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Soft Serve
07-21-2009, 06:58 PM
www.brandnewwar.webs.com (http://www.brandnewwar.webs.com)

I made this (dur) in an attempt to create a rules set that could span sevreal eras. (Fantasy, WWII, you'll see the rest) And people are turning it down before even giving it a chance.

It's been called "a heavily house-ruled 3.5"

But the intention is a rules-light game to play for fun when enough bored people are in the chat. (Hence the several eras so you aren't confined to something you don't like, and the simple rules that are quick to pick up and play.)

So please read through that, point out the issues, and tell me honeslty any opinions.

Also I know it's not perfect, and it's not yet completed as much as I want.

07-21-2009, 08:18 PM
Well here's my initial impression, I'm just shooting this off the cuff as I read, so take it for what it's worth.

A heavily houseruled 3.5 is a good way to describe this, I think. For one, you basically ripped character creation right out of the pages of WotC's book, though obviously simplified by lack of feats or skills, and the lack of choosing gear.

Clearly, what you have here is just a wargame. Players will die, and are expected to kill and die in droves, and just pop in with a new character. I'm not opposed to the idea, and in fact I think it could be fun, but not for anything more than perhaps a one off. The system doesn't have the power to run beyond that.

That said, your setup is needlessly confusing. You differentiate what guns each class and race carry, but why? All your guns of the same subtype operate identically even across time barriers, defeating the purpose and making your charts needlessly cluttered. You also give no indication of the weapon ammo capacities, ranges... and for instance, shotguns you talk about how much damage they can put out, but since damage is determined by accuracy, well they just seem crappy, and by your rules, I'd run in with an assault rifle before I'd grab a shotgun. There's also some inconsistency in things such as why are greatswords heavy weapons and not edged? And again, if accuracy determines damage, SMGs don't suffer your "lack of punch". Also, any time a character gets hit, they have about a 50/50 shot of being taken out of the fight permanently, and the way your charts line up, I could get a graze that proceeds to take my head off (i.e., I get hit by an enemy who rolls 1 above my Def, then he gets an 8 then a 7 for the attack), and other simple inconsistencies on your attack table.

Frankly, your advancement rules reward being a coward. Regardless of my participation in the fight, I'll get edit points if I survive. The end. Ok guys, no, you go take that machine gun nest from the front, I'll hold down that other heavy bunker our last batch of characters already took.

So basically I see a mashing of d20 Modern and some light fantasy and scifi. You mention rank for squad leaders, but provide no rank structure (odd, since you've included worlds to use, sparse though they may be). If we play, say WWII this week, and Far Future next week, the game is going to be virtually identical because so many of the details will be exactly the same (my Kar98 from last week has the SAME stats as my plasma bolter this week!)... but really that doesn't make your game universal, that makes it somewhat weak.

The biggest problem I see is your core mechanic, rolling vs. DEFENSE with the difference also adjudicating damage, along with the simplicity of your weapons and everything being virtually identical in lethality creates a system too simple to be feasible.

Soft Serve
07-21-2009, 09:24 PM
On the gun names ::The names of the weapons and their differentiation in nothing but that adds flavor and keeps it balanced. I like to keep American names on guns in WWII and Modern for the sake of flavor, as opposed to a generic "Bolt Action Rifle" But I don't want you to be at a disadvantage for taking the German or Japaneese sides.

Ammo Cap. ::I will fix the Ammo Capacities thank you for pointing that out. (I give the ammo capacities when I give the players their characters so we haven't been running around blind if your wondering.

Ranges ::The weapons ranges and such are uneccesary for their eras. It's assuming if you can see it you can shoot it, with a negative to a target being unrealistically far.

The Shotgun ::The shotgun has been updated, using the Endurance stat opposed to Perception. The shotgun also has different bonuses depending on how close the target is, making it deadlier at close range.

Greatswords ::Greatswords in the text meaning Claymores or other massive two-handed cleavers. They are technically edged but the STR mod works better for it I think.

SMG ::I will fix the SMG vs. AR issue. (Again at first I thought it was more about flavor, but it does need re-written.)

The 50/50 Death :: This is actually not the case. The enemy has to beat you by at least 5 to kill you in one shot. I made it this way because the game wasn't nearly lethal enough in the Fantasy setting for Warriors with shields who gained a +6 to defence and would take several stabbings in hands and other limbs only to be healed by the Apothecary/Shaman class and carry on like nothing happened. I also want this game to be remarkably difficult relying on teamwork as an amazing MUST for survival. Keep your sniper class back to spot ambushes, make sure your mage is quick to cast Shield, etc, etc. Teamwork will keep you alive in this game I have seen it done. But just like in real war you can do everything perfectly and just be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Advancement ::Advancement is not set in stone. I would actually subtract stats from someone who intentionally dodged battle, and more often then not the PC's on their first mission are orderd by a Comanding officer. This NPC gives them orders helping them get accustomed to what is important in the game. If you cower in their order they'll kill you. This immediately snuffs that habit, and enforces the player who does take command to kill any direlect soldiers.

If they survived the Stat drain reflects punishment or demotion. I have already given double XP for the PC's flavorfully taking out a huge boss critter.

Universal-ity? :: Each era has distinct differences that make it unique (or will when I actually finish the eras completely.) There will be a ranking system, I haven't had time to finish it. There will be upgradeable equipment offering variety through the eras, and there will be squad leader bonuses, and better vehicles. Fantasy has the hand-to-hand LOTR, castle raids, WWII has the trench warfare, Modern has the Raw Firefight feeling I want it to have, Future has the Technological Warfare kind of feeling (the advanced sorta stuff like drones and what-not), and Far Future is supposed to revolve around Space Battles and ship raids. Zombie and Heist are just gloves for settings for fun, and are obviously unique. I know that they don't look like they live up to what I'm saying but they are either (A) in the makes to become that or (B) have to be played to feel it.

Thanks Korhal, I know that my defence looks like one big "well it isn't finished yet" but the critique is appreciated.

07-21-2009, 09:26 PM
posted into the other thread, and I'll keep talking about it over there. Dual threads will lead to duplication of points.

Soft Serve
07-21-2009, 09:37 PM

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