View Full Version : The Blood In My Veins(Farland World 3.5)

07-11-2009, 01:52 PM
Inconspicuous enough. A simple farmhouse on the countryside. The group had come across a few villages and solo houses. All burned down. Pillaged and looted to the ground. We happened across some villagers who had managed to survive their particular encounter with the vile creatures. Ely needed work hands to help fortify his estate so we extended an offer of shelter and food in exchange for their efforts.

On our travels back to Ely's estate stood one farmhouse. Untouched, and suspiciously so. We needed to investigate it. After a quick fight we learned fast that both sides were against the evil plaguing the land. Funny how you start to question everyone's intentions when evil is seemingly behind every corner. Once inside the farmhouse we noticed that it was a sort of refuge for all those who had suffered at the hands of evil. All people and even a family of ogres who had lost everything they had.

An illness spread throughout quickly, not too long after we arrived. We are still unsure as to its cause but it is safe to say we most likely brought it. In our efforts to determine the cause, while healing those it affected (myself included) a werewolf wound up in the farmhouse attacking the ogre male. His family claimed by the illness he became enraged with grief. We came in to help him. It didn't take much effort to drop the beast but then it happened. It bit me as I dealt it the final blow.

I thought nothing of the bite until Yoland (the owner of the farmhouse) had asked if anyone was bitten by the creature. I knew nothing good could come from that question. After I replied, he told me I had a month to determine the nature of the blood coursing through my veins. I would have to trace my heritage as far back as needed. The next full moon and I would become one of those creatures. I cannot allow it to happen. Yet at this point in my life the Summervale is the last place I want to be.

I would like one day to go back and live in the Summervale again. This is not that day though. Not too long ago I left my village. They would not happily accept me back. A few friends would. And some of the elhil would do anything for me simply because of my mother and father, but the majority of the town wouldn't. They turned their back on me and a few others who decided to venture out into the world.

The Summervale is the safest place in the world. My village was amongst the absolute safest places to live within the Summervale. How can you rest though, knowing that people everywhere else are being treated so cruelly? Oppressed, murdered, land being taken. Women being raped and killed. My village feels that outside doesn't get in though. In physical and emotional aspects. Is this greed? Why wouldn't we want everyone to feel the safety we have daily? So I argued that we should take people in. We should help out in any way we can. We should broaden our horizons for the betterment of all sides. They as a whole disagreed.

I would never call the village I grew up in home again. Amongst the Galan, however, yes. My mother was of the Galan elhil. Compassion, acceptance, and knowledge is their purpose in life. Not my village though. We had dug ourselves so deep into the comforts of security that we lost touch with the world around us. All for what? A prophecy fulfilled? There are many who believe that prophecy was self fulfilling. We lived there for my father. It was his home. His family all lived there for the span of their lifetimes.

Once my mother was killed he left though. He went out in a fit of grief and rage that I saw in that Ogre's eyes in the farmhouse. I have never seen him again. I know he isn't in the Summervale. I can feel in my heart though, that he is still alive. Which makes the Summervale the last place I want to be. Until I find him I do not have a home. I could never call a place my home, while my father is out there somewhere. Fighting off those that play on good peoples emotions and sympathies, and then kill them for sport. And it sickens me to think that his family watched him go off and did nothing.

I was never the same again after that. I couldn't follow him as he instructed me to stay and continue my training. Well I completed it as fast as I could and left. What honor could they have? But I now have to go back and find out through them just how deep our blood flows. They have the knowledge and blood coursing through their veins, but they are emptier than they realize. It took my parents to show me that. What good is a home if the family within it doesn't care about each other?

One suspiciously inconspicuous farmhouse. Now I have to go back to the safest place in the world. The last place I want to be...