View Full Version : dnd 3.5 one shot, Carnival of Tears

07-23-2009, 04:41 PM
recruiting three to four players for the Gamemastery(pathfinder) 3.5 adventure "Carnival of Tears" for this sunday (july 26) at 4pm to 10ish eastern. it will be played on maptools (1.3.b.50) and using skype but we will meet up on the chat here. Due to being a one shot and short notice, pc's will be pregens. (if you are familiar with the pathfinder setting, then you may recognise these pc's.) they are:

valeros (male human fighter 5)
seoni (female human sorcerer 5)
kyra (female human cleric 5)
merisiel (female elf rogue 5)
seelah (female human paladin 4)
harsk (male dwarf ranger 4)
ezren (male human wizard 4)
lem (male halfling bard 4)

so, if you just want to play a quick game this weekend, reply here and post which character you would like to play.

a few notes: this is not a dungeon crawl but will have combat, has mature themes, noobies are welcome