy Terrain
Wizard daily 1: Phantom Chasm
Wizard daily 1 Spellbook: Sleep
Wizard utility 2: Arcane Insight
Wizard utility 2 Spellbook: Shield

Spellbook, Adventurer's Kit, Implement, Orb, Longbow, Longspear, Arrows (60), Cloth Armor (Basic Clothing), Holy Symbol, Alchemist's Acid (level 1), Alchemist's Fire (level 1), Alchemist's Frost (level 1), Alchemical Reagents (Arcana), Instrument, Lute, Knife, Hunting, Arrow, Standard with bulb, Arrow, Stone Bitting, Arrow, Grappling Hook, Arrow, Bladed, Arrow, Signal, Arrow, Blunt, Powder, Blinding
Alchemist's Acid, Alchemist's Fire, Alchemist's Frost, Tangle Root

08-21-2009, 10:27 PM
revision for my characters stats
Str 15, Con 10, Dex 18 (+1 from award), Int 14, Wis 14, Cha 15.

AC: 15 Fort: 13 Reflex: 16 Will: 13
HP: 27 Surges: 6 Surge Value: 6

sorry about that

08-22-2009, 04:21 AM
Well, figured it would be best to do it right now.

After losing their friends Ryndal and Lerek in the maze like city, our heroes Roxxas and Jon saw that the matter was getting quite urgent and that they needed to move and get the feathers of the great eagles of Grey Mountain.

After a fair deal of shopping for resources, and a pet pseudodragon, Jon and Roxxas entered a portal and, through considerable magical powers, were instantly teleported to the border with the South Kingdom.

A simple bribe managed to obtain the necessary information to continue their journey onwards.

Walking through the road towards the Grey Mountains, our friends ended interrupting an Orcish meal of an elven wizard who had, much to his own surprise, been teleported to the prime plane, right near a starving Orc and two goblins.

A battle ensued and our heroes prevailed and managed to rescue the elven wizard, who time and time again proved that spells seem to often fail near him (possibly why he was accidently teleported to the prime plane).

They pressed onward where a visit to the local Inn for a much needed rest and a new an exquisite drink known as Lemonade (which seemed to charm Roxxas), resulted in a theft of Jon's gold purse.

A chase given by the enraged Eladrin and the surprised and calm wizard elf (while Roxxas stayed and enjoyed more of the fantastic beverage), resulted in a quick confrontation and the apprehension of the thief known as Reks.

After a good deal of persuasion by the wizard Rann Xerox, Jon's anger finally subsided in favor of the advantages having such a deft rogue could prove. But he decided to refrain from returning all of his weapons until he had proved to be loyal.

After a good rest in the woods, they finally returned to the Inn to find Roxxas, relaxed and at ease after some lemonade and a soft bed.

Though somewhat angered by the total lack of aid from his friend, our heroes decided to leave at that and proceed with their journey for, after all, Roxxas certainly needed the rest. So all was well and good.

Strangely on the road they meet a group of 4 knights who named themselves as the "T R O L" and were taking a bounded woman as a prisoner by order of their majesty, the queen of the Iron Kingdom.

Despite his attempt to learn who the woman was, Jon's insistence to remain on the road (something his friends were very much against, but in his zealous belief in his deity he couldn't not allow it to pass) resulted in a fierce and deadly battle against the powerful knights.

The battle was long and deadly. Jon stood his ground, side by side with his pet dragon, while Rann ran off into the woods and attempted to use his arcane abilities. Stealthily and quickly Reks disappeared into the woods to save the bounded woman.

After a series of miscasted spells which made the wizard give up his magic and favor his bow, and while Jon and his dragon faced 3 strong knights, luckily surviving thanks to the money well spent on healing potions; Reks managed to save the woman from the fourth knight and escape into the woods.

Soon after the wizard, with elven dexterity, followed him while Jon, hoping that the short time spent with the beast had been enough to earn its loyalty, attempted to order his pseudodragon to flee and find him later. The last on the field, and greatly overwhelmed, Jon used his people's powers to teleport into the woods and escape with his friends.

They ran through the night, being chased by 2 of the knights while who knows what the other knights were doing. All elven and thieving skills proved useless to escape from their pursuers.

Finally, at a crossroads, Jon ungaged the woman to try and obtain some answers to just what he had gotten himself, and his friends, into.

Who is the woman? How come the knights manage to thwart all their plans? And when will they finally complete the king's quest for the feathers of the Eagles?

All this, or perhaps not, may be found out at the next session; Stay tuned.

One question: What are we going to do about the previous sessions awards? Are we going to have the same awards to vote for in this last session? What were the spoils of our last adventure (from the dead goblin, the orc and the experiences from both encounters - I'm assuming our "battle" with Reks isn't going to give any experience)

08-23-2009, 03:15 PM
Just so that I am not confused (which is a normal state of mind for me :biggrin:), could you post your char. name along with your name or the name you liked to be called (you too DM).

I play Rann Xerox (also my pen name). My name is Patrick.


08-24-2009, 07:07 AM
I play Reks. My name is Jay

Hopefully that will ease some of your confusion Patrick :biggrin:

08-24-2009, 10:38 PM
Hey - Is there room for another? I am a veteran player of D&D. Luv the new 4th edition. I've nvr played a pbp game, but I've been looking...

What days are u playing on now? If u use Ventrilo, that is great. Used to use it all the time in my R6 days of online shooting!

08-27-2009, 03:45 PM

08-27-2009, 03:55 PM
hello my character name is Roxxas and my name is Dan

08-28-2009, 04:37 PM

08-29-2009, 12:08 PM

08-29-2009, 07:55 PM
Note: I posted this before reading Jon's post above so yea, I came to the same conclusion. One thing that seems odd is if you became a fish, would you be able to swim and breath underwater? If you became a snake, could you slither? How about a burrowing animal? Could you burrow then breath under ground? And you would think that they would come right out and say what you can and cannot do with it without figuring it out by looking at other powers. In fact, I looked and there are no added feats for being a fish or a worm or anything else that has a movement other then ground. Then is it also that once you take the "Black Harbinger", can you now fly with other shapes such as an eagle or just the raven?

Ha, I love finding the odd in the game. Wait till you see my next feat, "Familiar Arcane" :plane:

I was looking at what direction to take may PC at later levels and so was looking at the druid and noted the 6th LV ability "Black Harbinger". This notes that
"Effect: Until the end of the encounter, you can use wild
shape to assume the form of a Tiny raven. In this form,
you gain a fly speed equal to your speed, and your
walking speed becomes 2. You can’t attack, pick up anything,
or manipulate objects.
Until this power ends, you can use wild shape to
change among this form, another beast form, and your
humanoid form."
Being more familiar with Polymorph Self from 2nd Ed, I was playing it as such. This seems to be a clarification of the Wild Shape power in that you cannot fly in a typical use of the power since the above mentioned power at 6th LV would seem pointless if taken. Another thing I noted was that you CAN change into Fey creatures so this opens up the power to other not typical types.

Just thought I would clarify and I will start using the power as such.

08-30-2009, 11:04 AM

08-30-2009, 02:27 PM
Wild Shape:
Per the 1st and 2nd ed rules, when you polymorphed, you became that creature, ie, you gained any physical attributes such as natural AC, locomotion (speed, mode such as swim or fly, etc) eye sight, etc but you maintained your HP.

Mostly you had to use that form a bit to get use to it and as far as flight, I would assume you could role play out repeatedly jumping off a tower and trying to learn to fly while you hit the ground 9x out of 10. Druids were restricted to "natural creatures" and neither the wizard nor the druid gave you any magical ability if the creature had it. Size was not a limitation.

This is the 4th fricken edition and its not that I think the power should be more powerful because I will end up DMing some bloke with this myself someday. I just want things to make sense right out of the book without a lot of house rules and it looks like Wild Shape is lacking that continuity.

Familiar Arcane:
It notes that you can be creative with your familiar (hence, fairy dragon for an elf) and so I am going to look at the examples of the familiars and take from them to build him and let Nick approve or tweak. Some of the rules are interesting and I understand what they are trying to do. Ever read "Order of the Stick"? There is a running joke about "V" having a familiar that is never seen until someone says... "hey V, don't you have a familiar" and then it pops into existence. How many games have you seen that happen. I also understand trying to help the DM control player time in that you do not want certain players hogging up game time from, say, the fight types. If I understand the idea behind the familiar, it is almost like the books/movie Stardust in that the familiar is a outside piece of your soul. But then I think you loose some of the roleplaying aspects of a familar, est. ones like the Imp that are little demons who maybe serving two masters and has to be kept on a short leash. We'll see how it plays out.

Being that this is my first 4ed game, I am almost play testing the game to get a feel for it. I may DM a game and want to have the rules down firmly before doing so. I might DM one for U-Con in Ann Harbor this year.

08-30-2009, 10:42 PM

08-31-2009, 01:32 PM
Wild Shape:
One of the things that I did play into my use of the Wild Shape is that the only magic I uses was cantrips because they do not need VSM type components (although there is no notes that any of the spells actually do other then when you have to point or aim or speak a word). But that begs the question: how about if you change into a humanoid shape such as a dwarf or human? You should be able to cast spells but the description makes it sound as if you can only use things that have the beast power word.

Familiar Arcane:
Hm, I think that disagree with the familiar point as far as a "build" in that why would there be only the very limited number of builds in a multi-dimensional universe? The very idea that those few would be the ONLY choices for every magic using race across the fey would seem a bit limiting as creatures of other races would have familiars of their own world or understanding that also have traits that would be more inline with that type of creature. Take the cat familiar, why would that be the only one that has the ability to exceed the space limit? Why not the Imp or the dragon? Or the ability to see what the familiar sees? Again, why not the Imp or dragon. And say you have a wizard that is an underwater race. None of the familiar types fit and other abilities would seem to make sense for it.

Saving Throws:
Yea, I have been listening to the Penny Arcade on the WotC podcast while they play through some 4ed adventures. Since they have WotC person who helped create the game that he is DMing, you hear how the rules are meant to be played. Saving throws is one of them and yes, they do use a 1d20 with 10 or higher for saves which seems odd because you normally have to save vs your bonuses vs the wizards bonuses/level. So if you have a 20 LV cleric, you can as easily/hard save from their affects as you can a 1 LV one. I understand they are trying to make things simple to reduce the math during combat but that seems a bit odd to me.

08-31-2009, 06:00 PM

09-05-2009, 09:30 AM
5th session summary:

After successfully acquiring a feather from the great Eagle of the Grey Mountain, thanks to the stealthy work of Reks; our heroes made their way back to the town at the foot of the mountains.

Upon reaching the town, the group noticed that an inspection point had been established in the town gates, thoroughly examining those going in and out of the town. Apparently they were searching for something which may have entered into the body of living creatures as well as a group of wanted individuals.

Unwilling to take their chances of exposing themselves and maybe be confirmed as the suspects, at the exception of our great fighter Roxxas who had refrained from doing “illegal” actions in favor of a glass of lemonade, our heroes took different roads to enter the, now under heavy surveillance, town.

Using their shapeshifting, teleporting and more mundane abilities to slip past the inspection without raising suspicion, the group went to a bar to relax after their exhausting feather gathering expedition, while Jon quickly went to search for the princess so they could resume their journey back to the King.

After managing to enter the inn room, Jon learned that the annoying princess wasn’t so defenseless as he had hoped, having knocked the man guarding her unconscious, tying the man to a chair and fleeing from the Inn to take shelter at the keep.

Without any means of acquiring more information and the other choice of action of invading the keep being considerably risky, Roxxas persuaded Jon to turn his thoughts back to the original quest they had set out to do, the safe delivery of the feather to the king.

The group once again slipped past the town inspection and journeyed their way back to the Capital (using capital letter as it will be its “name”), accompanied, however, by a new servant, an Iron Defender that was acquired from the town’s mage guild by Jon.

The road was, luckily, easy and without events, the only time they stopped was when Jon tried to recover his unnaturally large Pseudodragon, but the creature was no where to be found.

Upon reaching the border, however, the group saw a frightening sight. A huge army had been posted just near the border line and they were conducting another through inspection of all how tried to cross it.

The group tried to slip past the army, but that proved to be a fooslish endeavor as the sheer number of watchers made it impossible to slip unnoticed, at the exception of the mighty wizard Rann, who slipped unnoticed in his bear form.

To their luck, and while they were already debating who would be the sacrificial pawn to hold of an entire army (if that would be at all possible) while the others ran to cross the border, the inspection was only concerned with discovering if any of them had been infected by the man killing creature they had seen in the small village that was destroyed. (Luckily they did not have the princess anymore, as that would probably be the moment she would choose to flee)

Crossing the border, the group went to the border post of the Middle Kingdom (calling it only for convenience purposes, if you have a different name please correct me) to use the powerful teleporting device to reach the Capital.

As in their past experience, the teleporting device functioned quickly and without worries and the group found themselves in one of the many layers that form the Capital. Roxxas and Jon, though already familiar with the scenario, were still mildly taken back by the impressiveness of the city, while their friends Reks and Rann were quite surprised with its size, diversity and wealth; though it should be noted that Rann was not impressed in a marveled way, as the huge city, sadly, lacked the beauties of the forests of his homeland.

The group quickly made their way to the King, and after another series of long waiting procedures, finally earned their audience to present the Feather.

The worries of Jon and Roxxas were quickly dissipated as the king informed them that they had completed the quest even before the deadline; glad to see the object in his hands (or magical powers) the King offered to turn smaller feathers Reks had collected into gold as well, but instead the rogue preferred to sell them for a very good price, a just reward for the man who made it all possible.

Jon was questioned about his undiplomatic intervention in the “rescue/kidnap” of the Princess, and in his firm belief in his Goddess’ words he was not considering himself guilty of wrongdoing, only of failing to succeed in his holy quest. The King informed him that the sacrifice is a usual practice in the southern kingdom, and that he as well had the same mark of the princess; but was in some way able to escape such fate.

The king calmed Jon informing that his men were already trying to rescue the princess and bring her to the capital, and that the dangers of the man-eating creatures were not something to concern themselves.

More pressing matters, however, were needed to be taken care of by the group. They are to reach the Tomb of the Old King once more, there they are to aid the Capital’s Archmage in rescuing the King’s man and buying a few more years time for the Middle Kingdom to prepare for the old king’s awakening.

Roxxas intended to ask the King further questions regarding his past, as had been promised to him by the King, but before he could even speak the question, a Pit Fiend suddenly appeared in the hall challenging the King to a duel, and the King, unafraid, rose to the meet it in battle.

The heroes quickly escaped and took a much need bath and new underpants after the ordeal. They where guided to the simplest of the treasury rooms of the Capital to receive their rewards.

After acquiring some considerably valuable items, the group split for a time as Rann was not interested in the blood sport his companions had set out to do in the Arena, preferring to learn more about the history of the Kingdom in the library.

Reks, Roxxas and Jon meet the Arena master for another risky chance to double their rewards. Before their turn, however, they meet the current Arena Champion, a great warrior who was just finishing his battle with a Mindflayer.

Afterwards, the announcer spoke his words and the group made their way into the Arena, while entering it, Jon suddenly hit the jackpot when he found a small bag with 200 GP on the ground.

The battle against the Troll was fierce, but they did not expect the new surprise element of the rogue and its sneak attacks making a fight with a single creature fairly easier to the group.

They collected the much needed gold from the Arena Master and spend some time at a tavern before heading out by horseback to the Tomb of the Old King. Rann left first thing in the morning, before his companions, as he refused to ride a horse, it was not the way of his people.

After paying the considerably prices for their mounts the group meet up again at the now abandoned nearby village and left their horses guarded by the Iron Defender, something that Jon couldn’t help but doing in his concern for the sacred creatures, while they made their way to the tomb on foot, the only possible mean.

Reaching the place Jon and Roxxas noted how the nearby area seemed scorched, a fairly different sight than what it was when they had been there before.

And, perhaps because he had already had been in contact with the magic in the area, Jon was able to feel it stronger than Rann, but the experience proved only painful and non informative, earning him a laughing scorn of some yet unknown entity.

The Archmage arrived just on time, though if he could manipulate the hourglass to do so or not is unknown to the group, nonetheless he was there and granted the group passage inside. He also gave them a scroll and a flask containing some sort of liquid and told them to go as far as they could inside the tomb, pour the liquid in a circle, place the scroll in the middle and speak the magical words he taught to the group.

So, with goods in hand, the group entered the tomb. After a series of unsuccessful attempts to spot the many traps that lay about, the group was still able to reach a crossing uninjured. There, looking at the three paths that could be taken and a group of undead skeletons which as of yet seem to be only standing, our adventures pondered on their next course of action.

Will our heroes be quick in their quest? Or will they try to obtain part or all of the many treasures that lay in the Tomb? Will Jon and Roxxas once again experience the afterlife? Will Jon and Roxxas finally develop a memory that doesn’t last only 5 second and with that be able to remember the instructions given by the Archmage?

Perhaps some answers will be found during the next session.

09-05-2009, 02:15 PM
That was a great session yesterday. You have only one mistake I could see Jon, that was that the king was not able to turn the smaller feather into gold.
And yeah flanking with rogues seems pretty good...can't wait till I can reach paragon tier and develop the ability to increase my weapon damage size by one possibly. On the another note, thanks thebigone for reminding me of my roots last night if the town wasn't as guarded I probably would have chanced it...it doesn't pay to let my skills rust.

