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06-25-2009, 12:55 AM
Its the year 2216 OC (Old Calendar) or 202 PA (Post-Apocalypse), as most people refer to the year now.

Mankind was swept into a series of global pandemics, one after another during the latter 20th and early 21st century that threatened to annihilate the species. The airborne contagions carried through a variety of vectors: fluids, airborne, tactile. Each more infectuous than the last and each one resistant to the cure of the last one.

Eventually, in 2010, a new plague emerged, the end of Humanity in the air. Depserately Man had already begun trying to create enclosed environments where they could eliminate the contagions and keep it out until such a time as they could be eliminated or they could adapt some treatment against the new superbugs. But when the Plague came, the situation grew most dire.

By 2011, a quarter of the earth's total 11.2 billion population had died and nations were struggling to bury or cremate those bodies fast enough to prevent the rise of new infections and secondary diseases. In another six months another 3.1 billion people were dead and the total number of those who had survived contracting the plague had reached an abysmal 140,000.

Of these people it was determined that they possessed a unique gene that limited the effect of the virus' effect, a gene linked those the descendants of those who had survived the black death. Genetics science had progressed to the point that creating a viable genetic treatment was available but difficult and expensive. And so, once again, those with the resources received the treament first.

But that didn't matter in many cases, for the plague had found its way into the arcologies and into the habitats in space where there was literally nowhere to run.

Entire colonies died in a matter of weeks, the plague survivors unable to get out or victimized for surviving or worse, succumbing to a secondary infection spread from all their dead fellows.

And then, the unimaginable happened.

As if to prove there was a vengeful god in the heavens ready tos trike down Humanity for past transgressions, a meteor the size of rhode island got caught in the earth's gravity well and arced into the atmosphere, skipping along until eventually decelerating enough to plummet into Northern Siberia, just inside the arctic circle.

The explosion blew off eight percent of the earth's atmosphere, vaporized fourteen billion gallons of ice and created tsunami's worldwide and earthquakes in previously stable tectonic regions.

Billions died in the first five days, millions more would follow.

In a year, the earth was covered almost completely in clouds, radio signals had stopped months prior and by two years the entire earth was invisible beanth a vast cloudcover of worldwide storms.

The orbital habitats found themselves with no place to return to, no people on the group to support them and precious few of themselves out there and little in the way of resources.

Skip forward two centuries and the scene is a little different.

Earth is still shrouded in the storms and winds and terrible conditions that make it impossible to suport life but Mankind had expanded outward and has many colonies around the system.

From the wreckage of the old dead and abandoned habitats the survivors took fuel, materials and foodstuffs and learned how to survive. They learned to adapt to the new and difficult life until they could do better. They reached out to the moon, discovered ice and silicate plastic alloys and created new industry in unprecedented examples of cooperation. Science advanced to ensure survival, cloning was condoned to preserve genetic diversity and ethnicity, suspension was discovered to make long-term spacetravel viable for outbound colonization and industrialization possible.

And the survivors of those who contracted the plague brought a new resource to the table: psychic abilities.

And each successive generation gre in strength and the variety of abilities, science grew to detect, measure and imitate those abilities producing an entirely new possible line of quantum technologies.

This campaign happens in the early decades of the Expansionist Period of the Psyndrome timeline. Technology is significantly more advanced that we are now in most areas, some areas only moderately so. Here are some benchmarks:

Faster than light travel has been discovered but it's very new and difficult to use reliably.
Cold fusion is a reality.
Gravity technology is a reality.
Protein synthesis is a reality, using base materials that can be shaped and flavored to resemble just about anything edible.
There are colonies in Earth orbit, lunar orbit, on the moon, darkside of Mercury for mining, Mars and Mars orbit, Saturn's rings and asteroids.
Characters should be designed and written from the standpoint of characters for a novel, that can stand on their own as people. Characters can have a variety of cosmetic alterations and as we're using a Palladium-derived system, we will work out skills and abilities for specieal professions.

Overview of the system:

D% for everything.
Damage is based on flat values with the degree of success determinign the degree of damage done or the skill being performed.
No levels: XP awarded can be spent directly into character progression.
SDC/HP vs MDC: Still used.
There is absolutely NO Magic, superpowers or aliens (yet on this last). Though there are no mutants, some professions require specifically tailored and sanctioned body modifications to help ensure the survivability of the character. Cybernetic are few and far between because cloned replacements are so easily obtained and less materials intensive.
There is the potential for characters to be played and developed on Earth, for not is all that it seems from space. But, that's an either/or scenario, not characters on both sides. The situation on earth is more primitive and harder in most ways though some of the sciences are at or surpass the level of those in space.

I'm looking to play once a month to start, possibly twice or more if we have interest and enough people. Please let me know if you're interested!