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06-18-2009, 03:32 AM
"And now with exclusive news of the stunning tragedy that has fallen onto the town of %&*$^# just over an hour ago, we go to our correspondent on the scene...Rebecca."

"Thank you George. Today was just an ordinary, peaceful day in this small town of close knit people, until tragedy struck. The scene here is horrific and I am having everything to do just to keep myself together(gags). There are dead bodies scattered throughout the entire town. Unfortunately we have no eyewitness reports to get to the bottom of this horrific scene as seemingly the entire towns population has mysteriously died. Although trying to piece together this puzzling tragedy we are here in the town hospital.

You can't see what I am holding well enough to read it at home most likely, but the book that incoming patients sign into to receive treatment shows that more than half of the towns population signed into this hospital to receive medical treatment within a half an hour of each other just over an hour and a half ago. This is made even more startling by the fact that this would mean more than 3000 people flooded this hospital within a few minutes of one another.

I am looking through the reports and it shows that the symptoms in almost all of the cases I am seeing were blurred vision, cold sweats, excessive vomiting, fatigue, and crippling pain. We got here on a tip only moments ago from a reliable source who was traveling through the town on an errand and noticed multiple dead bodies lying in the streets. We have gotten here before even law enforcement so that we can deliver all of the news and facts to our very deserving public.

There are bodies all around me as you can see(gags). There are bodies in the entranceway, in the main lobby and eve.......(something crashes to the floor in a room near the lobby). That might be a survivor of this tragedy now! (Reporter, cameraman, and boom man walk towards room and abruptly come to a halt as a man with odd greyish skin comes stumbling out of the room in a pair of used jeans and a flannel shirt.) Yes it is! We are live with a survivor of this horrible tragedy! Sir, please tell us your accounts of this horrible tragedy. (Man slowly turns his head to face them and then stumbles towards them, dragging his left foot as he lets out a groan. All three are taken back by his sunken eyes which are surrounded by dark circles. His eyes are a very strange grey and hazed over. The group gasps as they notice fairly fresh blood is covering his mouth as it hangs open. He lets out a deep growl as he tries to move quicker to the 3 reporters.)

"Lets get the f#@k out of here now!" The boom man says with a panicked fear in his tone. As the 3 turn to leave the reporter, Rebecca, screams out and the cameraman pans down to her feet. The camera shows one of the dead bodies grabbing her foot and biting into her heel, ripping out a chunk as it hung out of its mouth. Just then 4 others sit up and grab her legs. They drag her to the ground as she screams, each biting into her legs and stomach. She hits the ground and more bodies get up and pile onto Rebecca eating her alive. She screams out one final time as her lungs fill with blood making a gurgling sound as she dies.

"HOLY S^&T!!!!!" The cameraman screams and the two remaining men start to run. They both frantically run out of the entrance into the circular emergency driveway and stop in their tracks to see dozens of people who were lifeless when they entered the hospital, standing upright with the same color skin as the people inside the hospital. They set off a chain reaction of grunts and growls as they see the two men and start towards them. The men dodge and run past most of them as the things reach out and miss and slowly try to get ahold of the men as the men screaming and cursing. The camera bounces up and down showing a shot of the local cemetary up ahead as the two run for their lives as they scream. Just then the camera hits the ground with a loud thud and the cameraman screams out in agony pleading, "NO NO NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" and the sound of flesh being ripped apart and groans comes from somewhere outside of the camera view.

The camera lays on the ground sideways still shooting as the cameraman cant be heard anymore and the boom man comes into the picture, frantically running up ahead into the graveyard. as he reaches the graveyard the camera picks up a hand coming out of the ground that grabs the boom mans leg and trips him. He falls to the ground and screams as he wriggles out of the hands grasp. He crawls away frantically as more hands, followed by bodies start climbing out of the ground around him. In the background you can still hear these things eating what is most likely the cameramans remains.

Another hand comes out of the ground in the graveyard and grabs onto the boom mans ankle and he flails and kicks wildly in an attempt to get free from its grasp. He scratches at the ground and yells out. The bodies that came out of the ground, have tattered clothes and flesh hanging off of some of them. Others are half flesh and half skeleton. Before the boom man can get free they drop down onto him, pinning him to the ground as they bury their heads down and start to rip his flesh off of his body. The camera mic picks up his screams of agony and his body being ripped apart and eaten. Just then the camera goes black and a technical difficulties screen appears on the TV's of the onlookers everywhere who sit gasping in horror at what they have all just witnessed...........