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06-29-2009, 02:36 AM
Hey there!

I am nearly finished game testing my FUDGE-based Sword & Sorcery game, called Blood, Sweat & Steel. It's quite a bit crunchier than most standard FUDGE games, but still lighter than games like D&D and Rolemaster. Here are a few features of the game:

Phased Character Creation
Aspects (like FATE)
Customizable combat system (based on FUDGE Martial Arts system)
Non-linear wound system
Free-form magic system
Simultaneous Round combat

The game is designed to be very gritty and dangerous, which playtesting has so far revealed it to be. This game was originally modeled after the Mongoose Conan D20 game, but has since evolved into something on its own.

We currently have 3 players who have a pretty solid background in White Wolf RPG's. Our style is pretty descriptive, with a collective love of bloody combat and high adventure. It's a very friendly group!

We meet every other Sunday at my home. I use MapTools projected onto my 52" plasma for visual aids, and have appropriate background music playing through a 6.1 surround system. I supply all the dice, markers, and character sheets for everyone. Right now, all of my players bring their laptops to manage their character sheets, and they also roll their dice in Maptools to keep things moving quickly. We like the game to move along at a good pace, but our main goal is to have a fun afternoon together.

If you like Sword & Sorcery, or FUDGE-based games, or descriptive-style games, or any combination of these, you'll have a great time with us! :)

06-29-2009, 10:24 AM
Damn! This sounds like fun. I wish I had a helicopter to fly back and forth to your game from Vegas! :-D

Happy Gaming!