Again great game see you all next week. On that note I might only be able to play till 2 next week due to classes starting again :(

09-06-2009, 04:04 PM

09-06-2009, 05:03 PM

09-07-2009, 11:37 AM

09-08-2009, 12:47 AM
Wow, that was another great session I think. I really lucked out for magical loot but I believe now that Jon is filthy rich compared to the rest of us.

Thank you again Nick for sticking it out with us for about 8 hours...you truly go above and beyond despite saying that you wanted to have a short session today.

See you all Friday :biggrin:

09-08-2009, 10:44 AM
I think that its almost funny how much we avoid combat. It makes a lot of sense story wise because I think that is far more real life. Take the Orcs in the farm town, we just said forget it, they are not bothering us. Same with trying to explore more of the kings tomb. We did what we came to do and then left. We do need a good dungeon delve just to get some loot. At this point, getting ready to level to 3, I still don't have any magical items - stuff we would find during adventuring.

Thanks Nick for another great game.

09-09-2009, 12:13 AM
Summary of Sixth Session:

When the party finds out that the skeletons were harmless after rolling a giant rock over them, they proceeded to explore deeper into the tomb of the ancient king.

With the combined effort of Reks, Jon, and Rann, our heroes discover and open a secret doorway, which to the horror of Jon and Roxxas, contained the strange idol that summoned a spiritual guardian that would slay anything trying to take the idol.

Pulling the light fingered rogue and Rann from the mesmerizing effect of the statue, the party decides to split up into two groups to delve deeper into the tomb.

Using their arcane abilities, Jon and Rann go down the passage that the giant boulder blocked up and encounter Jon's worst fears, JELLIES.

After several unsuccessful attempts at harming the jellies, Rann and Jon flee for their lives. Rann taking the brunt of the damage from the Jellies.

The stalwart warrior Roxxas invoked a tactical retreat when he spied the guardian of the tomb again. Reks seeing Roxxas retreat decided that possibly this new enemy was too much for him to handle alone and ran after Roxxas.

The party meets again in the room where the animated (but harmless) skeletons are and suddenly remember that they had a task to do. When the Jellies catch up Jon and Rann.

The party grimly hold off the accursed jellies while Jon devoted all his concentration into the ritual that the archmage insisted needed to be completed.

Just as things were looking dire, the party was finally about to obliterate the confounded jellies and Jon was able to remember the last words needed to complete the ritual.

For some reason or another the guardian decided to ignore our heroes and instead pulls out a battered, broken and bloodied body from the walls. After some urging by Jon, the party reluctantly decides to help save this individual.

With the wounded man secure, the party hastily backtracks their way to the entrance of the tomb where they are confronted with a large and very deep pit where there used to be solid floor.

Must time was spent consulting the Dwarven Engineering Corps, as the party rack their brains attempting to figure out how to safely transport an injured person over a 5 ft gap.

More time passes, and the party is eventually able to safely exit the tomb along with their new burden.

When the archmage refused to help transport the severely wounded man to safety, the party collect their horses and ride to the nearby abandoned town, thinking that they would be able to find the supplies needed to at least stabilize the wounded blood mage.

Jon had other plans and raced to the Captial to announce the completion of the mission given by the King, confident that the injured blood mage would be adequately taken care of by his companions.

After arriving in the village and dragging the blood mage into the mayor's house, Reks and Rann disappear on their own personal errands, leaving Roxxas to babysit the unconscious man.

Many disturbances in the night caused Reks to lose a lot of sleep, as both a large squadron of undead march by, as well as a large group of goblins decided to come loot the outskirts of the now abandoned town.

In the morning, the party was confronted with the blood mage's underlings, vainly trying to enter the mayor's house to tend to their master. Deciding that they wanted absolutely nothing to do with the mage's disciples, the party use threats of bloodshed to ward off the attempts at help.

When they finally reach the capital, the party decide to teleport to the castle and go through another lengthy process to see the king, who was not available.

Collecting their rewards from the steward, the party splits up again deciding to meet a few days later at their favorite tavern as each of them pursue their own matters.

Jon, Roxxas, and Reks decide to chance fighting in the arena again to increase their meager coins. After a long battle with three vicious crocodiles, the battered party receive their winnings, and Jon is placed on probation again as the Arena Master was extremely put out again because Jon killed yet another one of his creatures.

What awaits our heroes next? Will they contribute to another delay to the encroaching darkness prophesied? Or will they accelerate the process?


Ok well that's my summary, let me know if I missed anything.

Cheers :D

09-09-2009, 02:48 PM

09-09-2009, 06:31 PM

If so happens, we can do only with ventrilo and possibly an online dice roller (either here at pen and paper games or invisible castle) and, in the event that we do have combat, maybe use a chess board grid for positioning.

Either way, all will work out I believe.

Why? I love the maptools Nick has been doing and it really makes the game come to life.

09-09-2009, 08:29 PM

09-10-2009, 05:32 PM

09-10-2009, 09:39 PM

09-11-2009, 12:31 PM

09-11-2009, 04:19 PM
hey its alright man i understand u got a life its all good and if for some reason we can play at some point pm me or send an email to me Darkroxas_123@hotmail.com, i should be good to play whenever

09-11-2009, 05:23 PM

09-11-2009, 09:16 PM
Imagining a situation, my character drinks 5 belt potions, uses second wind and takes a short rest to heal after combat. During this short rest, he would only be allowed to use 3 healing surges (healing at most 75% of his life) and, until his next extended rest, he won't be able to use any more healing surges and, therefore, can't heal even if drinking healing potions!

I'm not in your game, but I've been following along. If there is space for another, I'd be game...?

Anyways, you are correct about the usage of healing surges. There is a more efficient way to heal, though, outside of combat.

Your clerics (or similar healers), can use their divinity powers to heal. They are usually minor actions, but only twice in an encounter. If used outside of combat, you would need to short rest (5mins) in order for those to replenish.

Once combat is over, let the cleric using his 'healing word' (or similar power) to boost the effects of your healing surge. Don't just simply use a healing surge. Why? The cleric usually adds a 1d6 + his wis (or attribute bonus) to your healing surge score.

Doing it this way might mean it takes 10-15 mins between encounters (given the time ofcourse) to get fully healed, instead of 5 mins. No big deal usually.

Example-The lead defender of the group has 8hp out of 36 left. Combat ends. The cleric uses 'healing word' twice on the fighter. The fighter's healing surge value is 9. Each surge in combo with the cleric's healing word would heal 9+1d6 (3) +(cleric's con modifier-lets say +3) = 15hp healed.

Hope this helps u guys out. :cool:

09-13-2009, 03:39 PM
Thanks that would work if we had said leaders/healers...

I guess Jon will just have to stay addicted to potions or Nick can exercise his DM powers and make it so that potions give hit points instead of chance of using a surge... Depends how generous he feels.

See you all next week :D

Hope you are having a good time overseas Nick!

09-13-2009, 05:06 PM

09-13-2009, 05:16 PM

09-13-2009, 05:47 PM

09-13-2009, 06:49 PM

09-14-2009, 09:04 PM
Having completed their quest to the King, and earned a considerable amount of gold in the arena (at the exception of Rann who was further learning his affinity with his familiar and how he could conjure it to the prime), our heroes found themselves in the Capital full of opportunities and, at last, with nothing but their own desires to guide their next effort.

Jon decided to speak with his master, and learned a little of what is going on with him and the strange voice he keeps hearing inside his mind. Afterwards, he decided to acquire the necessary materials and invest his gold in powering his blade and armor with his attuned element of lightening.

Rann had a very interesting and unique experience with a water essence, and attempted to attune himself to whatever manner of creature it was. Having thus succeeded, he felt he was one step closer to reaching out to it, something was still missing though. Mayhap the journey with his teacher from the Elven Guild would aid him in that.

Roxxas, on the other hand, decided that the life of a Fighter is better spent with a guild of his peers where he can further his abilities and have the comforting knowledge of having a strong organization at his side.

Our dashing Rogue, seemed even dashier has no one could spot him! Put all were assured that he watched them from a safe and hidden distance, something that may yet again save the three.

Thus, Roxxas came to his companions with news of a quest, something that the guild he applied to had deemed sufficient for him to prove himself worthy of joining them. Rann and Jon offered their helping hands to his companion new endeavor, not only for the possibility of gold, but because it seemed of great importance to Roxxas, friendship at its best.

The quest began; our heroes had to go to a mine of a very valuable and important material for the construction of the airships, which had been assaulted by Dragonborns. None knew why they turned against the King's peace, but the damages were undeniable.

For his efforts, Roxxas would receive 150 GP, and our heroes would receive none from the guild. Nonetheless, they were entitled to anything they could find and carry, including some minerals.

Ready to move to the teleport pad, our cheap heroes decided to walk in the huge Capital, instead of taking the inter-Capital teleport to reach the borderland teleport pad. Well, after all, 3 gold pieces don't fall from the sky even if Jon already found 200 simply laying on the floor.

After talking to the teleport operator, our heroes discovered two issues: First, the teleport pad located at the mines' entrance had been deactivated by the Dragonborn; Second, the closest teleport pad to the location was, at least, a good 7 days walk from the mine (if you knew how to get there that is).

Seeing the opportunity for a chance to get more gold, our heroes promptly volunteered to aid in the reactivation of the teleport pad, an endeavor that would require the assistance of one of the teleport operators who would join them during their travel and earn the party a small amount of 80 GP.

So, having no choice but to pay the 3 Gold Pieces to teleport to the closest location, our heroes, the operator, Rann's teacher and mayhap our dashing Rogue hidden in the shadows, went for their 7 days walk.

Blinded by their sense of duty, even though none could be called an adherent follower of the law, our heroes quickly entered an Inn, bought a map and left on their quest without even exploring their surroundings.

Mayhap the fact they didn't take their time to explore the location, and possibly find a guide, or even worse, the Innkeeper feeling they were quite a rude group decided to give them a poorly drawn map (which the absolute lack of skill of our heroes in orientation and map reading only seemed to contribute), our heroes spent their first day walking around aimlessly.

The following morning, seeing some deer for breakfast, our heroes quickly went into hunting mode. With a craving for good meat instead of rations, Jon lunged himself on the deer, quite stealthy surprisingly, only to find that they were a lure for fools to become the breakfast of a larger creature. Such is the food chain.

Luckily, the racial powers of the Eladrin once again saved his skin when in a scared reaction Jon teleport to safety and almost burned his shoes running away (his affinity to lightning certainly showed during this run that would even make Usain Bolt proud). So our heroes decided rations were their best bet, or maybe some very small animals that possibly fall on their nightly traps.

With forced marches and only quick 4hs rests (which only seemed good enough for the Eladrin's meditation and his Steel dog), our heroes pushed forth to their destination, correcting the path as both elves tried to read the map bought, for quite a good amount, from the Innkeeper.

On their third day of the march, they spotted a horrible scene. A village had been burned and destroyed, the bodies of the villagers laid in a huge pyre, and almost everything was destroyed (save for a magical item lvl 7, a magical item lvl 4 and 225 Gold Pieces which our heroes strangely enough found on the village but didn't yet have time to properly see what the items were).

Mayhaps a recollection of past events contributed to what happened that night, but the fact is that our heroes suddenly awoke to a strange Jon fighting a death match with Rann's teacher and crushing his sword and possibly the teacher as well.

Laughing and craving for the blood of the Fey master, a partially masked Jon lunged forward for the killing blow. But, suddenly stopped and after some strange inner discussion his companions only got part of, the half-mask was stripped of Jon's face by his free hand, and Jon fell exhausted to the ground.

His companions looked in fear and disbelief at what happened, but kept quiet in the face of his companion. Jon, feeling more tired than he ever felt, discovered that not even his race meditation rest would be enough to recover, and fell asleep for the first time in his life.

It was a short rest, after all, for a race that doesn't sleep, one hour is more than enough to fully recover. Still shocked if that wasn't because of his new found powers, his companions just kept a hidden eye on his friend, which still didn't share what happened to him with them.

The next morning our heroes discovered further evidence of the Dragonborn who killed the villagers (which our heroes believe was a band of 17). Once again with horrible recollections of his past, Jon urged all forward to seek revenge for the villagers.

During their forced march they heard faint and tranquil sounds of fey songs. Roxxas simply ignored, Rann stopped to listen, enjoy and memorize, Jon closed his ears and pushed himself onward, least depression struck the banished elf.

They once again stopped to rest, but this time, a group of 3 scouts spotted them and tried to move in for the kill.

Surprisingly, our heroes were well aware of them and readied themselves to face them in Battle.

The battle began. A scout charged blindly Jon's metallic companion and Jon himself who was already hearing the callings of the other entity inside him. Another crossed swords with the mighty Fighter, only to be shocked by the man's enormous strength and, seeing a quick opening when the Fighter fumbled with his blade, tried to flee from the Battle.

Finally, the third one move around the campfire to meet the Wizard in battle. The Wizard seeing this made his magic movements, spoke the words of power and casted a strong charm effect to put his attacker to sleep. But the foe did not yield yet, drowsy approaching the Wizard, he readied his blade to an attack while the empty handed Wizard faced steel and armor in close combat with only his fists readied.

The dices will be cast, the Wizard will attack his foe trying to copy a monk movement he only read about, and the Dragonborn may launch his final sword swing before falling to the charms of the Wizard's spell.

But, amidst this unlikely duel, a few steps further, behind the metallic construct and the Dragonborn scout which faced the Iron Defender, the Eladrin had a wicked smile on his face apparently some sort of trap was ready to be sprung or something far worse than the scouts was going to make its appearance.

Will our heroes stop the scouts from killing them or even warning of their presence? Why does the Eladrin smile while looking to his companion who is facing unlikely odds? And will the dashing Rogue finally creep out of the shadows and deal a devastating assault to any of the Scouts?

The conclusion of this battle and more are to follow in our next session. Stay tuned!

09-14-2009, 09:50 PM
jon i must say goodjob on all the writing you do
cant wait till friday

09-14-2009, 11:11 PM

09-15-2009, 02:12 AM
Don't worry too much about your grammar or spelling Jon, it's adds charm to your submissions. Wow, sounds like I missed a good time, I didn't know my character was "dashing"...backstabbing yes, greedy yes, mostly looking for shiny things yes, but dashing....ah well.

Yeah I will be there for Friday's session unless some horrible happens...ie a power out or something.

See you all Friday

09-17-2009, 10:17 PM
hey guys im just letting you know that il be an hour late i wont get home till a bit late so il be able to play still just wanted to let you know i wont be there right away

09-18-2009, 02:44 PM

09-19-2009, 01:01 PM

09-19-2009, 01:22 PM
One thing before I begin, if everyone is willing, how about we seize the opportunity with Nick's vacation period and do a session today at late night? (If Nick is free as well, obviously).

Now, Picking up where we left off,
Our heroes faced the mighty Dragonborn. Rann quickly fought with himself on what was he going to do, finally just cursed and tried to shove his bow shaft (minor correction, he was wielding his bow before) while the dragonborn hit him with his blade.

Before both combatants hit each other, the Eladrin had already teleported his foe away and set him up against the correct foe, Jon. (With the first of the many natural 20s that seemed to come during the night)

Rann, free from his attacker, that was able to shrug of his sleep power, took a better position and hit him with his killing arrows.

The foe recoiled in pain, but stood his group, until the Swordmage, with an enormous sound blast appeared one step closer in the blink of an eye, dealing a devastating critical blow to the Dragonborn which attacked his metallic dog.

Both scouts, facing the killer arrows and the furious Eladrin, not to mention the metallic living construct, decided to turn and flee.

Sadly, with a quick combined effort, the metallic construct dealt a killing blow to his original attacker, while the other was killed by yet another devastating critical blow from the high elf.

On the other side, Roxxas managed to catch up to his attacker with a charge, that the dragonborn was already waiting for, ending with an absolute miss.

Meeting sword against sword, the attacker stood no chance against the Giant strength of the Fighter, being easy prey for his blade. With the due assistance of another of the impetuous arrows of the Wizard.

Once the battle was finished, Jon searched for any hint of who this Dragonborn may be. When he finally managed to find the strange cloth with an unique symbol, Reks finally made it out of the woods, tired from all the running after his friends.

The group decided to lift camp to move before more scouts showed up, but they didn't manage to reach far until Reks gave out from exhaustion, and they had to stop to rest. Rann, feeling somewhat rested decided to only rest for 3hs and then keep watch, either from foes during the night or his friend turning crazed once more.

The Eladrin kept watch, alone with his sleepless Steel creature, and saw no dangers. But the creature was sharp indeed, with its night vision it spotted something and quickly got up into an alerted posture. Jon seeing his creature getting riled up, decided to wake everyone since more of the Dragonborn could be about.

What was there was far worst. Though it didn't come with a Mist (only saw the movie so can't make more references to the book), some strange manner of creatures lurked nearby. Crazy or bravely, but most likely the first, Jon simply wondered into whatever was making the strange sounds of leather on leather and blocking their view around their small rest site.

Once he got near it, he was engulfed. His friends saw it with frightful and yet groggy eyes, how the Eladrin vanished in the night and the rope kept getting pulled further and further in without anyone to grab it (yeah.....so sad that was).

