View Full Version : World of Darkness: Changeling The Lost; Ohio

Tim Grunkemeyer
07-15-2009, 10:58 PM
I am looking for players who are interested in playing Changeling: The Lost in the World of Darkness setting by White Wolf Games. If you are not familiar with the World of Darkness don't discount it. You can check out the book at Barnes and Noble near the Dayton Mall. I ordered my copy on-line at Amazon for half price (only $10.00).
I have always loved fairy tales and the game looks like it will be awesome. I see the group doing a great deal of role-playing. I am looking for players who are interested in exploring the fantasy world, developing a character, helping to develop the story and having a lot of fun.
I have been running a D&D campaighn for a year now and I think my D&D experience will make me a good "storyteller" in the World of Darkness.
Hope you can play,