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07-03-2009, 02:48 PM
I have a game starting using a home brewed/streamlined old Marvel Superheroes system version that emphasizes role playing and cinematic scene resolution rather than dice (except where dice are needed to do the trick).

Character creation by the numbers takes about five minutes but the creation of the living, breathing character takes a bit longer, based on the player. Powers are decided and introduced by me though as the player you are allowed to choose the type of character by archetype (scrapper, brick/tank, blaster, controller, defender/healer, sensor). Powers will be cool and require some imagination to understand as I particularly enjoy presenting something that looks like a pickle, smells like a pickle, but hits like a fireball.

This is NOT a LARP.

Read it twice-


If your interest is piqued, game references can be found at my simming site:

If you're interested enough to see what it's all about and look at what's involved, apply to the yahoogroup at:

We use the yahoo group to post characters and for scheduling game dates and times. We're looking at weekends, likely Saturdays, once to twice a month and probably in Midtown/Atlantic Station. Carpooling is available from the north end of Atlanta.