In the mist of this strange swarm, Jon was being tossed about, losing all sense of direction. He thus lit one of his sunrods, and the vision was terrifying. A countless number of flying insectoid creatures swarmed around them, and the foolish Eladrin was right in the middle of it.

Seeing the light, the creatures quickly plucked into it giving a small chance for it to propagate properly. The Eladrin got desperate, losing senses, hearing nothing but the strong strange sounds the creatures did when they slammed constantly on each other in this massive swarm, with his failing will, the other entity inside him only got stronger, almost taking hold of the now, almost willing, Jon.

Quickly though, with a divine communication system from Reks, Jon quickly used his dimensional thunder attack and, with the exploding sound wave, managed to open a small path towards his friends. In this instant, his race training and meddling with the arcana once more saved him, as he teleported to safety again (luck is still with him with this move).

Getting there, the sundrod was once again immediately swarmed by some creatures. And the group finally saw them clearer. A strange black insect that, when Jon tried to kill it, exploded in a blob of highly corrosive acid.

Tossing it in the ground, he turned to the frightened group. Rann was already testing many different shapes to try and cower underground. Reks was looking for a bush to hide behind it. Roxxas simply stood there flexing his huge muscles.

Much debating went, and Jon tried another move to simply light up a fire and see how smart these creatures where. Sadly though, the plan did not go quite as well as simply a smaller circle of creatures was formed around the fire.

Jon decided to simply forget about them and was already getting to his meditating position, the lack of need to sleep probably made it easier to rest for the Eladrin... But the group immediately condoned that idea.

Again a strange and divine sound came out of nowhere, saying: "I will give you a hint. What do insects truly hate? Remember how the fire didn't work, what is the opposite of fire?" Without any better plan, the group accepted this divine advice, and with a careful thinking by Reks, the group used one of the many powerful arrows of Rann.

Rann at first cowered at the idea of getting up-close to the creatures, but after much convincing, yielded to the group. So with a blast of thunderwave and all three magical ice arrows held by Rann, the group made it across. Somehow.

(I am not sure, but I remember we got the hell away from the during the night. Jon got the creature piece of the one he killed, when did Rann get his again?)

The group ran during the night, but the elf and the rogue didn't have the stamina for it. Quickly collapsing one after the other.

Falling prey to exhaustion again, they had to stop and get a true full 6hs rest. Jon, seeing it was pointless to try and carry Reks in his iron defender when Rann also passed out, decided to help them to their beds and mount his lone watch again.

Earlier during the night, Jon had heard a strange conversation in his mind, the entity inside him spoke with another being in a very strange language. This time, in the silence of the night and with a sharp perception (like the 5th natural 20 already, lol), he was able to better discern the conversation, but only managed to get 2 separated words until he could hear it no more.

The second hour passed uneventful. But the third hour, again with a sharp perception (6th natural 20, it was a bizarre night), Jon spotted a lurking shadow 30 feet away from the group. He tried to discern what it was, but it eluded his better judgment, so he whispered to his creature to keep his passed out friends safe, and in the blink of an eye, appeared in front of the night walker.

Blade in hand, Jon asked the human who he was. The black figure had a medallion on his neck with a metallic symbol with very similar drawing to the one found with the Dragonborn, but the strong figure only laughed at the feeble attempt of Jon to face him.

A powerful sleep attack was cast, Jon stumbled forward, trying to catch something from the man, but failing terribly due to the drowsiness and lack of skill. (Was getting confident with persistent natural 20s, only way this would work, obviously).

But being a high elf saved Jon again, his race powerful will was enough to overcome the spell and face his opponent with a stronger resolve. The man, however, only laughed before turning fierce with the Eladrin's constant lack of respect.

The man turned into a more savage creature, a vampire, and used his commanding influence to make the Eladrin turn away. It again failed against the Eladrin's unbendable will, though Jon already had some cold sweat sensing the man's monstrous strength.

After being impressed with the strong resistance of the elf, the creature vanishes with a last warning, saying that if they value their lives, they should flee this place. A good warning, for now.

The remaining of the night was uneventful. And the group finally got up. They quickly kept going towards the mine until, they came up on a cliff 30 feet wide (sadly the standard measure on distances for cliffs, holes, pits and what not; now that the Eladrin started to teleport more often).

As usual, cliffs present a major issue for our dwarfless and gnomeless party. So, much debating was in order until the group finally agreed on Reks plan to move across the rope.

Reks quickly got through, Rann’s teacher simply kept on walking forward like it was nothing, Roxxas easily got through with his endless athletic skill, the teleport tech guy, though scared, got across. Rann, cautious and a little scared decided to change into a human sized monkey and use all hands and tail to grab on the rope and carefully and slowly move across (without looking down).

Seeing as this time the Engineering book was not with Jon, after the pulley idea, Jon was already saying he would find them later after spotting a bridge.

However, Reks, who had quickly gotten hold of the book after seeing the limitless thieving possibilities it presented, came up with a nice plan to get Jon and his steel construct across.

After the debating and long hours of moving cross, it finally ended with Jon and the construct teleporting to the other side when they had covered enough distance.

Afterwards, the group reached the mining village. It was devastated, assaulted by some unknown creature and with huge footprint on the ground leading westward (the group was near the northern border of the Kingdom).

The teleport pad was covered in stone, at first Roxxas bulldozered over them with his steroid powered strength, but that seemed to drain him and he did fairly poorly afterwards.

Rann and Reks struggled a bit, and the weakest of them all, Jon, barely did anything until another of his, weighted?, rolls made him be able to contribute a little to the effort.

After all the hard effort of the group, the teleport guy, in barely 1h, managed to get the shop working and a group of city guards came about to defend the teleport pad.

So, it had finally come to the mine.

The group came into the mine, and found some of the mining equipment, but no bodies of any dead miners, or any sign of violence at all. They found some of the places for gathering of materials, and Jon and Roxxas grabbed some of the weighted belts to hold them down, while Rann and Reks filled their backpacks with rocks instead.

Extremely cautious the group proceeded onward. Jon, Roxxas and Reks were eager to quickly explore the two fronts, and making sure their backs were covered by the other group, but Rann was extremely against dividing the group.

Even though the objections, the group split and covered ground quickly, until only one path extended forward, the path with a strange location, one that did not seem part of the mine, but rather predated it.

There, in a room full of tapestries and terrifying terrified statues of humanoid creatures, Rann took some time to carefully examine the place.

He found some interesting mechanisms, but he decided against the little Reks and Jon inner devils telling him to push it, goint the absolute other way even deciding not to let his companions know about them, least they pushed it themselves.

Reks and Jon kept going forward, and came to a halt when a red carpet started to pull Reks down, inside what seemed to be an acid pool. Jon in a quick reaction to save his friend teleported him back to a somewhat safer, and not sinking, location and they both quickly stepped back from the strange red carpet.

After much pondering and consulting, they decided to use the magical lifting ore to hover to the other side, a nice plan for the sneaky rogue.
They reached another great room, one which seemed to be a detention area for prisoners, none was there however, and after not spotting anything inside it, the group pushed onward.

Another room opened up, and the possibility of it being a vampire den increased when the group found 4 sarcophagus, 2 male and 2 female figures covered the sarcophagus (one figure for each). Even the curious Eladrin didn’t want to pry it open, remembering the dangerous previous encounter with the vampire lord.

Reks and Jon kept moving forward, until Reks was attracted by a shiny box. Jon kept going a little further down the hall, ignoring the actions of the rogue.

Cautious, and feeling it must be a trap even though he didn’t see any traps. And also feeling it must be locked and trying to pick, whatever the hell he could, open. Reks finally decided it was a safe and unlocked box and opened it.

Sadly, all his examining didn’t help him realize it was a mimmick. The creature quickly gnawed at his hand. Roxxas charged the little box trying to kill it, but swing hard on the wall with his brute strength. Rann lunged with his spear, and again hitting nothing but the wall. The young baby mimmick, in a frightened reaction thanks to the 3 mighty warriors ganging up on it, couldn’t even keep its grip on Reks.

Jon walked up, looked at the strange scene of his friends ganging up against a baby mimmick (and only hitting the wall, though if that was intentional to just be cruel and scare the poor little creature, he couldn't tell) decided it was up to him to slay the beast (after all, it was most likely he would kill it later in the arena anyway).

With another unbelievable display of swordsmanship, the Eladrin did a devastating critical attack that cut the creature clean in half.

Proud of his victory, the Eladrin decided to keep the creature as a souvenir and trophy, having to fight over it with Rann who quickly fell over it trying to keep it as some specimen remain for future alchemy experiments. (Sorry though Rann, but I had dibs and said I wanted it first. And damn, we thought the rogue was the greedy one).

After this fierce and exhausting battle, the party kept going down the hall. In another bizarre coincidence where the Eladrin seemed to be able to spot anything (probably because I had the laser eye surgery, it effected the bizarre amounts of natural 20s), and with another quick and firm eye from the Fighter (funny how me and Roxxas with the lowest perception check got natural 20s and were able to see things), the group spotted in a throne room 2 strange creatures talking in almost grunt manners.

Not one for talk, Reks assaulted them from afar with a devastating sling attack. The creature fell on the ground in great pain while the other struggled to try and heal it. Rann seeing the pathetic creatures react that way simply strolled in the throne room examining the place and finding another device on the throne.

This time, Rann decided to tell Reks of it, and, like it was expected, the Rogue quickly pushed it and opened a stairway to an unknown location. Jon, ever talktive, and intrigued by the reaction of the creatures, decided to come and take a closer look upon them, following with Roxxas down another hall.

Reks and Rann kept going down and down on the endless staircase. Jon and Roxxas approached the creatures, Jon using his animal handling with an amazing roll (last natural 20 of the night and probably the 10th or 12thI got on that session, lol, still shocked by that) tried to calm the almost bestial creatures while asking Roxxas' aid to heal the injured one and try to obtain some sort of information of where our heroes are.

The group is split. Rann and Reks are 3-4 stories below Jon and Roxxas, Jon and Roxxas are trying to obtain information from strange humanoid bestial creatures in a strange hall that seems to have some air current.

What will the Rogue and the Wizard find there? If there is trouble, will the front line fighters have reached them before it is too late? Will Jon and Roxxas get anything from the creatures? What is down the hall they are in?

What seemed to be a simple mission has already lasted 10 days, the group is low on resources (food and water), tired, and a great deal of questions were left unanswered this time.

Will or next session bring light to this, or is this the end of the line for our heroes and the beginning of their Vampire existence (if that)?

Don’t miss the next session.

09-19-2009, 02:04 PM
yea if we can get one in im good at anytime if not o well =)

09-19-2009, 04:17 PM
Thanks Roxxas, was waiting for someone to post after me to put up my award nominees. Otherwise it would merge with the summary and make a mess of things.

Also, great, 2 people are already up for a satuday session!

Candidates for the awards:

Roleplaying: My favorite roleplayer is Reks, he always plays his crafty rogue well, searching for shiny things. And plays the classical rogue too, getting in a great deal of trouble. That seems to me that is his character alright.

Humor: This one will come as a surprise, but my vote goes to Roxxas. I just can't help but laugh at the times he goes: I move up and attack with my crushing surge! And misses with a +13 attack roll....such bad luck.

Besides Roxxas, I also want to nominate Reks, as I always get a smile or a laugh when either me or him, or both of us more often than not, are the curious guys pressing all levers, buttons, etc etc. Total self disregard out of plain old curiosity.

Heroism: Roxxas, he stood in front of the Jelly when I was finishing the ritual to lock the Old King. Granted he fleed afterwards, but that was only because I had finished, he was already almost dead and I told him to run.

Honesty, I make mistakes: Reks, he spotted how we were using the attack of opportunity wrong.

Motivation: Roxxas, this current quest was his idea after all.

Dialogue: Hmm....right now we had few dialogues outside of inner party conversation to try and solve puzzles. But, based on those few, I give the dialogue to Roxxas as he tried to get info about his past, and got us the current quest.

Leadership: This one will be tied with the puzzle one, as I think Reks did a fairly good job taking the reins and solving and leading us out of the puzzles.

Best rolls: Rann's teacher with his acrobatic check to walk on the rope to cross the cliff and later on to jump across the red carpet. I jest, I jest, hmm.....Roxxas bulldozer roll to clear the tower.

Consistency: Rann, though I would like to have a chance and start learning everyones background; I believe Rann is the most consistent one.

Most deserved of a point: Rann, why? I like his ever cautious actions when trouble hits us hard, so it isn't the Heroism award, but still something.

Also, after our saturday Warhammer 40k, couldn't help but get back here and edit this out, because I think Rann also deserves this for his absurd amount of knowledge with Maptools....I mean the guy learned how to do even the most complicated things with it faster than Jon can teleport around....

I really should learn at least a little of what he knows....

Strategy: Strategy I feel is the battle strategy, like if the guy owned the field of battle either by leading the group to victory in the encounter or good combat tactics.

That said, I give the award to Reks, ever seeking to do his maximun damage output flanking and moving in when needed.

Smarts: Reks, he solved all puzzles during the last session, don't have to say anything besides that.

Skills: This one I shall give to no one. Why? I think all of us need a good pluck in the ear to expend the extra experience points in new skills. (I want to see everyone using a good deal of the experience points we get from this award cerimony learning new skills in the Capital - so save gold and exp for skill training)

09-19-2009, 09:14 PM

09-19-2009, 09:35 PM

09-19-2009, 09:50 PM
im talking with reks he cant make it

09-20-2009, 10:09 AM
I cannot make it, go without me.

09-20-2009, 10:39 AM
Hey guys,

Saturday night we didn't continue our 4e game as we didn't have everyone to do that (only me and Roxxas as players).

So what happened, and I think it's a great way to spend time when we don't have the full group to play the game in mid-sessions, was play a different game.

We started a Warhammer 40k: Inquisitor game with just me and Roxxas as the players and Nick GMing for us. I personally never played the Warhammer 40k tabletop, but it seemed simple and interesting game. We didn't get very far, however, as we didn't have much time and still needed the quick intro to rules and character making.

So, Reks and Rann, rest assured you didn't miss anything in the 4e game, though the new system we tried for fun was interesting and the story started nice.

I'll try to post a "Paralel World Summary" in the even there are any mid-sessions just for fun (obviously, of those that I can make it to the game), so everyone can read up, because these paralel stories may be interesting just to read for fun or to give people more creativitiy with what we could do in our main game.

Briefly talking to Nick he said it is not necessary to play Warhammer 40k every mid-session fun passtime (though I want to know what happens in that story), and that opens a good chance to try new systems and I want to try later on a Earthdawn game (Not sure how many paralel stories Nick would like to try though).

Last note, don't forget to, before our 4e friday session, post your award candidates so we can get to the fun quickly. (I believe only pending matters to resolve before Friday session begins may be the awards and sorting what magical items we got in the Village)

09-21-2009, 10:17 PM
I am a big Rifts fan from Palladium. If you guys, including you Nick, would like me to run a in between game sometime, let me know. I will draw up a few PCs for you to choose from and do a quick dirty one timer.

09-21-2009, 10:25 PM

09-21-2009, 11:04 PM
haha if that were to ever come up someone would have to explain granted ive been rping for awhile its only been in two games vampire and d&d

09-21-2009, 11:15 PM

09-22-2009, 03:48 PM
well i must say i agree with jon im up for anything to try just pm me or email me =)

09-22-2009, 06:00 PM
My response for the awards ceremony

Roleplay - Rann as he is always portraying his race as a moon elf to near perfection

Humor - Roxxas with his inability to lay the smack down on a tiny jewelery box with a +13 to hit

Honesty - I can't really say what to do with this so I wont' give it to anyone

Motivation - Roxxas, since the quest we are on is his so that's all the motivation the party needs he's helping to drive the story.

Dialogue -I would have to say Jon with his love for talking to the enemy regardless if he can take them or not...

Leadership - Rann as he always is trying to make sure that the party is safe and secure at all times

Heroism - Roxxas, for facing the horrid slimes in order to defend Jon while he was busy incanting the spell in the tomb way back when.

Best Rolls - Definitely Jon, with his 8 or 9 crits in a session

Consistency - Rann since his characters views never change

Most deserved of a point - Roxxas even if he fails a lot of +13 to attack with his crushing surge its the thought that counts

Strategy - This one was tough since it was an even split between Jon and Rann, I would have to say Rann since he always tried to make sure that we could face any enemy with a great chance of success if we STICK TOGETHER...which doesn't happen that often

Smarts - Jon for figuring out how to escape from the swarm of insect like creatures...with a little help from nick

Skills - An equal split betwen Roxxas and Rann, but in the end I think I will vote Rann as he saved our butts a bunch of times with his keen eye sight not that Roxxas' awesome display of being a juice monkey wasn't great...

Well that's everything I think.

Oh yeah in regards to my character's alignment, you said I was not allowed to be unaligned right Nick? In that case he's most likely neutral evil, will do things that help himself...helping the party means that he gets to survive a bit longer with meat shields to back him up, as well as a better chance to collect shinnies later on... so I think that's good enough for the moment for his alignment....what is your opinion?

See you all next game :D

09-22-2009, 11:30 PM

Roleplaying, Reks - Plays his character so well, I feel I know this guy

Humor, Roxxas - For dissing the blood mage's stooges. Priceless.

Heroism, Jon. Although it boarders on foolhardiness.

Honesty, Roxxas - for not stealing while in the abandon village.

