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Currently the character playing the Half-Orc Abomination from Bellsmeade is unable to play. This character is a key character in this part of the campaign and I would like for someone to take over the character. The character is only level 1, and has plenty of potential. If someone doesn’t like the character then you can make adjustments, I just prefer to keep the paladin class. If you are interested, please send me a PM. Below is a brief explanation of what this character has been through. A complete detail can be found in the Saving Bellsmeade Archives (http://www.twinwand.com/index.php?board=97.0).

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The warrior stands in the middle of the Market as citizens run screaming around him. These people never accepted him, but this is his home. Captain Bellman was always kind to him, and taught him to focus his temper into the end of his sword. Prella has been a fine mentor and mother. His earliest memories are playing in her chambers at the temple as a child. It is by her grace that he took up the sword in the name of Patriceaus. Lantrick was a loyal man teaching the spirituality of all that is around him.
Yet, despite all their efforts to prove his worthiness to the people of Bellsmeade he is still shunned. He has worked hard to prove his loyalty and to respect the citizens and militia of the village and is still reject by them. He is and always well be the abomination to them. Still he stands in the middle of the market as orcs, efficient and well armed, swarm over the walls and break down the West Gate. They are his kind, but his loyalty and honor lies with the people that have turned him away; for the honor of his adapted parents he stands here determined to protect people that want nothing to do with him.
He notices his father, Captain Bellman, surrounded by the beasts. Raising his greatsword, he charges in, baring his teeth and roaring like these orcs, his kin, he strikes at the first one he approaches. The blade of his sword slices through the armor of his opponent cleanly. Blood sprays across his face, as he turns to the next opponent. “By Patriceaus’ might die wicked scum.” As he swings his blade he feels the power of his god course through his veins, and he cuts the orc in the side. The orc falls the ground as his blood spills into the street at the warrior’s feet.
Moments later he and Bellman kill the last orc. That instant last forever, he watches as both he and his father strike the orc simultaneously cutting the orc down before it harms either of them. His muscles ache as the momentary adrenaline leaves his system.
“Good work, my son,” the deep voice of his father and commander rings in his ears, “I don’t think I would have survived that battle if you hadn’t stepped up to help.” A roar is heard high overhead. Bellman looks up into the sky and the half-orc follows his gaze. High in the sky is a black blur, but there is no doubt in your mind that this means trouble. “Oh, no,” Bellman comments. He turns to the warrior, “Get out of here now, and head straight to Vasghoul, tell the Chancellor of our situation, tell him they sent dragons and that Bellsmeade has been lost. You are our only hope, you must go to Vasghoul and return to liberate this city. We are counting you on son.” The man turns the paladin around and pushes him away from the battle toward the East Gate where many citizens are running to flee the city.

Heln wakes with a start as someone knocks on the door to his room. We leave in the morning. Why can’t they let us sleep until then. Grabbing his sword he heads to the door and opens it. “What,” queries the warrior just a hint of emotion escaping his stoic facade. A man with a blue glowing symbol on his cheek looks back at him obviously surprised by his reaction. “We need to get up now, gather in Cyngael’s room right away.” Jeremiah leaves heading further down the hallway. Shutting the door and running his hands through his hair, Heln Strongback dons his armor and gathers his gear then heads into the hallway heading to the noble’s room.

The half-orc arrived in Cyngael’s room and waited while the rest of the group gathered. After collecting his things Cyngael turns to the group. "Good, as your all here and likely curious, I'll make this brief. We have good reason to suspect there are men who have been hired to keep us from leaving the city. They know we're here. We also have good reason to suspect that someone with whom we've just recently dealt has hired them, and is in league with Scarstear."

The young nobleman locks eyes with the paladin and everyone else in the group.

"You all have questions... I would love nothing more than to answer them... but we haven't the time. We leave now. Jeremiah will see us out and into the woods. We'll need to move quickly and quietly so keep your eyes peeled and your weapons at the ready. Once we're clear of the city I'll explain what I can and we can discuss the rest."

With that the group left the city on foot. Getting out of the city was easy, but traveling by night along a road with no light, and trying to keep from leaving the blind humans behind him wasn’t easy. It took an hour to find a small forest of trees to hide in, and within the group made camp, while Sky headed off to hide their tracks. Returning several hours later she points to a cloud of dust on the horizon. "I think we're being followed. They may or may not follow us to this clump of trees. There aren't a lot of places out here to hide, but maybe they'll think we continued on through the morning.”

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I might be able to play this half orc. Fill me in on the details at BladeMaster0182@gmail.com