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06-28-2009, 08:01 AM
This is really hard for me, but i figured i might as well say my peace here, simply because this forum is my brainchild, with the help of so many other great players, and it has become more than i thought it would be.

After much consideration, i have decided to step away from RPG's. Maybe for a month or two...maybe for a year...i don't quite know. It started sometime over christmas when my group who was meeting monthly got too weird with inter-personal things going on that drug things down a bit, then things got really awkward with my home life...and etc...etc...etc...

I try to get players together, and they aren't available...it just seems that i'm trying too hard to make something work that just doesn't want to. I've tried to be a community organizer here in lewisville...that was met with resistance from another player who felt 'politically' threatened...i tried to organize things here with better success, but it seems that the glory days of my roleplaying past have come and gone...

After reading the forty-seven thousandth debate on why D&D 4e sucks and those who play it suck, but not as much as those who play 3.x suck, but they are only half as bad as those who play white-wolf suck...etc...etc...etc...constant rules pandering and endless debates about this that and the other...can't anyone realize we're all nerds? And people wonder why this hobby hasn't done better...

So i'm stepping out for a while, i might be back, i might not...i've opened the Gardens for public membership and i'm leaving the forums in the capable hands of Ark and Tamerath...since they both share an enthusiasm for the setting that equals if not exceeds my own...i wish them both the very best of luck.

I apologize profusely for doing this, it goes without saying i will not be able to participate in the play by post...i know many of you were looking forward to it. And Ark, your character stats look just fine, not bad for a first attempt at 3.x. For those that want to play, please consult Ark or Tamerath for further details...i've tried to leave as much instruction as possible, with as few unanswered questions as possible...

In closing...don't get hung up on this, that or the other...just play the games...it doesn't matter what game you play, or what edition...d6, d10, d20, d100...LARP....we're in it together...TOGETHER....without each other, without other players...we're just stuck with $400+ of books and some polyhedronal dice looking silly...

If anyone would like to keep in contact with me...my personal email is mynameisozymandias@hotmail.com, I check it many times a day...and would like to hear from you from time to time...

Stay awesome always...

-The Baron

06-28-2009, 08:48 AM
Though it severely saddens me to read this, I do fully understand what your going through, having done something simular several years ago. May the light always guide your way and will be looking forward to your return whenever you decide to return, just remember you do have many friends here and I am would like to think of myself as one. You will be missed!

06-28-2009, 09:41 AM
It can't be bickering and arguing that has pushed you away Baron. That has happened since 1E went to 2E. That has been a constant throughout the entire history of RPG's. It seems ultimately you have just lost your desire to play anymore. Hopefully it comes back, because you're a solid mind and a good player. You'll come back. A gamer is always a gamer. Good fortunes on the path that leads you back to us...

06-28-2009, 10:14 AM
Wow Baron, I am completely floored. I don't even know what to say. I keep wondering if the few times that you and I have butted heads has anything to do with your seemingly sudden decision to quit RPGs. But then I realize it must go far deeper than something as trivial as that. I too have known a player or two who absolutely loved RPGs who suddenly decided to walk away from the game, and their reasons for doing so were much more personal. I guess all I can say is that you will truly be missed and that I hope your absence is not for too long. You know I think you are a fantastic writer and I have so enjoyed reading anything and everything you have posted. It is sad to think that I will no longer get to read any of your witty and insightful stories, particularly at a time when I was so looking forward to playing in your play by post. But I understand. You do whatever it is you need to do. And though we have some big shoes to fill, Tamerath and I will try our best to keep things running in the Garden as smoothly as possible and keep a candle burning there in expectation of your eventual return.

Good luck Baron, and keep in mind that the invitation to join my Ravenloft group in September is still there should you decide to accept the offer - your friend Arkhemedes

06-28-2009, 12:10 PM
Hey, Baron.

I'm sorry to hear this, truly. Some of my disappointment is, of course, selfish, seeing that you were among the locals I was hoping to game with soon. But on the other hand, I'm also just bummed for your experience of late--and that the community seems to be giving more and more people the impression of being fractured along obnoxious territorial lines.

06-29-2009, 03:34 PM
So i'm stepping out for a while, i might be back, i might not...i've opened the Gardens for public membership and i'm leaving the forums in the capable hands of Ark and Tamerath...since they both share an enthusiasm for the setting that equals if not exceeds my own...i wish them both the very best of luck.

I know completely where you are coming from my friend, I hope everything goes well for you and Ark and I will do our best. Thanks also for your confidence in us. My email is Tamerath@yahoo.com if you ever want to keep in touch.

Nikodemos (called Torch)
07-04-2009, 04:30 PM

I havent known u for very long of course, but Im saddened to see yet another gamer walk away for the antics of others. I know that the reasons must be deeper than this, and that ur decision didnt come lightly. Personal reasons are always good reasons to lay it down at times. However, I encourage u to take that break and refresh ur zeal for the game, as well as get a well deserved break--there is such a thing as burnout.

I remember when I had to move to Seattle and leave behind Russell and my group of YEARS, behind. At first the break from RPGing was nice (we had a few new younger gamers playing that I particularly didnt care to game with), but after a few weeks, the loss of "playing" became overwhelming. At that point, Id have played with a whole group of teens only, just to be playing...lol.

I sincerely hope that u take a break from DMing, organizing, etc and get with Russell to play in the Ravenloft group in September. That might give u a chance to get ur own personal life back in perspective as well. As a long time player in that, I miss it terribly every year. It will be refreshing to come back and just play, in a few months. If u find u still have no desire for playing and such after that, u can always quit for good later or seek other RPG experiences.

Whatever ur decisions, u can still visit these forums every so often and keep the friendships uve made with others open. Good luck and hope to hear from u in the future. I get a Ravenloft update from Russ every week when they run it, so I hope to "see" u there...lol...........Niko