Motivation, Again this will go to Reks. We all know what motivates him although Jon came in a close second with his quest.

Dialogue, Reks - when he was talking to the king's steward, I was cringing.

Leadership, Jon - Although Undead, you need to have Roxxas man-up and take over this current adventure, its your training hook ;)

Best rolls, Other then my familiar finding roll =) I think Reks got this but its hard to say.

Consistency, Hmm, Reks and Roxxas seem to play their characters consistently. I will give it to Roxxas.

Most deserved of a point, Reks - The rage on the tiny mimic is worth the point.

Strategy, Reks - He is normally out in front, moving silently (or as quiet as the die will allow) checking for traps, doing what the point man should do (while I'm in the rear with the gear :)

Smarts, Reks. You have to be smart to stay alive as a leather wearing rogue. Knowing when to not fight is also I sign of smarts.

Skills, Jon - he always remembered to add that +2 to my map reading/Nature.
Areas where I award MORE than one character: (or group awards)

Survival, I think we all deserve this one for running in terror from the tomb. We leave that part out when we talk about it over a few grogs at the tavern.

Objectives, Jon - getting the tomb sealed (although we all helped to protect him during this - maybe the whole team.)

Threat, Jon - Went into the insect hoard. LOL and Reks for facing down that 20 ton mimic :P

Teamwork, Again, I think we did a good job of protecting Jon as he got the ritual off in the tomb. I think we sucked rocks on the last one in the mine while we all seem to be doing our own thing.
And Nick - You asked in your awards post to rate your game so on each award post I will start doing so. (1) 5 stars for descriptive narratives. You really bring the world alive and make me feel as if I am there. (2) Instead of making actions responsive to random die roll, allow players to RP their way out of a bad roll. For example, the scouts found our camp due to our fire. Instead, find out details about how me build our camp, where it is, and how we ensure we are hidden (hiding our tracks). If we blow it with the RP, then whack us. (3) I like your non-ridged rule play. You take the best of the rules and discard what does not work. I have played with others who forget that there is no "winning" in RPG, its about having fun.

09-23-2009, 03:11 PM

09-24-2009, 08:39 AM
Last day of vacation... nothing to do all day... anyone up for a mid week crazyness random game thing? Maybe we could invite anyone that reads this and is interested.

In fact if you are interested in playing a randomly selected game of who knows what with the regulars PM me today.

I will be in the car all day driving to Chicago and back. Hope you enjoyed your vacation.

BTW, I see Pen and Paper has a new look. Going green.:D

09-24-2009, 12:23 PM

09-24-2009, 10:23 PM
Roleplaying, Reks - for playing his rouge perfectly

Humor, Reks- for getting attacked by the boxxD

Heroism, Jon. for taking on the role of ritual caster

Honesty, Jon - for being honest with some of the rules we didnt know

Motivation, jon - for helping me with my quest

Dialogue, Reks - when he was talking to the king's steward, I was cringing.

Leadership, Jon - this one goes hand in hand with motivation for me

Best rolls, Jon - with all of his nice crits

Consistency, Ran- keep up with his magical skills

Most deserved of a point, Rann - for helping out with sneaking out of the village and avoiding the encounter

Strategy,Reks - for playing his rouge well, checking traps etc

Smarts, Reks - now im saying this in a good way and also a constructive way, it may have been smart to avoid the buttons etc in the rooms but they may have lead to treasure (which is still possible for us to explore)

Skills, not to be a copy cat but what jon said i agree with, we all need to spend exp and pick some unique skills to help out on our quests

09-24-2009, 11:01 PM
Skills, not to be a copy cat but what jon said i agree with, we all need to spend exp and pick some unique skills to help out on our quests

:lol: LOL. I took cooking as one, Does that count? Its funny, I boned up on my bowing, switched from Ritual to Alchemist to help dish out some extra damage in encounters, and took leather armor so as not to be a walking flesh target but everything else I gear toward RPing. Hey, at least when I die from not being a bad enough battle mage, I will be well RP'ed out and die dramatically.:D

09-25-2009, 04:25 AM

09-25-2009, 07:17 AM

09-25-2009, 05:48 PM
that sucks man
well if you cant just let us know its all good=)

09-25-2009, 06:51 PM
That bites man.

Well take some medicine and get lots of rest I guess.
If we can still play great if not don't sweat it.


09-25-2009, 08:27 PM
Getting yourself well over the weekend so you can go back to work on Monday is more important then the game. If you can't do it tonight, maybe we can do something later in the week.

Yea, I always get sick after being on planes. I over dose on Vitamin C and take sinus meds to before flying.

09-25-2009, 10:49 PM

09-25-2009, 10:57 PM
That's fine by me but it's a group effort so we'll see...


09-25-2009, 11:17 PM
hey id be down for saturday hell even if its a random game :) like we did last week

hope ya feel better nick

09-26-2009, 03:41 PM

09-26-2009, 06:09 PM
alright well im in vent il be afk off and on but il be able to do anything whenever

09-26-2009, 06:43 PM
right I'm on vent now too will be near my computer while i cook and eat supper...I'm good to go whenever as well

09-27-2009, 06:20 AM
In an offical Give 4E the finger gesture we have stopped using the rules. From hence forth we shall use Earthdawn rules.
The story and world will persist. All attributes will convert directly as Earthdawn uses the same 4d6 rolls per attribute. All gear will be converted in a case by case basis if there is not a direct match.
Suggested classes for each character as follows:
Jon - Swordmaster
Roxxas - Warrior
Reks - Thief
Rann - Wizard/Beastmaster

09-27-2009, 10:47 AM
[deleted by me, but spot may be used for more interesting things]

09-27-2009, 04:28 PM
so we are switching over?

I have to get the earthdawn players guide now?

09-27-2009, 05:28 PM

09-28-2009, 11:02 PM
Good News everyone! (futurama anyone?)
Today 11-28-09 I will be delivering my computer to our new house in the Illustrious City of Lansing!

Thats a 16 hour drive!

I will be making this journey all alone and sick as a dog, so wish me luck.

I will be in Mich. this friday... without internet. But I will FIND internet and continue our adventures! Sadly I will once again be without books. Worry not we shall endure!

Welcome to Michigan. Remember, when your balls turn blue from the cold, don't mess with them, they might break off :eek:. Why Lancing, going to MSU? My wife is doing grad school at UofM in Ann Harbor.

09-29-2009, 02:46 PM
haha your gunna be kinda close to me
--- Merged from Double Post ---
well still far but within a few hours

09-29-2009, 11:18 PM
Hey Nick,

I have pretty much finished selecting my talents and stuff for my character using earth dawn equivalent stuff however I was wondering how big an issue you are going to make with weight and such...since armor seems to weigh a lot more than it did in dnd so my character can't carry all the things he used to have...just having 2 50 ft lengths of rope, a grappling hook, his weapons, and an adventurers kit already maxes if not exceeds his max carry weight...

Other than that things are shaping up nicely...still dont' quite get the step system but with time I'll get it I'm sure. I'm sure we will get to work out all the minor details on Friday. As a side note, I named my magical equipment and what I will call my trusty thieving tool. So the ring I will call Foe's Sliver, My bracers will be just Kuroi kote, and my gloves will be called Nimblefingers.
I decided to call my pick, Problem Solver...can't think of a better name at this time...

Let me know if you want me to change anything otherwise talk to you Friday :biggrin:

09-30-2009, 01:46 PM

09-30-2009, 06:16 PM
that's fine you don't have to stress to much over it. Get all your stuff done first then you can think about our game.

Have fun with the move.

10-01-2009, 05:35 PM
OK, so minor problems... the rental wasn't ready like it was supposed to be, the cable guy hasn't hooked up the blasted cable, (I'm at an old friends house typing this) and last but not least I won't have Internet at the new pad before Sunday. Therefore I am couch surfing and generally mooching off old friends that live in the area and attempting to get my stuff moved into a storage unit just waiting for the accursed rental to vacate the previous owners. LONG story short we might have to delay Friday's game to sunday or next week when I finally get this move finished.

No worries. Its nice to have friends you can shack with.

10-02-2009, 04:30 PM

10-02-2009, 11:27 PM

10-03-2009, 01:12 PM
If anyone is still around to play...

Ha, I was in bed by 11, did you ever find anyone to 1:1 with? BTW, did you read my msg I left you about spells?

10-03-2009, 06:56 PM

10-04-2009, 01:36 AM

Personal info:
Race: Elf
Discipline: Battle Mage
Legend Points: 236 (already considering the costs for going to circle 3)
Racial Abilities: Low light vision
Red Eye Effect: To be determined. So far the eaten red eyes have only made Jon's emerald green eyes turn into blood red. It also has made Jon see past violent acts of another eye owner.
Languages: Dwarven, Elven.
Arena: 7 wins - 0 losses. Rank: Pit Dog.

Attributes and Characteristics:

Strength: 13 / 6 / 1D10 (12 + 1 Circle)
Dexterity: 19 / 8 / 2D6 (14 + 2 Racial + 3 award)
Toughness: 10 / 5 / 1D8 (10 - 2 Racial = 8 / 10 is minimun)
Perception: 13 / 6 / 1D10 (12 + 1 Racial)
Willpower: 13 / 6 / 1D10 (11 +1 Racial +1 Circle)
Charisma: 12 / 5 / 1D8 (11+1 Racial)

Death Rating: 43 (-2 From Blood Charm) / Wound Threshold: 8 / Unconscious Rating: 32 / Recovery Test: 2 - Dice 1D8
Karma: Current: 25 / Max: 25 / Dice: 1D6 / Karma Cost: 10 each

Physical Defense / Physical Armor: 12 / 10
Spell Defense / Mystic Armor: 10 / 2
Social Defense: 10
Initiative: 8 - Dice 2D6
Movement / Combat movement: 100 / 50
Carry / Lift : 105 / 210

Melee Weapon (Dex Based): Rank 4 / Talent step: 12 / Dice: 2D10
Thread Weaving (elementalist) (Percep based): Rank 3 / Talent Step: 9 / Dice: 1D8+1D6
Spell Casting (Percep based): Rank 3 / Talent Step: 9 / Dice: 1D8+1D6
Spell Matrix: Rank 3
Durability (Battle Mage - 6/5 each): Rank 3
Karma Ritual: Rank 3

Spells: Being a Battle Mage, Jon must always have more Battle oriented magics than other types. (Unless multiclassing)

Earth Blend: Threads: 0 / Weaving Difficulty: 0 / 7 / Range: Touch (but can be done through a thrown rock at the target) / Duration: 5 + Spell Casting Rank = 8 min. / Effect: Will force + 7 step to difficulty to spot. / Spellcasting DC: Target's Spell Defense
Storm Weapon (Variation of Flame Weapon): Threads: 2 / Weaving Difficulty: 5 / 14 / Range: 10 yards / Duration: 10 + Spell Casting Rank = 13 rounds / Effect: Thunder sounds. +1D4 to damage step, if it rolls more than 4 wielder takes 1 damage. / Spellcasting DC: Weapon Spell Defense
Air Armor (From Arcane Mysteries Book): Threads: 0 / Weaving Difficulty: 0 / 10 / Range: Touch / Duration: 5 + Spell Casting Rank = 8 min. / Effect: Adds + 3 to Physical Armor Rating and + 3 to resit heat exhaustion / Spellcasting DC: Target's Spell Defense
Lightning Dart (Variation of Earth Dart): Threads: 1 / Weaving Difficulty: 5 / 12 / Range: 30 yards / Duration: 1 round / Effect: Will force + 6 damage step. / Spellcasting DC: Target's Spell Defense
Stick Together: Threads: 1 / Weaving Difficulty: 5 / 13 / Range: 25 yards / Duration: 3 + Spell Casting Rank = 6 min. / Effect: Binds 2 targets together (person, object, whatever) - to escape must succeed with a Str test a Will force + 7 step. / Spellcasting DC: Highest of both target's Spell Defense (only one though).

Weapon, Armor and other Miscellaneous Stuff:

1. Eifer - Longsword - Damage Step: 6 (Str) + 5 (Weapon) + 2 (Rank 1 Enchantment) + 3/5 (Enchantment) = 16 / 18 - Dice: 1D20 + 1D6 / 1D20 + 1D10
Eifer is enchanted with lightning, causing an additional +3 damage step at will or a +5 at the cost of 1 strain.
Thread Rank 1 - Grants a +2 steps to Damage and a faint lightning effect.

2. Gwalhir - True elemental spear - Damge Step: 6 (str) + 4 (Weapon) = 10 - Dice: 1D10 + 1D6.

2. Skald's Armor - Padded Leather Armor - Armor Rating: 5 / Mystic Armor: 1 / Social Defense: 3
Skald's Armor is enchanted. At the cost of 1 karma or 1 strain a close attack is retargeted to an adjacent enemy.
+1 Step to any social skill

3. Buckler with the symbol of the Red Knight – Armor Rating: 1 - Buckler Jon bought and drew the symbol of his lady during his karma ritual. It is currently worn in Jon's left arm.

4. Buckler with the a symbol of two lions fightining each other - Armor Rating: 1 - Currently worn in Jon's right upper arm (covering his upper arm and shoulder)
Key Knowledge - Nothing conclusive, only knows that it comes from a tribe in the north that was destroyed during the recent events. The shield is 100+ years old and very well crafted.

5. Holy Symbol of the Red Knight - This acts as Jon's Spell Matrix, and he will expressly refuse to cast any spell (at the exception of raw casting) if not with his Holy Symbol. He believes doing so is unfaithful and impossible for him as his deity is the one who powers his spells. Currently his 5 spells are stored in it.

6. "Living" symbol of the Red Knight - This wooden carved symbol was given to the Obisidman found in the kaer. After touching the ruby like Living Rock, it become somewhat warm, and become almost as if alive. Holding it managed to bring peace of mind, silecing the White Demon for a while. Other effects? No one knows.

7. White Demon Mask - A mask in the shape of the White Demon's face. It is plain white, scary looking and suddenly appeared in Jon's possessions. Unknown Effects (In truth it grants a +2 to physical attributes, but must make a will check against other persona with a -3 penalty to try and maintain control before every action)

8. Calleem (True name of the Artifact) - Sentinent artifact that attached itself to Jon in the form of a metallic bracelet in his left arm. In truth, it is a demonic artifact that Jon managed to bind it to his will and learn its true name. It is attached to Jon's left wrist.
So far the power of the artifact was that it engulfed Jon in a Full shinny armor, with draconic features. However, the Artifact is currently dormant due to the White Demon inside Jon ordering it to do so.
Thread Rank 1 - At Jon's will, Calleem may form a metal gauntlet that is able to form a long spike that hits Jon's enemy. The effect is that at the cost of up to 2x the highest Thread Rank in strain, Jon may increase his attack step by the number of strain points used.
Thread Rank 2 - With its second rank of thread, Calleem first thread rank power is stronger, as well as it gives a +2 to spell defense and physical defense.

8. Necklace - A.k.a. magical bling blings. A large necklace that may be unbraided into a long 50 feet necklace. Theorically it grants the power to spit fire, but no one knows if that is true. It has already three thread ranks, but without the key knowledge, they have no effect. Jon currently wears it on his Neck (After all, who wouldn't wear some magical bling blings?)
Thread Rank 1 -
Thread Rank 2 -
Thread Rank 3 -

9. Blue lizard scale pants - These blue lizard scale pants are in fact simple magical pants that over good protection. Armor Rating: 3
Max Thread Rank: 2
Rank 1: Will grant a +2 to physical defense and +2 to spell defense. Needs to discover the key knowledge and spend the 200 Legend Points though.
Rank 2: No clue. Needs key knowledge and 300 Legend Points.

Blood charms

1. Rest blood charm - Costs 2 permanent damage to apply (recovers after it is removed). At the cost of 1 strain, during a full night rest, the charm may store 1 full night of rest, and that full night of rest may be called upon at any time in the future (effectively giving the benefits of a full night rest without the need of the actual rest).
It has a Depatterning of 1.


