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06-30-2009, 03:46 AM
My open ended campaign has begun. this will be a long term gig. Right now I am accepting one additional player to make a party of 5. The game is currently being played on Wednesday nights from 5:30-8 or 9pm pacific time. half my players are east coast and half are west coast. I've got a few noobs in the party so the first few games will be a little slow with them learning the system and me learning how to implement maptool at optimum effectiveness. But by the time a 5th player comes in that phase of the campaign will have likely come to an end.

I need to get used to the maptool program so the first combat may be simple. However i am putting alot of effort into making good looking, fun to play on custom maps. I have collected a vast array of graphics for monsters and stuff so it should be visually pleasing.

I have been playing 3.5 for about 4 years and i have dm'd several successful campaigns. This is open ended, i will probably throw lots of different plot lines out and see who picks them up. If people want to play a specific pre fab campaign you are welcome to suggest it when the party is approaching the appropriate level.

I am fair and unbiased, things will make sense. If you cause general havoc or make regular problems i will have no choice but to remove you. My life is very busy with a highly demanding job and i need my downtime to be relaxing. Combat will be technical and mostly by the book, The only house rules that are likely to come into play are a couple things out of unearthed arcana.

No item familiars. They are broken. no psions, nothing from the book of nine swords. other than that you are probably good.

Please email me at hawk_x_27@hotmail.com (you cant see it but there are _'s there= hawk_x_27)

I would like to know what time zone you live in, what kind of experience you have with tabletop games and what kind of character you want to play. Right now i have all the bases covered so a new person can play whatever they want.

you will receive 500 gold plus the starting gold for your class at character generation. You have been paid by a travelling merchant to guard his wagons and family and the 500 gold was paid to each of you for the job.

You must account for everything financially on your character sheet. Take your equipment weight into account and mark it accordingly. If it's not specifically on your character sheet you don't have it.

Use the character tool from rptools.net to record your characters stats and email it to me in that format.

If you need books i suggest you download the 3.5 torrent, or i can post a specific book for you on my online storage. However i wont be posting books for you until i tell you that you are in the game, mostly because i don't have time to be posting books for everyone and their mother.

You must be of good or neutral alignment, the party will contain 5 people in the end. There are 3-4 slots open right now. The first three maps of the campaign are already built. They will not be incredibly challenging, although you can expect the danger level to rise very steeply after the first couple of sessions.

07-09-2009, 12:06 AM
OK, my party has rounded out at 4. I may or may not accept a 5th depending on the next game. For now we are content and healthy. you may still post here or send me an email if interested. We don't have an arcane caster but i will not ask anyone to play one, i think the game runs fine without one. We will be converting to pathfinder when the pdf is released.

07-09-2009, 07:00 AM
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07-26-2009, 09:09 PM
Hi, just checking to see if you're still looking for another gamer. I'm new to online gaming, but not new to 3.5, nor any prior versions. Please let me know more about your campaign, and if its still open.


07-28-2009, 03:17 AM
hey i wanna get in when you get the chance :) im familiar with maptool and current D&D versions :) pm me

08-06-2009, 07:28 AM
Hey, looking for a online game. I have been playing d&d for at lest 6 years as a player and dm. Will fill any slot that is needed for the group. O ya i am in Iraq right now so any time you want to play i should be good just let me know what is going on.

08-07-2009, 05:00 PM
I'd like to try online gaming myself, I'm currently awaiting a new 3.5 game in 2 weeks from now on friday nights but if you get a spot open i'd love to test it out. I have maptools and skype both, maptools i'm not too familiar with though but i'd love to learn. plus you're playing 75% combat that means you are playing my style i love the combat, shoot me a PM if you can.

08-24-2009, 06:04 PM
Don't know if your campaign is still open to new ppl or not but if so I am interested. I can have a char made in less then a day, considering I only play one kind. You can reach me at bmcclure629@hotmail.com, just reference this post and I will email you back. Thanks