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07-17-2009, 12:47 PM
I want to start a Pocket Empire game and want to guage if there is any interest. The game would be a mix of chat RP, PbP RP & OOC, and of course there would be glorious spreadsheets. I'd do most of the actual spreadsheet work to allow those who don't/are new won't have to.

What is Pocket Empires? Pocket Empires is a role-play extension to the the Traveller RPG that allows characters to build their own interstellar empire.

Unfortunetly, the Traveller wiki doesn't help much:

Pocket Empires presents complete rules for players to own and manage Traveller worlds. Generate income from worlds, assessing each for resources, labor, trade and technology, then allocate revenue to build infrastructure, space fleets, and more! Set interstellar economics in motion.

This would be set in my Traveller Universe (MTU) which does not have aliens nor the 3rd Imperium.

Additionally, if there is enough interest, I would need 1 to 2 months to prepare (real life intrudes much).

So post here if you would be interested.


I'll be using the Classic Traveller books, T20 books 1-3 and the T4 Pocket Empires book.