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07-15-2009, 06:03 PM
Hey, my name is Kevin and im looking for a second group, My primary group plays on saturdays most of the time but we tend to have lulls that can last 2 months at a time.

Im looking for somthing that plays on friday nights or sunday day/night. I have had 5 years of RP experience in World of Darkness (mixed systems) DnD 3.5 and only 3.5, Fading suns, Aberrant.

These are the games im looking for in the order i want to play the most.
Star Wars D20
DnD 3.5
WoD (3rd edition)

Im open to other games but they have to catch my intrest.

Here is a list of prereqs that i would perfer but are not set in stone:

Im open to play most weekends out of the month and perfer a friday night or a sunday. (I do work a weekend time to time but not often)and can play weekdays at night. (im a server so my schedual can be pretty flexible.)

Im ofcourse looking for mature gamers.

Needs to be a good mix of combat and good roleplaying.

I live in the Wylie(plano) area and i am willing to do a bit of driving to play.

Best way to contact me is via e-mail, txhazard@yahoo.com

lets talk.

07-15-2009, 07:22 PM
There's a group of three I'm in, as we just split with two others who were limiting our choice of games and we are looking for a few more players. Our ages span from 19-24 and we're all in the Richardson/Plano/Wylie area. We've played D&D 3.5 a bunch, and I one of the guys has WoD, I don't know which edition though. I recently picked up Hackmaster Basic so we might try that as well. If you're interested we can probably schedule a meet-up to get to know each other and then we'll see what happens!

07-15-2009, 08:01 PM
we can talk about some DnD 3.5 if you like.