Acrobatics (dex based): Rank 7 / Skill Step: 15 / Dice: 1D20 + 1D6
Animal Handling (cha based): Rank 7 / Skill Step: 12 / Dice: 2D10
Artificer (dex based): Rank 6 / Skill Step: 14 / Dice: 1D20 + 1D4
Athletics (toughness based): Rank 7 / Skill Step: 12 / Dice: 2D10
Conversation (cha based): Rank 7 / Skill Step: 13 / Dice: 1D12 + 1D10
History (percep based): Rank 7 / Skill Step: 13 / Dice: 1D12 + 1D10
Leadership (cha based): Rank 7 / Skill Step: 13 / Dice: 1D12 + 1D10
Metal Working (dex based): Rank 6 / Skill Step: 14 / Dice: 1D20 + 1D4
Navigation (percep based): Rank 7 / Skill Step: 13 / Dice: 1D12 + 1D10
Research (percep based): Rank 7 / Skill Step: 13 / Dice: 1D12 + 1D10
Read / Learn Languages (percep based): Rank 6 / Skill Step: 12 / Dice: 2D10
Read / Learn Magic (percep based): Rank 7 / Skill Step: 13 / Dice: 1D12 + 1D10
Sculpturing (dex based): Rank 6 / Skill Step: 14 / Dice: 1D20 + 1D4
Sense Magic (percep based): Rank 8 / Skill Step: 14 / Dice: 1D20 + 1D4
Stealth (dex based): Rank 7 / Skill Step: 15 / Dice: 1D20 + 1D6
Tracking (percep based): Rank 7 / Skill Step: 13 / Dice: 1D12 + 1D10
Warfare (percep based): Rank 5 / Skill Step: 11 / Dice: 1D10 + 1D8
Wilderness (percep based): Rank 6 / Skill Step: 12 / Dice: 2D10


Currency - 57 gold pieces / 781 silver pieces / 2 copper pieces (with him) + 1450 gold pieces (in bank) = 15,851.2 Silver Pieces (being only 1,351.2 with him)

Horse - Normal stats.
Towing ship - Towing ship for carrying up to 5 ton of goods. Being transported by the Essene.
Adventurer's Kit (composed of a backpack, a bedroll, flint and steel, a belt pouch, two (one currently) sunrods, ten days' worth of trail rations, 50 feet of hempen rope, and a waterskin),
3 alchemist fires - 1d8 damage in an area 3x3
10 healing potions (5 potions in belt, 5 in backpack) (Using a healing potion heals a Wound and heals 2D6 Health, or a Recovery Dice +8 steps if you still have those available) ;
Climbing gear - +1 step to climbing
Cloth with strange symbol. Obtained from Dragonborn scouts servants of the vampire lord.
Gimmick remains (Golden tongue and other pieces of the creature) - Pure novelty for now.
Remain of the acidic insect - Pure novelty for now.
Letter - Grants passage in an airship to the West Kingdom.
1 bag of Tracking dust - +1 step for tracking skill
Book rented from the library - This book details the story of the Steward. So far Jon learned from it somethings bout Steamjacks, the Umbrals and the funeral of the Old King. Jon must return this book within 3 weeks (this book was returned - here only for the info learned).
Book on the Magical Bling blings - Rented for 3 weeks
Seal - This Seal identifies the letters with the seal given by the Steward.
Statue Head - Statue taken from the Vampire Den.
Library Card - Grants access to the library in the Capital and allows Jon to rent books.
Fenced Goods from the Butcher's house - Nothing extraordinary, some small jewels, documents related to its shaddy deals of slavery and poison selling.
Seeds of Petunia - Seeds from a petunia 3x times normal size.
Treatise of War by Grand General Gran - Book on warfare.
Banner of the Red Knight - A "japanese" style banner that Jon made and carries around with him. The Symbol of his deity is painted on it, and it is fairly plain to see.
Tactical Roar Log - Log of the ship the Tactical Roar. Apperantly it is a long forgotten ship, a millenia old, that has disappeared and reappeared every now and then. It is written in the forbidden language of the Old King
Scroll on the nature of the White Demon - It is written in an unknown language, though not the forbidden language of the Old King. Jon obtained it from the Lady Seriff, after a harsh battle. At the bottom it also contains the information of a teleport code (Coordinate for a teleport). - Translated word by word.
Memorized words - Jon has in his memory: 2 words of the forbidden language that the was able to hear while reaching the vampire den. 7 Words of the forbidden language he was able to hear in a very short conversation that happened between his White Demon and the Vampire Lord on the way to the Tactical Roar.
Remains of the golden harp - Remains of the golden harp that made everyone sleep in the kaer, destroyed by the White Demon.
Portable symbol of the Red Knight - Just a method for Jon to leave a mark of his deity anywhere he performs something he deems "legendary and worthy of her".

Fenris (Iron Defender - Made of Steel)

Str: 11 / Rank 5 / Dice 1d8
Dex: 14 / Rank 6 / Dice 1d10
Will: 8 / Rank 4 / Dice 1d6
Tough: 8 / Rank 4 / Dice 1d6
Percep: 8 / Rank 4 / Dice 1d6
Cha 8 / Rank 4 / 1d6
Death Rating: 28 / Wound Threshold: 7 / Unconscious Rating: -- / Recovery Test: 2 - Dice 1D6
Physical Defense / Physical Armor: 8 / 7
Spell Defense / Mystic Armor: 5 / 0
Social Defense: ---
Initiative: 6 - Dice 1D10
Abilities: darkvision
Talent Bite Attack: Rank 3 / Step 9 / Dice 1d8 + 1d6
Guard Attack: Immediate reaction if master or other creature appointed by master is attacked - Normal Bite Attack against the attacker.
Purse and Attack: When the Iron Defender makes an opportunity attack it can shift 1 square before or after the attack.

10-04-2009, 01:37 AM
character sheet

10-04-2009, 01:37 AM
Earthdawn Character Sheet slot

Thief Circle 2

Dex 19 Step 8 2d6
Str 15 Step 6 1d10
Toughness 10 Step 5 1d8
Percep 14 Step 6 1d10
Will 14 Step 6 1d10
Cha 15 Step 6 1d10

Karma ritual 4
Melee Weapons 3
Suprise Strike 1
Climbing 1
Silent Walk 1
Lockpick 1

Dagger (4)
Shurikens(10) <--- dont' remember what you said about them so for the moment I wont use them
Light crossbow (I guess its the same as a hand)

Other stuff
Padded leather armor
Travellers garb (package)
Adventurer's kit
Grappling hook
2 50ft ropes
thieves tools (Problem Solver)
2 water skins

Magical items
Nimble fingers (gloves)
Foe's Sliver (ring <- part of a belt link)
Kuroi kote (bracers)
Farslayer (sling)


Lockpicking 13
Stealth 13


Cartography 6
Potions and Alchemy (poisons) 6
Tracking 6
Climbing 10
Thievery 10
Acrobatics 10
Forgery 6
Disguise 6
Streetwise 6
Appraise 10
Negotiate 10
Conversation 6

Language skills
Dwarven 1
language #2 1 point

10-04-2009, 01:38 AM

10-04-2009, 03:36 PM
Though with a long delay, it is finally here:

Last we saw our heroes had split. Rann, Reks and Roxxas were inspecting what lay beneath the throne while Jon, in another crazy effort to talk with anything either animate/sentient or not, raced to catch the strange humanoid creatures.

Under the throne our heroes found a chamber filled with jars on the walls and what seemed to be a resting room. Inspecting the jars they realized they were in truth filled with not just mere humanoid blood, but the blood of a magical creature. Reks attempted to take one of the jars, but was immediately stopped by Rann’s teacher who was able to sense the true dangers those jars represented.

Continuing along the room they found what seemed to be a passage out of the mine, but further exploration was not in their best interest at that moment. So back they went, climbing the endless stair case back to the throne room.

Once they managed to get that far, a very evil and dangerous threat found them. A drow woman assaulted them, realizing they were intruders in her master’s den. To our heroes horror, the drown woman was in truth a vampire.

The fight was fierce, Roxxas and Reks attempted to pin the creature down while Rann quickly moved to a better position to assault the creature from afar. For some unknown reason, the vampire woman preferred targeting Reks, dealing vicious claw attacks to him, that, powered by twisted and black magics, opened wounds that didn’t seem to heal at all.

Things where looking bad to our heroes as the thief was no match for the quick reflexes of a vampire drow, and luck seemed to be running out when she lunged at him trying to bite his neck and possibly inflict the terrible curse upon the Rogue.

But those moments, are in truth, when the luck of a Rogue truly shines. Severely injured from the continuous attacks of 3 mighty adventurers, the vampire drow was already slowing down, and that showed when she attempted to bite the unyielding thief, who, with a quick movement using the endless supply of courage that makes humans fight beyond their limits, managed to avoid the deadly attack and the vampire drown missed him horribly, falling and injuring herself.

Seeing this opportunity, the trademark attack of the steroid powered Fighter made short work of what was left of the broken and battered woman. Women and children beware, for heroes certainly can’t be called valiant, noble and brave for they have already ganged up on a baby gimmick and quickly thereafter ganged up against a woman, nonetheless, it is understandable has this has certainly been their most perilous adventure so far.

Jon on the other hand was not there, he had followed the strange creatures through a chaotic maze, that every turn seemed to only make him more and more lost, even though he felt air blowing from everywhere. Strange and powerful magics worked in this place.

And all his Eladrin speed was to no avail for him, maybe if he was one of the more wild elves, he would be quick enough to catch the strange humanoid creatures, but alas, they had eluded him. Frustrated, he carefully made his way back to where his friends where, luckily the path back was easy.

Just when he was stepping out of the maze, the figure of the vampire lord appeared before him, he was injured, severely injured, and spoke about battling dangerous foes for a long while and how his patience was at its limits. Jon attempted to stop the vampire lord, trying to discover who he fought with and what was going on, but the vampire lord merely ditched his questions.

Angered Jon attempted to grab him by the collar, but the vampire lord was still a much more powerful creature, and teleported behind him. With a last threat before disappearing, the Vampire lord mention that if Jon did not leave this place with his friends, whatever is the essence that possess Jon would be helped by the vampire lord to take control of him, permanently. The creature knew what was inside Jon, but offered no insight to the elf.

Finding his friends, and seeing the terrible injuries of Reks, the friends spoke to each other about what they had found beneath the throne and along the corridor. Learning of the powerful blood beneath the throne, Jon wanted to catch a sample to better understand the threat they were facing, but Reks injuries and further information of what could possibly await them if they took too long to leave this place convinced the Eladrin otherwise. So they made their way back, keeping a guarding position with Jon in the front and Roxxas in the back to try to back their way outside as safely as possible.

Crossing once more the dangerous red carpet using the flying ore, they found the silent Steel defender waiting for their return, and made their way outside of the mine, uneventful.

There, as the fading light of dusk bathed our heroes when they stepped out of the mine, three Dragonborn warriors where waiting for them. Jon stepped forward to talk with the humanoids. The conversation was, sadly, short. The Dragonborn where there for vengeance and demanded that one of the group was given as sacrifice, either willingly or not.

Jon would hear none of it, but before he could even take out his sword, Reks had already made the decision and used his deadly sling to attack one of the dragonborn. Negotiations had ended. The injured Rogue however couldn’t fling his sling right due to the many injuries, and so the bullet passed harmlessly, but was enough to distract one of the dragonborn.

Jon stepped up using his thunder step (Dimensional Thunder only let me teleport 1, so it’s more like a step), and dealt a blow to one of the dragonborn. His Steel defender was ordered to stay back, and cover the Rogue and Wizard. Roxxas made his way to the other side attacking the left most dragonborn, and so our heroes closed a circle against their foes.

For the first time the familiar made its appearance, Puff, formed in the prime plane from the pure essence of water, stepped away from his Master and using his natural invisibility to pass unharmed, moved into position to use his powerful breath weapon to daze 2 of the attackers.

With a powerful display of magic powers from both the Wizard and the magical dragon, our heroes made short work of the helpless dragonborn. Jon cut down one of his attackers, Roxxas impaled the other, and Reks, in a desperate move, dealt a finishing blow with his sling.

The horror was not through though, one of the slaying dragonborn started to dissolve into the ground and left a strange red glowing eye. Powerful magic could be felt emanating from it, but it was neither good nor evil powers. Thinking it may be important to take this with them, Jon asked a hand from Rann to pocket the eye, but as the wizard was trying to carefully put it in Jon’s empty healing potion bottle, the other essence seized control of the Eladrin.

Power it craved, and power it would have. Jon was caught by surprise and the entity appeared stronger than ever, he couldn’t control his actions, being a mere spectator as his hand took hold of the eye and gulped it down.

Suddenly a powerful jolt passed through the Eladrin, terrible visions of horrible events appeared in front of the Eladrin’s eyes. Could those be the horrors the eye had seen already? Horrors the eye made its wielder inflict? Or a vision of future events? The pain was too much for the Eladrin to even begin to try and discover what they were.

Falling and knelling to the ground, the Eladrin heard the other entity spoke: “I see you now!”. Anger filled the Eladrin, shouting and swing his blade in the air with all the electricity of the blade making dangerous arcs near his friends, the Eladrin was beyond all reasoning. But to our heroes luck, the events had been too strenuous to the Eladrin and he fell to the ground unconscious, once again tasting sleep.

Reks, Rann and Roxxas decided that it was too dangerous to linger on for so long here, and took hold of their friend and made their way to the teleport pad to reach a temple so Reks wounds could be healed. In the Capital City, they warned the teleport operators of the terrible dangers that laid in wait on the other side, and the security was reinforced.

Luckily our heroes appeared near one of the healing temples, and were able to take Reks to receive a much needed medical attention. Though as Roxxas tried to enter with the unconscious Jon, the masters of the temple denied the Eladrin entrance. For some reason they did not want him inside. So they waited outside, and on the streets the Eladrin finally came to, shortly thereafter Reks appeared safe and healed.

Still thinking of what could have happened to him, Jon almost didn’t realized that now his pupiless eyes had a Red pupil in them. The effects of that are still unknown.

Rann’s teacher seeing that the quest had ended, pulled Rann to the side and said: “We must go back to the Tree.” And so they went to continue their training in the secret elven way, a path closed to humans and to the banished Eladrin.

Roxxas went back to report on his findings to the Warrior’s Guild, while Reks, all healed up, could only think about searching for his contact to pawn his stolen head statue piece. (Quick note, Jon, Reks and Roxxas when leaving the mine decided to express their anger by taking one of the statue heads, I believe only Jon and Roxxas haven’t sold their $98 ones).

In the Warrior’s Guild, Roxxas met the guild masters during a war meeting. Apparently war was brewing in the South, as the King, true to his word to Jon, had seen to the safety of the princess. Something that was deemed an affront to the fanatical people in the south.

Many Warrior’s Guilds were being hired as mercenaries for a possible confrontation. Nonetheless, the direct superior of Roxxas was glad to see that he had successfully completed his quest, and even more surprised that Roxxas suppressed his expectations by facing vampires in what was to be a simple and mere formality to gaining entrance in the Guild.

In another place, Jon was still in front of healing temple, looking where he would go first, as thousands of questions filled his head at that moment. During a short break to pray to his deity for guidance, he saw only more trouble coming at him. Three knights of the Traveling Order (The T R O L), spotted him with a strong desire for revenge against the one who had kidnapped the princess before.

Jon commanded his Steel dog to take a flanking position and moved in to face the three knights. Before any argument could start though, the always present and aware city guard was upon them and took them in to face a Judicator.

The man was not pleased to see foreigners creating a ruckus in the Capital, and quickly dismissed them to the Arena for a fight to the death without even paying attention to both sides arguments.

During his way to the Arena, Roxxas who was already nearby to try and make some gold, saw his friend pass by escorted by the city guard and managed to get himself into trouble as well, something he didn’t mind to aid his friend.

The Arena master was all smiles that day, seeing a perfect chance to rid himself of the Eladrin that had already cost him 3 of his precious pets.

But before anything could start, the King’s Steward suddenly appeared, demanding that this nonsense would be stopped. But the T R O L wanted blood, and only blood would extinguish their vengeful desires. So the battle was to happen.

Facing the T R O L however was a curious event for Jon, as for the first time after it had appeared, he did not hear the essence inside him during a battle. What could possibly be the cause?

Nonetheless, luck was on their side though, as with quick and vicious blows one by one the T R O L feel to the ground. Victorious, much to the displease of the Arena Master, our heroes (Roxxas and Jon) stepped out of the Arena hearing the chants of the people in the stands.

The steward, however, was not pleased and took our heroes to his office to speak about what their actions in the Arena could mean.

There they learned of the likely war with the South, the Steward spoke about how the King’s actions, motivated by some personal feelings, made it happen. How the princess kidnapping by the King angered the Queen in the south, how the borders are filled with men, and most distressing of all, how little force the Kingdom has to spare for another war while they still face a terrible threat in the North. And that help was needed, and it may be found with the Kingdom in the West.

Jon was shocked about the actions of the people in the South, how they tried to hold to their foolish folklore, believing they where fool followers of a false god to wage war due to the rescuing of the princess from a sacrifice to appease some tall tale evil. And the Steward was even more shocked with the fanatical words of the Eladrin, saying he should know that better than anyone else.

Jon, though, decided to let the comment slide, for now. And changed topics to report on the findings under the mines and inquire on how could the Steward could think of asking for a foreigner army to enter his lands when the kingdom had no force to even maintain peace inside their lands, or even the nearby country side of the Capital.

The Steward was unyielding, and mentioned how there was no other alternative to solve the problems the King had put the Kingdom in. And gave Jon $200 for supplies, a letter to allow them passage in an airship to the West and instructions of where and how many forces he wanted our heroes to request form the King in the West (Who apparently owed a favor, but to whom?)

As our heroes pondered in front of the Steward, something else was happening.

Rann walked with his teacher back to the Elven guild, there he received training with his dragon familiar in the arts of spell casting, further improving his wizard powers. It seemed his bond with the creature grew even stronger.

Afterwards he was taken further inside, to the heart tree of the Elven guild, where he was to be trained further in the arts of the druids to strength his bonds with nature. There he spoke patiently and calmly with a mighty and ancient Trent for long hours, and managed to commune even more with nature.

As he stepped out, feeling all the more relaxed and calm, a creature appeared in front of him. A huge spider stopped him on his path. His master approached him and spoke that not all of nature is kind and on his side, and sometimes blades and spells must be crossed between them, but this is not to be a terrible thing, only another part of the natural world.

In his constant careful posture, Rann attempt to use a druidic power of Skittering Sneak to allow him to shift into a very small mouse and using the bonus to stealth this power provided, try to hide from the spider’s eyes in a nearby tree.

