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Doom Crow
07-07-2009, 01:12 AM
Hi there, I am new to the Marysville area and will be moving to Plumas Lake in the next month. I have been a DM for over 10 years and am looking to build a group for a 3.5 campaign set in my home-brew world. The day of the game is still up in the air and will depend on my work schedule, but could be Friday evening, Saturday afternoon or Sunday afternoon. The campaign will be supported by a message board that I run, which will provide the players with all of the information and description of my world, plus keep track of scheduling changes, treasure and experience awarded. I am looking for players who are interested more in role-playing than power gaming. This will likely be a role-playing heavy type of campaign with a lot of intrigue and I will only be using a limited number of supplements so bear that in mind if you're the type of player who likes building over-powered characters from every book out there. I am more interested in character development and quality of story than I am of epic fights for this campaign. I also want players who won't cause any drama and are mature enough to get along well with other players. If you are interested send me a message here or email me at aidan_halabinder@hotmail.com