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06-23-2009, 07:42 PM
What does the word "mutant" mean to you? Many people are filled with fear and loathing at the mere mention of the word. Some are filled with righteous indignation. They believe God's "true children" must defend themselves against the "spawn of evil." Some simply feel jealous of anyone gifted with powers beyond the ken of mere mortals.

Now, picture yourself as a young person in the Marvel Universe, in the year 2007, in the city of Atlanta, Georgia.

You live a normal life; mutants, terrorists, the Avengers and X-men are things you see on the news and read about in the paper. Fantastic things like that happen somewhere else, never here in the south. What few mutants you know about have nothing more unusual about them than oddly colored hair or weird eyes. They have no real power but you can never know what will happen around them. They're "creepy" and "dangerous," normal people don't hang around with "them."

Oh, there are Mutant Charities and outreach groups who stand up for this "New Minority" but in this world of tolerance mutants are not seen as human, let alone protected by the same rights as "normal" people. Not even that bastion of Democracy and Freedom, the United States government supports its mutant citizens.

Imagine one fateful moment when your life as you know it, changes. Suddenly, through no fault of your own you become a statistic; a member of a hated minority. The X-gene inside your body has Awakened and your life, your family, and your friendships as you know them change forever. You are now a mutant.

Welcome to the world of X- Gene Awakening

This tabletop RPG is the actualization of a creative writing sim that's been running for six years [awakening.spartan-fleet.com] . The rules use the expanded Marvel Superheroes UPB in the same setting, loosely based on the Marvel Ultimates storyline and following actual history two years behind current.

The rules are simple: Write up a character that might develop superpowers and choose an archetype (blaster, tank, mover, defender, scrapper, tinker or sensor) and sit back and enjoy the character development. Characters should be believable people who can stand on their own without powers and interact. I'm not looking for the barest character sketch as a life support system for the powers. I'm not looking for ten-year old power gamers (or the thirty-year old version) nor rules mongers.

If the idea is interesting, wander over to the website and look it over. I will be assigning powers and we'll be going through the awakening process, which is, a large part of the concept for the game. I have yet to give anybody something 'lame'.