As he was casting it, however, the deities of magic that controlled it to avoid further destruction to happen in the realm, even more so after the terrible events of the Spellplague that changed much of how magic worked, his power was stopped.

However, this was not the only attempt of casting something from a different path that had happened throughout the realm, many more individuals attempt to use powers not of their chosen paths, and created a huge rift in the magic weave.

In a desperate attempt to control the flux of magic, the deities started blocking magical powers here and there trying to restrict all individuals from straying from their paths. The frantic reactions of the deities to try to stop a worldwide misuse of magic started to create rifts in the natural rules that gave shape to the Realm!

As all existence was in trouble, Ao the ever watcher, but who never took interest in the events of the Realms, moved.

The powers of the overdeity were far beyond what any could imagine, the twists and cuts in the fabrics of existence where used to reform, reshape and change the existence in all of the Realm.

Powers suffered drastic changes, and terrible creatures known as Horrors appeared forth from the astral cuts; nonetheless, the face of the Realm was still somewhat similar to what it was before the terrible events that would be called by Ao as “Give 4e the Finger”, though none in the realm would ever know of that name.

The world was then shifted back to its Dawn, but those events would not be perceived by the people in the Realms, as the power of Ao wouldn’t allow it to be so.

After world changing events, a terrible news of war, what will our heroes do?? Will they journey without question to West and try to call an army to the Capital? Will war come to be?

Stay tuned to see what will happen in our next session.

10-04-2009, 09:37 PM
nice summary Jon

Looking forward to testing out Earthdawn next session:D

10-04-2009, 09:45 PM

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10-06-2009, 09:44 PM

10-07-2009, 05:13 PM
Sorry to skip out on you guys. I think I am just getting stuck in my ways as I get older (is 41 old?). I did not care for 4e and Earthdawn did not get me excited but I think it is more me then the systems. Loved playing with you guys and hopefully I will get into anther game with some of you at another time. If you see me on Pen & Paper, stop to say hi.

Nick, thank you for a great game. Hope to game with you again ether as a player or a GM.

10-08-2009, 05:28 PM
Just wondering if we were still on for this Fridays game?

Cheers :confused:

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10-09-2009, 07:55 PM

i find this much easier to do my character
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its not complete there are afew qs i have but yea

10-10-2009, 12:27 AM

10-15-2009, 05:24 PM
Just wondering what the chances for this weeks gaming session will be? Is RL being any better for you yet Nick? :confused:

10-16-2009, 10:42 AM
Note to self: step table page 92

10-18-2009, 08:34 PM
After world changing events, our heroes found themselves being led by a servant of the steward to meet the captain of the ship which would take them to the kingdom in the west.

Moving to the port, our heroes saw a great ship, it was not considerably large as a war ship, nonetheless, it was still fairly impressive and on its side it showed the name Essene.

Inside the ship our heroes were greeted by its flamboyant captain Malak, who quickly gave them a small rundown of how the vessel operated, when it was supposed to leave port, how many men he had and all other fascinating things about his fabulous ship.

Our heroes also took the pleasure of meeting the right hand of captain Malak, the domesticated Ogre Gram. Who showed our heroes their not so luxurious accommodations, our heroes found themselves with a few hours (17) to spend on whatever they would like to do.

Roxxas, intrigued by the levitating ore, decided to talk with the captain about it, Reks and Jon headed towards the library to try and obtain further information on the region.

When Roxxas spoke with the captain, he was amazed by Roxxas curiosity and eagerly organized a quick meal for him and Roxxas to discuss the subject of the flying ore in further detail, a subject the captain was very found of.

During a nice meal, Roxxas and the captain chatted away about the many different uses the mineral could be applied to, how some would try to add them to their boots in order to jump further (only to find themselves jumping without any balance) or simply trying to imbue the mineral into weapons and ammunition, making blades move faster, but less deadly, or arrows cannonballs to make them fly further.

Many possibilities passed in Roxxas mind during this meeting, until the captain spoke about how unstable the mineral actually is, and dangerous to carry it without the proper care (A cold sweat ran down Roxxas face when he pondered on how much of a safe and proper way to carry putting the mineral in a waterskin is…).

Either way, the meal had been fairly good and the knowledge important as well.

On the library our Furtive Rogue and the Careless Jon firstly were requested to do a donation to the library reform, to which they gladly donated 4 and 5 silver pieces respectively; thereafter they were presented with a first challenge, how to obtain library cards. Apparently such benefit is only for citizens or land owners, something that neither of them could be considered….

Trying to smooth his way in, Jon talked to the woman in furtive ways, alas, he was not a Rogue and the persuasion proved absolutely inefficient…. So his only alternative was to show her the letter from the steward which proved he was in service of the Kingdom and try to obtain entrance that way. After a look from the woman that read loud and clear “Why didn’t you just show this before?”, they were given their library cards (likely they seem to be very resistant) and were able to enter the premises.

Inside, much like Rann once was, they were awed by the huge structure inside. To which they wandered why did they just contribute money for? Well, since it was a little amount, they simply kept going splitting up to their respective points of interest.

Reks quickly entered the cartography section to try and copy down a map of the routes our heroes would be taking to the western Kingdom, a very important and precautions actions in order to avoid losing their way again like during the mines expedition…

Jon on the other hand went to the history section, to try and discover what happened in the past of the kingdom that made the kingdom in the west owe a favor to the Kingdom. After talking with the attendant he discovered that the favor is owed to the Steward, and that him and the king in the West are long time friends, who were even raised together.

Further knowledge could be found in a book that Jon eagerly rented from the library for a period of 3 weeks.

After thanking the man, he inquired about who to speak about the positioning of men that the Steward wanted, and to see if this could be a coup d’ etat from the Steward. He was directed to the guard captain about such matter.

Anyway, thanking the information, Jon finally left the library, and while renting his book he saw a strange man with runes in his arm enter the library premises and move in to the Heraldry section (Why was such man there, and why did he spark some interest to Jon? Who was he?). Intrigued, but with very little time, Jon was forced to go another way and leave the man alone for know.

Outside, Jon made his way firstly to the cathedral to speak with Caldric Barthold, the young apprentice that he met in the first village our heroes (Jon and Roxxas) went to, and was very intrigued about Jon’s Lady in Red and decided to investigated the matter with much interest.

Entering the cathedral Jon suddenly saw a stick flying towards his face, and in a very heroic action, ducked and rolled like a scared man (At the time I didn’t think to try and grab the stick, do a little twists like a weapon and hit the ground with one of its shaft, a true hero way….so I just ducked and rolled like a little scared girl…..pathetic). Rolling forward, he was greeted by a boot on his back. After standing up, Jon discovered his master there, always ready to make sure Jon is always sharp and on his toes…

Surely the poor Eladrin is marked by the deities of chaos and craziness….Either way, after recovering from this strange occurrence, and shaking of the dust, the Eladrin made his way to the cathedral….finally.

Inside he quickly spoke with the high priest, trying to find out about Caldric. The man looked at him, and after hearing just that Jon was in search of the apprentice because he was supposed to do a research for him, the man immediately knew who the Eladrin was and what his business was as well.

The man knew of Jon’s quest and that he apparently followed a new deity called the Red Knight, or simply the Lady in Red; but he believed, much to the distaste of Jon, that she was just a manifestation of Thystonius.

(Side note: Since we had a change of systems, Kord, the previous deity which Jon believed was falsely trying to take the place of the Red Knight, was replaced by Thystonius.)

Angered that the man dared to compare his Lady with Thystonius, Jon almost jumped on the man, who quickly apologized telling him he meant no harm and that he merely had such a theory. Angered still, Jon immediately demanded to know where Caldric was so he could see how productive the man’s research was going.

Sadly or not, Caldric had a vision from his deity, Floranuus, and embarked on a holy quest to try and recover a relic of his deity. The man however had no idea where Caldric went or how long would it take for him to return. But not all was bad news, once Caldric returned, it would be likely that he would be an even greater help to Jon’s quest than he could ever have been before.

Without any further alternative, Jon had to leave the place.

Afterwards, Jon decided to try and talk with the captain of the guard to discuss the units positioning and so off to the guard tower he went.

Inside another series of burocratic procedures awaited him, and after much delay he discovered that a meeting with the man would take weeks or even more! Trying to smooth his way in he received the change of getting on the list faster for 85 silver pieces….but that was no guarantee that he would be able to speak with the man anytime soon either.

So Jon try to talk with the attendant even more, trying to discover a way to talk with the Captain immediately…..and luck seemed to be with him this time as for the small amount of 117 (something like that) silver pieces he could speak with the Guard Captain in a few hours! Eagerly paying the price, Jon stepped out for another errand.

This time, he decided to discover more on the red eye he had snacked on before and given him a red pupil where none existed before. He thought the Nethermancers would know more of this magical eye seeing that he had found it in the corpse of a vampire lord underling.

No words can describe the unusual conversation, save but the conversation itself:

Jon – “Greetings my friend, would you perhaps be able to appoint me to someone in here who would know more on magical limbs and other similar items?”
Nethermancer – “Magical Links? Hmph, you better of trying to find a palm reader or a medium somewhere on the streets.”
Jon – “Links?? I said limbs!”
Nethermancer – “Limbs? Do you have extra limbs??” *takes closer look on Jon “No you do not have any extra limbs what are you talking about?”
Jon – “What the? Can’t you see that I am from a race that does not have any pupils and now got a red pupil in my eyes??”
Nethermancer – “Hmmm….now that you mention, you do have something strange in you, a very unusual aura.”
Jon – “Thanks…. But I came here to know something that I don’t already know….” – “Look, I got this after eating a Red Eye that was left from a corpse that – “
Nethermancer – “You gorged an eye out of a corpse and ate it? Why would you do that??”
Jon – “In theory, I didn’t do that….the body dissolved and the eye was all that remained…..”
Nethermancer – “Very well, very well…Let’s see do you feel any pain?”
Jon – “No.”
Nethermancer – “Do you feel any pulls from it? Any thing unusual?”
Jon – “No. But sometimes I seem to see more than what I actually could see before.”
Nethermancer – “You see things that are not there? Illusions”
Jon – “No, not that.”
Nethermancer – “How long has this happened.”
Jon – “Just the other day.”
Nethermancer – “Hmph…you might as well try and vomit this eye out, maybe that would help!”
Jon – “What?! This the best you can say? Go and try to vomit it out??”
Nethermancer – “What more could you expect! You aren’t even paying me!”
Jon – “I’m sure glad I’m not paying you! Geez…. Thanks for nothing…” *starts to walk away*.
Nethermancer – “Hmph…whatever….come back when you actually want something.”

After another bizarre occurrence, Jon decided it was best to make his way back to the Guard Tower, where to his meeting with the Captain…

On the ship, Roxxas decided to take a short leave and go to his Warrior’s Guild (Hey! We need a name for it Roxxas, try to be creative!). After moving across the huge maze like Citadel (Nick, it would be good to have a name for it as well….), Roxxas arrived at his Guild.

Inside he went and started to talk with his commander about his next quest to the West, and where he was supposed to go and find troops to reinforce the Kingdom’s defenses. Intrigued the commander wondered if Roxxas had talked about the Guild during his briefing on the quest (which he had done so to the Steward), and the man was glad that Roxxas already showed much promise and loyalty to the guild.

Further to prove his worth, the mighty Warrior asked if the Guild had more work for him. With a smile on his face to see a new recruit so eager to help, the commander told Roxxas about the dangers of Raiders in the Sky to the western mountains. Apparently many raiders where attacking trade vessels and something had to be done to stop this attacks, and if Roxxas could do that, the Guild would become more famous and would be very pleased with his services.

Obviously, as the raiders where considerably numerous, Roxxas was supposed to recruit mercenaries in a nearby town, famous for the many mercenaries that lived there. And with their aid, stop the assaults to the transport vessels.

A challenge worthy of the steroid powered machine, and something he quickly volunteered to do. With a new quest in hand, Roxxas made his way back to the ship.

Jon finally managed to make his way to the Guard Tower, and inside meet with the Guard Captian. Based on misunderstood premises, however, Jon talked about his worries of a coup d’ etat by the Steward. Worries that the Guard Captain quickly removed once he told the story about the time the Steward saved the King during a battle against one who can’t be named.

Eased, though still with vengeful thoughts against the man who, in the Eladrin’s eyes, falsely accused him of being a Fanatical, Jon was ready to leave when he asked the Guard Captain if there was anything he could do for the man in the West.

Seizing the opportunity, the Guard Captain asked Jon to bring as many barrels of Honey Brew (a sweet and fine ale brewed in the West) as Jon could to him, and if Jon did so, he would be very pleased and owe the Eladrin a favor.

Afterwards, Jon left the place, bought a small buckler, curious as to why if it was so much better to have one he strangely never bought one before (world changing events…) He finally made his way back to the ship not a moment too soon as his friends were already waiting on him to start the journey to the West.

As the ship set sail, Jon spoke to Captain Malak about the business proposal of buying Honey Brew, and the Captain made a deal with the Eladrin of renting a place for the barrels at 10 silver per barril.

After a long day, where each of our heroes spent their time making their peaceful rituals, Roxxas practicing with his blade, Reks toying with his dagger and Jon painting his shield with the symbol of his Lady; speaking with the crew and learning more about the workings of a ship; our heroes managed to reach the first city in their route, the city of Nheris.

They reached the city at night, and saw that a festival was being held in there. The Captain, familiar with the cities on the route and the traditions of each of them, explained that the festival was called Hollowed Eve, and that they celebrated life and death in a masked carnival. Curious, our heroes, seeing as the ship would only leave on the morrow of the next day, decided to see what the carnival could offer to them.

As they descended the stairs of the ship, Jon felt a strange pull and moved silently towards it. As the pull grew stronger and stronger, he raced to it with Fenris on his heels, only to bump into a woman falling on top of her. Using his trademark words of “Who are you?” Jon rouse form the ground pulling the woman up.

As their hands touched, they both saw briefly the red pupil in the other eyes, and where hit by terrible visions. The woman saw all of Jon’s violent experience, his war with the goblins, the horrors of the attack on his village, the battles he had fought; while Jon saw all the violent experiences of the woman, and saw how many evil deeds she had committed, murder, flaying, torture among other vile acts.

Perhaps knowing the evil the woman represented reduced Jon’s strength against the evil temptations of the other entity that resides in him; whatever the cause was, Jon succumbed the demon inside him telling him to kill the woman and take another eye.

Reks and Roxxas also split, a common practice of our heroes when reaching a city (I have to say, I love how we are a group but not a group of people that act like they are tied to each other).

Roxxas seeing the women walking around quiet clad and a lot of ale flowing about (with lemonade), decided to go and enjoy the party! Hey, we only live once and the life of an adventurer is usually short, so better party while we can!

Reks seeing Roxxas already with a drinking cap and partying with some women, decided to help out the community by searching for an easy target to, well, aid the poor person with back problems by lessening his load of silver.

On his search, Reks saw a figure similar to Jon walking around with a mask and with a demon like appearance, not to mention a bloody sword on his back… Thinking if that was his friend walking around partying like Roxxas and already with a custom or if that was his friend under the possessed by the demon inside him; Reks decided the best thing was to go about his business and let that problem be solved by the city guard.

Anyway, seeing a poor man who was clearly having some major back problems, Reks, stealthily and with great mastery, managed to take hold of the man’s silver, a fine amount of 990+ silver coins. Surely after losing all this silver, the man will no longer have any back problems, hey, the Doctor bills would probably have been a lot more than that, so who is the real thief and the real doctor here?

As the Rogue made his way calmly and without drawing attention to a corner to make his stealthy get away with a pouch overflowing with silver, Reks was greeted by a white demon. Jon morphed into a frightening white devil was infront of him, thirsty for blood.

In a quick reaction, Reks pulled his blade and tried to lunge it inside Jon’s throat as the demon made a terrible roar. The roar alerted some guards and briefly interrupted the festivities, but offered no real opportunity for Reks to strike down the demon as the white creature bit the metal of his sword and almost tore it from his hands.

With a frightened prey in sight, the white demon move with lightning alacrity dealing a vicious punch to the Rogue’s chest that took his breath out and made the Rogue fail in his second strike. The Guards were closing in, but they were too far away still….the demon was uninjured and smiling looking down on its meal.

As all seemed lost, the demon suddenly stopped, and both of his hands started to pull his face out. After a violent struggle and another vicious shriek, the mask was no more, and a tired Jon was kneeling in front of the Rogue.

Dazed, confused and lost, Jon saw men armed and with blade in hand moving towards him, and another with a bitten steal sword in front of him. In fear Jon raced towards any corner he could find, and stumbling towards it, hid away in the shadows of the stone ground by blend with the earth with his magical powers.

Seeing nothing but earth around, the guards kept searching for the white devil, and Jon, exhausted by the experience, struggled to stay awake. However, the sight of his Iron defender moving close to his master to protect him, was enough to make the tired elf fall into slumber.

Back to the ship, Reks explained what had happened to Roxxas, and they both rested for the remaining of the night, wondering if Jon was alright, but not willing to risk meeting the demon again.

During his sleep on the streets, Jon had a dream, in it he was injured and fighting a war in a bloody battle field filled with the corpses of goblins and humans. Near him he saw a banner for the Lady in Red, one he knew was of his making, the banner was already tattered and after a strong wind, was blown away.

