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07-18-2009, 06:23 PM
D&D 3.5 Darkness Rising Campaign

This campaign has room enough for 2 to 3 more players before we close the group to new players. New players come in at the lowest level of the current players, which at this point is 12th level. New players are limited to the Players Handbook for starting character classes and it gives me, the DM, a chance to watch new players to determine what options that I will allow them for their follow up characters. This D&D 3.5 campaign uses some alternate rules from the D20 Rules Options: Volume #1 book and a point build system for starting stats rather than rolling for Attributes. Darkness Rising is for mature players that are looking for more of a Role-playing experience rather than a Roll-playing experience in regards to gaming.

What Time: Start time is between 5:30-6pm and runs until around 11-11:30pm
Where: West Chester (north of Cincinnati)
When: On Alternating Fridays, alternating with the Call of Cthulhu campaign that I run on the off Fridays.
Contact #: 419-654-0353
Yahoo IM: masque_du_diable
Email contact: masque.du.diable@gmail.com

All those that are interested in joining the campaign, can email the Games Master at: masque.du.diable@gmail.com