View Full Version : Halikar—Game at Long Island, Farmingville

07-17-2009, 09:33 AM
My name is Jaime Aquerón and I am looking for 3 players interested in joining an ongoing game at my house in Farmingville. The system is DnD 3.5, but the world is homebrewed, called Halikar. We have a Cleric and a Ranger class, but if you would like to play any of the above, you are welcomed. We play Saturdays between 5pm and 10'ish. We try to play every week, but most often than not, we play every other week. Right now the game has three players, but I am losing one at the end of the month, so I'd apreciate anyone with interest to write me at halikar@live.com or you can reply to this thread. From newbie to master role-player, guys and gals, all are welcome. I do prefer people 20 or older; I am 32 going on 12 (hahaa). We are not rule lawyers, so while I (as a DM) have an appreciation for the rules, if you need to live by the book (anal-retentive style, LOL), then maybe look elsewhere. This is a good time, with some drinks, pizza, and what I promise will be a good story, if you like complex stories. I draw inspiration from books such as the Wheel of Time, A song of Ice and Fire, Dune, and some (older classics) such as 1984.

NOTE: This is not a Dungeon Crawl/hack n' slash/power-leveling game, nor is it a dress-up live-action style-game, please note this to avoid heartache. We are not chasing after beholders here! While there are serious dangers to be found in the game, the world is a complex land filled with politics, religious issues (including prejudice towards magic wielding individuals), slavery, and greed. Halikar is a dark world, where many forces are growing, some from old days, some new. If this sounds interesting to you, we welcome you.