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07-02-2009, 01:24 PM
I actually have character creation now!

Here is the rules in horrible layout and bad English! :biggrin:

Currently I'm working on Mythic Dark Age, set right after the Romans leave in a village near Hadrian's Wall to playtest these rules out, so they aren't really generic.

Character Creation
assign primary, secondary, ternary to physical, mental, and social.
primary gives 8 pts, secondary gives 6 pts, and ternary gives 4pts.
You may split your pts however you wish between the two associated attributes but you must put at leased 1 point in each and you must spent two pts for every point above 4.
physical attributes are Body and Agility
mental attributes are Will and Reason
social attributes are Presence and Manipulation

For Historic Games you get 18pts to spend on the following skills. Any rating above 6 costs 2pts.
Athletics, Armed Combat, Brawling, Range Combat, Riding, Seamanship, Stealth, Larceny, Smithing, Carpentry, Masonry, Herbalism, First Aid, Perception, Performance, Intimidation, Charm, Negotiation

You now may pick two talents. A talent could be English, German, Piano, Lute.

Pick a Flaw

Take your attribute and your skill and add them together then roll 2d10 add it all up and compare to the target number
difficulty = target number
challenging = 13-18
difficult = 19-21
extreme = 22+

If you hit your target number and the 2d10 comes up as a pair then something special happens

Combat goes in order of Agility (not sure on this)
To hit your opponent the target number will be the opponents agility+"skill"x2 for melee (or use optional opposed roll) or for range the target number is agility+cover/distancex2
Weapons do static damage + what you beat the target number by divided by 2 rounded down. Armor subtracts from this damage score before damage is applied

Health there are three "health" bars, one for physical based on body, one for mental based on will, and one for social based on presence. (more to come)

Mental and Social combat works similar to physical combat only replace agility with reason or manipulation.

Each power has a school, for this historic game magic will have earth, air, fire and water for schools. You determine what you want to do which will set the target number (target numbers/examples to come) and use reason+school+2d10 to hit the target number. Drain (mental damage) from the spell is determined by taking the high die roll and subtracting the low die roll from it. Yes this means if you get a pair there was no drain.