During its flight, however, the banner was caught by the white demon, who had a smile on his face, and afterwards jumped on the Eladrin and devoured him whole. As Jon gasped for air and awoke suddenly from this nightmare, he saw the familiar face of Roxxas shaking him and waking him up.

During the morning, what happened was that Roxxas and Reks discovered that Jon had not made it back to the ship, the captain said they had to leave port quickly as the winds were very good for sailing. Reks spoke to the captain to buy their friend more time, while the ever loyal Roxxas went to the city in search of his friend, only to find him shaking and sweaty on the streets, guarded by his Iron Defender.

After waking him up, Roxxas asked what happened, to which Jon replied to only remember crashing into a woman on the streets and….gasping in silent, Jon remembered how he lost control of his actions and turned into the white demon and started to eat the woman whole where she stood in a gruesome event.

Helping the Eladrin back to the ship, Roxxas talked about their worries of the white demon, and if perhaps there was an artifact or something that could help them stop the demon if it ever took control of Jon again…pondering, Jon’s only answer was that perhaps once they reach the Capital again they might find something of that sort….

And to worsen the event, Roxxas pointed how Jon’s eyes now where back to being pupiless, but they had turned from the pure emerald green, to a pure blood red color. The effects of such change are still unknown to our heroes.

Back on the ship, Jon shut himself in his cabin to try and put his mind off of all this events, by trying to make the banner he saw in his dreams, whoever he had much trouble to maintain focus in his work, and the progress was truly slow.

Reks and Roxxas silently stayed on deck, thinking on the dangers the demon posed to the group, until Roxxas decided to work to get his mind of off it as well, and proceed to try to fix the Rogue’s blade.

In a silent sailing, on their second day of their journey, our heroes ended up in the city of Scon, a beautiful city built above a flowing river.

Jon decided to stay in the ship and read on the book he rented from the library, in it, he saw a passage on the Old King, the passage spoke about who the sealing is renewed every few centuries, but that pieces of the Old King where scattered into the realm, for they could not be sealed, and that these parts managed to enter and remain inside unwilling hosts. This passage was truly grim to the Eladrin and left him pondering on what it meant, and possibly how the Red eyes and the demon inside him were all connected.

Reks and Roxxas, however, decided to go into the city. In a nearby inn, Reks heard the sweet and soothing song of a troubadour, a rare traveling minstrel whose songs where not just beautiful but powerful.

Amazed by the man’s display Reks gave him a generous tip, while seating down to listen to more of it and reflect on past events.

Our heroes are with much difficulties in their journey, already on their first days. Dangerous of the ever growing presence of the demon inside the Eladrin pose a real threat to the group, and the worst is yet to come, for they sail to a dangerous road filled with Sky Raiders (Honestly, Roxxas should not have been a Warrior, but a Sky Raider, I think that would fit him a lot better, but I digress).

What dangers will our heroes find in their journey still?? What more will happen in this new town?? Will the white demon fully take hold of Jon? Will they be able to get the much needed military aid in time?

Do not miss the next chapter of their Journey!

10-20-2009, 11:44 PM
Calling all Inquisitors! Emergency transmission recieved. Clearance level gold required for access to Inquisitor eyes only reports. Next meeting Thursday 10:00pm galactic. By order of the Holy ordos of Inquisition of the God-Emperor of Mankind.

10-22-2009, 11:42 PM

10-23-2009, 07:02 PM
Is the game still on for this evening? Will I get more chances at pilfering from the ridiculously rich in order to save their back again? :D

10-23-2009, 08:49 PM

10-23-2009, 09:07 PM
For the eventual readers, we are recruting right now:


10-24-2009, 03:19 PM
Reks pleased with the music from the troubadour, decided to take a walk and explore the river city he was in. This was, of course, not just a simple walk in the park, but an attempt to try and further his contact network throughout the Kingdom.

Being however somewhat new to this time of business, Reks stumbled upon the same difficulty he had when he first tried to find someone to train him in the thievery arts, so at first it started with random walking about the city familiarizing himself with the surroundings. Afterwards a few questions started to be asked here and there about who to talk to in order to obtain certain information and goods.

A couple of minutes later, Reks had obtained the address of a man known as Naghest, who apparently deals in the more shady of business. Truly a master information gather or Sneaky Rogue is how he was so quickly able to find such a man.

The contact's house was, strangely, not built with stairs up, but with stairs down, right into the River flowing under the city. Curious, but willing to meet this man, Reks entered into the House and quickly proceed downwards.

After a few steps Reks came to a sudden realization, he was no longer above the river, but in the River itself! And this wasn't knowledge based on how far he had move below, but on the structure of the place.

The man lived in a house seemingly made of water. (Hm...how to describe it better?) Looking around the room, Reks saw a normal interior house, with space, air, windows, floor, roof and all that; however, the house was made entirely inside the River, and it seemed like the River moved around something, and through this strange shape that the River moved around the "house" it gave it the structure, the walls, the windows, the floor, even the steps of the stair.

Marveled by this, but still with his goal in his mind, Reks spoke with the apparent receptionist of the place, a very well dressed man with a mustache.

After Reks spoke the name Naghest and that he did not have a meeting with the man, it seemed that the contact would cost him a fair amount of Gold to meet, something like 100 gold pieces (1,000 silver). However, where have you meet a Rogue that didn't know who to talk his way out? And so with a quick tongue, and bargaining skills, Reks was able to reduce the price by 95%! This is truly the man you want to take with you when you are going shopping...

Absolutely overcome by the Quick thinking Rogue's words, the man arranged for an immediate meeting with Naghest, who was quite glad to see Reks there, someone who he had already learned something about after the Rogue's exploits in the Arena.

Reks approached the man with his proposal, of broadening a network connection across the Kingdom, and interested in the proposal, the man offered Reks a deal. Reks was supposed to take a magical bag, which can open fairly wide and with seemingly infinite space, and bring Naghest a man, unscathed and alive. The man in question was Bartold the Butcher, a local crime lord.

Accepting the request, Reks moved once more across the city asking a few questions here and there, and was able to learn a little about Bartold's manor. It seemed that Bartold was a local crime lord that was fairly powerful in the region, with many contacts and that even the guard let him be. He had a vast force with him, something like 150 men worked under him, and he lived in a house in a fortified by a wall in the land near the river.

Reks, seeing as how daylight was still about (I'm guessing so far only 1 hour of the 3 hours had passed), decided to inspect the perimeters of the mansion.

Moving quickly through the woods, Reks saw a lonely scout moving along the walls patrolling the outside perimeter. Many more men were up on the walls, looking on the horizon. It seemed Bartold was indeed cautious, as all crime lords usually are.

Sneaking quite efficiently up on the lone guard, who truth be told should have had more training as he was just whispering and humming during his patrol, Reks was able to steal the man's cloths and dress up in quick perfectly as one of the Guards. Luck was on his side as he managed to grab a man right about his size.

Disguised quite well as one of the guardsman, Reks seemed to be a little affect by the man's humming sounds as he found himself singing the same catchy tune, somewhat oblivious to his surroundings as well (The curse of the catchy songs at work).

Nonetheless, the scouting still proved just as useful, Reks was able to learn about the wall, the front gate, well guarded and strong, and the back door, small, but less guarded. Nothing all of this in his mind, so he later could draw a map, Reks stealthily moved away from the house and back to his ship. He would need some dumb muscle for his work and, well, he just happened to have 2 waiting for him on a ship! (Though one quite unreliable with the demon in his mind and his own imaginary deity and all.... Nonetheless, one is steroid powered and the other is tall enough to be a meat shield)

In the ship, Jon was flipping through the book trying to learn something useful. First thing he noted, however, was that the book was actually a magical artifact! The book was able to magically keep itself updated to recent events on the Steward, as well as possessed more than 18,800 pages, though it was still the size of a normal book.

Fumbling with the magical artifact, Jon discovered a mechanism that allowed him to search on a few topics. Firstly he read about Steamjacks, powerful mechanical constructs, powered by steam and with a soul in it, used only for fighting purposes. He also learned how these constructs were quite powerful and required only 1 steam mage to control and protect 5-10 of them. a Fearsome battle force indeed, and who knows the dangers it could pose to the weakened Kingdom.

Secondly, he tried to learn more on the Old King, and perhaps if he would be able to learn about binding rituals or something to keep the demonic presence in him at bay. Alas, without much knowledge on the artifact, all he was able to learn was more on the Western Kingdom, learning about a secret society of assassins, mostly of women, that were quite versed in demonic and netherworld knowledge, being also able to bind such beings to their will. Alas, how did they do so, eluded the Eladrin as it was not in the book.

Lastly, getting the hang of it, Jon found a passage on the Old King's funeral, eager to see if this would prove more immediate use, Jon quickly started reading the chapter. To his frustration, the book did not talk about binding rituals or spells, but about how the Old King final year was, how only a few attended his funeral, and, along those, the King in the North, a powerful necromancer who apparently was a disciple of the Old King. Jon managed to catch a glimpse of a magical painting of the scene.

Though more knowledgeable no doubt, Jon was still quite upset on how the book failed to help him right at the moment...no doubt the Elf was truly crazy when he wanted a book on the Steward to help him solve demonical problems.... a desperate elf does crazy stuff.

Roxxas, who had at first tried to talk with the Elf only to stop right at the door to his cabin when listening to the Elf cursing and arguing with a book, decided it was not the best moment to chat with the Eladrin, so he also decided to explore the city and talk with some of the smiths of the region.

The steroid powered walking closet sized warrior entered into a shop trying to find materials for his smiting experiences. Discussing the subject with the man, the man decided to tell the warrior a recent story that happened to him.

Walking around one day, the Smith saw a flash of light in the sky. This flash of light fell into the ground, opening a sizeable hole on the ground. Rushing to the place, the Smith saw a strange material, that seemed somewhat fluid with a very good malleability for a smith. It was no doubt magical.

The smith took it with him and managed to work on some normal equipments, no weapons or armor, but still, and it proved with a good material for his works. He had sold almost all of the good, but he still had one last ingot of this star material with him that he would be willing to part with, but, considering the rarity of the material, would be quite costly (1,500 silver pieces).

The warrior debated the matter, and in the end was convinced that this was indeed a rare opportunity that he should take, and, at the expense of all his savings, bought the ingot for his future works. Maybe with luck he would find more equally rare materials and be able to work on weapons or armors worthy of his steroid powered strength.

Seeing as he didn't have a dime to spare, Roxxas decided to head back to the ship and wait for the time until their Journey would resume in the morning of the following day (The 3rd day of their trip).

After reaching the ship and seeing the Eladrin already back on the work on his banner, Roxxas decided to also do some small works to relax and attune himself to the magic of the world. Reks came back shortly after, with news of a evil man that ruled a syndicate in the region that needed to be brought to justice. He had apparently been assigned to capture this man. Such a worthy task could not be overlooked by our heroes, so Roxxas and Jon eagerly joined Reks on the quest.

They formed a small war council, looking down on the map Reks had drawn up from his scouting, they were presented with the Rogue's plans. They were supposed to remain in standby while the Rogue stealthily entered the mansion dressed in the previously acquired Guard cloths, captured the man in his sleep and came back. If anything went wrong, Roxxas and Jon were supposed to create a ruckus to draw the attention of all the guards while Reks fled with the man captive.

The plan was set, and they set into motion at midnight, when the guard wouldn't be as strong.

Jon, his pet Steel Defender Fenris and Roxxas stayed nearby the walls, but in a hidden position where they could see if thing went wrong. Reks started his plan.

Climbing a hidden part of the Wall, Reks managed to get inside the place without drawing attention, but on the other side, luck was not with him. The place had only short well gardened grass, and no easy to hide places, so he was quickly spotted by one of the guards who, looking at his cloths, called the Rogue to his side.

Drawing a blank on other alternatives, the Rogue moved to meet the man. To his luck, the guardsman only words were: "Hey, cover me for a while, gotta take a leak!" and the man quickly moved behind a nearby gardening shed to water the plants.

Still shocked, Reks stayed his ground until the man came back, thanking the Rogue. In a quick thinking, Reks used the same excuse. Putting both of his hands on his arse, the Rogue ran across the place to the barracks pretending to have a sudden... well you get what I mean.

With a nice theatrical play, Reks slipped inside the barracks, stealthily but still pretending to be in a rush. There he saw a vision that would scare most rogues, many men were asleep inside, not 150 men, but still a fairly considerable force was inside. Quietly moving to the closest window to fall and hide in the shadow of a tree under the damned full moon light, the Rogue pulled out problem solver, his favorite thieving tools.

Flicking a little with the lock, he managed to lift the window just enough to squeeze silently through it, and, without the patrolling guard spotting him, hid himself in the shadows of the tree.

Moving from shadow to shadow, the Nightwalker (Reks, not the creatures) moved closer and closer to the main house. Leaping and hidden in the bush, the Rogue once again pulled his tools to open the window. With a sudden wind that seemed to form from the Rogues on affinity with the element, the work was quickly done, and the window slowly and silently was opened by the Shadow.

Outside, Jon took a quick glimpse on the moon and suddenly fell to the ground, unconscious, while a white mask started to slowly form in his face.

Back to the Shadow, entering carefully, he saw the vast rooms that filled the place. A stairway led upwards, and another down to, possibly, a cellar. Thinking on his toes, Rogue moved up the ladder with fleet of foot and all that.

Up stairs he let his senses guide him, and blindly entered a room. There he hard muffled breaths, and crept closer and closer to what he thought was his prey. Alas, the hunter became the prey when a flash of light lit the room and 6 guardsman and Bartold smiling.

The man congratulated the Rogue on his skills, and quickly demanded that the Rogue told him who ordered him to do this task. Not wanting to let his contact's name slip, the Rogue tried to dodge the question with all his skill, until the man lost his patience.

Surrounded by foes, the Rogue saw only one alternative to get away from this jam. Leaping on the bed and using it as a trampoline, the Rogue jumped across a table landing close to Bartold. Quickly in the same movement kicked the man and jumped with him out through the window of the second floor.

Outside, a strange series of events unfolded. Jon found himself in a city, much like he had seen in a past vision which he believes comes from his deity. The City was huge, surrounded by a vast and high wall, curiously orderly and organized in the most efficient manner. Different sections of this white stoned city housed different fields of knowledge, a section for the military, a section for the mages, a section for the smiths, a section for the field workers.

In the middle of this huge city, a tall tower flung a might flag with the symbol of his goddess the Red Knight. The building housed the statue of his deity and was the place were all sections gather as one, so that knowledge could intertwine and expand; the city it seemed, encompassed the view of efficiency and planning his deity saw as most befitting. A lesson the Eladrin still must learn due to his often crazed behavior...

Looking upwards to the banner of his deity, Jon saw a strange figure moving as if on the ground on the tower, the White Demon appeared in there. Wondering how he came to this place, Jon confronted the demon.

It seemed this was part of the Eladrin's mind, the place in which the Demon is now trapped, but doesn't intend to be for long, he shall take the reins soon., and will not let Jon reckless behavior doom both of them Arguing with the demon, Jon drew his blade Eifer and charged at it, both engaged in a fearsome combat.

In the real world, Roxxas seeing how the mask was forming faster and faster, attempted to pull it forcefully from the elf's face, but the attempt was a failure and the Warrior was flung backwards by an explosion of energy when the Eladrin's transformation was completed. Flying backwards, with the wind at his side, Roxxas managed to flip and fall safely to the ground, beholding the creature fully transformed.

Bracing himself for the combat, Roxxas drew his blade, luckily it seemed that the creature was not interested in Roxxas, for it with lightning speed moved towards the wall and climbed it.

Roxxas seeing no other alternative, and specially the flash of light from the house, realized all hell had broken lose and charged to the outside entrance followed by Fenris who moved to follow its master.

The mental battle raged on, and both spirits were quite wounded. Possibly distracted by this, the White demon in the real world fell from the wall landing flat on his ass on the ground, though it must be noted that to the Eladrin's luck, the masked slipped away during the fall and Jon felt the full impact.

Looking to his surroundings, Jon realized that the White Demon had just jumped from the cauldron into the fire, as Jon was alone in the middle of the Manor, and had already drawn enough attention to him when the White Demon shouted and screamed when falling to the ground and losing control to the elf.

Pissed with the suicidal demon, Jon looked to the sides and tried to discern why this creature would so eagerly try to jump into a place filled with almost 150 men if, apparently, it didn't want to let Jon kill them.... Trying to read the creature's desperate desire, Jon was felt a pull from the nearby gardening shed and, seeing that his most immediate threat was up on the wall, rushed to it to see why the Demon had developed a sudden interesting in gardening.

While on his way, with a quick prayer the elf used his arcane magical powers to create an armor of air around his body, to further his protection. A much needed precaution.

With a quick double sword slash, the Eladrin busted the door open and quickly sensed a strange magical box behind all the gardening equipment. Opening it, it seemed to be empty, until the bottom of the box took the form of an ingot that, when the Eladrin touched it with his right hand, it started to creep on his arm.

Frightened, the Eladrin tried to sense the intention of the artifact and discovered it to be extremely evil. Not only that, but the demonic artifact started to affect the Eladrin mind much like the White Demon, though with not the same strength.

