View Full Version : King Dunarks Kingdom (homebrew)

06-27-2009, 03:50 PM
About 10 years after an ice age, the land is restoring. Travel is possible again and many monsters are awakening after their 400 year long hibernation. The Decendants of the great Warrior Mage King Dunark have fractured the land politically into shards and are struggling to re-define their territories after the long freeze.

The core adventurers were deserters from the army of one such prince. Staying to the north where the land can't decide if it is still frozen or not, they have avoided detection. They have made friends with the leaders of two towns and are helping them with the humanoid incursions and undead problems that seem to plague the area.

Current starting character level is 2nd. Players handbook 1 & 2 and adventurers valult permitted. No other books currently allowed.

for more information please contact me at 770-823-1916 or bsheffer@aol.com