Seeing flashes of the real world and his mind world, the Eladrin focused his will and decided to subdue this third entity that crept into his mind (Seriously, Jon needs to find someone to remove this strange "demon attracting aura", almost every session some demonic entity or power tries to take control of Jon and enters his mind! Man, he already ate 2 strange and evil looking red eyes, as a white demon in his mind and now an evil artifact, He is seriously going mad right now!).

Back to the wondrous city, the Eladrin saw the true form of this entity, a strong suit of armor looking at him with rage and evil in his eyes. Mustering all his will and his training with artifacts, Jon used his mind to create strong and powerful chains of lightning to bind the creature to the ground and forcefully take its True Name from it. In a very strenuous task, Jon focused almost all the magic in him (read Karma) and managed to subdue the beast in his mind, trapping it in an electrifying chains and taking from it its true name.

In the real world, the shed exploded as the Elf stepped away in a full suit of armor with draconic features (claws, helmet, etc). But, in his mind the White Demon approached the trapped Calleem (True Name of the Artifact that only Jon and the White Demon know, well so far) and spoke some strange words to it and the creature went silent. The White Demon told Jon that he and the artifact had long ago entered into a pact, and that as long as Jon did not surrender the control of his body to the White Demon, the powers of the artifact would remain locked away.

Back to the real world, Roxxas had just reached the gate wall, and faced one of the guardsman, a an acrobatic spinning leap, he dealt a vicious blow to the man who didn't even have time to react to the steroid powered warrior's attack, falling to the ground in pain and out of combat.

Bursting the door open, Roxxas saw the shed exploding, the Eladrin in this strange suit of armor that as quickly as it appeared disappeared, and Reks suddenly jumping out of the window. Truly, all hell had broken lose....

After jumping out of the window, Bartold proposed to double the amount Reks was getting rewarded with if Reks ceased his attempts, bargaining with the man during their fall, Reks tried to take 13,000 silver pieces from the man. Such outrageous offer made the man only laugh and turn into a jelly form to flee from the Rogue.

Poor man, however, could never expect that the Rogue would be so dexterous, in a quick motion, the Rogue, in mid air, opened the magical bag, engulfed the jelly form man trapping him within, and tried to make a flip to safely land on the ground.

Not all was perfect, however, as the Rogue had little time to do his flip, and, do managing to do it, fell to the ground hard on his feet injuring it a little. Reks could only hope that would not hinder his escape from the place, though distraction wise the crazy Elf was already serving its purpose after changing from demon, to elf, from elf to suit of armor, from suit of armor back to elf.

So Reks started to make a run for the door.

Angered with the White Demon, and possibly still under the side effects of all this battle of minds with 2 demonic essences at the same time, Jon decided to gamble once more. Fairly well seizing control of his body, he played a final card with a challenge to the White Demon, "Either you stop this non sense and submit the artifacts powers to my will, or I shall doom us both by facing this army of 150 by myself if I must do so!".

Calling it a bluff, the White Demon simply looked to the Eladrin. Well, they say it’s not wise to doubt a crazy man, and the elf is probably already on the edge, if not already over it (and well over it at that), so the Eladrin charged the 4 guardsman that were coming at him.

Roxxas worried about his friend run to his side.

The guardsman had already started to make their way to the floor from the walls. One of the guardsman was already there, the other had just finished descending the wooden stair, while a third one was still on his way down and the 4th was still above the wall.

Jon raced towards the 2nd man, dodge a blade attack from the first and the second one, and dealing a vicious blow to the 2nd man and trying to cut the stair behind him as well. Sadly the blow wasn't that strong, only taking the 2nd guard out of combat, and making the stair fall to the ground.

The man on the stair fell to the ground. Roxxas quickly moved to the side of Jon and dealt another spinning blow, taking another man out of combat.

As this happened, the third man tried to race to the barracks, shouting to the men inside, while the 4th one looked around to see how he would climb down the wall.

Jon made a run towards the fleeing guardsman, racing towards the barracks as well, he attempted to Jump and plunge his blade deep in the man, alas the man dodged at the last moment. Roxxas also tried another crazy stunt, while quickly placing the stair in place and climbing with his new trademark move spinning slash.

Again the guardsman had luck on his side as he quickly dodge the Warriors blow, but only just barely. Still without balance from the frantic reaction to escape the Warrior's blow, the man fell from the wall, impaling himself in his own blade... Steroid strength, either it kills you or makes you kill yourself.

All the ruckus, however, made the men in the barracks awaken and start pouring out of the barracks. At least 10 men stepped away from it in just 5 seconds, but many more were still inside, rushing to the door to face these assailants in the night.

Still without response from the White Demon inside him, Jon pulled the racing third guardsman and as the man fell backwards impaled the man with Eifer and tossed the injured man to the ground, quickly moving the blade to take some of the blood away and stain the soil with it in a challenging motion to the men pouring out of the barracks. The White Demon still looked silently to the events unfold.

Reks, already with his mission accomplished, raced back to the city to deliver the man to his contact, and then rush to the Ship. Roxxas, on top of the wall looked at Jon challenging 10 men in disbelief thinking his friend has gone over the edge for sure.

What will happen to our heroes? Will Reks be able to evade all the patrolling guardsman and reach his contact and will his contact allow just a few minor wounds to the man? Will Jon and Roxxas be able to survive a battle against so many guards? Or is this the end of the crazed elf?

Things have gotten even more intense, and this is just the start of our heroes epic journey to the Western Kingdom. Do not miss the next chapter.

10-26-2009, 08:13 PM
Anything important leave but delete the garbage we leave around here. We have alot of people reading this, lets clean it up a bit and leave anything game related.

And post your awards!

10-27-2009, 09:37 PM

Roleplaying - Jon as his character is always trying to talk to every single person he meets and when talks fail immediately changes his tactics to brutally attack them as soon and as swift as possible.

Humor - Jon again as it's amusing to see him charge into difficult situations just to piss off the demon inside him.

Heroism - Roxxas for staying with Jon in the possibility of facing off with 140+ guards.

Motivation - Jon for his motivation to gather demons in his mind.

Dialogue - Roxxas for learning about the sky pirates and other things that might affect our journey to our final destination ahead of time.

Leadership - Roxxas as he seems to be the one to get our party out of trouble usually with his fighting prowess.

Best Rolls - again I can't think of any so none

Consistency - Roxxas for his constant search for ore and such to smith into better weapons.

Strategy - We don't seem to have much of a strategy lately, Jon leaps into the fray, Roxxas follows to help out, my character is usually elsewhere it seems... so yeah none to give.

Smarts - Jon for using his quick thinking to talk his way out of a sticky situation. (Although trying to negotiate against overwhelming odds in a situation that is made worse by you swording a bunch of the people in question beforehand is kind of strange)

Skills - Jon for using his leadership skill to bargain with the mercenaries.

10-30-2009, 09:11 PM
Roleplaying - Reks for developing a contact and playing true to his character

Humor - Jon for trying to talk and reason with his demon to use its power

Heroism - Jon for wanting to fight against the massive soilders

Motivation - hmmm honestly i cant think of right now

Dialogue - Reks for his smart tougne gaining trust with his new contact.

Leadership - Jon for getting information on our current quest

Best Rolls - no one would have to get this one

Consistency - Jon for keeping up with his demons and all that crazyness.

Strategy - We don't seem to have much of a strategy lately, Jon leaps into the fray, Roxxas follows to help out, my character is usually elsewhere it seems... so yeah none to give.

Smarts & skills both of them for jon being able to win over the mercs with bribes and all that fun stuff
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woops copied reks on strategy

10-30-2009, 09:17 PM
Roleplaying: Reks, I think he plays his Rogue very well

Humor: Roxxas, I just miss his crushing surges to make it more fun as ever.
Heroism: Roxxas, always there for me when I'm jumping in the crazy fights

Honesty, I make mistakes: Skipping this one...

Motivation: Roxxas, he is always out to do the good.

Dialogue: Reks, interesting dialogue with his new contact.

Leadership: Reks, he lead us to the mission and how to do it.

Best rolls: Nothing extraordinary....

Consistency: Roxxas, he was constant from start to last session.

Most deserved of a point: Reks, interesting story hook with his new quest.

Strategy: Hmmm......I'll follow Reks on this one, don't think we pulled any good strategies, specially considering how our last plan of invasion failed horribly.

Smarts: Hmmm.....don't know, we weren't actually the smartest peas in the pond last sessions.

Skills: Reks, good use of stealth, lockpicking, thievery, etc.

10-30-2009, 10:21 PM

Personal info:
Race: Elf
Discipline: Archer
Affinity: Fire
Legend Points: 820
Total Legend Points: 3750
Racial Abilities: Low light vision
Languages: Dwarven, Elven.
Circle: 3

Attributes and Characteristics:

Strength: 15 / 6 / 1D10 (15)
Dexterity: 20 / 8 / 2D6 (17 + 2 Racial)
Toughness: 13 / 6 / 1D10 (15 - 2 Racial = 13 / 10 is minimun)
Perception: 15 / 6 / 1D10 (14 + 1 Racial)
Willpower: 14 / 6 / 1D10 (13 +1 Racial)
Charisma: 13 / 6 / 1D10 (12 +1 Racial)

Death Rating: 53 / Wound Threshold: 9 / Unconscious Rating: 42 / Recovery Test: 2 - Dice 1D10
Karma: Current: 18 / Max: 25 / Dice: 1D6 / Karma Cost: 10 each

Physical Defense / Physical Armor: 10 / 4
Spell Defense / Mystic Armor: 8 / 2
Social Defense: 7
Initiative: 8 - Dice 2D6
Movement / Combat movement: 100/50
Carry / Lift : 145 / 290 ( currently carrying ? + ?)

Avoid Blow (Dex Based): Rank 3 / Talent step: 11 / Dice: 1D10 + 1D8
Direction Arrow (Percep based): Rank 3 / Talent Step: 9 / Dice: 1D8 + 1D6
Karma Ritual: Rank 3
Missile Weapons (Dex Based): Rank 3 / Talent Step 11 / Dice: 1D10 + 1D8
Durability (Archer - 6/5 each): Rank 3
True Shot (Dex Based): Rank 3 / Talent Step 11 / Dice: 1D10 + 1D8

Weapon and Armor:

Nightwhisper - Longbow - Damage Step: 6 (Str) + 4 (Weapon)= 10 ; Dice: 1D10 + 1D6
60 Arrows (in a quiver)
7 foot tall bow made with limbs of ebony wood. It is tipped with bleached-white bone.

Broadsword - Damage Step: 6 (Str) + 5 (Weapon) = 11; Dice 1D10 + 1D8
?? - Padded Leather Armor - Armor Rating: 4 / Mystic Armor: 0 / Social Defense: 0


Acrobatics (dex based): Rank 5 / Skill Step: 13 / Dice: 1D12 + 1D10
Animal Handling (cha based): Rank 5 / Skill Step: 11 / Dice: 1D10 + 1D8
Athletics (toughness based): Rank 10 / Skill Step: 16 / Dice: 1D20 + 1D8
Botany (percep based): Rank 5 / Skill Step: 11 / Dice: 1D10 + 1D8
Calligraphy (percep based): Rank 5 / Skill Step: 11 / Dice: 1D10 + 1D8
Conversation (cha based): Rank 5 / Skill Step: 11 / Dice: 1D10 + 1D8
Culinary Arts (percep based): Rank 3 / Skill Step: 9 / Dice: 1D8 + 1D6
Elven Warfare (percep based): Rank 10 / Skill Step: 16 / Dice: 1D20 + 1D8
Fletching (dex based): Rank 10 / Skill Step: 18 / Dice: 1D20 + 1D12
Gambling (percep based): Rank 10 / Skill Step: 16 / Dice: 1D20 + 1D8
Geography (percep based): Rank 5 / Skill Step: 11 / Dice: 1D10 + 1D8
Hunting (dex based): Rank 5 / Skill Step 13: / Dice: 1D12 + 1D10
Impressive Shot (dex based): Rank 10 / Skill Step 18 / Dice: 1D20 + 1D12
Navigation (percep based): Rank 2 / Skill Step: 8 / Dice: 2D6
Physician (percep based)*: Rank 7 / Skill Step: 13 / Dice: 1D12 + 1D10
* More like Combat Medic. Trained to treat wounds taken in battle.
Read / Learn Languages (percep based): Rank 5 / Skill Step: 11 / Dice: 1D10 + 1D8
Tracking (percep based): Rank 10 / Skill Step: 16 / Dice: 1D20 + 1D8
Wilderness (percep based): Rank 8 / Skill Step: 14 / Dice: 1D20 + 1D4
Wood Carving (percep based) [Artisan Skill]


Currency - 24 S

Adventurer's Kit (backpack, bedroll, flint and steel, torch, waterskin, large sack)
Artisan's Tools, Carving
Cloak, Wool
Light Quartz, Light
Rope, 50 ft
Week's Worth of Rations

11-02-2009, 04:46 PM
Tonight is go!

11-07-2009, 12:54 AM

11-07-2009, 10:36 PM
Friday 11-13-09 I have time to play
Saturday game is still a go, come tonight starting at around 7 if you can otherwise see you tomorrow night.

11-15-2009, 12:00 AM
Daelic of Tengwar

Personal info:
Race: Elf
Discipline: Swordmaster
Affinity: Earth
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 140
Age: 70
Legend Points: (0) +1600
Racial Abilities: Low light vision
Languages: Dwarven, Elven.

Attributes and Characteristics:

Strength 14 / 6 / 1d10 (14)
Dexterity 19 / 8 / 2D6 (17 + 2 Racial)
Toughness 13 / 6 / 1d10 (14 - 2 Racial +1 C1->C2)
Perception 16 / 7 / 1d12 (15 + 1 Racial)
Willpower 12 / 5 / 1d8 (11 + 1 Racial)
Charisma 17 / 7 / 1d12 (16 + 1 Racial)

Death Rating: 41 / Wound Threshold: 9 / Unconscious Rating: 32 / Recovery Test: 2 - Dice 1D10
Karma: Current: 10 / Max: 25 / Dice: 1D6 / Karma Cost: 10 each

Physical Defense / Physical Armor: 10 / 5
Spell Defense / Mystic Armor: 7 / 1
Social Defense: 9
Initiative: 8 - Dice 2D6
Movement / Combat movement: 90/45
Carry / Lift : 125 / 250 ( currently carrying ? + ?)

(Circle 1):
Avoid Blow (Dex Based) - Rank 1
Karma Ritual - Rank 3 (practice fencing) (2->3 300 LP)
Maneuver (Dex based) - Rank 3
Melee Weapons (Dex based) - Rank 4 (3->4 500 LP)
Taunt (Charisma based) - Rank 4 (2->4 800 LP)

(Circle 2):
Durability (Swordmaster 7/6) - Rank 1
Riposte (Rank+Dex Step+3) - Rank 2
Throwing Weapons (Dex Based) - Rank 1

Weapon and Armor:
(crafted) Rapier "Laer-Megil" (dam step: 5, weight 1, size 3)
Long thin blade with a slightly bluish hue, complex runes carved along its length and a stylized hilt

Hardened Leather Armor rating: 5/0, weight: 20, init pen: 1

*Acrobatics (dex based): Rank 13 / Skill Step: 21
Acting (Chrisma Based): Rank 10 / Skill Step: 13
Athletics (toughness based): Rank 10 / Skill Step:15
Climbing (Dex based): Rank 6 / Skill Step: 14
Conversation (Cha based): Rank 10 / Skill Step: 17
Engaging Banter: (T-1 strain)(Cha): Rank 8 / Skill Step: 15
First Impression (T)(Cha): Rank 8 / Skill Step: 15
Graceful Exit(T)(Cha): Rank 9 / Skill Step: 16
Knowledge [Legends] (percep): Rank 4 / Skill Step: 9
Knowledge [Geography] (percep): Rank 3 / Skill Step 8
Navigation (percep based): Rank 4 / Skill Step: 9
Read / Learn Languages (percep based): Rank 4 / Skill Step: 9
Storytelling (Cha based): Rank 10 / Skill Step: 17
Tracking (percep based): Rank 8 / Skill Step: 15
Artisan Skill:
*Craftsman [Blacksmith, specialy - swords] (Dex based): Rank 13 / Skill Step: 20 / Dice:


Currency - 119s
Traveler's Garb
Adventurer's Kit (backpack, bedroll, flint and steel, torch, waterskin, large sack)
Leather Gloves
Artisan's Tools, Smithing (hammers, etc)
Cloak, Wool
Light Quartz, Small
Booster Potion
Rope, 50 ft
Week's Worth of Rations

11-15-2009, 05:56 AM
Question. Why do you have your durability as an archer?
You are not allowed to use the Durability talent with anything but your discipline.

On a side note irc is awesome. Managed to find both 2nd and 3rd ed books...I'll keep you all updated...:biggrin:

11-16-2009, 12:22 AM
Question. Why do you have your durability as an archer?

Whoops - heh I used Avenier's char sheet as a template since he has everything laid out nicely and I forgot the change the discipline on that one. 7/6 should be correct for Swordmaster Durability, not Archer.
Edited to reflect this

11-20-2009, 06:46 AM
Runners earned 5 karma each.

11-20-2009, 04:08 PM
Runners earned 5 karma each.

I gotta say - that was probably the best Shadowrun session I have played. Lots of fun!

11-20-2009, 09:41 PM
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